Love In Her Man’s Arms

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My name is Kris and I get the pleasure to make love to the most wonderful and understanding man in the world. My boyfriend, Hadden, and I have been together for about 10 months now, and not only does he love to pound my pussy unmercifully, but he also makes the sweetest most incredible love to me that I have ever experienced in my life. Let me get the preliminaries out of the way first to let you know a little bit about Hadden’s and mine sex life. I am simply put; a 5’2″ scarlet haired vixen with largish pert breasts that seem larger on my lithe frame than they really are at a 36 C. Hadden loves the fact that I have a 36-27-34 body. Hadden on the other hand is tall just under 6′ with flaxen blond hair covering his teenage head without a stitch of fat on his body. He really is my Adonis in flesh; just the sight of him makes me cream myself in anticipation to whatever he has planned for me that day.

Unfortunately we go to different Universities spread out over 4 hundred plus miles through Texas Hill Country, and only get to see each other every month or so to catch up on all the missed time. During these catch-up sessions things can get a little interesting and there is no lack of energy or stamina. But while were apart we have to pleasure ourselves however we can to satisfy our cravings.

Yesterday after a long day of classes I was in horrible need of an orgasm since I had been thinking about Hadden from the moment I woke up and was pleasantly wet between my thighs as I lounged in my room. I decided that my hand alone wouldn’t give me the pleasure I longed for, and because I’m a poor college student I don’t have any toys to play with when Hadden isn’t around I’ve found a way to pleasure myself in the shower.

After a quick chat with Hadden on the phone which only made me wetter with desire for him I jumped into the bathroom and turned on the water. I had to adjust the temperature so that it wasn’t too hot or too cold and because the water pressure is very hard I stepped just out of the water to let the spray hit my skin. I let the water run down my breasts for a few moments, relishing in the feeling of many water droplets hitting my breasts and almost stinging my nipples already hard from my arousal after talking to Hadden.

I reached up and turned the water spray to massage and made sure the water was hitting a place on the floor that I wouldn’t have to contort myself to have the water reach my clit just right. I sat down on the floor of the shower and let the water hit the lips of my vagina enjoying the feel of it trying to get at my clit, and I could feel my clit wanting more, needing that release. I tried to enjoy the feeling of the tease the water was playing with my clit but I needed release way to much and gave into the feeling. I slightly parted my legs and placed them bursa escort on the opposite wall of the shower in a way that let the water hit directly on my now exposed clit in just the right way, and my God that felt so good I moaned aloud quickly sucking in my breath afraid that my suite mates would hear me. I thought to myself “the water fells almost as good as your tongue does when you spend hours down there worshipping my sex… Hadden I need you so much right now”

I closed my eyes and let myself imagine your skillful tongue playing down there driving me towards orgasm… and I remembered out talk about anal play earlier how much we both love it and miss it, and I ran my fingers toward my rosebud in anticipation of the feeling I would have with the simultaneous stimulations of the water hitting my pussy and my fingers in my ass. Because the water was running down my ass my finger slid in easily and I almost moaned out loud again, I had to bite my lip to keep from loosing it all together right there.

Soon I was working one finger in my pussy and one in my ass as the water still played with my clit, and I need the feeling of more in my ass so I slid another finger into my hole and almost pushed myself over the edge right there. I was fighting the urge to cum because I wanted the feeling to keep going and since Hadden taught me about how much harder I came after holding out I just knew I had to in order to feel satisfied. The water and the feeling of having a finger in my pussy and two in my ass was incredible. No where near as good as I was used to in Hadden’s bed, but good enough to bring me closer to the goal I was searching for. I was pumping my fingers in and out of both of my holes when I felt myself tumble over the edge, it was exactly what I needed yet it only left me wanting more… wanting you.

I reluctantly turn of the water and step out of the shower. I grab the towel closest to me; it’s my favorite, a huge pink towel that reminds me of the first time we made love. Just thinking about that first time makes me wet all over again. Just thinking about our first time together and I’m reaching my hand between my legs again. I just cant help it I remember when you laid me out for the first time kissing me all over, slowly easing the towel from my limp body. I remember watching you as slowly unzipped your pants still teasing me forcing me to want you more and more with every passing second. All of a sudden you dropped your pants and I got my first glance at your huge cock as you sprang out of your pants already hard and huge. I remember wanting to just worship your cock but I needed you in me right away.

