Lori’s Adventures 3

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Lori 3

Talking to Lori on the phone last night I found that she seemed a little on edge. After talking with her for about a half hour she finally told me that she was beginning to feel the stress of her job at the hospital. She was an x-ray technician there and she was trying to take the work load of two techs seems the hospital was trying to cut back on man-power because of an over budgeted addition they just built.
The next day was Friday and I was going to leave a few hours early seems I caught most of the work up on my desk up today. I told Lori that I was going to plan a weekend for her and bust the work tension and stress that she was feeling. I told her to leave a key out for me so that I could get into her home before she arrived so I could have everything set for her. She seemed to be a little more at ease when I told her that but I could still sense a lot of stress with her.
I woke up Friday morning excited about the evening that I was going to plan for Lori. At work my desk was cleared by noon. I told my secretary that I was leaving for the day and she could also if she wanted to then wishing her a wonderful weekend with her family. On the drive home I decided that I would give Lori a full body massage but didn’t really know how to go about it. So once home I got on the internet and searched for step by step instructions on how to give a massage. It’s amazing what one can find on the internet today as there were many sites telling me how to and I printed off a couple of them because they both had different and varied techniques. I would combine the best of the both worlds into one and give Lori the massage of her life. At least I hoped I would.
I took a shower and put on some casual clothes but brought dress up clothes incase Lori decided that she would like to go out dancing afterward. I made a stop at an adult store to pick up some massage oil then headed to the supermarket to get a few items for the meal that I planned on cooking for her. I wanted to make tonight one that Lori wouldn’t forget for a long time to come and at the same time totally relax the tension and stress right out of her muscles.
It was five in the afternoon when Lori got home. I surprised her at the front door by opening it for her and immediately giving her a comforting hug and passionate soft kiss on her lips. Taking her by the hand I escorted her to her bedroom where I undressed her then lead her to the bath tub. Her eyes light up when she saw a hot bubble bath waiting for her with rose peddles floating on top of the suds. I had placed a low stand on the side of the tub with a chilled bottle of red wine and glass there sitting on it. I helped her get seated in the tube for a long relaxing soak, telling her to call me when she was ready to get out and that I would be there with a small surprise then turned and left for the kitchen. I had to finish the diner that I was preparing for her.
I set the table with a setting for two, one single red rose sitting in a vase and two candles for a comfortable care-free romantic setting. The beef roast that I had cooked was sitting on the kitchen counter cooling so that it would be easier to slice without chunking. I quickly whipped up homemade mashed potatoes with the beater, seasoning as necessary. The juices in the pan from the roast I made into gravy and just before Lori was to sit at the table I would warm up a vegetable in the microwave.
Lori called saying that she was ready to get out of the tub as I had asked her to do. I yelled that I would be there in just a minute…not to move. I ran to the clothes dryer and got out a warm bath towel. Returning to the bathroom I helped Lori out of the tub and wrapped her in the warm bath towel to dry her off. She looked up into my eyes with a big smile on her face thanking me for the pleasurable evening that I was so far giving to her. I told her that the evening has just begun and that I had her clothes already laid out on her bed. When she was done dressing she was to come to the dining table where I would be waiting for her.
Fifteen minutes later Lori walks out and upon seeing what I had done for her she had a look of surprise on her face, tears of happiness had started to flow from her eyes and down her cheeks. I held my hand out for her to take and walked her to the table where all the food had been laid out. Soft romantic music was playing in the background, a single red rose was gaziantep lezbiyen sitting in a vase in front of her dinner plate; the lights were turned off so that the only light was from the candles on the table illuminated the area for a very romantic dinner together. As I pulled Lori’s chair out for her, to sit, she turned and threw her arms around me pressing her body close and gave me a soft tender kiss on my lips as an appreciated thank you. After breaking the kiss she said that no one had ever gone out of their way for her as I have done tonight. I could see her eyes watering heavily as a sign that my plan was really starting to work on her. She would soon put the stressful week at work behind her and enjoy the unknown and unexpected pleasures that I was about to soon give to her.
We sat and ate and talked about everything and anything. I tried to keep the conversation all about her; asking about things that I knew was of interest of her. After all, this night was all about her and no one else.
It was now eight o’clock, dinner was over and I had Lori sitting in the front room relaxing with a coffee. We talked as I cleared the table and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Lori was so over whelmed with all that I have done for her so far. She said that she was really enjoying herself so far and asked me what I had in store for her next, if anything. I said to her, “relax while I take care of the kitchen then I will give you your next surprise of the evening.”
The kitchen was done and I slowly walk towards Lori with one hand extended to her. She grabbed it and I slowly pull her to her feet, wrap my arms around her to hug her so tenderly. Whispering in her ear I asked, “Are you ready to continue with the evening’s events that I have planned for you?”
“Yes, but I am not sure how much better you can make this day for me. Where are you taking me now?” Lori asked.
“Follow me and I am sure that you will be surprised at what is about to happen. I have spent some time on the internet arranging for this special time about to happen and I think that you will enjoy it immensely. If I have read everything correctly and can remember the steps involved, I will erase all stress from your mind and tension in your muscles in the next couple of hours. I hope that you will enjoy the pleasure that I am going to attempt to give you at this time. I do this next loving moment from my heart because I care so much about you and I don’t like to see you struggling with so much stress on your mind.”
As we walked into the bedroom she immediately saw the comforter and blankets were removed from the bed. A large beach towel was lying atop the single cotton bed sheet. On the night stand was a bottle of oil sitting in a pan of hot water and, with a big smile on her face, right away she figured out what this next step was all about.
I hugged Lori again while placing my lips on hers for a warm, deep passionate kiss. My tongue was sliding across her lips till she slowly parted them, allowing me to duel with her tongue and search the inside cavity of her mouth.
I broke the kiss after a couple of minutes and stepped back. My hands slowly started to undress her till she was standing in front of me naked. Looking down I glanced at her soft and beautiful body; knowing that soon my hands were going to touch, caress and fondle every square inch of it. The thought immediately created an erection in my pants. My cock was hard as steel and trying to rip through my pants to penetrate her but that wasn’t the purpose of tonight unless she wanted it.
So I gently laid her on her stomach on the bed and said, “Now just relax and we’ll get started.”
I turned the lights down and put a CD of water running in a babbling brook with the sounds of birds chirping in the background. That put Lori in the mood as she found it to be so relaxing. I poured some warm oil in my hands and started massaging the oil into Lori’s shoulders. Her shoulder muscles loosened almost immediately, and she moaned softly as I worked her neck and shoulder muscles. I wondered if it was a contented moan, or a moan of arousal. Lori really had beautiful soft skin and I enjoyed the feel of it as my fingers gently glided over it.

