Losing My Balance Ch. 06

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Dear Readers: It seems like I’m always apologizing for putting up a new chapter months after the next, but all I can say is: I’m not a professional! Maybe that can be one of my New Year’s resolution. Thanks for the patience and even the impatience. Hope you enjoy the next chapter, and as always, comments/feedback/constructive criticism are always much appreciated. Enjoy!

P.S. Many thanks to Azure_skies for the help in editing.


From Bee’s Eyes:

I shushed Irri as we stumbled into her bedroom. Our friends had passed out one by one, in varying positions including snores and gaping mouths. Gotta love ’em.

Every moment between Irri’s lap dance to waiting for our friends to fall asleep had been some of the longest ones in my life. Irri and I had been exchanging searing glances that were too much to hold for more than a few heartbeats. I was almost afraid that looking at each other for so long would make both of us burst into flames. It was a look where you can barely contain yourself. You feel it deep in your bones, butterflies in your stomach, and a tingling a bit lower down than that. Waiting for our friends to drop off to sleep was a kind of torture I had never experienced before. Talk about redefining foreplay! But, finally they were out like lights. Thank you very fucking much.

The funny thing is, it was almost tentative at first. Like puppies taking their first clumsy steps together. Alright, maybe a more accurate description would be drunken puppies. I had grabbed Irri’s hand as a way to steady myself from the anticipation and for validation that we were on the same page. Her squeeze of my own hand was an affirmation of that. It said, “I want it.” To be honest, I felt slightly in over my head.

This was my best friend, and this was happening because I pushed for it… was this really the right decision? What if this liking women thing was a passing phase for her? What if… What if…

STOP Bee!!

We both had spent enough time fighting this, and it hadn’t done any good.

I had to rein in my thoughts. Alright, step one for fighting nerves is laughter.

Like the smooth motherfucker I am, I made a joke to cause myself and Irri to laugh at the expense of Lee’s loud-ass snoring. Irri burst out with a giggle and a snort that calmed my nerves and warmed me up. That’s my girl.

With my smooth social skills, Irri and I had transformed into the kids in the back of the classroom who get in trouble for laughing too much. It made my cheeks ache from grinning.

Except… we weren’t those kids in the back of the classroom.

We were two anxious and wanting women standing in the doorway of her bedroom. I was hyper aware of it all: our proximity, the darkness of her room, and the quietness of it. It’s funny how the same place that I’ve slept in so many times can feel completely different.

I glanced over at Irri and there she was, literally giggling at herself for snorting. This girl: she’s either grumpy as fuck or silly as fuck. It’s too damn endearing. Without a conscious thought my finger raised to Irri’s lip, shushing her playfully because I didn’t want her to wake the others up… At least that was the intent.

After my finger had been on her lips for enough seconds for both of us to register that I was touching her… I felt the whole atmosphere of the room change. Everything that had been quiet rushed through my ears, along with the blood in my head and the increase of my pulse. Call it tunnel vision… though it was more like tunnel senses because all of my senses were concentrated on Irri.

Irri had stopped laughing. Her lips parted slightly and I could feel her hot breath on the tip of my finger. Her tongue deliberately flicked out against the pad of my finger with a touch so light that I got the goose-bumps. Slowly, my eyes lowered to meet those deep and warm hickory eyes. They locked me in place.

The silliness we had felt a moment ago had dissipated in the darkness of the room.

I couldn’t move an inch.

But she could.

Slowly, deliberately, Irri molded her body to mine, pushing her body to mine by going up on her tip toes.

Irri’s hand then grabbed my wrist, tugging my hand down from her mouth and with it, my body to press into hers.

And that’s how Irri kissed me.

Her hand was tight around my wrist; I could feel the pressure of her want with the way she was holding me. The rest was a blur. All I could think about were her soft pliant lips. They made me want to fall to my knees as her other hand reached around me, rubbing down the whole length of my body.

If you imagine someone pushing up against you and rubbing their body against yours, and on top of that someone that you’ve been aching for, it’s enough to make your mind and body to become a puddle (literally a puddle, because you’re so fucking wet for that person.)

