Magic Fingers

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Want to hear a juicy secret? I’ve got a huge crush on my roommate. I know. Crazy right? Crushing on your roomie is right up there with wearing your t-shirt inside out on the list of things you shouldn’t do. Ever. It’s just awkward, but sometimes things happen without any reason or explanation. This is definitely one of them. Mallory is so pretty and fun that I couldn’t help but fall for her. She’s like a fairy-tale princess but with a new-age spin. This girl had me at “hello.”

Mallory and I have lived together for the past three years, and we’ve been friends since long before I can remember. We do everything together. Well, everything except sex. Yep, I’m a lesbian. I’m actually bisexual if you want to be technical about it, but who wants to be technical? When we’re talking about Mallory, I’m totally lesbian. She knows I like girls too, and she’s fine with it. We have fun swooning, whether it’s a smokin’ hot girl for me or a stud muffin boy for her. The things is, I don’t want just any pretty girl. I want Mallory. Unfortunately for me, she’s totally boy crazy. There’s my problem.

That’s why when Mallory sauntered into the living room one night with her bright kool-aid blue shoulder length hair tied up in a pony tail, those athletic hips swaying side to side inside her white sweatpants, and those absolutely perfect breasts tucked inside her tight sky blue camisole, I just couldn’t help myself.

“I can’t believe you’re watching one of those Brittany Murphy movies again. You’re such a nerd,” Mallory teased, smiling at me with a playful roll of her deep blue eyes. She plopped down on the couch next to me and took a swig of her water bottle. She’d been working out.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever little Miss Picard,” I quickly retorted with a nudge to her side. Mallory was a total Trekkie. “See any cute boys at the gym tonight?” I asked, hoping to change the subject from our mutual nerdiness.

“Nah,” Mallory shrugged. “Just the typical ‘I pick things up and put things down’ types and then the creepy ‘I think I can stare at her butt while she does leg curls and she won’t notice’ types.”

“Awww. I’m sorry Mal. Maybe next time eh?” I said with a giggle, snuggling up on Mallory’s side. I rested my head on her shoulder but then suddenly perked up. “Ya know.. just cause you didn’t get any boys tonight doesn’t mean you can’t get any…”

Mallory looked blank for a few moments before realization suddenly dawned on her face. She slipped out of my embrace and turned to face me. A look of concern filled up her pretty face.

“You don’t mean…?” The blue haired girl asked quietly, unsure of herself in this new territory.

I wanted to blush, to run and hide, but I knew I couldn’t turn back now. I stepped out on the ledge, and it was time to jump off and see where it took me. Maybe my blue haired roomie would catch me. I could only hope.

“Y-yeah ya know.” I stammered, trying to spit out all of the words at once. “You’re pretty. I’m pretty. We’re both horny and don’t have anything to do. We can help each other out, ya know like friends but with benefits.”

Okay, that was really hoakie. What am I doing?!

“I don’t know hon.” Mallory replied, shifting in her seat on the couch. She sounded skeptical. “You know I love you, but don’t you think this might be a little, ya know, weird?” She looked me up and down and sighed with a little smile, rubbing her palm up and down my arm soothingly.

I blushed bright red and looked down from her friendly gaze. I felt so embarrassed and insecure, but more than anything, I was afraid. I was afraid I’d made a big mistake, afraid I might lose my best friend forever. Nothing to do now but to just press on and hope for the best.

“Yeah, I know this is out of the blue and all,” I said with quivering lips, stuttering over my words. “I shouldn’t have said anything… but… I just really really wanted it. I-I..”

Mallory slid two of her fingers under my chin and pulled me up to make me look into those lovely eyes of her’s. I looked up in awe, and her smile made my heart soar with hope.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me silly,” Mallory said sweetly, sliding closer to me. “Besides, we all know you’re not exactly good at keeping secrets.” She nudged me with a wry grin curling at the corner of her lips.

“I guess a little romp couldn’t hurt anything,” Mallory finally decided. “It might even be fun! I’ve been experimenting with my magic lately, using it to play with myself, and it feels really good. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t let you try it out too?”

Have I told you Mallory is a sorceress? No? Now you know.

