Lusting for Amanda

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I think about fucking one of my best friends a lot. Her name is Amanda, and I want her.

Amanda is Latina, like me, and fuck is she sexy. Tan skin, thin hips, dark curls, and incredibly nice tits – a C cup, I think. Tight ass, too. Every time she wears high waisted shorts and a v-neck, I have to hide the fact I’m staring.

Amanda’s 18, so she’s younger than me, too. It turns me on a little more. If we fucked, I’d be her first lesbian experience. The fantasy of it makes me light headed.

She’s so shy, and gets really anxious about things. I think she’d start trembling if I even touched her thighs, letting me take control. It makes me wet to think about it.

Amanda would be such a good kisser – I’ve heard she is from her ex-boyfriends. Her lips would be so soft and gentle, nervous at first before she really got into it, letting her inner slut out. I know it’s there. She talks so dirty about boys when we have sleepovers.

I’d have to make all of the first moves, but I’d like it that way. I’d take it slow, pulling her shirt off and kissing her chest, making her relax into it. Her bra would come off, and I’d gladly suck on her little nipples, which I’d had the joy of seeing once during truth or dare in high school. She’d be moaning, because I’ve learned that she loves having her tits played with.

I’m a possessive bitch, so I’d leave a little hickey just for us to know about. Our little secret, just like fucking.

I’d be kissing her orhangazi escort neck, nipping over the sensitive parts, when my fingers would slip into her shorts. She wouldn’t expect it – Amanda is always so easily distracted – and god, that cute little moan would be almost enough to soak my panties. She’d already be wet through hers, so turned on by another woman touching her for the first time. I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

I’d kiss Amanda again, slow and sweet, unbuttoning her shorts while I did. She’d be so nervous about having them taken off, but she’d let me. Her panties would be wet, her pussy lips showing through the thin fabric. Victoria’s Secret PINK, because she shops where she works. I wouldn’t be able to resist myself, I’d tease a lick right through the fabric. I’m always a slut for the taste of pussy.

She’d moan, probably louder than she’d expected herself to, and I’d keep going. I know she loves a build up, wanting to be taken to a higher state of pleasure. My tongue would soak her panties even more than before, spit and pussy juice saturating the fabric. I wouldn’t stop until she’d ask for more – “Please, Mindy, eat my tight pussy.” How could I say no?

I’d take her panties off, taking my time as I moved them down her juicy thighs. I won’t lie, I’d probably suck hickeys into the tan skin there, too. As far as I’m concerned, it makes her mine.

Her pussy would be shaved bare. From our talks, I nilüfer escort know she loves it that way, the smoothness getting her off. It’d be such a pretty sight – darker skin going to pink on the inside, juice dripping from her tight little hole. I’d spread her pretty lips open, just to admire her cunt.

Amanda would be shaking – she’s always shaking, even in public – but this time it’d be because of me. I’d look up at her, tell her “Relax, mama, I’m going to make everything feel good.” She trusts me with everything, so she’d try for me.

I wouldn’t start with my tongue – no, I’d want to feel just how wet I made her, first. My finger would slowly move up her slit, teasing, gathering up the sweet, earthy slickness before pushing in. Her cunt would be tight and slick around my finger, and she’d moan like a little slut. Another finger would go in, just to feel – god, if I had a cock, she’d feel so perfect around it.

I’d finger fuck her first, until she started to squirm – my fingers, long and skinny, would try to rub against her g-spot. If I hit it, I could only imagine how much she’d whine for me. Maybe even beg me to make her come.

But I wouldn’t waste my time with that. No, I want to feel it on my tongue when her pussy gushes. With my fingers still inside, I’d lick her clit – a few teasing flicks of the tip of my tongue. Just enough to make her skinny little hips move, her tight ass coming up off of the sheets.

Once türbanlı escort she really started moaning, I’d pull out my fingers, and stop for a second. My fingers would be covered with her, and I’d look her right in the eye as I licked them clean.

Then I’d lick her pussy. I’d start slow, licking all the way up her pretty little slit. God, she’d taste so good, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from sticking my tongue right in. She’d be surprised, moan, tangle her fingers in my hair, and I’d just keep going. I’d tongue fuck her tight cunt, moaning from how much I love it. I’m such a slut for pussy.

I’m not boring, though, so I wouldn’t stick to that forever. No – by now she’d want to come, so I’d make it happen. I’d spread her open again and find her swollen little clit. My lips would close up around it, sucking gently at it. Amanda always said she loved having that little bundle sucked.

I’d be relentless, almost overwhelming, sucking and licking at Amanda’s clit. She be whining, begging, pulling my hair and squeezing her thighs around my head. I wouldn’t stop, wanting to hear how loud my shy friend could get once she comes. She’d scream for me, her orgasm hitting her hard, pussy pulsing as she’d ride it out. I’d keep going, licking gently at her until she’s twitching, overstimulated.

After would be my favorite part. I’d get out from between her thighs, the taste of her all over my lips. She’d be shaking, but smiling, and I’d kiss her, make her taste herself. It’d be her first taste of a juicy cunt – her own, and I don’t think it’d make her like it any less. I’d make out with Amanda until she’d stop shaking, smiling to myself. She’d smile back, sated.

A little later I’d teach her how to eat pussy just as good as I do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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