Luck Can Happen Twice

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I’m at this party where I know almost nobody. I was invited by a guy I work with and barely know. He and three others live in this house. A big, luxurious place with a super pool in the back yard. In a very nice neighborhood. All of them apparently are like me, single, our of college maybe three or four years, with a decent job. I was surprised that any of them would prefer to share a place instead of having their own apartment like I do, until I saw this place. It’s terrific.

The pool is one reason I came. I’ve always loved swimming and playing around in a pool. So here I am at about 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon. I came in a swim suit, flip-flops and sun glasses with a big shirt so I could put my wallet and car keys in the pocket. I also brought a 12-pack of imported beer, a big bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa. I know bachelor parties and we each have to chip in.

Which is another reason and maybe the real one why I’m here. Bachelors throwing a party means girls are invited. And I really, really need a girl. I want to find one I can go to bed with every night. I’m a real loser when it comes to girls. I’m not an Adonis but I’m o.k.. I go to the gym regularly, am in decent shape, 6’1″ and, while not beautiful, am not ugly either. I’ve actually dated a lot but always seem to strike out. So I’m anxious to find the right girl.

There are plenty here. Looks like roughly a dozen guys and a dozen girls. I’m as attractive as any of the other guys. I suspect they’re all losers too. But every one of the girls looks pretty good. There’s one in particular that I’ve been staring at. She’s such a fox that I probably don’t stand a chance. Blonde and slim. Looks sort of tall and athletic. Great ass, lovely legs. Not huge tits but they’re there. Friendly looking face, smiles a lot as she talks to people.

I do what I always do when I see a girl I like. Nothing. I dive into the pool to swim some laps. I don’t know why but I’m lousy with girls that I would like to know better. I’m fine with ones at work that I have no interest in. But I can’t bring myself to make a try with the gorgeous ones for some reason. Fear of rejection maybe. That’s why I’ve gotten laid so seldom. The only sex I’ve had has been with very easy girls, sluts actually, that I’ve almost been ashamed to fuck since I’m probably the hundredth or thousandth to stick my cock in them.

So, to avoid doing what I should, I’m swimming laps. It’s a beautiful big pool, I don’t know why more people aren’t in it. I’m the only one right now. The girls probably don’t want to get their hair wet. The guys are just not very physical looking, more into drinking that swimming. Then I hear a splash and sense that someone else is also swimming. I don’t see who until I finish ten laps and stop and stand in the shallow end. The other swimmer comes my direction and stops and stands. I’m shocked. It’s the sexy blonde.

“I was beginning to wonder if anyone was ever going to use the pool,” she says to me.

“I love swimming, always have since I was a little kid,” I reply. Shit, she’s even sexier up close that she was from further away. Her two piece swim suit adheres to her so tight it’s almost like looking at her naked.

“You looked pretty good, do you compete?”

“No. I took lessons when I was maybe three years old and have always lived the water. I’ve gone through all the water safety courses and life saving but never joined a swim team or competed, except casually some times.”

“Let’s make it one of those times. I’ll race you to the far end and back, o.k.?” Without waiting for my answer, she takes off. So I follow. She has a head start and does a terrific kick turn at the end of the pool. I almost catch her but she beats me. Comes up with a big grin on her gorgeous face at the shallow end. I came up right next to her, our arms touching as we stand.

“You got me,” I say.

“Barely,” she says, grinning, “and I cheated, didn’t give you a fair start. Let’s see if we can get something going here.” She turns and calls to one of the other girls to get a partner and come in and have a piggy back fight. “If you like pools,” she says to me, “you must have done piggy back fights a lot. I get on your shoulders and another girl gets on another guy’s shoulders and we see if we can knock them over.” She turns back to urge again what I assume is a friend to get someone and join us. The result is another couple actually get in the water with us.

“You ready?” she asks me. In reply, I duck down and under water start pushing my head between her legs. Once I can feel her in place, I get my feet under me and start to stand. I have to step back and forth a little to get us balanced but we’re ready. She holds on to my head. The other girl actually gets out and sits on the side of the pool and they guy she’s with backs up to her and she gets her legs over his shoulders and soon they’re standing, her riding him like the blonde is riding me

“Come out in the middle,” my blonde says to the others, “You don’t want to fall against the side of the pool.”

