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Cum Face

Samantha walked quickly towards the bathrooms, the heels of her boots shattering the relative quite of the hallway. The 18 year old senior’s unease amplified by her drill team uniform. The sleeveless leotard molded to her body emphasizing her statuesque curves and highlighting her rather large chest hips. Her powerful legs sheathed in shear nylon tights and capped in knee high black patent leather boots gave her purposeful stride a very sexy look. A look emphasized by the skater skirt sewn at the hips, more for decoration than modesty, as it offered glimpses of the bottom of her ass as well as her crotch with every step she took. A cowboy hat and tasseled wrist bands completed the sexy cowgirl ensemble, the metallic golden color of the outfit identifying her as the team captain.

If the eye catching nature of the outfit was not enough to make her stand out her size did. While Samantha had her mothers, a former college cheerleader, looks she also inherited her fathers, a former college football players, build. Standing at six feet tall Samantha was noticed both her beauty and height and was often compared to Kate Upton.

Her classmates made other references about her as well, Amazon, Valkyrie, Callisto (from the Zena TV series). All somewhat fitting given her stature and athletic abilities, being on both the schools girl’s basketball and volleyball teams and helping to take both to several championship seasons.

But they also referenced her personal life. In grade school Samantha was always the biggest kid in class and upon reaching the eighth grade Samantha found herself not only taller than her teacher but thanks to her maturing body had a larger bust as well. When the class went on there graduation field trip and the guide mistook her for a chaperon Samantha was devastated. The fact that she was pretty, athletic and smart could not overcome her perception as a giant.

However over the summer Samantha’s older cousin saw her distress and got her to open up abut the problem. Looking at it from a more mature angle she convinced Samantha that it was actually a blessing. Teens are nervous and inexperienced, boys as much as girls, and the worries of rejection and shyness that disappear in adulthood are front and center in High School. If Samantha trusted her and was willing to take a risk she could overcome this and turn her problem into a great asset.

So after asking her older brother for advice on who was a cool single upper class guy Samantha walked up to the boy on the first day of school and told him that she thought he was really good looking and wanted to go out with him that weekend. The stunned looks on his friend faces started the legend, Samantha was a huntress. Someone who was strong and confident, a girl you did not try to get asked out but did the choosing herself.

Now thanks to the discovery of steroid use Samantha was off to meet her next target only this time it was not to be one of her choosing. Her orders were simple there was a student that was totally infatuated with her and wanted nothing else than to be her next target. If Samantha wanted to keep her little secret she would precede to the bathrooms by her high schools art center at exactly 1:10 there the person would be waiting. Samantha was to claim them with a kiss and then command that they go out Saturday night.

Reaching the art department Samantha took a deep breath and turned the corner where she stopped dead in her tracks. There standing in front of the bathrooms was Shannon in all her glory. The 18 year old was blessed with the type of natural beauty that would put Helen of Troy to shame. Her long curly dark brown hair was a perfect complement to her olive colored skin, a blessing from her Mediterranean heritage, and giving her blemish free skin the look of a perfect tan. Her face could be described as nothing short of perfect, large doe-like eyes, perfect nose and a set of full lips that always seemed to beg to be kissed. Standing at five and a half feet she was the perfect height and her cheer uniform only enhanced her athletic body, her long thin legs disappearing under the short skirt of her uniform and her long sculpted arms by the vest.

Even though they were not friends Samantha knew her well. Ever since freshman year they were considered the two hottest girls in school and thus constantly compared. Samantha looked better in tight cloths, Shannon in short skirts. Samantha had the better tits and ass, Shannon the better face. Samantha looked better naked, Shannon in her underwear, at least that was the consensus from the girls locker room. Shannon was a cheerleader, Samantha leader of the drill team. Samantha had the better presence, Shannon was deemed prettier. It all came down to liking the strong dominate type or the obedient submissive.

