Lunch Date

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I look across the table at the woman sitting there. All she’s doing is drinking a class of ice water but she’s doing it like it is the best damn water she had ever tasted. God I want her so fucking bad, it’s a sin and a shame. It seems like all I ever want now is her; a lifetime of want, desire and longing all fulfilled by five feet and six inches of majestic woman. See already some of you are thinking that I’m exaggerating, but it’s only because you’ve never had the pleasure of her presence.

She sets the glass down and meets my eyes, she’s laughing at me but she never makes a sound. She’s talking about the latest news but I know that she knows exactly what I want. She always knows and the sparkle in her eyes tells me that even as she speaks she’s got more on her mind than current events. I watch as she lifts her hand to the glass in front of her, she doesn’t pick it up, she just lets her fingertips follow the gentle curve of the wine glass, parting the wet beads of condensation that have formed there in the heat. My eyes drift back up to her face just in time for me to catch her full lips curving into a teasing smile. She holds me in her gaze, there’s no telltale smoke or even a hint of flames but she’s setting me on fire like matches to drift wood and I’m burning up.

“What are you thinking?” She asks me.

I’m more focused on the way her lips move and hug the words as she speaks, than what she’s actually saying and for a moment I don’t speak. It’s a moment to long because she asks me again. This time I don’t hesitate at all.


The single syllable leaves my lips like a breath instead of a word, as images of her and I intertwined skin to skin in sweaty embraces flood my mind I blush.

“What about me?”

Without any conscious decision on my part I drop my eyes and shift slightly, pressing my thighs together for just a second as I move in the chair. Before I have time to put my thoughts into words the waiter approaches with menus in hand. I shift again, he’s suspended somewhere between the little boy he once was and the man he is becoming. I recall baby sitting him, at the time he seemed so much younger than I did but in truth only four years separate us.

When I had booked our reservation for lunch I had no idea that Julian worked at the country club. Decorum and policy kept him from trading anything except for a polite greeting with me but when he’d seen me his smile had been big and broad. Even as he presented us with menus and went through the daily specials he was grinning, while I idly wondered if he was still a cheat at Chutes and Ladders. When he departed I set my menu aside without so much Bayan Escort Gaziantep as a glance, what I wanted wasn’t likely to be on the menu anyway.

The woman across from me studied the menu at great length, as if it were the latest best seller, I hated when she ignored me like this and I tried to compose my features so my emotions wouldn’t be right there on my face. I could have fooled anyone but her, most people didn’t look me right in the eye but when she set her menu down she did just that. She hadn’t acknowledged me in fifteen minutes and then suddenly I was her main focus.

“Are you mad?” Her tone was slightly mocking which pissed me off a little more. I am not a woman used to tempering her emotions or anything else for that matter, but I’m also no fool. A display of dissatisfaction would not result in her appeasing me and I was well aware of that fact, I was also aware that she knew exactly what she was doing.

“No” I said in answer to her question.

She smiled “yes you are.”

Not trusting my abilities to behave I kept silent. If she’d been any other man, woman or child I’d have walked away without a second thought, no one had ever pushed me because I’d always walked away from the slightest sign of resistance. But something in me longed to please her no matter how I sometimes wanted to fight against that urge. Half of the time my urge to fight against her was nothing more than the acting out of a querulous child. I am admittedly a petulant brat princess and condescension is not my first response to control, after all I have not often been denied and never quelled. She was teaching me all kinds of lessons, the ones I didn’t know I wanted to learn, the ones that must be taught and some that I very simply needed to know.

She asked me again “Are you mad?”

I repressed a sigh and said “yes.”

She nodded and spoke again “do you still want me?”

Without pause I answered “yes,” and I did.

“I know.”

I never doubted that fact for even a second. But before I could tell her that the waiter was back he took her order and then looked to me,

“You don’t have what I want.” I told him with a polite smile. He stood there nonplussed and when I didn’t elaborate he collected the menus and walked away looking more confused than George W. Bush with a high school vocabulary test.

“What is it that you want?”

She asked me running her foot up the inside of my leg beneath the table I paused for a moment, I wasn’t hesitating this time, I simply couldn’t breathe. She saw me take a deep breath and flashed me a smile. That alone sent a tremor through my belly.

“I want you.”

I said when I could speak, I was working hard to h keep my voice level but I knew that she had noticed the dip in the octave.