“Who’s going to fall?” the other girl güvenilir bahis says. We step forward to them and I have to keep stepping around a little to keep my balance as the two girls push or pull against each other. Then I can see it in the other guy’s eyes, they’re losing balance. He staggers a little and then with a splash they’re down. The challenge is renewed and the other two get up and ready again. We win again and the blonde above me is issuing a challenge from what she terms ‘the champions’ to other around the pool. No takers and the other couple actually leave the pool.

I kneel down for her to get off but in the process we both end up getting dunked some. As we stand she puts her arm around my waist, laughing out loud. “That was fun,” she says. Then, still holding onto me, she adds, “I’m Diane.”

So I reply, “Yes it was fun. I’m Dave. Want to get out and have a beer?”

Dripping but drying quickly in the sun, we each have a beer and stand, talking. She’s a touchy-feely kind of person, has her hand on my waist or my arm almost all the time we talk. I actually get enough nerve to put my hand on her bare waist. We talk a little about swimming and then the party. It turns out she doesn’t know anyone either. The girl she called to come in the pool, she had just met a few minutes before. She just figured the other girl looked like someone that might be competitive. Then she tells me she had seen me looking at her earlier and I admitted that I had and told her how attractive I thought she was. ‘Sexy’ is what I actually said. She smiled at that and repeated ‘sexy” with a questioning sound.

“I guess that’s good,” she says. “How important is this party to you?” she then asks.

“Important? I guess it isn’t very important, just a social afternoon.” Then I got enough nerve to say something that I usually wouldn’t be capable of saying, “I’ve already accomplished the real reason I came. I’ve met you and hope to be able to see you some more.”

“Oh?” she replies, grinning and putting her arm around my waist. “I need a ride home if you’re ready to leave.”

So we gather up our things (not many) and head out. “A Miata,” she exclaims as we get to my car, “it fits your sporty image.”

“Well, a fairly conservative sport, I’m afraid,” I tell her as I hold her door and she gets down into the little two-seater with its top down. As I drive away and ask where she lives, she puts her hand on my thigh and then leaves it there. We talk a little along the way and as I go around curves she squeezes my leg as if she needs to hang on a little. I have to admit I’m getting turned on more and more.

It isn’t all that far, perhaps fifteen minutes, and we’re at her apartment. I get out and go around to help her out. “Want to come up for a minute?” she asks and of course I accept. Her apartment is on the second floor so I get to watch her gorgeous ass and legs as she walks a couple steps ahead of me. I can’t help it, I have about three quarters a hard-on just from our ride and her holding my leg and now my watching her terrific body.

She looks at me and grins as she unlocks the door. I can’t be sure but I think the grin is because she sees my bulge. She steps in first, I follow and as she closes the door behind us she turns and steps to me. Right against me. I put my arms around her and lean down to kiss her and she presses tight against me, puts her arms around me and kisses back. We kiss for a minute or so. I move my hands around on her back, she moves her hands to hold my butt and pull me even tighter against her.

When the kiss breaks she steps back a little and gives me a dirty looking grin and takes my hand and starts leading me further into the apartment. We cross the living room and head into a short hall, she turns left into a bedroom, not saying anything, and I follow. She then says the first words since she asked me up, “We might as well get out of these uncomfortable bathing suits.” Then, still giving me that dirty grin, she reaches behind herself and unfastens the top of the suit and pulls it loose and tosses it to the side, on the floor.

I’ll have to admit, I haven’t seen a lot of bare tits. And none from two feet away like this in broad daylight. So they are absolutely the best ever but I think maybe they’d still be the best even if I’d seen a lot of others. Not huge but perfect. Dark pink nipples with an even darker center staring at me like another set of eyes. Nice round full shapes, holding those nipples well out from her body. When she bends to start shoving her bottoms down over her hips, those lovely tits hang out loose and look even bigger.

I finally realize that I’m just standing there staring at her and quickly get hold of my swim suit and start pushing it down over my hips and butt and legs. She’s fully naked, right in front of me as I’m still bent, getting my suit off. It’s enough to give me an orgasm just seeing her. I mean, she’s perfect. Better than anything I’d ever dreamed up in my mind as I jacked off. By the time I have my suit off and kicked away, she’s moved to the bed. She bends over and takes türkçe bahis the top cover and sheet and pulls, almost throws, them off toward the bottom of the bed. I’m watching the best ass I’ve ever seen in my life as she does this. Then she lays on the bed on her back, her knees bent and up, her feet about three or four feet apart.

