Maid of Honor Pt. 05

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“Welcome home!”

Carolyn called out to us, as we opened the door of our house. We had left her the key so she could pop in every couple of days, makes sure everything was okay and she had let herself in to welcome us back. She hurried forward, gave Lucy a hug and kiss, and as Lucy was momentarily distracted by taking one of her suitcases to the bedroom, Carolyn grabbed me, and her lips sought mine, finding them, then opening her mouth, our tongues came together in a hot swirl, making us moan into each other’s mouth. My cock quickly took notice, and I felt her hand groping at the swelling bulge. She moaned deep in her throat as she pulled me in as close as she could and wiggled against me, my cock pressed against her.

Knowing that Lucy could return at any time, we broke, our faces were flushed and I saw her smiling at the hard bulge.

“Mmmmm, so nice and hard, guess my Auntie L will be the lucky one to finish you off. Before you got home, I was naked, and on your bed, and I masturbated like crazy, god, I came so hard! I can wait my turn, so you can take your time and tell me all about the fucking good times you had in France, while you vent your passions on me! And when get home, I’m going to finger fuck myself again, thinking about what you and my Auntie L are doing!”

When Lucy returned, Carolyn said, “Well, I’ll be running along, I’m sure you need time to relax, jet lag is a bitch! See you again, real soon!”

She gave me that secret smile and licked her lips as she left.

Lucy came towards me, gave me a big hug, and felt my cock, rock hard and pressing against my trousers.

“Mmmmm, oh yes, so hard! Did the sight of Carolyn give you that big hard cock?”

She giggled at what was a kidding remark, and added, “Carolyn is a very sexy girl, I wonder what lucky boy will get to claim her cherries. I lost all but my tight little bunghole cherry when I was 18, glad I saved that for you, my sweet husband.”

I did my best to keep my face neutral, knowing what I knew, as I said, “Knowing that we are alone, and our bed is so close, got me going!’

She took my hand, and cooed, “Then let’s get to it!”


“Oh yes, you are so good at that my sweet husband!”

She was spread out on the bed, I had my tongue, warm, wet and thick, sliding up and down inside her pussy, sending delicious erotic waves tingling and rippling through her body. Lucy purred and cooed as I was licking and lapping between her legs.

“Oh darling,” Lucy breathed out huskily. She raised her legs and moved her pelvis up, and cooed, “Now, fuck my cunt, finish me off with a thick load of cum.”

I pulled my tongue out, repositioning myself, my hands grasped her thighs, lifting her kahramanmaraş escort hips up to my awaiting cock, and I drove in, sliding up her pink waterslide in one continuous stroke.

Lucy purred, “Mmmmm, I love being filled up, your nice big cock stuffing me like a Christmas turkey.”

I loved the feel of hammering in, screwing my wife’s needy pink hole with strong, full strokes, every thrust was right to the balls. Lucy threw her legs over my shoulders and pushed her pelvis tight against the thrusts, and I went wild on her cunt.

“Fuck me, hard, fast, big man, faster!”

I was happy to do so, I reamed her hard, her lust was fired up, I pounded my prick in, giving her the hard forceful fucking that turned her on the most. Just like Carolyn got pounded, crossed my mind.

“Oh god, oh yes, keep fucking me, Mmmm, mmmfffppphh, fuck, fuck me, make me cum!” Lucy panted.

An image of Carolyn, naked on our bed and masturbating wildly filled my mind. I imagined the cries and squeals of pleasure, her body writhing on the bed, the explosion of pleasure as her orgasm seized her. I felt my balls lock into firing position, my cock jerked and swelled up tight, ready to explode. Lucy’s squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom.

Lucy yelled, “Fuck me, fuck me, cum in me, gonna cum all over your dick, cream my cunt, yes, yes, GAWWWWWWW!”

The thought of Carolyn in her own bed, masturbating again, maybe cumming right now filled my head, I gave one last powerful thrust and buried it as deep as possible, the wild massaging of Lucy’s cunt around my cock took me over, and I erupted. Stream after stream of spunk jetted out, Lucy let out squeals of pleasure as she felt the heat of my load filling her, she panted, bucked, and writhed beneath me as I flooded her milking heat.

“Mmmm, you are such a tiger, sweetheart.”

If she only knew what made me into a tiger.


The next day, Carolyn texted me, “So, when can we get together? I’m eager to hear about all the fucking you and my Auntie L did, while you fuck me. I also want to show you something I got while you were away.”

I texted back, “As luck would have it, Lucy has to take a 2-day business trip, starting tomorrow. So, I will be free for tomorrow night at least.”

Her reply, “Mmmmm, sounds wonderful, I’m going to get my girlfriend Stacie to cover for me with a sleepover story. My parents are very trusting, they’ve already agreed to it, and I can just drive over after dinner, and you can tell me all the hot fucking, sucking, and eating you and her did, while I get the same hot action!”


It was 7 PM, and I was trembling kahramanmaraş escort bayan with excitement. Carolyn had texted “On my way. My tight teen ass won’t be so tight once you, my sexy Uncle G gets his hands on me!”