Instantly I leaned down, my fingers dancing and moving around the nape of her neck with a need that I couldn’t express strongly enough. I buried Eskort Bayan my fingers under her thick beautiful hair and held her head while we kissed the hell out of each other. Irri let out a mewl and bit my lip in a way that shot a bolt of lightning straight to my clit. The kiss was getting more forceful and hungrier instead of becoming content.

There was no uncertainty with this kiss, no fear of pushing past limits. Before, everything felt like testing boundaries without the intention of pushing past them. This was a kiss to fucking shatter the boundaries.

Irri wasn’t the same best friend as always, she was also a woman that I craved. I had only glanced at this raw sensual side of her when she danced, and now I was getting to experience it up close and personal.

I was almost nervous of what was in store, if I wasn’t so damn turned on.


From Irri’s Eyes:

I don’t know what came over me.

One moment I had been snorting in laughter, but as soon as Bee’s fingers touched my lips, it was like a light switch…

I wanted her so fucking much that it was painful to NOT do anything. Ever since that moment in the club where she had backed me up against the wall.

And now I was the one who was kissing the fuck out of her, the one who had backed her up until the back of her knees hit the edge of my bed. I was so damn hungry for this tall woman: her hair falling across her face, her skin hot and so damn soft against mine, the way her fingers threaded through my hair, pulling it as she gave me everything back into the kiss that I was giving her.

Was this really my best friend and I?

All of the frustration, grumpiness, and anger from before had fueled the kiss.

Look at me, I finally found a constructive way to vent my inner grumpy woman!

Butterflies still flew around the pit of my stomach when Bee and I broke the kiss to breathe out raggedly, catching our breath.

As Bee’s legs were touching against my bed, she suddenly fell back.

She found herself in a sitting position with her hands catching the fall: letting out a loud squeak of surprise.

I couldn’t help it; this usually graceful woman just fell onto my bed after kissing me. I burst out laughing at her.

Bee looked up at me, while trying not to smile (but failing miserably), “This is totally and completely your fault lady!”

I couldn’t even respond back to her because I was giggling too much: I had to wipe tears away from the corners of my eyes.

“You fell,” was the first thing that I could say without gasping for breath.

Bee glared at me.

“You literally fell for my kissing,” I cackled, this was just too good.

Bee tried to pout but could only shake her head, “And you call me the asshole!”

I grinned and took a step between her legs as she sat at the edge of my bed, catching the bottom of her chin and tipping it up to me, “Poor baby,” I grinned.

Bee scoffed and caught my finger, putting it between her teeth and bit it before saying, “Now you have to make it up to me.”

I raised an eyebrow, “I never had to make anything up to you when I laughed at you before!” I took a half seat on her thigh, leaning into her body and pouting slightly.

I almost smirked when I saw Bee’s eyes glance over to my pouted lips but held it in for the game we were playing.

She raised an eyebrow back at me and then raised her head up for a kiss. Instantly, my head tilted down and I closed my eyes for the kiss but she then surprised me and bit my neck deliberately.

I squirmed on her thigh and let out a throaty moan that surprised the both of us.

In my defense, I hadn’t been expecting it!

I blushed immediately… Bee’s eyes lit up with the discovery and a smirk spread its way across her face. My chest was rising and falling rapidly. I couldn’t deny how the heat rushed to my cheeks not to mention, all over my body.

She still had my finger in her hand, her other hand went to my head and she cupped the back of it, bringing her lips to my ear, breathing into it, “Hmmm, did I just find a spot?”



From Bee’s Eyes:

This was too perfect. Not only did I find out that Irri had a spot, but I also had figured out that she liked it a little rough. Her reaction to the way I bit her and the way my nails had scratched along her back made me want her even more desperately. And now, I was biting and sucking on her earlobe and she was practically falling apart on my lap. It was fucking hot.

I don’t know how it happened but Irri and I ended up horizontal on the bed. I was on top of her, my cardigan was on the floor, my shirt was off and Irri’s was pushed up over her delectable tits. Our bodies were squirming on top of each other as we kissed each other hungrily.

I broke off the kiss as I felt Irri underneath me, rolling her hips into my thigh. (Which of course, I’m rubbing against her slowly.) Call me a tease and I wouldn’t deny it. My hands found Irri’s and I trapped them underneath my own, above her head. We were both breathing raggedly and my eyes were locked onto her dark ones.