I’m standing there looking at the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever come into direct contact with and she’s not only totally naked but she’s on her back in bed waiting for me, her pussy actually glistening a little in the bright light. I can see that she’s really a blonde. Her pubic hair is a little darker than her head but not much, still a dark blonde. And there isn’t a lot of it, mostly a patch right above the dark pink wrinkle that has to be her pussy.

Well, if she’s ready, I sure am, so I climb onto the bed, up between her spread legs, holding myself up on my arms, until I’m completely over her and kiss her again. She puts her arms up around me and kisses back. While we’re kissing, I reach down to aim my cock into her and push with my hips a little to try and start into her.

In a split second, her legs drop and come together, her arms leave my back and her lips close, ending our kiss. I lift my head slightly, not understanding what’s happening.

“I’m not ready,” she says. “You have to get me ready first.”

I have no idea what’s going on. I lift off and move next to her, on my side facing her. “Diane, you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen so I don’t want to mess this up at all. But I don’t know what you mean. You’re laying there spread open for me, I just did what I thought I was supposed to.”

She’s turned some onto her side, facing me. “There needs to be, uh, foreplay. You need to get me worked up and ready first.”

“You’re the first girl I’ve ever been naked with in bed in broad daylight. I have to admit, I don’t know what it is you want me to do. Whatever it is, I’ll sure do my best to do it. I really want you a lot.”

She smiles at me. “The first? You’ve never had sex with a girl before?”

“Oh, yeah, I have. But not a lot. Three times. Different girls. But each time, we had a lot to drink, she took her panties off and had me shove into her. Once in a car, once on a couch and once leaning upright against the front door. So it’s happened before but never like this. This is like a dream come true.”

She smiles some more. “I saw you looking at me back at the party. You even licked your lips. I figured you wanted to, uh, taste me. And I liked that. Decided I wanted you to. Which is why we’re here like this. So, I guess what I hope you’ll do is make love to my body. Kiss me, kiss my face, my neck, my shoulders, my breasts. Feel my breasts, kiss then, lick them, suck them. Then kiss on down anywhere you want but eventually get to my, uh, pussy, and then use your tongue and lips and fingers and give me an orgasm. And then I’ll be ready for you to get inside me. I’ll want you in me.”

“Oh,” I said stupidly. Then a pause while I thought a moment. Is this all my fault? Is there something wrong with me? Because there’s sure something wrong here. I’ve never heard of a girl acting like this. “Diane, you’re absolutely gorgeous, with a perfect figure. At the party and in the pool, I thought I had lucked out. I really liked you. But there’s something wrong with all this. We met for the first time maybe two hours ago and here we are, naked in bed together. Your bed. And you’re telling me exactly how you want me to make love to you. I don’t think you’re who I thought you were. I think maybe I’m getting into something that I really shouldn’t. I never thought of myself as a goody-goody and maybe I’m all wrong and will hate myself as I look back on this. But I think I’d better go.”

“What?” she almost yells, rolling onto her side, facing me, almost up against me. “I thought you were going to solve my problem for me, you seemed like just the right one. I mean, you’re nice looking, terrific shape, good athlete, were ogling me like you wanted me.”

“I don’t know what problem you wanted me to solve but that scares me even more.”

She reaches out her free hand and touches my shoulder. “Fuck. I’ve screwed this all up, haven’t I?” she says. “I needed sex so bad I pushed too hard. Don’t go. Let me explain.”

Here I am laying naked next to the girl of my dreams, also naked. Maybe I’m wrong. “O.k,” I tell her.

She moves her hand onto my back slightly. “I’m not what you must think. I’ve been with fewer partners than you, even. Back when I was finishing high school, I dated a guy in college and we finally got around to sex. My first sex. He did to me everything I was asking you to do. I loved it. We had sex a lot, for almost four years. Several times a day, several days a week at least, sometimes every day. He finished college and got a job, I was just about to graduate from college myself. He was offered a promotion, almost a whole new job, with great potential, and he left. Moved clear across the country. All of a sudden, I’m having no sex. That was nine months ago. I mean, it’s over. güvenilir bahis siteleri I’ve tried to talk with him but it’s over.

