Losing My Virginity Pt. 01

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I have decided after much consideration and encouragement from my husband to tell the Incredible, surreal and true account of the loss of my virginity and the sexual activities/servitude that took place years after.

While they do not conform to social norms I will say I am completely OK with what happened to me, and was a willing participant in the loss of my virginity and the Sexual servitude that took place after. I harbor no ill will toward the men involved and I don’t regret any of the activities that occurred and I willingly agreed upon. I am very thankful in many ways because it formed me into the very sexually confident woman I am today. These experiences were very formative and our at the very core of my sexuality still today. While what I am about to divulge may seem untrue I can assure you it is 100% true. Most events I will write about came from my diaries I kept at the time. I have only changed the names protect those involved.

My husband seems to think readers will take different things from my experiences. Whether you find it arousing, enjoyable or educational as to what can go on in the world. I don’t mind judgement, again I am thankful for what happened with me. With that I hope you enjoy.

It began back in the early 90’s. I had just turned 18 the summer before my senior year in high school. I was a very happy teenage girl with friends and a hardworking family. I was physically active, very fit, tan, played sports and cheered on our high school varsity cheer team. I was probably 5′ 6″ and weighed only about 105 pounds. I was tiny and was the girl that would be thrown in the air by of other members of my cheer squad. I always have had small breasts, 34a, with very perky nipples. I am brunette with hazel eyes, olive skin tone and tan to a dark complexion in the summer time. I had an athletic ass and very tone legs and thighs. I was always very shy around boys and never really had a steady boyfriend. I never really chased boys like my gf’s and always felt awkward and nervous when talking to boys I found cute.

My family was considered poor or very low middle class like a lot of other blue-collar families during that period of time where I lived. I grew up in an area where you were either very poor/low income and lived in the “county” or very well-off and rich as a result of managing those poor blue-collar workers.

My cheer coach was also the women’s coach for softball, cross country and tennis, all of which I played. She was an amazing educator, coach and mentor. All of “her girls” were constantly over at her home over the summer and during the school year. We all knew and looked up to her and husband Keith. They were well off and very giving of their time. Keith would help give us girls rides to practices and games both local and way if our parents couldn’t. This relationship both with my coach and her husband Keith had started my freshman year in high school. They were both amazing people.

It wasn’t until the summer before my senior year that things changed with Keith. He became very complimentary of my looks, athleticism and would consistently pay me compliments. Sometimes he would do this in front of others if it were about my athleticism. Whenever he would compliment me about my appearance, clothes I was wearing or my physique it was always in private and while we wear alone. He would inquire as to whether or not I was dating anyone and taking the proper safety precautions if I were engaging in any sexual activities. Keith would begin to offer sexual advice or encourage me to come to him if I had any questions. All of this was a very slow progression that started out innocently my junior year. The weeks leading up to my senior year was when he began offering sexual advice and offering to help if I had any questions.

Keith was a very handsome fit man in his mid 40s and as far as I knew he was happily married with several kids with his wife and my coach. I would constantly babysit their children on weekends when they would go on their date nights. Everyone in my family was expected to help earn money that went to our parents to pay bills. He would drive me to and from their home when I babysat. It was about a 30 minute drive from the county to the suburbs. Most of the girls were in the same situation as me, having no Ataşehir Escort car, Keith and his wife were our transportation a lot of times after cheer practice. I was always the last girl to be dropped off at my home way out in the county. It was during those times in the car and alone we would talk. In a very short period of time I began to confide and speak openly about my sexual curiosities with Keith during those car rides. He was very approachable and easy to talk to. He showed an interest in me that others didn’t.

He was always very kind, very thoughtful and listened to me, which neither of my parents did. I felt comfortable talking with Keith and asking questions about dating and boys. He would ask me about any boys I was interested in. He to like talking with me and gave me the much-needed attention as a 18 year-old “young lady”. He would call me that all the time and as time would go on I would come to understand why. Eventually, the questions lead to other things. I truly developed a crush on Keith and found him very attractive. My heart would always quicken once I was alone with him in the car wondering what we would talk about.

Over the weeks things started to progress sexually. I was curious about a lot of things and had an older married man to answer those questions for me. It actually all started when he asked if I had ever seen a man’s penis. I explained that I had only seen it in school books in pictures. He would then ask me if I would like to see his. I can still very vividly remember the first time he pulled his penis out from his jeans sitting in the driver seat of his car with me in the passenger seat anxiously watching, parked on a country road in the county. He showed it to me and my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. This became a normal thing seeing his penis, him talking about what feels good and eventually watching him masturbate and cumming. He would ask if I wanted to touch him, feel his “cock” and soon I was jerking him off. It was surreal!!!

