Loving in the Rain

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We had met online. Two strangers needing sex without commitment. It had been too long since either of us had been fulfilled sexually and we had agreed to help one explore their sexual fantasies…

The rain was just a slow drizzle as we met in the dark under the cover of the trees as we had planned. I had been anticipating this moment for weeks as we exchanged texts and phone calls. The rain was a cool mist against our skin as we embraced but it could not dampen our passion. Our lips touched, our mouths parted, and our tongues begin to slide and delve together. They were touching and tasting as we became acquainted with each other running our hands over each other’s body. I felt my pussy begin to dampen, becoming slick and wet. This was just as I had imagined.

Suddenly, you pulled away, tearing at my clothes. I was shocked at your boldness but understood as I knew from our conversations how long it had been since you had been with anyone. Your eyes were like those of a hungry predator as you watched me peel off my clothes for you, letting them fall onto the leaves at our feet. Bare, exposed , shivering as the rain beat against my body harder, I waited with my heart pounding with excitement and a thrill of fear.

Just as we had discussed, you are totally in control as illegal bahis you pull me forward and push me to my knees. I kneel in the mud with my face raised expectantly as you pull out your thick, hard cock. I grasp your legs in anticipation as I lean forward licking my lips. I want to taste you and feel every inch as you slide your throbbing dick between my lips. I run my tongue across your cock head lapping at the pearly drops seeping from your slit. I breath in the musk of your manliness as I revel in the thought that this is actually happening. Moaning, I run my tongue around and under savoring the satiny texture of your knob as it gives way to the rougher texture of your shaft. You growl as you grab my hair and quicken the pace, forcing me to take you deep in my throat. You pump your cock into me while pulling at my hair. It feels like you are choking me with your cock. With both hands, I grasp your ass and my nails are digging into your flesh as you fuck my mouth harder and faster. Without warning, my throat and my mouth fill with your cum. I swallow and gasp desperate to please you but needing air. You pull away with your cock still pulsing cum. It hits my skin and joins the rain that trickles down my breasts and across my taut nipples.

You pull me to my feet and push me towards illegal bahis siteleri a nearby picnic table. At the edge of the table, you press me forward until I’m bent over the table with my ass in the air. I can feel the rough wood of the table scraping against my nipples sending ripples of pleasurable pain through me. Nervously I wait, not knowing what you will do to me now but hoping you remember I want to be spanked. That’s when I feel your hand, strong and powerful as it strikes my ass cheek. I’m shocked but so fucking turned on. You strike me again and again. The cold rain is the only relief as it cools my hot, reddened ass. I’m begging you to fuck me as my cunt flooded with need. You whisper harshly in my ear asking me if I deserved to filled with your cock and fucked. I thrust against you pleading desperate for this moment we’ve discussed for months.

Filled with lust and adrenaline, you pick me up and push me on top of the table completely. I feel so vulnerable and exposed as you turn me over, part my thighs, and spread me open. The feel of the now pounding rain as it beats against my exposed slit makes my pussy throb and clench. I pinch my nipples and run my hands over my rain slick tits. Your tongue replaces the rain drops and swirls over my clit. As you suck me into canlı bahis siteleri your mouth and tongue roughly at my nub, you are driving me crazy. I’m clenching your hair now as I urge you to move lower and fill me with your poking, prodding spear of a tongue. Then, as you move against me with your tongue pushing deeper, stroking in and out, I explode whimpering as my hot sweet nectar filling your mouth. You growl your satisfaction as you drink deeply.

Swiftly, you rise above me and thrust your cock, deeply into my cunt with one savage stroke. I am screaming as you fuck me hard and fast. Your cock is ramming into me without mercy. Saturated from my orgasms, my pussy eagerly devours your cock as it plunges deep within me. The tight, throbbing walls of my cunt tighten around you as they suck and pull at your cock as it pounds in and out. Your body tenses and I feel you flood me and bathe my cunt with your cum, as I shatter into another orgasm.

Your weight presses upon me and your ragged breathing rasps against my ear as you hold me close. “Sweet thing,” you murmur, “that was better than any sexy text could describe. Thank you for sharing yourself with me.” Then, I felt the warm comfort of your body recede as you untangled our spent bodies.

I must have passed out for a moment. I wake up alone with my clothes beside me. My body feels sore and battered but washed clean by the rain. As I slowly dress, satisfied but shaky, I can almost imagine it was a dream. I cannot wait until we can dream together again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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