Luscious Laura Dream

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I was going to fuck Laura tonight, but I hurt my back at work and stayed on the couch so I wouldn’t be tempted to explore her body under her nightie, and possibly hurt myself more. The dream started with Laura answering the phone and going back into her work room to talk. I was lying on the couch watching TV before I had to get up and get a shower to go to work. I heard Laura talking in a low voice and then start to giggle. I yelled at her to find out what she was giggling about, and who was she talking to. She told me that it was a friend of hers, and they had just said something funny. I brushed it off, and continued to watch TV. I could still hear Laura talking in a low voice, and could occasionally hear her say, “Oh, I’d like that.” About a half an hour later, I got up from the couch to get a shower. Right as I was getting off the couch, Laura finished her conversation and came out to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I told her that I needed to get ready for work, so I was going to get a shower. I got in the bedroom, stripped, took a shower and shaved. When I finished, I got dressed and saw that it was time to leave.

When I got back out to the living room, Laura was sitting on the couch. She said she was waiting for me to get done so she could get a shower. I asked her why, and she said that she was working in the yard earlier, and she stunk. She also told me that she needed to shave her legs because they itched. I shrugged my shoulders and told her that I had to leave. As I was walking to the door, she told me that I needed to take my phone with me. I told her I forgot, and went to get it. I asked her what prompted her to remember for me to take my phone. She said that she might need to get a hold of me later, and she wanted me to have my phone so she could. I thought this was kind of strange, because she usually doesn’t tell me to take my phone, she just asks me if I have forgot something. I was just about to leave when she told me that she wanted some quiet time tonight, so she was going to get Alan to stay the night at Eric’s, and send Chrissy somewhere. I thought this was strange also, but didn’t press it. I kissed her goodbye and left for work.

The dream then centered on Laura. When I left, she got up from the couch and went to the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom and called Chrissy at work. She told her that she would pick her up from work in an hour, and would give her some money and the Jeep so she could go somewhere for the evening. Chrissy asked why and Laura told her that she was preparing a surprise for me and she didn’t want any kids at home under foot. About that time Alan came home from the Park. Laura asked him if pendik escort it would be all right for him to spend the night at Eric’s. Alan told her he’d have to find out so he called Eric. When Alan hung up the phone, he said it was all right and he could go over about any time. Laura told him to eat lunch, then go over when she went to pick up Chrissy. After he finished lunch, Laura told him to go to Eric’s because she was leaving to go and pick up Chrissy. Before he left, Laura told him to stay at Eric’s and don’t come home. She told him that she may go out for awhile, and Chrissy would not be home either, so he couldn’t get in. Alan said that was all right, and he left. Laura then grabbed her purse and left the house to get Chrissy. When they returned home, Chrissy said she would get changed, and leave soon. Laura sat on the sofa tapping her foot waiting for Chrissy to get ready. Laura was showing her impatience and called for Chrissy to hurry up. Chrissy came out of her room and said she was ready. Laura reached into her purse and gave her the keys to the Jeep and Fifty dollars. Chrissy said her and some people from work were going to a movie and then to one of their houses to hang out. Laura asked her what time she thought she would be home. Chrissy said she would be home around Ten so she could go to bed. Laura thought and said that would be fine. Chrissy grabbed her purse and left.

Laura looked at the time, said “oh shit”, and went into the bedroom. She quickly pulled off her clothes and got into the shower. She washed her hair, face and body as quick as she could. She then grabbed for her razor and remembered that the blade was old in it. She opened up the shower door and got out. While dripping all over the floor, she went into the bedroom to get a new blade. When she found the blades, she put one in the razor and went back into the shower. She took her time shaving her legs, using shaving creme so she wouldn’t nick herself. She made sure that every square inch of them were smooth. She shaved all the way up her legs, and shaved her bikini line also. When she was done shaving, she rinsed off and got out of the shower. She dried off with a towel, then went over to the sink to blow dry her hair. She then put lotion on her legs to make sure that they were totally smooth. She found some rough spots that were still hairy, so she dry shaved those. Very soon she had both of her legs entirely smooth all the way up. She then finished applying lotion to her legs. When she was done with that, she reapplied her make up. She walked naked into the bedroom and put on her pink nightie. As soon as she got it over her head, the doorbell rang. She let it slide maltepe escort down her body till it covered her. She ran to the window on the side of the door and peeked outside. When she saw who it was, she smiled and ran over to the door to open it.