He quickly became my person to confide in and ask questions too that I could not ask anyone else. He too would ask me things like, if I have ever masturbated and would encourage me to do so and he would often watch me in the passenger seat as he drove me home. He would talk to me directing me how to touch myself. Pinching my nipples, how many fingers to insert, things like that. He taught me how to play with myself and my sensitive spots. These private sessions in the car began evolving when he would ask questions or I would ask to try something. This became our routine.

Keith became my sexual coach showing me things I had never known about, thought about or knew existed. Our relationship was very secretive and he would always remind me that what we were doing while perfectly legal would not be seen well in the community. I trusted him and would do anything to make him happy. Eventually, I was doing things and he was doing things to me that I had never dreamed of. I would give him blowjobs and he would go down on me all the time. I remember the very first time I tasted his cum. I was hooked!! It was such a incredible feeling in my mouth and very euphoric. I vividly remember the feeling of his wet hot tongue and mouth on and in my pussy. It was heavenly. I felt his tongue on parts of me that drove me wild, my ass was one of them.

I will never forget the first time I sucked his “cock”, he preferred that word when I spoke about his penis. It was after a cheer practice and he had dropped my other two friends off at their homes. The environment would instantly change when we were alone together and the sexual energy was amazing.

He was driving me home and I reached over and began rubbing him through his jeans. He instructed me to take it out and to play with it. I did while he continued to drive. For several weeks we had been discussing blowjobs and he had already gone down on me countless times prior. He was getting harder as I played with him. He pulled off the road onto a dirt road, put the car in park and looked over at me. He simply said, you are ready. I want you to suck my cock. I did not hesitate. The desire to make him feel as he had made me feel was overwhelming.

I can’t explain how unreal it felt for this 18 yr old girl. I could Anadolu Yakası Escort feel his heart beat in his cock, feeling him go from semi erect to rock hard and it was my mouth and tongue making that happen. He was very vocal and encouraged me to be as well. I savored every second not wanting it to end. His cock felt so much bigger and different in my mouth compared to my hands. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would leave my chest.

I worshipped his cock, I was determined to make it as pleasurable as I could for him even though it was my first time. I was on my knees on the passenger side of the bench seat in his car. Keith’s hands were running all over my back, ass and through my hair. When he reached under my jeans and panties and inserted his finger in my ass I became light headed and felt buzzed like I had been drinking. I could feel him get harder, which I did not think was possible. His cock started to pulsate harder and he started telling me he was about to cum and wanted me to swallow him. He merely said trust me, I felt his hands move to my head and he began controlling the movement. He held my head and I felt the first hot shot on the back of my throat. My head was spinning from arousal. The subsequent shots followed and I was swallowing as they came. When he finished he released my head and hair. I distinctly remember the moist feeling of his cock in my mouth. The smell of his cum in my nostrils and lingering taste of his cum in my mouth. I could not describe how I felt, it was amazing! I came up smiling ear to ear and asked if that was ok. I wanted Keith to be pleased. He kissed me soooo passionately and told me it was amazing. I was so happy and pleased with myself.

Keith then attacked me, tearing at my clothes, telling me he wanted to make me cum and to taste “his” wet pussy. I remember feeling so unbelievably aroused. My pussy was wetter than it had ever been before by just sucking his cock. I felt like a wild animal being ravaged. He went down on me and made me cum countless times with his mouth, tongue and fingers. When he was done I was out of breath and so sweaty. We gathered ourselves, dressed and he took me home. He dropped me off at the end of our long driveway. I had another half mile to walk and I swear my feet never touched the ground.

Most times after cheer practices we would only play around with each other whether it was me giving him a blow job or him fingering me on the way home. But on the nights that he would pick me up for baby sitting and then take me home after babysitting we would have unbelievable sex in his car, the woods, the bleachers at my school or anywhere we could find. It was incredible sex for that then 18 yr old girl. I was so totally into this man, his body and his “cock”.

The first time Keith fucked me was on one of those nights I was sitting for him and my coach. I was regularly giving him blowjobs or he was fingering me almost daily. We had discussed sex for sometime now and I was ready but could not make the first move.