I heard the knock at the door, and opening it, there she was, that 18-year-old teen temptress. She had that look of hot lust, and when I pulled her inside, our lips came together, tongues raced out to duel lovingly, and I could feel that familiar rise of my cock taking serious notice.

Carolyn reached down, groping at my bulge, she broke the kiss and cooed, “Mmmmm, so nice to be so welcome! After masturbating in the marriage bed, now I’ll get my sexy Uncle G to give me a hot fucking in the marriage bed, that makes me so excited! Take me there, I’m so wet!”

In the bedroom, she had me sit on the bed, and she said, “Now I can show you, you’ll be the first one to see it!”

When she was down to just her tight, black panties, she turned her back to me and smiled over her shoulder as she slipped her panties down. I looked and looked again. On her left ass cheek was a tattoo of the Union Jack. Whoever had done the ink was very skilled, clean, crisp lines, no ink bleed, the colors vibrant. It measured 3X5 inches.

Carolyn said, “When I was in Great Britain last year, I fell in love with the country, and I wanted a permanent reminder of my visit, when I got home, I got my ass inked, and I’ve been eager to show it to you! What do you think, Uncle G?”

“I like that, very much!”

“Now, it’s time to tell me all about you and my Auntie L fucking your way across France. I want to be fucked doggy style, so tell me about a doggy style fuck.”

I thought and remembered when we were in Bordeaux, what had happened.

“On the bed, you little teen temptress, hands and knees!”

Carolyn’s eyes glowed with heat as I ordered her, and placing myself behind her, I nudged very gently against her ready opening. I could feel the heat, her juices were dribbling out, and I let them soak my cock head.

I began, “This happened in Bordeaux, we had just checked into our hotel, and Lucy said she wanted to go downstairs, and have a drink in the cabaret they had. Once inside, the music was fairly loud, and there was a crowd, I saw a staircase that led to a second floor, so we went up. On the second floor of the caberet, there was no one else, all the chairs and tables unoccupied. The music was far less intrusive, and as we sat together in one of those big sofa-style seats, she started to get frisky, and soon our clothes were opened, and our hands were all over each other.”

I felt a soft hand reach down and toy escort kahramanmaraş gently with my balls, and Carolyn’s soft murmur, “Tell me more, Uncle G lover, more.”

“Lucy was very frisky, she broke away, and placed herself on the sofa, hands, and knees, and cooed, ‘Do it here, right now, I can’t wait!’ Her blouse was wide open, her breasts bare, her skirt was hiked up to her waist, and her panties were hanging off her ankle. She had my shirt unbuttoned, pants and underwear undone and pushed down to my ankles, her hands had stroked me up to a hard and very eager state. I placed myself behind her and nudged my cock against her pussy, just like am right now with you.”

“Mmmmmm, yes, yes, take her, and take me, Uncle G.”

As I gripped her hips, I said, “I grabbed her hips just like this, she grunted, ‘Let me have it!’ and just like this,” I drove forward, and Carolyn let out a loud cry of pleasure as I drove in with one continuous stroke, burying my cock.

“She cried out in pleasure, and I started to fuck her quickly,” I grunted as I set up a rapid in and out fuck, “lest someone come upstairs, and find us fucking like rabbits.”

Carolyn moaned and cooed, murmuring, “So good, just so good, did you think of me while you were fucking Auntie L?”

I replied, “Oh yes baby, a lot. I thought of you taking her place, your tight teen cunt happily accomodating my swollen dick, the way you would sound and look as I laid my cock to you.”

Carolyn was pushing her hips back towards me, and she was rotating her ass around and around, grinding her tight teen cunt over the length of my dick, the movement of her ass make her Union Jack tattoo move, almost like it was a real flag in the breeze.

I continued, “Mmmm, oh yeah, you’re humping back against me just like Lucy was doing, her cries and sounds of pleasure, the tight grip of her cunt, mmmm, just like your tight cunt driving me onwards.”

Carolyn grunted, “I love to make your cock hot and ready to blow, I want to milk out every drop you have for me.” She still had the hand gently gripping my balls, and she cooed, “Oh yeah, so big and swollen, feel my 18-year-old cunt sucking your cock, and pour that load into me. Spunk it down, I want to feel the heat as you explode. Tell me the last part!”

I could feel my orgasm getting ready, and I grunted, “Lucy was gasping and moaning, she stiffened up, then rammed herself back and gasped out, “Flood me now, cumming, oh fuck cumming!”

Carolyn did exactly that, and grunted, “Fuck, so hot, flood me Uncle G, spunk down my cunt, do it, cum in MEEEEEE!”

I could feel the wild spasming as her cunt clamped down on me, and I went roaring over, the look of orgasmic rapture on Carolyn’s face brought on the explosion, and I howled as I went off, my cock tossing off wildly deep inside my niece’s tight teen cunt, my throbbing prick jetting Uncle’s hot incestuous sperm directly into her eager womb. That thought made my cock go crazy, jerking in repeated pulses of more hot spunk, the spasms milking me wildly, making sure that she got every drop of my load.

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