As I’m remembering our first time together my fingers are quickly slipping in and out of my tight wet pussy I’m remembering the touch of your hard cock at the entrance of bursa escort bayan my pussy before you entered me and took my breath away for the first time. Silently I curse you for making me this horny all the time, and your not even here to help me get real release. I finally give up because I don’t want to take another shower and my hand isn’t doing enough for my aching need between my legs. I wrap myself in the huge white robe that you gave me for Christmas, and I move in front of the mirror in order to brush out my hair. Before I’m done the phone rings and I rush over to pick it up before the answering machine does. I’m exited when I pick up the phone and I hear your voice over they phone

“Hey Hayden… how are you, I didn’t expect to hear from you till tonight how were your classes today?”

“Hey sweetheart… I’m doing well, a little bit tired but otherwise I’m great. I actually have a surprise for you… what are you doing right now?”

“Baby I can’t come down to Houston I’m sorry hunny… I was planning on doing my Human Sex reading after I finish getting dressed; I just got out of the shower… I was thinking about you again Hayden”

“Your not dressed Kris? GET DRESSED NOW BABY.”

“Hayden why are you ye…”

“Kris, I told you I had a surprise I need you to get dressed and go down to the lobby and check me in I’m down here waiting for you…” ::whispering:: “and I’m going to fuck you long and hard, now get your cute tight little ass down here so I can get to making love to you”

“On my way down hunny, let me get some clothing on though… “

When I hung up I could tell I was still wet and dripping down my creamy white thighs. My God Hayden, I think to myself… you just don’t know what you do to me. I can’t believe you drove all the way up here for me. God Damn you. I haven’t even put on my sweatshirt all the way before I’m running down the hall to meet you in the lobby. I round the corner to see you standing by the front desk with your back turned to me… I can’t help it and I run up to you and jump on you’re back wrapping my arms and legs around you.


I say with out even taking a breath… I am so impatient waiting for my RA to check you into my building and as soon as they tell us that you have to be out by 2am we are off running to my room.

Not even five seconds after my door closes we are at each other kissing deeply and passionately. And before I even realize it our clothing is off and were already on my bed. I think to myself that I don’t remember taking off any clothing at all, before I feel your warm breath on the lips of my aching wet pussy.

It doesn’t even take you five seconds licking my wet slit before I’m pushed over the edge with a mind blowing orgasm and you haven’t even escort bursa touched my clit yet with your glorious tongue.

At this point I’m begging for your hard cock in my pussy even though I’m panting from your tongue play. .

“I NEED YOU… I… NEED IT…PLEASE… please… I need ..your… huge cock… MY GOD BABY… I need you in my pussy NOW”

“don’t worry your tight pussy is going to have as much of my cock as it can swallow” you tell me, and I almost cum again right there simply from those words…

I felt him burning my pussy with his tongue, it kept circling on my lips and then he took my clit into his mouth.

“OH MY GOD” I unconsciously screamed out

I subconsciously started grinding his face as he kept his mouth on my clit and after seeing me fidget he stuck his finger deep inside my pussy and began to furiously finger my hidden pleasure spot. When I felt his fingers hit home my hands tore down to his hair and I pulled his head down as close as he could physically get. Not five seconds later I was bucking wildly, and arching my back in the throws of passion and wonderful release.

“Hayden I love you so freaking much you really are the best… now please please please please fuck me hard!”

All the while I was begging for him to pound my pussy into the bed Hayden was looking at me with such longing and love in his eyes.

“I’ve missed you so much Kris I love you”

“I… love you too… Hayden baby… now… what are you… waiting for… please make love… to me… fuck me hard baby… please”

All the time I was begging Hayden was frigging my clit making me gasp and moan. He knew what he did to me and he smiled a mischievous smile before he positioned his hard cock at the entrance to my sex and he slowly pushed into me… only as far as his head before he stopped and slowly pulled back out teasing me still. Slowly… slowly pulling your head out till you leaned down to kiss my red lips and slammed into me knocking all breath out of me. I arched my back and pulled you close to me as we kissed and you pounded my sex. I needed you in me more and more deeper and harder. I arched my back and I gripped your back trying to pull you further into me than you could physically go. I dug my nails into your back gasping for breath moaning with every strike of your hard cock filling me up entirely. With each thrust back and forth Hayden was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. And I could tell he was getting close as well Hayden was becoming frenzied I could see it in his eyes, as well as feel it in his body.

One, two, three more thrusts till he slammed his hard cock all the way in me balls to the hilt still trying to get in more I felt his hard cock slam into the back wall of my sex and I was thrown over the edge just as my pussy began to convulse around his hard cock as he dumped load after load into my wanting sex. He laid on me panting all sweaty from our wonderful fuck. Still inside me I could feel his heart beating through his dick. I love him so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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