Lumberjack Lust Attack

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Oliver slowly undid the buttons of his shirt and admired his reflection in the mirror. He knew he was one gorgeous hunk of hairy bear. He ran his fingers over the dense black fur that grew over his well defined chest and pinched his large red nipples. Damn, did that feel good! If only he had someone to fuck.

It was Friday night and, as he did every Friday night, Oliver got ready to go out to the lumberjack’s recreational club. There he would get a meal, have a couple of beers and chat with his work buddies, who sadly were all straight. As he soaped off in the shower Oliver thought about having a wank but decided to save it for when he got home.

Most Friday nights he would haul out his stash of porn and have himself a good old wanking session, often coming three or four times before crawling into bed in the early hours of Saturday morning.

When he walked into the club Oliver saw this new guy he had never seen before and felt a real buzz of excitement. The stranger sent shivers of excitement down Oliver’s spine. He had thick blond hair that shone with rude good health. His open necked shirt revealed a carpet of thick brown hair. His facial features were delicate; he was almost pretty rather than good looking and Oliver noticed right away that he was just a little bit camp, and exactly the way Oliver liked his men. He admired his slim build and twenty eight inch waist, and tight pert ass.

Oliver’s thick cock twitched in his jeans. The more he looked at this guy, the more he liked what he saw. He could just see himself taking that slender body in his arms, kissing those cherry red lips and then spearing that tight little ass. Before he knew what was happening Oliver had a full on boner in his jeans and had to turn away. As he did so the stranger gave him just the tiniest hint of a smile. Poor old Oliver was so fucking turned on he could hardly breathe. His friends could hardly get a sensible word out of him.

‘What’s the matter with you tonight?’ one of them asked.

‘Nothing. Why?’ Oliver snapped.

‘Keep your hair on.’ Frank teased.

‘Ollie needs a good fuck.’ Dave said. ‘And that’s no lie.’

Oliver blushed. His friends obviously knew him better than he thought.

‘When’s the last time you had a girl?’ altyazı porno Sam asked.

‘A girl!’ Dave snorted. ‘Haven’t you seen the way he keeps looking at that blond guy over there.’

Oliver went a deep red and wished the ground would open up and swallow him whole. He had no idea that Dave knew what he was into. And had he really been staring so hard that the whole club could see?

‘Well, it might be your lucky night then Ollie.’ Frank said. ‘That’s Marcus’ cousin, and I’ve heard that he is gay. He runs a restaurant over in Lamont.’

‘Go ask him if he wants to come have a drink with me, then.’ Oliver said.

‘Aw, Ollie’s gone all shy.’ Jack teased.

‘Go on. Please.’ was all Oliver could say. The idea that there was a gay guy here in the club,in their little village, was too exciting for words. He knew he would mess things up if he approached the stranger. He had just come out in front of his friends and now he was angling for his first fuck in months. It was all a little too much, even for a cool dude like Oliver.

Frank went over and spoke to the blond stranger for a short while. And then he followed Frank back, thrust out his hand at Oliver and said. ‘Hi. I’m Craig.’

It was that simple. While his friends horsed round and tried to embarrass him, Craig chatted and Oliver listened.

‘What’s with these guys.’ Craig finally asked.

‘We just found out that he’s gay and that he’s going to nail you tonight.’ Jack said.

‘It would be my pleasure to get nailed by Oliver.’ Craig replied. Oliver’s friends hooted and cheered.

‘Look, do you want to go some place quieter?’ Oliver asked.

‘I’d love to.’ Craig said, before flashing him a smile that just about got Oliver creaming off in his undies.

Oliver and Craig left the club to catcalls and wolf whistles. Marcus came over and asked where his cousin had gone to.

‘Gone to get laid.’ Frank told him.

‘By Ollie? Well, I never! Still waters run deep and all that.’ Marcus chuckled.

