Lust by E-mail

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These are two of the many e-mails an old girlfriend and I write back and forth with each other. There are about 3,000 miles between us, but the heat of the passion has not subdued. If you like these, let me know and I will post more.

My Sexy Peach;

A rose for a very sensuous lady. I am sorry I didn’t get online soon enough to talk to you today Baby. That would have been very, very nice. But, the e-mail you sent was great Nancy. You amaze me every time I get one because every one seems to be hotter and nastier than the last one. I can tell by the way you type that you are getting very, very wet each time you write one to me and that makes me very, very happy to know. Nancy, you are such a hot vixen and I am so very glad that we have this thing going on between us. I think it is getting both of our blood boiling and keeping us young and horny. Would you agree with that? Now, I want your pussy to be soaking wet after this fantasy. It’s after midnight, you are at home and everyone is fast asleep at your house but you. I have told you to walk quietly out into you backyard at 12:30. Just before that, I park my car way up the street and walk quietly down the road to your house and sneak around back. You walk out right on time and I am waiting for you in the very back of your yard where there are no lights to shine on us. I have a large beach towel with me and I put it down over the dew-covered grass. It’s muggy out but still very warm for September. You come to me and we kiss deeply tasting each other and holding each other tight. I slowly lay you down on the ground and begin to remove your shirt. MMMMM, no bra. I love that. I begin to suckle and nip at your hard nipples as you push your breasts up to meet my kisses. As I nibble bornova escort your nipples, I reach into your shorts and find no panties either. “You were ready for me weren’t you Peach?” All you can do is moan my name as my fingers begin to move in and out of your wet, sweet pussy. I pull your shorts off and then remove my shirt and pants too. Slowly I begin to kiss down from your tits to your navel and then to you pussy. Oh My God, Nancy, you smell wonderful and, as you moan loudly, my tounge enters your sweet pussy as deep as it can go. Then, I go back to your clit and slowly push one, then two, then three fingers into your wetness as my tounge cirlces your happy button. Within seconds, you begin to breathe harder and you push your pussy into my face and cover me with wetness. Then, you begin to cum and shoot your glorious nectar out onto my tounge and beard. Slowly I move up to your mouth and kiss you so you can taste the juices on my face. Then, I lay down and pull you on top of me. You raise up and slowly move your pussy down until it engulfs my cock. “Oh Baby, you are so wet and hot inside. Squeze me with you pussy Nancy.” Then you begin that slow, rhythmic movement that you know drives me crazy. As your movements quicken, I raise my pelvis up to meet each of your bounces. As the sperm begins to travel up from my balls to my cock head, I grab your tits and sream your name as my cum shoots spurt after spurt deep into your pussy and runs out onto my balls. You slide off of me and go down and begin to clean my cock and balls and lick all of the cum and pussy juice off of me. You return to me and we kiss one last time greedily and wetly. Quietly, you get dressed, fix your hair and disappear into the buca escort night and I get dressed and do the same with a big, fat grin on my face and a very satisfied cock in my pants. How did you like that one Nancy? Hope you are soaking wet right now. E-mail me soon.

Your Arizona Man; Ricky


Hey there My Teddy bear;

I just got in the door and changed real quick so here I am…….I loved your last e-mail. YOU are so sexy with those e-mails. Well I’m glad you like it when I get carried away with the dirty words. I hope to see you on line tonight. I don’t know if I will be able to get on or not. I don’t know what my daughter will be doing. If she is here she usually keeps up with what I am doing. Ok baby, got time for a little “afternoon delight?” ….Let me see, I come home from work at 2:30 like every day, but this day you are waiting on me in your truck. My daughter will stay after school. My hubby will be home late and we see this as a chance to “fly away together”.. I hop in your truck and we head for Randall County.. There Is a little “no tell” motel on the way through there. We stop and get a room. We get in the room and close the door. I whirl around and grab you and pull your face to mine and shower you with kisses. You throw your big strong arms around my waist and draw me closer to you. I start to unbutton your shirt all the while not leaving your lips for one minute. I slip my hands into your shirt and run my finger through the hair on you beautiful chest. I pull away and lead you to a chair in the room. You sit down in the chair and I get in your lap. Your hands are roaming under my shirt and you undo my bra and out pops my breast. The nipples standing karşıyaka escort up for your attention. I throw my head back as you kiss my neck and down to my awaiting breast. I feel your hard cock pressing against my ass.

I reach down to feel how huge it is in your pants. You moan my name. I slowly undo your belt and unzip you and reach in to your waitng cock. It feels hard and ready for me. I get off your lap and pull your pants all the way off and your cock springs forward. You look at me and say, “now that you have me what are you planning to do with me baby”. I look into your eyes and smile. I say I’ll show you darling. I go down on my knees and with on hand I reach out and tenderly touch you. I stroke you.. I lean over and open my mouth and take you all in baby. I suck and lick you I travel around the head. Can you see me baby, In your lap?…I pick up the pace and I feel your cock throbbing wanting relief. I rise up off of you and kiss you with a passion like no other. I tell you baby,”I want you to fill me up”. I want all that you can give me. I want to feel your juices spurting in me. You pull me close to you..You tell me, “ride me baby. Ride me like a machine.” I get up in the chair with you and spread my legs and lower my pussy on to your waiting cock. I start to grind and hump you. I throw my head back and close my eyes. I lick my finger and reach down and touch my self as we make love. I lean over and give you a kiss on your lips. I can feel you about to explode in me now. I start moaning and saying Ricky, faster, faster. We get faster and I hear you moaning. all of a sudden I feel you tense and there you go, shooting all your love juice in me. I fall over on your chest and kiss your nipples and look up at you and you have a big old smile on your face. A smile of joy and pleasure……Well, darling how was that for a quickie? I hope it excited you as it did me. I need to go for now. The bus will be here soon….I dearly hope I can talk to you tonight……Think of me baby, I will see you in my dreams……..

Your Peach

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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