Love Through a Telescope

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Finsbury Park was a grubby part of North London, street upon street, of Victorian-era terrace houses, mostly, three or four floors high. Many, if not most, had been split into one or two-room flats and a lot of those were quite illegal, in-so-far-as, they failed to meet the regulations required of landlords. But people were desperate for accommodation, consequently very few dared to complain.

I was lucky, part of the road that I lived in had been demolished and a couple of small blocks of flats built. My block was only three floors high and comprised of six flats. It had been built in the seventies and had been well maintained, it was quite grand compared to most around me.

The front view was okay, nothing special, but not too drab. The back, however, was another story. My own block’s garages were immediately behind and beyond that was the rear gardens of the houses in the next road. I use the word ‘gardens’ very loosely. Ninety percent of them were overgrown rubbish tips, most looking like they had been like that for very many years. The backs of the houses were just a mess of higgledy-piggledy drain pipes in all sorts of colours. Windows of many varying shapes and sizes, some boarded over, some with dirty curtains, many with none. The odd one, here and there, with nice curtains and maybe a small window box with flowers.

One evening, I looked out of my living room back window, checking a noise at the garages, there was nothing to worry about though, just some guy locking up. My eyes went to the houses opposite, what a bloody mess, I thought. It was getting dark and lights were blinking on, one particularly bright, drew my attention. The room had no curtains, it appeared to be a mixture of kitchen, dining and living room all squeezed into one.

But what had caught my attention was when I saw a tall black woman walking across the room to a sink. I don’t know why but I stopped to watch, she turned on the tap and I saw her testing the running water with her hand before she began to strip. I shouldn’t be looking at this was my first thought and I was about to turn away but then something held me there. I think it was her figure, even at this distance it looked to be quite striking. The thought of fetching my binoculars crossed my mind, but almost immediately, I dismissed it, I wasn’t a voyeur.

I saw her start to wash herself, her breasts were very evident, I wanted to see them closer. The urge for the binoculars grew stronger, with a shake of my head, I went and got them. Her body came clearer into view as I focused, I caught my breath, she was totally stunning. My earlier impression had been right, her breasts were magnificent, especially the way they thrust out in front of her. I guessed her to be somewhere in her mid-twenties and extremely pretty.

She now had the flannel at her breasts, I watched as she lifted one higher to wash underneath, followed by the other. I knew I should stop what I was doing, it felt completely wrong and alien to my nature, but I was transfixed by her beauty.

She had now bent her knees with her legs splayed apart and was washing her pussy, it looked as sexy as hell. I felt a tingle between my legs, God! I was getting turned on just watching her. I let one hand drop down to my front and pressed at my crotch, for a moment I only squeezed my hand against my pussy, but then I was rubbing myself. I had trouble holding the binoculars steady with only one hand, I kept losing her. I pulled an armchair towards me so I could straddle the arm of the chair. Now I could use two hands to hold the binoculars and rest my elbows on the window sill.

She was reaching behind herself and she bent forwards as she washed her ass. Without any conscious thought, I was grinding my pussy hard down on the arm of the chair. I pushed my hips further back, my clit now rubbing along the arm as I humped faster and faster. Shit! I gasped as I began to climax, the chair banging against the wall as I fucked it. The orgasm ripped at my body, so intense from my heightened arousal.

I was lucky with my timing, I finished cumming exactly as she finished washing, although I still humped at the chair as I watched her dry herself.

I watched while she dressed before she turned to leave the room.

I collapsed into the chair, reflecting on what I had seen and what I had just done. I felt dirty and disgusted with myself. I had to admit though, that it had been the best climax I had experienced for ages and I could see the large wet patch at the front of my jeans.

The following evening and also the one after, I found myself constantly looking across at the room but saw no sign of her, it left me feeling a bit down.

On the next day, I came back from taking a shower, just in time to see her getting dressed, then she was rinsing the sink. Bugger! I had missed the show. A feeling of desperate disappointment flooded over me, I was totally shocked at my reaction.

Two days later, I was shopping down the Holloway Road, when I passed a well bursa escort know photographic shop. I stopped in my tracks, there in the window was a large telescope, a bit expensive but affordable, it was just what I wanted.