On this night it would be very different when he would drive me home. I remember getting in his car and leaving his neighborhood. Once we would get on the more rural roads I would either lean over and pull his cock out and blow him or he would tell me to take my pants off and he would finger me until we stopped somewhere and he would go down on me.

That night I reached over and started to unzip his pants and he stopped me telling me he had a surprise. We chatted and I begged to know what he was up to. I vividly remember it was a full moon that night and a very clear sky. He would not tell me what he was up to and my heart began to race and my pussy tingle.

He pulled off the road down a long gravel road that was very curvy. It felt like an eternity on the grave road. Finally we came to a dead end in a large opening. He parked the car and took the key out. Looking over at me he told me to get out and he had this very mischievous look on his face. When I got out and looked around I realized we were at an old coal mine.

I met him at the front on his car and it was like daylight out at night the moon was so bright. He pulled me close to him and kissed me passionately, standing there making out with him I wanted his cock in my Kartal Escort mouth. I made my move to my knees but he stopped me. He let me go and told me to strip naked except for my shoes, because it was all gravel where we had parked. I did as I was told and was standing in front of him naked. My nipples were hard and my pussy was getting wet. He smiled at me and removed his belt from his slacks. He slapped his hand with it several times without speaking. My heart was racing. He told me to bend over the hood of his car. I felt the warmth of the hood on my chest as he spoke to me.

You want my cock don’t you? And I answered yes. I felt the belt on my bare ass. I was amazed at what was happening. The control that this man had on me. He simply said, I can’t hear you. I said it very loud. I want your cock Keith. I heard him moan and rub his hand on my ass and feel my pussy which was wetter. I will never forget the words that came out of his mouth next. “You want me to fuck that virgin pussy don’t you?” I again answered yes and immediately felt the belt on my ass again. It was sooooo surreal, erotic and exhilarating. He asked if I wanted to feel his cock inside me, and again I answered yes. Again came the belt. His teased me like this for what seemed like an eternity, but in fact it wasn’t. I had lost track of my senses and was so immersed in the moment. I was so wet my juices were running down my inner thighs.

Then Keith commanded me, tell me in your own words what you want me to do. It was such a blur I can’t remember the exact word but I him I wanted him to fuck me that I was ready. With that I didn’t get the belt I felt the head of his hard cock on my pussy lips. I felt the pressure of him pushing inside me. I pushed back against him fighting the tight pressure I was feeling then all of a sudden he slide full length into me. I screamed so loud you could hear the echos in the valley.

He held it there talking to me. Asking me how it felt. Teasing me. Then he slowly began fucking me over the hood of his car, at night in the woods. My 18 yr old head was in a daze with what I was feeling. My body was overwhelmed. I lost total control and came very quickly. Keith had taught me to vocalize what I was feeling and I did. He continued to fuck me taking his time.

Then something changed his pace picked up and he reached down and grab my hair and began really fucking me. I still remember a sound I had never heard before but would love to hear a lot. The sound of his body slapping against my ass when he drove himself into me bent over. I was overwhelmed at how amazing he felt. I came again and he started yelling he was cumming. He pulled out and still having me by my hair pulled me to my knees and he came all over my face and chest. I was soaking wet, sweaty and a shaking mess.

After getting myself clean, and both getting dressed. He picked me up and put me in the front seat asking it I was ok. I remember feeling I could sleep for days. I answered yes. He got it and he told me to put my head in his lap. I curled up in the fetal position and placed my head him his lap. I felt his hand running over my ass thighs and pussy while he drove with his other hand.

I felt amazing and realized this man was amazing. He asked if I liked being spanked. I moaned telling him yes. We always had very candid conversations after sex about what we did tighter. He dropped me like always at the end of the drive and let me walk home.

This affair continued my entire senior year in high school with no one finding out about our illicit activities. Keith was truly sweet, very sexual and had many fetishes and taboos that he would have me help him with during that time. This was unfamiliar to me, but I was more than willing to do whatever would make Keith happy. I truly enjoyed that time and I am thankful for what he did for me.

To my knowledge I was the only one that he showed that type of interest in. Clearly looking back now and even earlier in life after college I realized that I had been selected, prayed upon and groomed for those sexual activities. I did not realize it at the time but I did later in my mid to late 20s. This still did not change my feelings towards Keith, what we experienced, what he showed me and what he taught me sexually.

I would soon, surprisingly, be going off for my first year in college on a one year educational scholarship. I was the first child in my family to ever attend college. I thought my relationship and affair with Keith would end when I left for college. I was happily wrong. To be continued part two

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