I shifted my body to be completely between her legs.

If I had a strap on, I’d be fucking her. Instead, this was creating delicious friction between the two of us. Irri couldn’t help but arch up against me each time, her whole body seemed like it was on edge. She couldn’t stay still and kept on letting out breathy moans. It showed from the way her legs started to wrap around my waist, how flushed her skin was, and how fast her body was starting to move.

Payback’s a bitch, I internally grinned.

She finally groaned out, “Bee, I need you to…”

Smirking, I watched her shiver as I grinded my hips into hers, “Need me to what?”

Irri paused and looked up at me, biting her lip hard, murmuring out throatily, “I need you to make me come… please.”

Suddenly, I’m struck with an idea.


From Irri’s Eyes:

Bee’s hips started moving faster, thank fucking goodness.

I was literally dripping from the way she was humping me. My clit was literally throbbing from her. I needed more; I was becoming desperate for it.

Bee buried her face into my neck and licked slowly and deliberately up and down. She made me squirm in place as my hips jerked up into hers. She had me on fire. Suddenly, she bit my ear and started murmuring in a throaty voice, “How bad do you want it?”

I couldn’t help but gasp and try to pull her into me by tightening my legs around her waist.

“I want it so fucking badly,” I moaned.

I heard her breath quicken and her body squirm above mine before she wriggled down slightly, placing her knees between my legs as I let go of her waist.

I was breathing heavily and couldn’t help but wonder what she was going to do to me.

Her body slowly lifted off of mine as her eyes looked over me, hungrily… Almost like a predator. I didn’t know that she could be this way… I always thought that she had such a calm and go with the flow demeanor. I didn’t know that she could have this kind of power. My body was tingling all over at the anticipation.

Her hand traced a line from my neck, down between my breasts, and all the way to the waistband of my pants.

With what seemed like the slowest motion in the world, she dipped her fingers underneath my waistband. I was practically humming in anticipation; my hips were arching up for her… I wanted her to be pleased with what she saw.

Bee shifted her body to straddle my thigh, pressing her own heat against me. I could feel how aroused she was through all of the clothes. Slowly and rhythmically, she started to roll her hips against my leg. Some of her hair had fallen across the nape of her neck. I could see her chest moving more rapidly at the exertion and her skin was flushed. She was a fucking goddess that was turned on by me. By us.

Bee was driving me insane.

Her fingers finally drifted down.

The first thing they did was dip towards my entrance…

Not entering but merely rubbing over my wetness.

My body instantly pushed up, trying to get her to enter…

And she just grinned and shook her head, “Mmm, I don’t think so.”

I gasped out, “I want you inside of me…”

She smirked as if she heard exactly what she had been waiting to hear.

Bee gathered my wetness on her fingers and then slowly rubbed it up to my clit, spreading it around and all over.

I convulsed underneath her, I was already so damn close… But I wanted her inside of me. I wanted her to feel what she did to me, what she had been doing to me ever since things started to change. It was important for her to see, to know.

“Please?” I bit my lip…

Bee chuckled and pressed herself harder onto my thigh, “Who knew the grumpy woman could be so polite…”

I had to let out a bark of laughter as I convulsed underneath her, I was on fire.

“Pretty please?” I tried to pout, despite being short of breath, I wanted her so badly I was pulling out all of the stops.

Bee just smiled slyly as her eyes slid to mine, “I like the sound of you begging.”

My cheeks flushed in response but my eyes stayed locked on hers… The thing is, it’s something I didn’t mind doing with her, for asking from her. That comfort in our friendship had sidled its way into even this.

Bee pressed her thumb against my clit as I jerked my hips up towards her. My abs were clenching from the exertion and she then slid her other hand over my tummy as she pressed into me. It was like she was spreading herself against my thigh. The thought of that made me even more drenched.

She then started to slowly push my clit back and forth. Her voice lowered into an octave I had never heard before. It was honeyed and held me. I couldn’t help but pay rapt attention to every word she spoke. “Believe me Irri, I want it. I want to fuck you, really badly. You can feel how wet it’s making me. I’m making a mess all over your thigh… But I want something else first. I promise I’ll make you come if you give it to me…”

I was desperate to give her what she wanted, “Yes, whatever the fuck you want, you can have it.” My words came out in a rush and breathy. I was spasming underneath her, it was almost too much to take.