The salesman was soon eager to help. “What did I intend using it for?” He asked, but seeing my confusion he went on, “what I mean is, do you intend on studying the stars, or perhaps bird watching, it makes a lot of difference to which type of telescope you need.”

I hadn’t anticipated the question, to me a telescope was just that, a telescope! I knew I was blushing as my thoughts raced, bird watching he had said, how right he was, a gorgeous blackbird! I hoped he thought my blush was just down to my simple embarrassment at my lack of knowledge.

“Oh no, I’m not interested in the stars, just, well, sort of close range scenery and things,” I said a bit lamely.

He wasn’t in the slightest bit phased though, he seemed completely satisfied with my explanation. He went over to a shelf, selected a box before unpacking a completely different model. “This should suit your needs,” as he set it up on a tripod, then he said, “why don’t you point it out the window, see what you think.”

He showed me how to focus and then I was astounded when the shops opposite suddenly appeared to be only feet away. “Wow! I thought I would be able to see everything in fine detail with this beauty.” I could feel myself getting wet with anticipation.

The price was nowhere near as bad as I expected, so very shortly, I had paid and was on my way, rushing home to get my new toy set up.

I kept it low, just over the window sill so as not to be too obvious. Then I looked across the gardens and focused. My God! I was in her room, or so it seemed, I could actually read the larger writing on a packet of cereals sitting next to her sink.

That evening I was crushed, there’d been no sign of her.

But the following day, there she was. She wandered about, tidying as she went. I watched her as she microwaved a ready meal, eating it together with a bottle of wine, it was a Lambrusco, not really my cup of tea, but okay.

Then she was running water at the sink, I saw her testing the water before she fetched a towel, here we go I thought and felt myself tingling with excitement.

I had already rearranged my furniture a little, the armchair better positioned for me. I had spread one of my silky nighties on the arm to make it softer for my pussy in anticipation of a nice sexy show.

She was undressing, as my skirt dropped to the floor, I didn’t have any panties on, I was ready and eagerly waiting for whatever she might have to offer.

It was a repeat performance of the previous occasion, except for one big difference, this time, I could see everything in close-up detail.

Her nipples were gorgeous and I could see them swelling under her touch. I had begun my humping of the chair, the silk of the nightie soft and gentle rubbing along my slit.

I humped harder when her hands went to her pussy, I could just see in between her slit when she held it open to wash there.

Faster I humped as my pulse began to race.

Tonight, she took much longer over her pussy, I wondered why. Then with a shock, I realised she had begun to play with herself. I saw one hand go back to her breast, she was tweaking at a nipple and then she was flicking at it, hard.

I clearly saw her rubbing her clit, a smile on her face.

I couldn’t fuck my pussy on the chair any faster than I was already doing but I tried my hardest, my senses were on fire.

After a while I knew she was cumming, I could see her legs shaking as she orgasmed.

I moaned very loud as I strived for my climax, I wanted to cum with her. She was now standing up straight but she continued to caress her breasts. Then I was there, my orgasm was fantastic, I writhed on the arm of the chair as if it were my lover, and indeed, it was.

When I looked back up, she was nowhere in sight.

With shaking legs I went and opened a bottle of wine, I needed it just to help me recover. Then a thought struck me, why had she stood and carried on rubbing her breasts? With a shock I thought, she couldn’t have known I was watching, surely. If she had, then that meant, she had been putting on a display for me. Was it possible? I wondered. But then, it occurred to me, that with my lights off, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been able to see me, or could she?

It was the afternoon, I’d just come from having a shower and was still wrapped in my towel. It had become a habit to glance through my one-eyed friend as I passed. She was there, not as clear to see as she was at night when her lights were on. I knew that if she had known I had been watching her the other night, then she would be looking my way at times.

With a sudden impulse, I dropped my towel, to begin wandering about, stark naked. Of a sudden, she seemed to disappear, then a little movement caught my eye, she was stood bursa escort bayan up to her window but to the side, just a little of her face showing. My God! She is was watching me. I felt all excited but also nervous, I mean, what was I thinking by parading myself naked in front of another woman. I suddenly felt shy, I knew I had gone bright red and I turned to grab for the towel, but as I did, she stepped into view and stood to face me. I stopped, torn two ways, whether to cover myself or let her see, I moved closer to the window.

