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I sat with my back against the footboard, legs stretched out in front of me, crossed at the ankles. I smoked and watched her sleep.

I had never wanted anyone so badly in my life: to be kissed, held and touched by her, to hear her words whispered so softly in my ear. I wanted to be inside her -– not just inside her but all of me in her, living and breathing in her chest, near the beating of her heart.

We were magnets, she and I, drawn together yet kept apart by a force unseen, but definitely felt.

At the opposite end of her bed, she stirred and flopped onto her back. A moan escaped and I wondered what she dreamt about. Her mouth eased open and I had an urge to kiss her, to cover her lips with mine and draw in her breath, her life, her words, her smiles and laughter.

I extinguished my cigarette and crawled gently over to her. I leaned over her and smiled down. She looked so vulnerable as she slept, and seemed incapable of causing me pain.

An ache crept through my body and my breath deepened. I leaned down and kissed her softly, sweetly, so I wouldn’t startle her awake. I sat back and brushed my hands over her broad shoulders and down to the tips of her breasts. Her nipples sprung up and I smiled – no getting past those, they never slept.

I moved my hands down further over her lean, taut stomach and stopped at her pubic triangle, thick, dark and lush. I wanted to tangle my fingers in it, but just then she stirred and my eyes glanced up to see hers fluttering open, still in a mist of sleep. They darted about, then focused on me, and I smiled warmly at her.

Her lips curled into a smile, and her hands, long and slender, lifted from her sides poker oyna to caress my arms and then my shoulders. She tugged gently, wanting to pull me down on her. I obliged. I gazed into her face, taking in every line, every feature: dark eyebrows, large, soft brown eyes, a small, perfect nose, sensuous lips.

I sighed, appreciating her; she laughed gaily and squeezed me even closer.

Our breasts found each other and there was a mutual moan, hers then mine. Her hands traced my back gently, making every muscle stir. My skin came to life in a thousand tingles as nail and skin combined. I stretched my legs out so I could be even closer to her. Our legs wrapped around each other and I felt her pubic hair next to mine. We rocked together in a slow dance. I kissed and sucked at her neck and shoulders. She tasted slightly salty and I wanted more but was afraid of being denied.

I broke away and sat up. I sighed deeply and rolled my eyes. “Whew!”, I said and threw myself on the bed next to her.

She laughed again and said my name in a low growl, as she’d done many times before.

She turned towards me on her side and cuddled into me, her hand rested on my breast, circled my nipple, then traced down further over my stomach to my pubic hair. Every inch of me tensed as she inched closer to my clit. It seemed like forever before she touched me. As she tickled and circled my clit, I felt my hips rise to her touch and I was suddenly thrown into a frenzy. Every part of me ached and I grasped at her skin, urging her on.

She caressed me with the flat of her palm, and I was wet – damn wet! She moaned and I let out an ecstatic sigh as she slid a finger inside of me. I thought canlı poker oyna I was going to explode. She moved her finger slowly at first, and my hips rocked and rose to catch her movements, then she slid another inside and I called her name out desperately as I melted. She moved closer and sucked on my nipple. She was deep inside me, knowing she was driving me crazy. Her head moved down along my belly, and then she licked my clit. Again I called out her name, as her mouth covered my clit and she sucked.

I came all at once, suddenly, strongly, my hips moving uncontrollably. I was screaming out God knows what! I was zoned into every sensation that rocked the centre of my body. The movements slowed. She raised her head, smiled, and laughed devilishly as I called out all the curse words I knew. Her fingers withdrew from me but cupped over me to catch the remainder of my orgasm.

I sighed as my senses returned. I pulled her up to me so I could hold her and kiss her. I rocked her in my arms and kissed her mouth, her face, her ears.

She turned over in my arms and I cuddled into her back – she moaned. I kissed her back and the nape of her neck as she wriggled into my caress.

I stroked her back, her sides, her breasts. I cupped one breast, and it fit perfectly in my hand. As I teased her nipple, which was already erect, she sighed my name, and then my hand slid downwards over her arse, and I squeezed her buttocks. Then I slid my hand between them until I could feel the heat and moisture of her cunt. Her hips rocked against my hand as I explored her. I found her clit and stroked it as she moaned.

I moved my other hand over her belly and bush till I located internet casino her clit once more. I tickled it as my other hand entered her from behind. I could feel all her inside muscles clamp down on my finger. I chewed on her neck, shoulders and ears, leaving marks all the way. She whispered my name. I was sliding my finger in and around her as my other hand teased her clit. Her hips started to speed up, so I quickened as well. I slid in yet another finger. She moaned deeply as her orgasm neared and I slid my fingers in right to the third knuckle. She was hot and very wet and we both groaned with appreciation. She was melting around my hand. I slipped in a third finger and her head snapped back, her hips rose upwards, and a low and desperate moan escaped from her mouth. Her juices coated my hand as I delved into her. Her hips jerked and rotated as we sped up, and finally she let out one final groan. Her hips were suspended a foot in the air, then gradually came down onto the bed again. I could feel her throbbing as she whispered my name over and over. I withdrew one finger at a time, and cupped her cunt in my hand as she had done with me, massaging her until she stopped rocking.

A deep sigh filled the silence and we both said, “Fuck!” in unison, and laughed. She turned to face me, wearing a wide grin, and she kissed me. My hand ran along the film of sweat on her back, and I wanted to taste it. I grinned widely.

“Well, we’ve really done it this time!” she said, laughing.

“So, where do we go from here…?” I replied, none too seriously.

She grinned. “How about the kitchen table?” My mouth dropped open, then I smiled, raising a single eyebrow. We laughed and hugged, making jokes.

Much later when I left, my ache for her returned, but I smiled it away. Sure, magnets attract other metals – but only another magnet can force the other apart, then turn and snap back together again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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