Lovebites Ep. 01

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The night Sophie was bitten was in late October — it was an unusually cold night, in an unusually cold year.

The young girl shivered as she stood outside in the yard of the Black family estates. Sophie should have brought a coat. Emmeline should have been there, she said she would be ; yet here it was 10 o’clock and she was alone.

It shouldn’t have surprised her. Emma didn’t have the guts now, and Sophie thought she never would. Bold proclamations of true love be damned thought Sophie — she threw the rose she’d picked earlier that day to the ground and turned to walk off, tears welling in her eyes.

That’s when she was grabbed from behind. An icy slender hand gripped her delicate neck, it was the kind of grip that could hold you there without being too firm, just the presence itself could keep you still, unmoving. Sophie’s first thought was that it was Emmaline, her love come after all, come to make good on their promise meet tonight, and finally do what they’d secretly been wanting for several semesters.

Alas, this was not the case. She knew it as soon as she heard the voice whisper in her ear ” Still now child, be still ” The voice was smokey and feminine, it obviously belonged to a woman.

Lips brushed her neck and Sophie heard the mystery woman exhale warm breath — suddenly Sophie was sleepy and couldn’t stand another minute, she collapsed right there on the grass, crushing a perfect purple rose underneath her.

The next day was a Monday and Sophie slept in late. She bolted upright sweating. She’d had the most vivid sex dream of her life. It seemed so real she could almost smell the sex and sweat.

She glanced over at the clock and saw that she was late again. Yet she thought if she didn’t shower and just left right then, she could make it in time — so tying a bow in her long dark brown hair still wild from bed and incessant turning in the night, she rushed out the door.

Sophie was in the second year of Sixth form bursa escort bayan at a prestigious school in south London. She was a fantastic student when she applied herself but lately her thoughts had been consumed with other things. Most frequently that other thing was Emmaline Black, Sophie best friend for the past 11 years, the better part of either girl’s lives being only eighteen.

Emma and Sophie had been inseparable all throughout their friendship. People said things about them, that they were secretly gay together. Lesbian lovers. At first when the girls themselves had gotten wind of these rumors they were in shock and were ashamed to think what others seemed to assume.

Well, over a period of time Sophie began to really wonder about this — she freely admitted to herself that she loved Emmaline more than anyone she knew. She couldn’t say if that made her a lesbian or not, having never been in love. After all didn’t all best friends love each other?

When she got the courage one late afternoon after an hour of studying Sophie asked Emmaline if she loved her.

“You know, at least as friends?” she asked hopefully.

“Aww of course I love you Sophie, I’d be lost without you, you know that.”

This led to a hug during which Sophie took the chance to smell Emma’s hair, it was a firey red shade with flecks of gold, and hung in curly locks down Emma’s perfectly shaped girlish shoulders. The curls were light and wavy, not frizzy, it was the hair of angels Sophie always said. The kind of hair that other girls use numerous products and hours of primping and pampering to produce, yet Emma woke up with every day of her life.

Still wrapped in the hug and they rocked back and forth. When they were pulling away just about to break the embrace Sophie got brave and lunged in and pecked Emmaline with a sweet kiss on the top of her freckled little nose, and laughed giggled nervously.

The big surprise görükle escort came when Emma herself returned that with one of her own,but a harder wetter one, still only on the nose — but it seemed to signal an invitation.

Before the girls knew it they were snogging full on, with open mouths snapping hungrily and drool running down the sides of their mouths as their tongues danced like enemies in a battle to the death pinning each other down, rolling over each other and playing for the dominant position. It was the most exciting experience their lives and it lasted for less than five full minutes. In their minds it seemed to go on for days.

When it did finally subside and they again began to speak it was Sophie who broke first ” That was, A-Mazing.Ya know, they already say we’re lovers anyway, why not shove their words in their faces and just do it already. I can tell by that kiss you want to, and heaven help me, I want it too, I want you.”

Emma wasn’t much of a verbal person, but she was a great listener and quite expressive when she wanted to be — she agreed to meet Sophie outside her family estates that night and sneak into the old unused caretakers quarters for a late night rendezvous in which they would begin their sexual journey as deviants outside the safety of normalcy.

Yet when the time came Emnaline had stood her up, and she had been left horny and letdown in more ways than one. Sophie still went to classes that day hoping she would talk Emma into reconsidering their proposed meeting there had to be chance, she knew Emmaline had genuine feelings for her.

Emmaline was not at school. So Sophie suffered through it wondering if somehow her love had been discovered and destroyed before it was even allowed to flower. By the end of the day Sophie had settled on the theory that Emma had gotten sick, and therefore missed both their planned tryst and classes. This comforted her enough to get her through the bursa escort bayan day but when classes let out in the late afternoon she was right back to racking her nerves with worry.

She called to no avail and even went to Emma’s house where she saw a girl’s outline in an upstairs window it had to be Emma ; the person stood there, apparently looking out, but didn’t move to reveal themselves.

After a half hour of fruitless waiting Sophie returned home where she cried her eyes out until she fell asleep.

Sometime in the deep dark night Sophie awoke with a burning in her breast. She was hungry like she’d never been before. Her heart beat twice it’s normal rate and a glance in the mirror showed her skin had developed a pale glow.

Not understanding what was happening Sophie made her way to the balcony and jumped. She thought for a moment that madness had seized her and she was plunging to her death. But to her astonishment she found that she could float in midair, no, not just float, she could fly. No wings, no cape needed, all she did was shift her weight in a direction and off she went. Flying.

Below her she saw houses and parks and streets and cars, but none of them called to her hunger. Her hunger was pulling her toward the South and soon she realized, she was once again at the Black family estate for the third time in just over twenty four hours .

There was still a light on in the upstairs window belonging to her love, the source of her carnal desire and the reason for her sudden insatiable need.

Sophie drifted up to the window where she gave it a knock that nearly broke the glass. She seemed to have acquired some new strength along with the ghostly pallor and the power of flight.

Emmaline opened the window fright clear on her face. “Soph — Sophie, wha- whats going on, are you, are you floating?”

“Won’t you invite me in Em? it’s ever so cold out here, and I’m freezing.” In truth she wasn’t cold at all despite the time of year.

“My god, you are cold, just look at your complexion you must be half frozen.” her concern was genuine.

And so without further thought Emmaline Black let her best friend of eleven years into her bedroom window after midnight in one unusually cold winter in London, England.

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