Slowly she began to undress, her top, followed by her bra and then her skirt and panties. She stood still then, as we stared at each other. She shook me then, by raising a hand and she waved at me before I saw her hands go to her breasts, I could see her rolling them beneath her touch. Slowly I lifted my arm to wave back. She blew me a kiss, so I did the same. Then she caressed a hand down over her tummy before it cupped her mound.

Now what! I wasn’t at my telescope and she didn’t have one, so whilst we could certainly see each other, it wasn’t that close up to see very much. Almost without a thought, I raised my hand again and I beckoned to her. She lifted her arms and shoulders and shrugged, perhaps she hadn’t understood my meaning.

So I beckoned again, a bit more exaggerated this time. I had no way of knowing whether she understood me or not but I saw her gather her clothes before she disappeared once more.

I went and dressed, before sitting with a bottle of wine. What the fuck was I doing, I wondered. I had never before ever looked at another woman, but somehow she had got under my skin, I knew that I was mesmerised by her, I knew that I wanted to see her closer. But then the thought came, like a flash. If she came over, it wouldn’t just be looking anymore! “Oh God, what have I done? Could I touch a woman? Could I let a woman touch me?”

Suddenly, I wanted to hide. I had been stupid and acted without any thought, what a fool I felt.

The doorbell rang, I spilt my wine when I jumped. “Oh fuck, she’s here. Now, what do I do?”

The bell rang again, longer this time. I walked to the door but when I raised my hand to the latch, I hesitated. The sound of the bell jolted me back. Slowly, I opened the door, and there she was.

She smiled at me, “I was beginning to think you’d changed your mind, had second thoughts. Have you? Had second thoughts I mean.”

I opened the door wider and took a step back. I had answered her question by inviting her in.

She held a bottle of wine, yes, it was Lambrusco.

“You can change your mind if you want to, but let’s not waste this,” she said, waving the bottle at me. She walked passed me, leaning to peck my cheek as she went, I pointed to the living room. She went straight to the telescope, bent and looked through before turning to smile at me again.

“I ought to be cross with you really but I’ve seen you watching me, even before you got this and it turned me on, that’s why I gave you my little show the other evening, did you like it?”

Without hesitation, I answered, “Yes I did and it turned me on as well,” then I surprised myself, “I fucked the arm of my chair,” I said pointing.

She reached her hand to the arm and stroked it, “How lovely but it’s not as soft as me.”

Now I knew I was blushing, I came over all hot and bothered. Weakly, I pointed to the sofa and went to fetch her a glass. “I have some already open,” I said, stating the obvious, my hand shaking as I poured her a glass.

She tasted the wine, “Oh, this is so much better than mine, thank you,” and her hand rested on my arm.

I felt the goose-bumps and saw my hairs standing on end, I saw her glance at them and once more that beautiful smile lit her face, “I do seem to have an effect on you.”

“You’ve no idea,” I answered, “I’m not sure what’s come over me but I can’t seem to help myself.”

“Well, I admit that you’ve done the same to me, I’ve enjoyed our bit of fun. I’m Kenise, by the way, it’s Jamaican and you?”

“Amanda or Mandy actually. Kenise, that’s a lovely name, it’s as pretty as you are.” I found myself saying.

“As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what it means in Jamaican, beautiful or gorgeous.”

We drank the wine, I fetched another bottle and we chatted easily as if we’d been friends for years. The wine was by now giving me quite a buzz. The feelings of wanting to reach out and grab her were getting stronger. Already I could feel a growing tingle between my legs.

Then suddenly, Kenise stood, “Well, I think I should be going now, we must chat over a bottle again.”

For a moment I felt devastated, I hadn’t expected her to go. I couldn’t believe myself at what I did next. I reached and took her hand, pulling her closer, “Kenise, you didn’t come to just chat, did you?” I moved yet closer, leaning into her until my lips were close to hers, inviting the kiss if she wanted.

Her arms encircled me, pulling me tight. The escort bursa kiss started, sweet and gentle but it soon became more passionate as feverishly we kissed each other. Her mouth tasted divine as my tongue pushed between her lips and my hands began to explore her body. Her tongue thrust back to meet my own.