When the door opened, she was greeted by Randy. He smiled and asked if he could come in. Laura smiled back at him and told him to get in quickly. She opened the screen door for him, and he walked through to the living room. Laura closed and locked the door behind her. When she turned around, Randy was right there against her. They fell into each others arms. Laura moved her head up in order to let him kiss her. He responded by kissing her passionately. His hands were busy also. They slid down her back, over her ass, and down to where the hem line of her nightie was. He slid his hands under her nightie to cup her ass. He explore the curve of her ass, then slid his right hand between her thighs to find the opening he wanted. He felt her pubic mound and found out that she was very wet. He easily slipped a finger into her, which made Laura moan into his mouth. Her hands were busy also. She slid her hands around to the front of him and felt for the button on the top of his pants. When she found it, she unbuttoned it and then slid down his zipper. She slid her hand back up to the waistband of his underwear and slid them down to expose his dick and balls. When they were totally uncovered, she wrapped her hand around his dick and started to stroke him up and down. The speed of her stroking became faster and faster as he pumped his finger in and out of her. Laura pulled away from the kiss and gasped to Randy to take her nightie off and fuck her right there in the living room. Randy slid his finger out of her, grabbed the bottom of her nightie, and in one swift movement, had it over her head and off her completely.

Laura then grabbed the top of his pants and underwear and stripped them down to his ankles. Randy kicked his shoes off, and Laura finished taking his pants and underwear off. Randy pulled his shirt off, then picked Laura up in his arms and carried her over to the couch where he laid her down. Laura opened her arms, pulled her knees up and parted her legs in order to allow Randy to lie on top of her and fuck her. Randy dropped to his knees on the side of the couch and started to kiss her neck, then trail his lips down to her right breast. Laura let out a loud gasp when Randy put his lips around her nipple, sucked it into his mouth, then rolled it around with his tongue. His right hand found her left breast, found her stiff nipple, and rolled it between his thumb and finger. Laura started kartal escort to buck her hips up and down, and could feel her orgasm beginning. She let out a long moan and then a shriek when she started to cum. She cried out to Randy that she was cumming, and wanted him to feel her pussy when she did. Randy slid his right hand down till her got between her legs. He slid his finger over her clitoris which caused Laura to moan again. He slipped his finger into her and her pussy reacted by gripping it, and then soaking it with her juices.

Randy got off his knees and then got on top of her. Laura opened her legs more, and tilted her pelvis to allow Randy to slip his dick into her. Laura reached down between them to find his dick. When she did, she guided it to her moist opening, and pushed the head of it into her. When the head of Randy’s dick was in place, Laura released her grip on it, slid her arms around him, and placed them on his ass to help him slide in and out of her. Laura told Randy to fuck her, and fuck her good. She said she needed an itch scratched, and he needed to do it. Randy raised up his chest, and sunk every inch of his dick into Laura. He put his hands on her tits, and pulled on her nipples, which made Laura moan out loud. When he reached the bottom of her pussy with his dick, he withdrew till only the head was still in her. Laura was panting and moaning. Randy slipped into her again till he reached bottom, then pulled back again. Laura started to pull on his body to get him to go faster. She had already came, wanted to cum again, and she needed to feel his cum shoot into her to help end this itch deep inside her. She groaned and moaned to him to go faster, and fill her with his cum. She pleaded with him to shoot it deep into her. She was focused on only one thing now, and that was being impaled by his hard dick. Randy didn’t wait too long till he was slamming in and out of Laura at such a pace and force, that you could hear the smack of his balls hitting her ass, and the squish of her juices. Randy was totally concentrating on fucking Laura, and shooting his cum into her. Laura screamed out that she could feel his head growing. She knew he was just about to cum, so she opened her legs more to allow him to reach her deepest point.

Randy withdrew one last time, then slammed into Laura with such force that she grunted. He strained forward as hard as he could, so he was as deep then as he could be. The next thing that I heard was Laura telling him that she was cumming again, and could feel his sperm pulsing and shooting deep inside of her. She told him that it was so hot, and was hitting a good spot. In fact she said, “that’s a good spot” three times. Randy groaned out from the release of the pressure of his cum. Laura screamed out again that she could feel all of his cum, and it felt so good. Randy bent his head down to kiss Laura, and as soon as their mouths met, Laura moaned again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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