My heart thudded in my chest so hard, I thought it might come crashing out like a freight train. I’d torbalı escort always dreamed of something like this, but I didn’t think it would actually come true. Things like this just didn’t happen to me. I’ve always been the type of person who draws the short straw or rolls snake eyes at the worst possible time. Now that it did happen, I didn’t know what to do or say. This was totally new territory!

“Is it safe?” was all I managed to whisper, but I already knew what I wanted to do. If you’re thinking get ravaged by Mallory’s magic then you’re on the right track.

“Do you want me or not?” Mallory teased. She narrowed her eyes and poked my nose with her finger playfully. Then suddenly, my blue haired roomie stood up, took my hand, and dragged me along to the bedroom. “C’mon girly. I don’t have all night. Some people have real jobs in the morning ya know?”

I followed along eagerly, checking out Mallory’s butt swaying side to side in her soft white sweatpants, her blue pony tail bouncing as she walked in front of me. When we got to the bedroom, Mallory patted the mattress of her bed.

“Sit down sweetie. Let’s get those clothes off you.” Mallory said sweetly but authoritatively. It’s not like I was going to argue.

I sat down on the edge of Mallory’s bed and lay back as she undid my low-cut jeans, wiggling my hips to help her pull off my pants and expose soft violet panties. Looking up at Mallory crawling over me, slipping her fingers under my shirt and pulling it over my head, I still couldn’t believe what was happening – couldn’t believe I was about to get some hot sex with my blue haired best friend. I almost wondered if I should pinch myself. It was like all of my dreams were coming true!

Mallory didn’t stop there either. She wrapped her arms around me and held our warm bodies close for a brief moment, sending sparks of joy through my slender frame before sliding her hands up my back to pull at the clasp of my bra. The soft fabric came free easily, revealing my small but round breasts with excited nipples standing on end.

I giggled when Mallory stroked her hands down my belly, squirming under her touch and beaming up at her when she finally freed me from my dripping panties. I was completely naked before her as she knelt above me, standing on her knees with a hand at her hip.

“You’re pretty sexy too, ya know.” Mallory purred, a playful grin spreading out widely on her pretty face.

“Maybe we should do this more often then?” I replied excitedly, smiling up at her and batting my lashes a few times to try to look innocent.

“We’ll see about that. You haven’t even got anything yet.” Mallory giggled, cocking an eyebrow teasingly as she laid herself down on top of me. Her breasts pushed into mine, warming my chest with their lovely soft touch and making my heart skip a beat. Her legs straddled me, pulling apart my thighs slightly with her feet, exposing my glistening womanhood beneath her.

“Let’s get you warmed up, silly.” Mallory teased with a wink, her pretty face hovering just centimeters above mine before leaning down for a kiss.

It was out of this world. At first I was submissive, just cherishing the feeling of Mallory’s wonderful, warm body draped on top of me. Mallory sucked on each of my lips in turn, holding my head steady with her hands as her fingers slowly brushed my ash brown hair from root to tip.

My blue haired roomie held my hips snugly between her thighs, swaying her beautiful butt side to side, and tormenting me with the feeling of her soft sweatpants pressed against my womanhood. She let her body sink into me and dipped her hips down against my exposed flower, brushing the fabric of her sweatpants up and down against me. My heart raced, and I whimpered softly, squirming beneath my gorgeous roommate as she planted gentle kisses on my mouth, soft moans fluttering between us.

The sweet sounds of Mallory’s pleasure were like music to my ears and gave me a much needed confidence boost. I passionately returned her kiss, leaning up into her with a lustful groan. I sucked on her lips like she was a five star delicacy and slid my tongue along the length of her own even as she tickled the top of mine with the tip of her’s. I hugged Mallory so close I could feel her heart beating with mine and it made me buck up against her with joy, even daring to slide my hands down to caress her lovely little butt… and then pinch.

“Oh! Wow, you must be REALLY into me. You’re already getting my sweatpants all wet!” Mallory squeaked teasingly, pulling back with a smile and a brush of a finger through my hair. The blue haired girl pressed a finger to my lips before I could respond, so I simply blushed.

“Sshhhh…” urla escort Mallory soothed me softly, slowly brushing her palm down my belly until it was resting right on my womanhood. I shivered and gasped, my face flushed with pleasure. Mallory cocked her head to the side and smiled, “Here sweetie, wrap your arms around me and hold on tight. This ride is about to get a little bumpy!”