Suddenly, I pulled away, “Let’s go to the bedroom, you never know but someone may be watching,” we burst out laughing, and hugged each other before arm in arm, I led her to my room.

I switched on the bedside lights, then turned to look at her face. Her eyes were roaming over my body, a small smile showing, I reached for my buttons and slowly began to undress. I wanted to tease, to look sexy for her, any reservations I had previously were now completely gone.

Her eyes followed my actions, taking in my body as I bared it for her, first my breasts with their nipples already hard. Then I dropped my skirt to the floor before slowly teasing my panties down, gradually bringing my pussy lips into view. She reached a hand out towards me, but I pushed it down and instead, I stepped closer and started on her buttons to undress her also until we were both naked facing each other.

“I knew you were beautiful, Kenise, but you’re so much more than that, you’re stunning.”

“Hey, it’ll go to my head if you keep on like that, besides you’re not too shabby yourself, it’s much nicer seeing you close up and not straining my eyes from way over at mine.” She looked me up and down, her eyes hovered at my breasts then down to gaze at my pussy.

In total contrast to my own white skin, hers was a very dark chocolate colour. Her areolas were almost black, her nipples though were larger than I had thought from my previous long-distance observations, and they were clearly as aroused as mine were. Her pubis was hair free, it almost looked as if it had been polished, her slit was tight and closed.

In unison, we reached for each other, our bodies coming together, breasts mashed to breasts, mounds grinding together, and once more we kissed. I was hugged so tight, I could barely breathe. Then our hands roamed all over, exploring and touching. Her ass felt soft as I gripped and squeezed, my God! I thought, she’s so gorgeous. Her hands came between, to massage my breasts, her touch sending tingles from my nipples, she broke our kiss, her mouth lowered to replace the hand teasing a nipple, as first, she bit me, not too hard but enough to make me jump.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed, then, “oh, please do it again.”

My fingers traced down in the crevice of her ass cheeks, I pressed a finger to her hole, she wiggled her ass against it, “How did you know? I love that,” she said.

I fell back onto the bed, pulling her with me, for a while we lay facing each other, side by side, we just looked into one and other’s eyes, while our fingers still traced patterns, a pleasure of just feeling and learning.

Then I whispered to her, “Have you been with another girl before, Kenise?”

“Only once, a long time ago, a bit of a fumble in my early teens, I had forgotten until I saw you.”

“You’re my first, that’s why I was so nervous but I knew I wanted you, I wanted you to come and touch me, even though my feelings scared me.”

“Mandy, we’re both learning, you’ve nothing to be scared of with me, let your instinct rule your feelings, now will you please touch me, touch me where it matters.”

I moved my arm until the palm of my hand cupped her pussy, with my fingers between her thighs, she rolled onto her back and I felt her legs spread open to ease my way. My eyes took in the glory of her body before my mouth dropped to a breast, my lips enclosed a nipple for me to suck and lick, whilst my fingers traced, with a gentle touch, along the outside of her slit.

I had an urgent need to see her pussy, so I scooted my body down to kneel between her legs. My eyes only inches from the slit, I eased it apart, her lips came into view, blacker than her skin, they were ruffled like a bunched frill. Slowly, I savoured the moment, until my fingers pulled them open. My first thought was of surprise, it was a bright pink inside, not at all what I expected, oh, it was so very beautiful, I thought. I hadn’t known what to expect but I found her aroma excited me beyond measure.

I opened her wider until I saw the raised hood with her clit just peeping out. I lowered my face to her, my tongue dipping in, to slowly lick upwards, enjoying her flavour as I went. My tongue reached her clit, again I licked back and forth, I watched it grow, my fingers pressing the hood up and back to allow its freedom.

Now, I could kiss it, I heard her moaning as a hand came to press my head, her hips lifting to my mouth. Alternately, I licked and sucked, it made her moan yet louder.

She called to me, “Mandy, turn around, on top of me.”

I reversed my body, quickly my mouth again searching eagerly for her clit, but I liked this better, now I could see her pussy, but I wanted it closer. I grabbed her legs, lifting her thighs to tuck them under my arms, her legs now above my head. Now I could reach her better, I pushed two fingers inside her pussy, feeling deep inside, relishing the soaking wetness of her.

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