Taking a quick look around Samantha could not see anyone else and wondered if Shannon scared her target off or if he was hiding in the bathroom. Confused Samantha stood in place konak escort thinking about what she should do next. All the while Shannon watched her nervously. Samantha was now worried about what would happen if she could not do as she was told. After all it was not her fault that her target was not there, scared off.

Then it hit her Shannon was nervously standing at the meeting spot waiting for someone. She was supposed to meet Shannon, kiss her and ask her out. Tracy had sent her to meet a girl!

Looking around Samantha though she was being setup for some perverted joke, she was to be embarrassed by having to kiss a girl. Probably with the school jocks hiding somewhere nearby to get off at watching the two of them make out, something Shannon was known for.

“If it is a show they want it is a show they will get,” thought Samantha angered by her conclusion. Samantha did not say a word nor did she let Shannon as she grabbed her prey by the back of her head pulled there faces together for a hard kiss.

Samantha made sure Shannon had no choice but to accept, her small slim body was enveloped by Samantha’s larger frame. She kept their lips pressed tightly together as her tongue entered Shannon’s mouth. Sensing she had complete control Samantha slowly eased her grip on Shannon’s head. Once she was sure that Shannon would continue to follow her lead she slid her hand over Shannon’s neck and across her chest. The uncomfortable feeling from palming another girl’s breast clashed with the inquisitive feeling from exploring the body of another girl for the first time. Intrigued by its firmness Samantha gave it a squeeze causing Shannon to moan deeply into her mouth.

Backing off, Samantha struggled with her emotions, it all felt so different. Shannon’s lips were softer and fuller than any of the boy’s she kissed. They seemed to naturally yield to her control and instinctively follow her lead. However Samantha could still not get over the fact that she was kissing a girl; that she had just crossed a line that she never intended to, yet at the same time finding the taboo nature arousing.

As she become less nervous and more comfortable with what she was doing the opportunity to explore this newness became greater. For now Samantha did not care she was kissing a girl. Forgot she was being blackmailed. All that mattered was the conquest and with a renewed sense of determination Samantha continued the kiss not conceding the slightest edge to Shannon. Her hand began to slide down the side of Shannon’s nylon cheer shell, her fingers taking in the smoothness of the material. The feel of Shannon’s cloths and her body felt so very different. There was no hard or rough edges, no hair. Shannon felt soft and smooth, her pliable skin yielding under her touch as her hand passed over her warm skin in the gap between her top and skirt and she smelled so nice, like a mixture of lavender and baby power.

Her arm was now fully extended as it rested on Shannon’s hip. There mouths still locked together Samantha began to stroke the back of Shannon’s cheer skirt caressing her firm ass. Samantha could not help but think of the image they presented; her in her dance costume making out and groping a cheerleader right in the school hallway. Most of the boys and probably a number of the girls in school would give anything to switch places with either one of them. They were truly a voyeur’s dream.

Finally breaking the kiss she looking deeply into her targets panting face, “I will pick you up Saturday night; make sure to wear something nice.”

“All set with for your date?” inquired Tracy with a smirk on her face.

“Set”, growled Samantha, “You seriously want me to date Shannon! What type of perverted sicko are you?”

“Watch that mouth, bitch,” snapped Tracy her voice dripping with anger. “Or need I remind you that I make the rules now. No more walking around like some sort of hot sexy superwoman. You are nothing but a giant freak that went from being a bully to some perverted boys dominatrix fantasy. So if you do not what that report to come out you will play out that fantasy only with the person I choose; besides Shannon is very interested in playing your Juliet.

Samantha hung her head in defeat. Even with everything that changed over the last three years being called a freak still hurt. All through grade school she was the biggest kid easily able to go toe to toe with any boy. But like any other kid who is different it made her stand out, called a freak. She just lashed out the only way she could and didn’t think of herself as a bully. After all Tracy tormented her far more than anything she did in return. It was not her fault things changed in high school.