Lori really started to moan as I worked my way down to the small of her back. I continued massaging her lower back when she suddenly reached back and grabbed my hand with hers, guiding it towards her ass. My cock began to tingle as I looked at her gorgeous ass and sexy legs. I poured a generous amount of warm oil into my hands and spread it over her right buttock.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice, you have such strong yet soft hands.”

I smiled and thanked her, spreading more oil over to her left buttock. As I massaged the oil into her cheeks, Lori parted her legs and allowed me a view that made my blood start to boil. I found myself again with a raging hard on as I sneaked another peek between her legs. I could see her lips and they were glistening as her state of arousal was becoming more and more obvious. My stiffened cock was screaming to penetrate those swollen heated cunt lips and my balls were aching for relief of my man juice into the depths of her pussy. It was driving me nuts but tonight was all about Lori’s pleasures and not mine. It was my intension to relieve all of her stress and tension if I could in the best way I saw fit to do so. From Lori’s reactions I certainly was doing a great job of accomplishing my mission.

Taking a deep breath I poured more oil onto Lori’s leg, slowly working my way down kneading her muscles as she continued her soft moans. Once I reached her feet I began using the reflexology techniques that I read about on the internet. Lori cooed even more as I stole another glimpses of her pussy. I was looking right at her labia, her lips flushed and very pink. I could tell she was becoming more and more aroused. I have to concentrate and stop glancing between Lori’s legs. I did the same thing to her other foot and was happy to hear the same response escaping her mouth. I must be doing everything I read about to perfection so far. Lori teasingly ever so slightly, parted her legs a little more, giving me an even better view of her charms. Then she deliberately pushed her foot into my crotch saying, “Oops…sorry.”

I smiled saying, “I’m not.”

She let out a sexy little giggle that made my cock tingle and jump in my pants again. I walked back around to the front of the bed saying that it was time to turn over. Lori turned over all right saying, “Do you like what you see?”

Now on her back I had a full view of her body….damn she sure was gorgeous. Her breasts were beautiful, her nipples hard and pointing upward at the ceiling from her arousal. I loved her thick beautiful smoothly shaved pussy lips.
I started to work on her neck again when Lori smiled and reached up and started unzipping my pants. She loosened my belt and before I knew it she had my hard cock and hanging balls in her hands. I got a sneaking feeling that Lori was out to give me a little pleasure back for making her feel so pampered. Even if that was on her mind she also knew she would get double the pleasure back so it was to her advantage. Deciding to play along I leaned over and began caressing and kneading Lori’s breasts. Her nipples were so hard they stood up like hard little pebbles just begging to be sucked.

I continued massaging the warm oil into Lori’s breasts as she began moving my cock along her cheek and over her lips before she started licking the underside of my shaft and slowly making her way down to my balls. I was so turned on now that I thought I was going to blow my load right in her face but I fought for control and somehow managed to hold off a while longer. With her breasts in my hands, I tugged at her nipples and rolled them between my fingers, closing my eyes and listening to her purr. I tried thinking of other things in my mind as to not explode as her tongue slid up and down my shaft while I brought Lori to her first explosive orgasm for the evening.