I eagerly complied, immediately holding on for dear life. I hugged Mallory so close that our breasts squeezed together, so close that I gasped from how lovely her soft body she felt.

Then suddenly, I could feel her magic. It was like a warm tingly sensation at first, but the feeling slowly grew until I could feel its pulsing heat hovering between my legs, making me groan for an entirely different reason. It wasn’t long before I was pushing up my hips, humping Mallory and wantonly rubbing my dripping pussy against her palm.

My best friend stroked the fingers of her free hand through my hair and smiled sweetly down at me as I writhed beneath her in pleasure, whining from how amazing her magical energy felt pressed between my thighs. The sensation grew as the ball of warmth washed over my whole pussy, coating my petals, and seeming to encase my whole womanhood with energy. Every so often, the ball of energy shot out a spark on my clit, making me flinch and squeak, squirming my legs beneath Mallory’s touch.

“That feels good eh? How about this?” Mallory teased with a playful grin, ruffling up my hair with her free hand. My roomie curled her fingers toward my pussy, and I shuddered in surprise as her fingers suddenly turned from sparking warmth to ice cold. My hips flinched back hard, and I let out a soft whine, but Mallory’s fingers followed me. She held me close and stroked my petals up and down until they trembled and parted in delight, toying with my core with her elemental magic. Exposed to her icy fingers, it was all I could do to hold on to my blue haired friend, shivering and letting out little moans of “Oh Mallory…”

“Oh me…” Mallory teased as she scooped my head under her arm, pulling my face into the nook between her shoulder and neck. Her fingers stroked beneath my hair, soothingly brushing my neck with her finger tips in little circles when I felt the magic change again. This time she smothered my flower with her palm and forced some of her energy inside me. It pulsated like the bass at a wild rave, vibrating my core and bouncing up and down from her palm to deep within my insides.

I gasped sharply and twitched in the blue haired girl’s arms. Mallory kept her free hand on my neck, caressing me gently, but she didn’t let up. She pressed her palm into me so hard that it trembled from all the energy trapped within my core. The energy bounded within me, and with each pulse, a wave of energy flashed out against the inner recesses of my petals. My body trembled so violently, I thought I would explode, my hips bucking hard against Mallory’s palm. My legs, spread and held open by Mallory’s legs, were trapped in place. My body desperately wanted to squirm, but Mallory held me, lovingly but firmly.

My eyes rolled back, and I let loose a wild moan, clinging to my friend for dear life as my hips thrashed from the energy pulsating within me. The pleasure rushed through my body like wildfire. My heart raced. I grunted, groaned, and moaned like an animal. Suddenly, I sucked in a gasp sharply and thrust my throbbing pussy against Mallory’s palm.

“MALLORY!!!” I cried out in ecstasy. My body throbbed and twitched like mad just as my pussy exploded in orgasm. Mallory’s pulses rocked me to the core, leaving me a quivering mess as she ripped more and more juices from my flower with each vibration. “AH! M-!” I squeaked out, burying my face against the soft nook of Mallory’s neck.

“Wow! You really liked that a lot!” Mallory exclaimed, her face beaming brightly like a star. She caressed my cheek with her finger, smiling at me, and brushed her other fingers through my hair. Giggling, the blue haired girl planted a soft kiss on my forehead as I lay sprawled out beneath her, panting squeakily.

“You’ve got me all hot and bothered now, hon.” Mallory whispered, leaning so close that her lips hovered right next to my ear. “Time for you to put out for your friend…”

Mallory winked with a pinch to my cheek, slowly starting to crawl up my body and toward my head. I stared up in awe, watching Mallory pull her sweatpants off above my head, revealing a pair of light blue panties. Mallory tossed her sweatpants to the side and pulled the tie out of her kool-aid blue hair, letting it tumble over her milky white shoulders.

Staring up at my roomie from below, I could see the wetness buca escort glistening on her lacy panties. I squeaked from my spot under Mallory and rubbed my hands on my thighs, my body wriggling side to side in blissful anticipation. Then she smirked down at me. “Get ready hon,” was all my blue haired roomie had to say before she sat down right on my face and pressed her lovely little flower to my lips.