Samantha made herself more mature. Dated older boys and worked hard to get on the varsity volleyball and basketball teams her freshman year. But her skills and size were only able to get her on the second string. If she wanted to be better manisa escort than the older girls she needed strength, fast. That strength came in the form of pills she stole from her parents rehab clinic, low dose steroids that helped her build muscle and become a key player right from the start. Now she had everything she needed to lead her teams to three state championships with a chance to repeat this year.

For the first time she felt her father was proud of her for what she could do and not disappointed that she could not play football like her older brothers. When he was younger he was good, very good, and if his knee didn’t give out he would have gone pro. Now he could only watch from the sidelines. He watched every game that was on and always traveled to see every home game his former team played, even buying a townhome to stay in. He always boasted that it was an investment for when his sons played there. Samantha felt she could not compete. Yes she loved football, but she could not play. Her outlet was volleyball and basketball two sports outside of her father’s passion. She could not even be a cheerleader like her mother. Yes she had her mothers grace and beauty, but with her size and strength it was not practical. Instead she opted for the school drill team.

With her stellar performance her father started to see her as an athlete like himself. She was considered the star on two of her schools teams going to the state championships every year she played and leading them to six state titles. Her father was so proud and while all four of her brothers played college football, none were at his almamater, she with her volleyball scholarship was the first and only. Now he could boast that he sent five kids to college without paying a dime in tuition. Each of his children getting a new car instead, Samantha got a bright red Mustang convertible and the honor of using the townhouse.

Now all of that was in jeopardy. Tracy’s stepmom worked in the lab where her blood sample went after she got a viral infection. They were not testing for steroids but the maker used in the pills showed up. As they were low dose and used for rehab they did not cause an alarm. Even though she was now clean that report would make her loose her scholarship, and erase her schools victories. Worse her brother was doing very will at the collegiate level. There was even talk that he may be able to go pro. However if it came out his sister used steroids from there parents clinic the taint could also spread to him. And while it would not be the deciding factor for him not to get drafted the question would always remain with her brother and father. Samantha knew she had to keep this quite.

“But I don’t like girls,” protested Samantha.

“I don’t care,” barked Tracy. “If you want me to keep quite, you are what I say you are. “You like having the image of an aggressive bitch, fine be an aggressive bitch. But until graduation you are an aggressive lesbian bitch. No more making boys fantasize about groveling at your feet. Think of yourself as a LUG, a lesbian until graduation. Now what are you?

“A lesbian,” mumbled Samantha.

“I can’t hear you,” scolded Tracy.

“A lesbian,” stated Samantha, “I’m an aggressive lesbian bitch, happy”

“Yes very happy,” smiled Tracy. “Now we have to plan your date, after all first impressions are important.”


Samantha nervously clutched the bouquet of lilies as she walked towards Shannon’s door. The whole scenario was so foreign to her so awkward. Everything about it seemed old fashioned, official, serious. She never meet a first date at there house before, never brought flowers and certainly never dated a girl. Now here she was the school star athlete coming to the house of the hot cheerleader to pick her up for a romantic dinner and a movie. But what worried her the most was Shannon’s parents, what would they think of a female picking up there little girl for a date? However her thoughts were interrupted as Shannon opened the door as if she was waiting for her arrival.

Samantha’s eyes were riveted on the lovely vision that stood nervously before her. Shannon wore a clinging black dress, her arms and upper body bare except for the spaghetti straps and the low-cut v-neckline leaving her firm breasts on display. The body lace was made of shear paneling giving glimpses for her beautiful midsection. The hem, ending at a flirty mid thigh, appeared shorter by the fact that the final several inches faded into a shear material, her silky legs emerging from the end to be capped by a pair of black high heeled sandals.

“You look incredible,” gasped Samantha as her eyes continued to survey the image before her, no way could she wear a dress like that and look so good. “That dress looks amazing.”

“Thank you,” replied Shannon nervously as she brushed a strand of hair away from her face. “I just bought it this morning. You look very pretty menderes escort yourself, that outfit suits you to a tee.”