Not wanting to cum too soon, I moved down along the side of the table, so I could do the top of her legs. That’s when Lori grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs smiling up at me. I knew what she was silently asking for and immediately started working my fingers around her pussy as she cupped her breasts in her hands and started rolling and pinching her own nipples.

“Mmmm that’s it….oh that feels so good.”

“Mmmmm, oh ya…that’s it….deeper…Mmmm ya….ya….oh ya…right there….oh yes….work it….oh yes….Mmmmmmmmm.”

Lori suddenly was moaning loudly when she raised her ass up off the table saying in a husky voice, “Ohhh gawd yes…I’m cumming…again!! Mmmmmmm yes……yesssssssss!”

Lori’s eyes opened, a smile on her face….”Mmmm, I see you’re a man of many talents.”

“I try to be.”

“Well how talented are you at pleasing a woman orally?”

I smiled…”Let me show you just how talented I am in that department.”

I lowered my head tasting her sweet juices, that ran out from her orgasm, as Lori gasped saying, “Yes….oh yes….that’s it…suck my pussy….Ohh damn that feels good. Don’t ever stop! Make me cum again…please!”

I ran my tongue along her creamy slit, parting her folds as I lapped up her sweet juices. Lori was squirming and moaning when she reached down, grabbing my cock again, and started stroking me as I slipped two fingers back into her pussy while I took her clit into my mouth. Lori squeezed my cock, gasping as she squealed, “Yes…ohhh gawd yes. Suck my clit…oh fuck yes…suck it….make me cum a third time!”

I began sucking and flicking Lori’s clit with my tongue as she pumped my cock. Suddenly her hands were on the back of my head pulling my face into her pussy as she raised her hips off the bed again, and began cumming and squealing for the third time but this time covering my face with her squirting juices. As her orgasm subsided Lori pulled me up to her face and began kissing me and licking her juices from my face. She smiled saying, “I want that thick cock in my pussy and I want it now! I need to be fucked in the worst way!”

I helped her up from the bed and out to the leather couch in the front room. She knelt between my legs and took my cock in her hand and swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. Then she took me down her throat, deep throating me….now it was my turn to moan. After several minutes of sheer pleasure Lori stopped and raised up placing her knees on either side of me as she lowered her pussy onto my waiting, throbbing cock. Damn she felt tight as she started humping my stiff rod, reaching back behind herself and tugging at my balls. In the meantime I began caressing her tits and sucking her nipples.

Lori humped my cock, driving my cock deep into her hot soaking wet tight pussy, while she shuddered from continuous small orgasms from my sucking her sensitive nipples. After several minutes Lori got up and pulled me up with her, leaning over the arm of the sofa. I eased my cock into her hot wet pussy again, thrusting my cock home as she gasped in insatiable pleasure. Just for kicks I gave her ass a little slap. Her response surprised me a little….she liked it and told him to slap her ass harder. I slapped her again and she squealed saying, “Harder….slap my ass harder.”

I started slapping her ass as I continued driving my cock into her pussy. The harder I slapped her ass the more she liked it. With her ass crimson and her pussy convulsing, Lori started cumming again and again non-stop. I felt myself reaching my orgasm. My cock began to spasm, shooting my load deep into Lori’s pussy. After a moment or two I sat down on the sofa with Lori looking at my still hard cock.

Lori smiled and knelt down between my legs again. “Mmmm, I had no idea you’d still be so hard.”

I smiled, “It’s because you’ve got me so damn hot. You do things to me that no other woman has.”

Lori smiled, lowing her head, and licked my cum covered cock clean. Lori started sucking my cock again taking her time, and making sure I was indeed ready for more hard fucking. I had no idea I was so fucking horny. Lori continued sucking my cock with her fingers dipping deep into her pussy. After several minutes Lori raised her head and said, “Now it’s time to fill my ass with that cock.”

I got up as Lori again leaned over the arm of the sofa, her beautiful ass staring me in the face. Shoving my cock for three or four strokes into her pussy I pulled it out and then eased my well lubed cock into her ass, where I began fucking her slowly at first, then carefully picking up the pace. I was soon fucking Lori’s ass hard and steadily, my balls slapping against her pussy lips. It didn’t take me long to reach another orgasm. I pulled out and covered Lori’s sweet ass with a load of my hot cum. Lori and I then took a shower. While we relaxed after our shower. Lori thanked me for relieving all of her stress and tension.

We spent the rest of the weekend having incredible sex, each time seeming better than the last. With Lori, life just can’t get any better than this. One day I just might make her my beautiful horny little wife.

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