“I’ve never been eaten out by a woman before. Show me what we girls can do!” Mallory giggled, smiling down at me. She brushed my hair and gently encased my cheeks with her thighs, wiggling her beautiful butt on my face. Eager to please, I slid the length of my tongue against her petals, lapping at the delicious liquids on her light blue panties. I swirled the tip of my tongue along her panties, pushing it in more tightly with each little moan I heard flow from Mallory’s lips.

“Oh yeah. That hits the spot. Keep it up girly!” Mallory cried out, wiggling on my face when suddenly I heard a crackle and a small explosion of energy erupted in my flower.

“AH! AHH!” I cried out even louder, my body writhing like mad beneath my roomie. My thighs clenched and my hips rolled to the side then spread out again. Mallory zapped my pussy!

Almost immediately, I slid Mallory’s panties to the side and plunged my tongue into that naughty girl’s depths. I curled my tongue inside her, flicking the tip up and down within her while caressing her butt with my hands. I pushed against the sides of her petals with my extended tongue and licked up and down as fast as I could.

“Mmmm… oh yeah. That’s good!” Mallory moaned loudly, getting into the action. She bounced up and down lightly on my face, her athletic butt and thighs jiggling nicely from each little plop. For my part, I held onto her hips as she bounced and kept my tongue flicking within my friend. I timed my movements with her bounces, making sure my tongue pierced her flower each time she fell on my lips, giving her a quick little kiss every so often.

“Yipes! You’re really good at this! Faster! Faster! Faster!” Mallory cried out and each time she yelled “Faster!”, she zapped my flower with another bolt of energy. I squealed helplessly beneath the bouncing Mallory, squirming wildly each time she zapped my flower again. My back arched, my legs thrashed and shuddered, and my hips bucked up from each of the shocks.

I moaned wantonly into Mallory’s dripping core, curling my toes into her mattress and my fingers on her behind. My lips moved up to ensnare Mallory’s clit with their warmth, sucking on her soft little pleasure-pearl as I dove my tongue in and out of her petals. I slid my hands around Mallory’s hips and took a handful of her butt with my hands, massaging her as I licked desperately.

“Pow, Pow, Pow!” Mallory shouted playfully. The blue haired girl giggled between her moans now. She kept shocking my quivering flower with her magic blasts, getting a kick out of it each time my legs flailed to the side in bliss.

Mallory ground her flower down harder on my lips and shook her butt side to side on my face. A blast of continuous purple energy shot out from her fingers and invaded my pussy. It tingled all over the outside and filled me up with bursts of shocking energy. My hips bucked up and down wildly from the continuous energy stream, legs thrashing side to side. As much as my pussy wanted to get away from the energy, my mind most definitely did not. Mallory was relentless. I screamed into Mallory’s pussy, my voice sending vibrations through her core, and I pressed my tongue against her clit, hoping for a chance to drink up her juices.

Pleasure rushed through my whole body. My nerves were aflame from Mallory’s energy attack, and my body was totally out of control, thrashing, kicking, and bucking into the magic. As if on cue, we both squeaked out at the same time. I felt her thighs tremble against my cheeks, and we both exploded in gushing orgasms. Mallory stopped her energy blast to savor the moment, pushing her pussy against my lips as hard as she could without suffocating me. My body was figuratively on fire, twitching and trembling all over with pleasure. My moans beneath Mallory’s wonderful hips were stuttery, squeaky, and blissful.

As I lay on Mallory’s bed, panting and trembling, I felt her crawl over me and wrap me up in her arms. She nuzzled her kool-aid blue hair on my cheek and smiled at me happily.

“Had fun honey? I know I did.” Mallory cooed excitedly. All I could manage was a weak nod. My cheeks were flushed and aglow with pleasure, and I looked back at Mallory in awe. Panting softly in my friend’s embrace, I felt a warm pool of energy wash over me, wrapping me up like a sleeping bag. Mallory held me snugly in her arms, and she tucked us away within her sleeping bag of magical energy.

That’s the last thing I remember from the night I got to romp with my roommate and best friend Mallory, the blue haired sorceress, because that’s right about when I fell asleep in her arms.

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