Loving Thy Neighbour Pt. 01

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It all began one day when I spotted that my neighbour had a water leak. The tank in their loft had a slow trickle of water coming from their overflow pipe and needed looking at quickly before it caused any real damage to their house. I took it upon myself to go round and let them know while I remembered about it. I tried ringing their front door bell, but as I couldn’t hear it ring I wondered if it was actually working or not. So I decided to wander around their house to the back door. It being a bungalow and all on the one floor I had to pass their bedroom window.

Imagine my surprise to see my neighbour’s wife Rebecca laid on what I thought was a spare bed with her legs wide apart and her fingers working overtime in her pussy to bring her to some sort of satisfaction. I must have stood there peering in the window for at least several minutes as her fingers played with her very nice looking wet pussy. I noticed that her eyes were tightly shut and her face was contorted as she reached a self made orgasm. I ducked below the bedroom window just before she opened her eyes and caught me. I now crept back to my own house after deciding that I would let her know about her leak later on in the evening.

Now Rebecca is a very attractive woman in her late thirties. She had looked after herself and could give a lot of much younger women a run for their money that’s for sure. She had long dark hair and blue eyes that went along with her long sexy legs and firm ass. Her tits though were her best assets for sure, they must have been at least a thirty-six DD and she stood at around five foot ten in her stocking feet.

I was soon back home and found myself all excited at what I had just been watching, so I went to my own bedroom to have a play and jerk myself off. I had waited a little over an hour before I had the nerve to return to Rebecca’s front door again and tried ringing her doorbell again. This time I heard it and within a minute she answered the door and I explained that she had a leak and suggested that her husband take a look at his as soon as possible to prevent any water damage. Rebecca informed me that her hubby was away for the next few days and said that when he got back home she would let him know about the leak in the loft.

I hadn’t realised that her husband Tom wasn’t at home, so I took it upon myself to suggest that if she wished that I could have a look at it, as it may be that it just needed the ball cock to be adjusted. Rebecca gratefully accepted my offer and while I went to get a few tools she said she would open the loft hatch for me. On my return the hatch was open and the left ladder was already pulled down for me. There was even a torch in the loft that Rebecca had turned on for me. I had no need for my own torch that I had fetched along with my tools. I was soon up the ladder and into the loft to look for the problem.

The ball cock valve was out of adjustment and was also pretty furred up but I managed to bend the metal ball cock shaft enough to stop it leaking. It was only a temporary fix but it would give her husband time to affect a permanent leak before things got any worse. As I was getting own from the loft I turned the torch off and parked the ladder bursa eskort bayan against the wall. As I handed the torch back to her Rebecca informed me that she needed something else looked at. I was now led into the spare bedroom where they had a computer set up and some other equipment. Rebecca flicked the switch for the computer on then used the mouse to navigate through a program that turned out to be linked to four different cameras.

I could see a view of their front garden as well as two of the rear garden and the final camera was of the path that came down the side of their bungalow. I was a bit surprised as I wasn’t aware that they had any security cameras. As I stood there watching, Rebecca clicked something onto the screen and it brought up a menu and she clicked on various places around her home then I was watching a replay of the path down the side of the bungalow. Suddenly I appeared and stood for what must have been almost five minutes or so watching through the bedroom window before ducking down below the window.

I suddenly felt cold as I had obviously been rumbled watching her finger fucking herself through the window. To my surprise she didn’t even seem upset, angry or even annoyed. Instead, she asked if I had enjoyed what I had been watching. I stammered that I had, to which she smiled at me.

“You might like these then” She said as she dropped the security program and went into a picture and video folder.

There she clicked on a video file and it began to play, it was of her on her bed playing with herself pretty much like had seen through the bedroom window. But unlike in the clip, she was using a vibrator on her own pussy. As the file ended Rebecca remarked that she didn’t need to ask me if I had enjoyed it as she was looking directly at the tent that was growing in the front of my pants. Clicking on a second file, this time Rebecca was on all fours and someone else, who was unseen except for a hand that was thrusting a vibrator in and out of her pussy. As the file played Rebecca began to stroke my hard-on through my pants and I heard myself groan as her hand was doing a real number on my cock.

As I watched, Rebecca was reaching an orgasm from the vibrator being used on her pussy. As that filed ended I was brought back to reality by a groan escaping her mouth. Looking down at her she had a hand under her own skirt and obviously it was inside her panties by the movements that were going on under her skirt. Rebecca’s left hand let go of my cock just long enough when the clip ended to start another one. As if I wasn’t hard enough already, the next clip showed Rebecca bent over and holding onto the kitchen table. Her tits were dangling and someone was sliding a cock in and out of her pussy.

I say someone, as her husband is rather thin and short, whoever it was on the video was quite tall and had a big fat cock inside her and was thrusting it in and out of her making her groan loudly. For a few seconds Rebecca’s hand again left my cock as she would up the volume on her laptop/ Up until now there had just been clips, bit with the sound up loud they really brought home just how much she was enjoying herself by the moans and groans that bursa merkez escort were escaping from between her lips. This clip was a longer one and during it Rebecca’s hand got rather shaky on my cock as I assumed she had a small climax. My own cock by now was beginning to get to the stage of wanting some of the lovely pussy.