Bee grinned, “Mmm… Then I want to fuck you when no one else is around. I have to hear how you sound when you aren’t trying to be quiet, when I can have you all to myself…”

My voice heightened in pitch and in panic, “But you promised!”

Bee’s voice was low as she smirked at me, “I just promised to make you come, and believe me, I will.” She started teasing my entrance while pinning me down with her hands and her own body. I couldn’t help but lay there and take it while I looked into her gorgeous fucking eyes.

Within a couple of minutes I could feel it rising within me. That wave of when it was coming and my hips started jerking unevenly. The only sounds that could be heard were my uneven breaths, the sound of her fingers playing with my wetness and her encouragements, telling me how good I looked. I couldn’t keep still no matter what, and with a cry my head tossed to the side and I spasmed underneath her.


From Bee’s Eyes:

Irri looked so fucking good underneath me. It had been a sight that I had been craving to see since the time in the club. Her hair was spread all over her bed, and her body was covered in a light sheen. Her clothes were mussed up, and I had her juices all over my fingers. It made my mouth water. Her sounds had been music to my ears. I knew it would be good… but this, it was better than I could have imagined.

I was dripping on to her thigh still and as I moved to get up to let her rest a little, she grabbed the hand that had been on her pussy. Without a word, she caught my eyes, lifted my hand slowly to her lips and started to suck my fingers… the one covered in her juices. I couldn’t take my eyes away. Irri wasn’t just good at dancing to put on a show… she was taking my fingers and licking every last drop. She was putting on a show for me in her own bed. I couldn’t help but rock my hips instinctively into her thigh.

Irri grinned, “My, my… Aren’t we making a mess?” It was like a light had switched, the woman who was disheveled underneath me now had a confident expression on her face. I didn’t get how it could be like this… I mean, I know she’s no virgin, but she’s never been with a woman before.

The slick finger that she had just suckled on now dragged across my thigh, leaving a wet trail. It slowly slid up my thigh and started inching towards my pussy. I felt like each time she moved closer, I throbbed. I was pressing hard into her thigh now, almost unable to control myself…

And as she reached my pussy…

We heard a crash nearby Irri’s room, followed by a curse and someone opening and closing the bathroom nearby Irri’s room.

By that time, I had slid off Irri before you could count to three and we both just laid there pressed back into the bed, our hearts pounding. It was almost like when you were a kid and you know you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. Then, a parent almost catches you and you feel guilty as fuck.

As we caught our breath, we soon lost it again as we erupted in laughter.

I barely managed to get the words out, “Holy shit!” I giggled.

Irri was almost crying from laughter, “FUCK! The day we were almost caught by our friends…”

And while our chuckling slowly faded away, Irri turned towards me and caught the bottom of my chin. Her fingers were soft and warm against me. She leaned forward and pressed a small kiss to my lips, “I guess we should have planned this a bit better than doing this with them here.”

I gave her a look, “Hmm… Well maybe if someone hadn’t been so stubborn…”

Irri gasped and hit my arm, “Rude!”

I just grinned and pressed a soft kiss to her lips, “Kidding, kinda.”

Irri pouted with those kissable full lips and I pressed a longer kiss to her lips, “Now, now. It’s not time to become a grumpy Ewok again.”

She shook her head at me and I just smiled innocently in response until she couldn’t hold back a grin.

“So should we go to sleep?” I smiled and ran my fingers down Irri’s cheek, tracing over her smooth brown skin. Sliding my arm down, I pulled her body to mine as we cuddled close together.

“I guess so, I don’t wanna be cock blocked by our friends again,” she bit her lip. “I’m sorry you didn’t get to…”

I shrugged and smiled, “I don’t really care about that, it was worth it. But, I know a way you can make it up to me.”

Irri’s eyebrow raised in the dark, “How?”

Wiggling my eyebrows in response, “You have to say yes first.”

She rolled those gorgeous deep brown eyes, “You know I don’t like surprises…”

I stuck my lower lip out in a convincing pout and waited her out…

“Okay, okay okay… yes! Sheesh, now stop all of that!” Irri murmured to me.

“So it’s settled,” I grinned, “We’re going on a date next Friday!”

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