Her hand moves up and down my back, feeling my butt and then back up. “And I surprised myself. I realized we never said we loved each other. In fact, I didn’t love him. I loved the sex. I missed the sex. Missed it a lot. So after a couple months I dated another guy and we came back here and he pulled my panties aside and fucked me on the couch in the living room. Took maybe two minutes. I was a piece of meat to him. It wasn’t what I wanted at all. Left me even more frustrated. That was over four months ago and I’ve been going nuts. I want what I used to have. I want lots and lots of really good sex. I want orgasms. I thought I had found what I wanted when I met you. But I guess I’ve screwed it up somehow.”

Her hand moves around to my front, she feels my chest and then my stomach. “I was selfish, just thinking what I want. I need to give you what you want and then maybe you’ll give me what I want.” Her hand slides down and just barely touches my cock. With all her feeling me, I’ve been staying erect all through this. “I should suck you off.”

Her hand encircles my cock, grasps it, she starts moving her whole body, sitting on her legs next to me. “I almost always started by sucking him. Partly because I really like it. It’s just so sexy. And partly because I learned that if I can get you to cum, you’ll last longer when you finally fuck me.”

With that, she leans down and gets her lips around the head of my cock and licks it. She lifts her head back a little, right next to my cock and looks at it. “You have a terrific cock, Dave. All strong and clean.” She licks the side and then gets her mouth around the head again. I’ve never, ever had a girl suck my cock. I’m partly sort of stunned that it’s happening. I’m also partly worried that this girl might be a little psycho, at least about sex. But her sliding her mouth up and down on me, her lips and mouth working on me all the while, is so unbelievably arousing that I can hardly stand it. I know I won’t last long.

Her mouth makes slurping kinds of noises, her saliva leaking out a little as she licks and masturbates me with her lips. One hand is on my abdomen, sort of kneading me, the other is holding my balls, playing with them, moving them around between her fingers. I cum. Maybe more than ever in my life. She stops moving her head up and down but keeps almost my whole cock in her mouth. It’s like I may never stop, it just keeps moving through my cock, I can feel it. I can see her cheeks, feel her tongue, she’s swallowing.

I finally stop. I feel drained, empty. She lifts her head a little and looks at my cock, her one hand takes hold of it again. She puts her lips back over it and takes it in and squeezes with her lips, sliding them up my cock, milking me, getting every drop. Then she sits back on her legs and looks at me with a big grin. A look as if she’s proud of herself. “That was terrific, wasn’t it?”she says. I may be in a minor shock or something. I say nothing. She then almost throws herself back onto her back, next to me, just as she was at first, knees up and bent, feet spread apart. “Your turn,’ she says. “I need an orgasm.”

Nuts or not, she’s a gorgeous girl. Has a perfect body. There couldn’t be anything sexier. I’m not sure exactly how to do what I know she wants but I’ve read about it and seen people doing it on the internet enough, I can sure give it a try. In fact, I realize that I really want to. I want to do everything to her that she wants. That blow job has turned me on mentally even though it’s drained me physically. I sit up more to get on my knees, walk around on my knees to get between her legs, lean over her, with my arms out to support me and get up over her, my lips to hers and kiss her. She puts her one hand up around my head and holds me tight and kisses back. I can taste what has to be me, left over from her mouthful of my sperm

I support my upper body on one arm and move the other under me to get at a breast. While we continue to kiss, I feel her breast, get her nipple between my fingers. I pull back from the kiss to slide down some and get my mouth to her breast. I kiss it, lick it, suck on the nipple while continuing to fondle the other one with my hand. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do this but I know I want at her pussy, so I slide down even more, kiss her stomach, down onto her abdomen. I sit back a little and look at her pussy.

I’ve never really seen one up close like this. I can see her hair, dark blond, and some shape beneath it, almost disappearing down between her legs. How in the fuck am I going to do anything to this? Where is it that I need to get my mouth. I lean down and kiss what I can see, her little mass of hair. Then she moves. I even look up because it’s surprising. Her knees are up almost to her shoulders, her hands are holding her legs up there, her fingers showing inside her knees. I look back down and there’s what I want. At least I guess it is. It’s a little like a powder puff with a little wrinkly cleft in the middle. I use my hands to pull on each side, I’ve read about this. And there’s her inside. All pink or red and glistening in the light. I lean down again and stick my tongue into her, stick my whole face almost into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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