Samantha could only smile. In preparation she dressed in a knit long sleeved jersey top that displayed her breasts nicely and ended at her hips allowing her ass encased in a pair of stretch black leggings to be visible. A wide black leather belt and a pair of black knee high boots completed her ensemble. The outfit, chosen at Tracy’s suggestion, looked good but was nothing compared to the way Shannon was dressed. The perception was oblivious Shannon was using her body to attract while she was using her reputation as a predator; two women but one being the girl the other like the guy. And given Tracy’s orders she would soon be acting like one too.

“These are for you,” stated Samantha breaking the awkwardness of the moment.

“Thank you,” replied Shannon as she took the flowers. “Why don’t you come in while I put these in some water?”

Samantha followed Shannon into the house her eyes watching her date’s ass sway side to side, forced into the sensuous movement by the height of the heels. Shannon’s curly hair moved freely concealing most of the skin left bare by the backless dress. Only a band of flesh left on display hinted at what lie beneath and drew the eye to the two deep dimples at the small of her back, then down to her tight round ass.

“My parents are out with friends and won’t be back until late, stated Shannon as she leaned over the sink. “You said we should be back by 11:30?”

“Yes,” replied Samantha relieved that she would not have to encounter Shannon’s parents. “I’ve made reservations for us downtown and then a movie. We should be back well before they return.”

“Good,” stated Shannon. “Not that I don’t want you to meet them. It’s just I’ve never dated a girl and am unsure how they are going to take it.”

“I understand. This is a first for me too. I’m not sure what is going to happen when this gets out.”

“So you want to keep us a secret?” asked Shannon, a bit of excitement in her voice.

“I think that would be a very good idea,” answered Samantha. “I do not want to begin to think what the other kids in school would do if they found out about us.”

“I know,” replied Shannon, “I don’t know how I would react if everyone thought I was a lesbian.”

Samantha scanned the room as the hostess led them to there table. Here they were at a downtown restaurant that she had not been to since her last prom. Could everyone see that they were there on a date? Samantha shook off the thought, it didn’t matter. Turning to her side Samantha tried to remain clam as she looked down at Shannon holding her hand tightly, they where here for a date.

Samantha could not help but feel a little relieved by the end of dinner. Outside of the fact that they were both a little nervous the conversation flowed like any two girls just getting to know one another, she even found out that Shannon would be attending the same university, a fact that made her feel uncomfortable. However as she looked at the sultry vixen that clung to her arm they were not just two girls getting to know one another. It was oblivious from the way Shannon was dressed that she was very interested in impressing her and how she wanted the date to go. Looking down Samantha once again eyed the girl that was to be her lover. Her trim cheerleader body completely on display by the risqué dress. Her lean legs left bare by the short skirt moved quickly to keep up with Samantha’s reduced stride. The dress pulling tight over her hips with each restricted step she took as her firm unrestrained breasts bounced. Shannon was the ultimate arm candy; beautiful and sexy in every way and hers for the rest of the school year. The thought was a little unpleasant, scary and surprisingly arousing.

As they entered the theater some of that nervousness returned. She had selected the movie specifically for its distance from there homes, its artsy nature and the fact that it was nearing the end of its run. With any luck the theater would be mostly empty with no one they knew as she did not want anyone to see what she had to do next, especially anyone who knew them.

Staying near the back Samantha directed Shannon into the side row. They sat near the corner and Samantha placed her arm around her date, her fingers dangling just above Shannon’s elbow. Taking a deep breath Samantha did a quick scan of the room. Her guess was right; the theater was mostly empty with only a few couples, several of which were lesbian. The closest were two woman sitting four rows ahead.

As the theater darkened Samantha began to slowly glide her fingers along Shannon’s arm causing her body to jerk in response. A little annoyed Samantha pulled her uncooperative date against her side, effectively pinning her in place. If she had to play the dom she wanted to make sure Shannon played her part. Samantha could understand Shannon being a little nervous, but this was supposed to be her fantasy, she was the one who wanted to be here. With Shannon leaning on her side Samantha could not help but notice how Shannon’s tiny body fit so comfortably against her own, much easier than the boys closer to her own size ever did.

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