“OH FUCK YESSS” I heard Rebecca purr as I moved behind her.

As I pushed the top half of her body forward so she was now leaning over and holding on to the computer desk with the hand that had been stroking my cock through my pants. I pulled my zipper of my pants down to my knees and my cock was almost throbbing as it bounced around in front of me, now it was time for me to pull Rebecca’s panties down. Pushing her other hand away it immediately went behind her, but I was a bit too far away for her to get a grip on my cock so it joined her right hand on the table to support herself. It was now that I pulled her panties down to her knees. I loved the pictures of women with their panties around their knees and found that more erotic that no panties at all.

Holding Kate’s skirt up out of the way I lined up my cockhead with her pussy and allowed my cock a few moments just to nestle in the heat between her plump pussy lips before thrusting almost half way inside her on the first thrust. Kate was already very wet as my cock slid easily half way inside of her as she groaned rather loudly.

“OHHH FUCKKK YESSS” Kate moaned aloud as I withdrew my cock then thrust inside her a second time.

Now my cock was fully home inside of her and I could even feel her heat on my balls as they rested against her pussy. I began to slide in and out of her slowly, making sure that Kate for the benefit of all eight inches as it stretched her pussy for her. One of her hands left the table and came back between her legs while my cock was almost out of her pussy as she was strumming her clit. When I drove it back inside her she stroked my balls. I was fucking Kate at half the speed the man in the video clip was fucking her. I was fucking her with one of my thrusts to two of his. Kate was rocking herself backwards to make sure she got all of my eight inches inside of her.

As I thrust forward and she pulled away slightly as I slid back out leaving just half of my cockhead in her pussy before I thrust all the way back inside of her. I had been fucking at Kate’s pussy for almost three minutes when on the screen the man spurted inside her and as he pulled out a large amount of spunk came out of her pussy along with his cock. The video clip then finished with Kate, but I was far from finished with her. I sped up just a little as her hand on the table fumbled with the mouse to start another clip. Now Kat really had to hold on to the table as I watched her being spit roasted on the screen, because I began to climb that mountain towards my own climax.

Kate was racing me there from the frantic strumming now happening between her legs. I had sped up considerably and was having to hold Kate up by her hips as I ploughed away at her pussy. Kate then stopped moving her hips as gurgling sounds came from her mouth. Her pussy was getting tighter and bursa sınırsız escort bayan tighter, then my cock let go and I could feel spurt after spurt of my spunk erupt from my cock and shoot deep into her pussy as I had one final thrust and held my cock deep inside of her. I just sort of half stood half leaned over Kate for several minutes after I had finished spurting with my softening cock still fairly deep inside of her pussy as I still held her by her hips.

Eventually Kate removed her hand from her crotch and along with her other hand she pushed against the table and straightened herself up. As she stood up straight I could feel my cock slipping from her pussy and with a plopping sound my cock slipped out of her fuck hole. Kate quickly pulled her panties up as she told me that she didn’t want spunk all over her new carpet. Then to my surprise she turned around and dropped to her knees in front of me and took my now softened wet cock into her mouth and began licking and sucking on it. That was something my ex-wife would never do for me. I would get a few licks before I fucked hr but she would never get her mouth neat my cock when I was spurting or after I had fucked her.

Yet here was Kate humming as she cleaned and sucked on my cock. She only stopped briefly to ask if there was any chance of me getting hard again, to which I told her that if she kept sucking me like that there was every chance of a second cumming. I noticed that the clip had finished leaving a blank screen and as I moved the mouse it displayed the files again. There was a file called ‘allofthem.mov. I clicked on it to see three perhaps four men with Kate sat between them. She was talking to the men about what their fantasies were in the clip. She quickly stopped licking and sucking my cock as she turned to the laptop taking the mouse away from me. She quickly stopped the clip saying that was perhaps too much for me on first shag. Then she stood and took hold of my cock to pull me away from the laptop room to the spare bedroom where I had seen her masturbating.

Kate then suggested that I strip off if I wanted more of her. I was naked in seconds as Kate took off what she had left on. Then we were on the bed where it all began with me watching her playing with herself. We were in a sixty-nine position and as they say I was getting my own back. I didn’t realise just how much spunk I had deposited in her pussy until I was licking and sucking if from her hot wet pussy. She was far from being idle as she not only sucked my cock, but also played with my balls as she gave them a good massage. It took a while before I was hard yet again and this time Kate wanted to set the pace as she rode me as I lay on my back enjoying this woman taking what she wanted.

Kate went straight for hard and fast fucking unlike the slow fucking I had given her earlier. I had never heard so many animal noises coming from a woman in all my life and she also grunted and groaned, but never once did she miss a beat as she fucked herself on my cock. Kate got noisier as she rode herself too what looked like a very nice orgasm. Her legs were in a spasm as she finally collapsed on top of me still groaning. I let her lay on top of me for a couple of moments, but I was still hard and needed to finish. It was no mean task to roll Kate off me and then I was in between her thighs. Lifting her feet high in the air as I rammed my hard-on back into her wanton pussy I slammed away at her tight fuck hole. Kate was sort of gurgling as I took my pleasure from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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