Lynna:All night long

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Part 2 will be out in three weeks please tell me if this is a good comment as this is my first time ever writing a porn story.

I once liked this 4 girls when I was in primary school but unfortunately for me they all didn’t like me. I was really happy when i found out that we were going to the same secondary school my mind was totally on fire. While in secondary school we became really close friends and shared nearly everything with each other but i never told them that i really was in love with all of them.

One time when we were in yr11 or the 11th grade me and one of them called Lynna started to go out, I was so fucking happy she loved me and so did I. I invited her to my house a few times and tried to get some action but she wasn’t having it she said that she wasn’t ready. So one night I was so horny and even though I was a virgin i jacked off a lot. I invited her over and today she was looking Finnnnne as fuck. I immediately got a raging boner and needed to jack off. “Babe,I think I’m ready to lose my Virginity.” she said in the sweetest voice ever.” Really, Are you sure?!!!!!!” i said shouting in joy. ” Yh, I am”she replied.

I took her to my room and as my mom wasn’t in I could make as much noise as i wanted to. I turned on some music to calm her down then we started gaziantep lezbiyen to french kiss then I slowly removed her clothes in a slow manner.Then she removed my jeans and boxers, “WOW!!!That’s big”she exclaimed I m not trying to brag but i was around 9 inches and at 16 it was as thick as a nine yrs old wrist. She didn’t hesitate to go and suck my monster off all I could do was moan in ecstasy. Damn she was good I wonder where she practices I knew she was a virgin because i had checked once when she saw i didn’t really believe her at all.

I cummed a maximum of about 9 times that one blow job.”Wow!!! that was great” are you ready for part 2?!!!” i asked “oh yes I am” was all she said. In an instant i removed her knickers and dropped her down on my dick she screwed her face in pain but after a minute or so she started she bounce on my dick fast. All she did was moan and moan. Then she cummed and dropped down on my dick. Wow she was tired so I helped on to go onto doggy style and got some Ky gel from my cupboard and put it on her ass. I rubbed some on my dick the slowly inserted damn she was so tight i could have cummed right there and then but i held back slowly started to fuck her then increased speed. wow the way she moaned I bet they would be a noise complaint from the neighbors but i couldn’t care less I finally released in her and dropped we fucked four more times that night before she went home in the morning. I fell asleep a happy teenager that night. When my mum came home she found me naked and was shocked she blamed it all on my dad who left us all a few years ago with my little sister after fucking her and getting her pregnant. But rather than grounding me my mum kneeled down and started to suck my dick mercilessly and wow she was better than Lynna ever was. Then she removed her clothes from her body and jumped down on my dick and fucked it nicely. Then she got into doggy style and told me to fuck her in the ass. Damn am I not a lucky boy or not. When we finished she said that this would continue until she said other wise but who was i to complain i was just happy to be getting two pussies.

I was so happy an thought that life could never get better but then i found out that another of the four girls i liked loved me as well and that was Sandy Li. She was half Chinese and half Jamaican but who cares she had a nice body and big ass. I met up with her one day and she was a slut she told me she loved me and wanted me to fuck her. Who was i to deny her. We went home and stared to fuck straight away and then i fucked her ass in slow motion. Me and her soon became a item in secret and met each other once a week at my house and as for me and Lynna we got married and had 3 daughters and so did Sandy to another man but she did have 1 boy for me. She told me that he could fuck batter than his dad and that was the end. My mum ended the fuck sessions when i was getting married so that i wouldn’t jeprodise my marriage to Lynna.

One night after me and Lynna had a huge argument and she left for the night me and all of my daughters got up to some fun but that story is for another time. After the fight me and Lynna had a celebratory fuck and damn this time she was a whore she swore and swore and swore for me to fuck her. I did but after that it seemed that she wasn’t interested in sex and unluckily for me the only other option was Sandy but she and her husband were tight as ever and she said that she would call me if she ever needed me. I was always low after that an needed some sex. But Lynna soon came around and was back to her old self . I was so happy but when i found out that Sandy needed me again i was ecstatic and we met and fucked. Lynna soon found out but she wasn’t angry and made the sex a threesome.

Part 2 will be out soon please tell me if this is a good comment as this is my first time ever writing a porn story. Give me some ideas as I am dry of them now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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