Alone at last in Oliver’s living room the two men could take a real good look at each other. Craig liked what he saw. That forest of black hair on Oliver’s chest was turning him on real bad. He came in close and they hugged. amatör porno Craig could smell Oliver’s clean hair and skin, could feel the taut muscles under his shirt as they embraced, and loved it. Oliver nibbled the side of Craig’s neck before their hungry lips sought out each other and locked together in a passionate kiss. Oliver’s large hands cupped around Craig’s little bubble butt, while Craig stroked his hands across the front of Oliver’s jeans, making contact with an incredibly thick piece of man flesh.

‘It’s been such a long time since I’ve been with a man.’ Oliver whispered.

‘I’ll make up for all that you’ve missed out on.’ Craig told him. He had a mischievous glint in his eye and looked as sexy as Oliver had ever known any man to be.

Craig slowly sank to his knees and began to unbutton Oliver’s fly. He tugged on his jeans until they were down around his knees. Craig pressed his face against the soft fabric of Oliver’s underpants and inhaled the scent of a husky bear. He stroked Oliver’s hairy thighs and gently bit at the outline of his thick cock through the fabric. Oliver moaned softly and hoped he would be able to control his cock. It had been too damn long…

Craig lowered Oliver’s underpants and his fat circumcised cock sprang free. Craig took a moment or two to admire its beauty before wrapping his fist around its base and then guiding it into his hungry mouth. Oliver grunted. That first cock kiss was the best he had ever known, and now this sweet sexy man was guiding his club into the back of his throat. Craig got Oliver’s cock where he wanted it and grabbed hold of his thighs, forcing that cock in and out of his mouth. In his lust and excitement Oliver grabbed a hold of Craig’s head and started face fucking him, leaving

Craig’s hands free to delve into Oliver’s meaty ass. When Craig’s fingers brushed against his pucker he felt the stirring of a desire that had long lain dormant.

Oliver withdrew from Craig’s mouth and spun around and parted his hefty cheeks. Craig fell into his crack and started tongue loving him like there was no tomorrow. His tongue danced across the nerve rich folds of Oliver’s little fuck slit and made him want it so bad he just about fainted when Craig’s animasyon porno finger slid into his spit wet canal.

‘Oooh yess….’ he sighed.

Craig lost no time in stripped off and asked where the lube was. He gently worked his lubed up finger into Oliver’s ass while the big man stroked his thick cock. His ass felt so incredibly goods in the hands of a master, there was no pain, no discomfort. When at last he felt Craig’s warm, slick cock head against his pucker lips he knew he was in for the ride of his life. His ass just about sang out in bliss s that long, thin cock slid home. Oliver could feel every inch and almost wished his buddies were there to see him receiving this gift.

Craig fucked slowly, ever so slowly, while stroking Oliver’s back and telling him what a hot fuck he was. Oliver was lost in his own little world. All that mattered was the super sensitive ring off his ass and the gorgeous cock inside it that was giving him so much pleasure. Every now and then Craig would pull all the way out and then push back in, taking Oliver’s breath away. His own cock was soft now, but he didn’t care, there was far too much pleasure going on in his big beefy ass to care about anything else. Craig lay his full weight on Oliver’s back now, alternating nibbling his shoulders and whispering lust fuelled words of endearment.

Slowly, slowly Oliver’s cock started to reinflate until he had a raging hardon. It was as if Craig’s cock was pressing some magic button that controlled the blood flow. And that overheated asshole of his was telling him that he needed to shoot some cream real soon. Oliver raised up off his stomach, pushing his meaty ass back into Craig, as he reached for his cock and started whacking off like his life depended on it.

Craig grabbed hold of Oliver’s hips and gave one last savage lunge that sent a message direct into his balls. The floodgates opened and he started spurting off inside Oliver’s hot ass just as the same moment as Oliver’s cock went into overdrive and spunked off all over his bed. Each spurt seemed to blow the insides of his skull and he was disorientated for a moment as he collapsed back down onto the bed, with Craig still deep in his ass.

The two men laughed as they pulled apart. They jumped into the shower and soaped each other up before opening a bottle of wine and chatting. An hour later there was a knock at the door. It was Oliver’s friends, wanted to know if he’d been laid yet. Craig and Oliver laughed as they let the men in and handed out beers all round.

Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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