“You want me right now?”


“You can have me.”

I looked around the dining area of the club there were a few other patrons enjoying lunch, it wasn’t crowded but it wasn’t empty either. There was a table of women behind us with six women sitting there three of whom were facing me. On the left side there was a man that looked old enough to be his young companion’s distinguished grandfather, but by the way she was leaning toward him and giggling I certainly hoped familial bonds did not connect them. There were also three separate groups of men dressed in suits, out on business lunches no doubt, as well as a few formally attired waiters.

No one was paying us the slightest bit of attention and I took the opportunity to slip beneath the table dropping the floor length tablecloth back into place behind me. She had her legs crossed and I ran my nails lightly from her ankle to her mid-thigh, she uncrossed her legs for me and shifted forward slightly, her already short pinstriped skirt moved higher and she spread her thighs more. I rested my hands on her legs and pressed my face into her pussy. I could feel her heat through the fabric of her panties. I grabbed the cloth with my teeth, letting them graze her just hard enough to feel the pressure, then pulled the fabric away from her crotch with my teeth and let it fall back into place. I repeated the motion again biting her pussy just a little harder each time. Her smell grew stronger and the scent of her excitement thrilled me.

Pressing my tongue against the satiny fabric I massaged her with long hard strokes adding wetness to wetness. She squirmed slightly as I ground my face against her. Moving forward in her chair she dropped her hand to my head and held me there for just a moment. Then she pulled the clip that held my hair in place. It had taken me twenty minutes to tame my hair and she’d undone it in a matter of seconds.

My hair fell in around my face and settled on her thighs. She gave it a slight tug then her hand was gone. I grabbed the crotch of her panties between my teeth again and ran my hands up to her hips to pull them off. She lifted her hips a little and I moved my head to pull the panties down and then off. When my head was once again between her thighs I pressed my lips against her pussy and gave her a long open mouthed kiss.

I let my tongue stroke her gently as I pressed my lips against her. Holding her thighs to keep her from moving I ran my tongue up and down her slit, from her entrance to the hood of her clit. Long slow hard licks spreading her wetness all over her pussy. Over and over until she was moving beneath me, then I dipped my tongue into her, swirling it inside of her, tasting her fully. My fingers rolled her clit in circles as I fucked her hard and fast with my tongue. I used my other hand to hold her in place stroking her outer thigh with my nails as I did so. I wanted her to come all over my lips and tongue and soak my already wet face with the scent and flavor of her. I wanted her thighs to tremble and to be able to feel the tension in her leg beneath my hands. I ground my face into her pussy as I fucked her, caressing her inner walls with my tongue and rubbing her clit harder and faster. When she climaxed I didn’t stop I pulled my tongue away and pressed my lips to her entrance and sucked intent on sucking her dry.

I kept my hand moving on her clit alternating from rolling it in hard circles to pinching the little bit of flesh between my thumb and forefinger and tugging gently. I could feel her legs trying to close around my head and I moved my hand from her clit to keep her thighs open so I could move my lips to her clit and suck it into my mouth. I sucked hard letting the tip on my tongue stroke the tip of her clit over and over again. I moved my hands to the sides of her ass pulling her closer as she went ahead and wrapped her legs around my head. I nibbled licked and sucked her clit as fast as I could constantly moving my head to press as close as I could get to her. I damn near came myself when she did; it was only sheer will power that kept me holding back. I hadn’t asked for her permission to come and so I wouldn’t but I was within a breath of losing control. When she relaxed her legs I moved back and ran my nails up and down her legs again. She handed me an unused linen napkin and I wiped her clean before moving to crawl out from beneath the table. It was harder coming out than going under because I couldn’t see who was or wasn’t looking. When I moved out from under the table the waiter was approaching I licked my lips and motioned for him not to say anything before winking and settling in my seat. He blushed as he collected her now empty plate. I hadn’t even heard him bring the food; my focus had been entirely on her pleasure. I tucked my hair behind my ear and giggled a little. He hurried away and I noticed that two of the three women that were facing me at the next table were staring at me. I smiled and picked up my napkin and wiped my face. I knew that hadn’t seen me take one bite of food. They kept staring but I looked away focusing on the beauty across from me.

She smiled and blew me a kiss.

“Did you enjoy your lunch?”

I nodded and she laughed as the waiter approached with the bill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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