Maid To Take Ch. 04

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I had already known that Mr. Jay had the hots for me. I suppose it was from the time he had first seen me in the kitchen.

Now, I’ve been a maid for over a dozen years and worked at more than a dozen places. I guess it was the profession chosen by our parents. And their parents before them.

My husband, Abhi, as Jay (he insisted I call him by the first name now that we were so familiar with each other!) was indeed a dolt. For him, fucking was only an end to justify the means. And that meant that all he wanted to do was lie on top of me, push my sari up my waist, push my panties down to my knees and push his rod inside.

He fucked like a rabbit: his only intent being that of draining his seed inside me. He hardly ever undressed me completely. At the most, he would shove my blouse and my bra down and maul my tits as he fucked with me savagely.

Jay, and then madam, had thought me the intricacies of sex. I had never known that fucking could be an art that would be so enjoyable. It was true that I had never sucked on a pole (or for that matter on a twat) before these two had introduced me to it.

After that long marathon we had in their den the other day, I had heard them talk about the endless possibilities we could have now that their children were due to spend their two week vacation with madam’s parents.

“What would really be mind blowing,” madam had said, “would be to actually see what Maya was telling you when the two of you were watching that porn flick.”

“What was it that I said?” I had asked. After Jay had climaxed, madam had turned into a surprisingly cool and soft-spoken lady. Before that, she had hardly uttered a sentence to me, which did not address me as ‘slut’, ‘bitch’ or ‘whore’.

She had leaned forward and kissed him long and hard on his mouth. I could clearly see him trying to lick up his own spunk from her mouth.

She turned to me and smiled. “You had wondered what it would be like to have two cocks at the same time. One in the mouth and I think you said one in your cunt.”

I had remained silent for a long time, merely watching the couple kissing each other and fondling their genitals.

“With your permission, I think I can try to fulfill your wish.”

They broke away from each other and stared at me after I had uttered the words.

“What did you say?” Jay had asked wonderingly.

Here I was, an ordinary maid (at least my life had been ordinary till now) with just my first experience with a rod other than my husband’s drilling my hole, and the first ever time I had eaten another woman’s twat, and I was already in high gear.

I guess suppression of secret desires make you turn into something like that. Plus, there were the inventiveness with which Jay had created various scenarios. Including the books and today’s video.

“I mean, with a little bit of time, I could let another man I know join me and Mr. Jay.” I told the stunned couple.

“No way,” madam said, shaking her head. “If word gets around, we did…”

“But that’s exactly what I can assure you. Word will not get around.”

“Who’s the other guy you are talking about, Maya?” asked Jay, resuming with his lazy fondling of his wife’s tits.

“My husband,” I replied.

“What?” Madam’s voice was high-pitched and quivering.

“Let me explain,” I told my audience.

And I did.


“What the hell do you think you are doing, Maya?” Abhi’s voice was loud: almost as if he was startled, which, I guess he was.

“Just lie back. And don’t shout or you will wake up the rest.”

“Well, hell! I don’t believe it!”

“Relax,” I muttered, having pushed him on the narrow bed. I knelt down beside his hips and leaning forward, caressed the soft skin of his pole.

His rod was about the same size as Jay’s, only slightly thinner.

He had been astonished when he had found me wearing madam’s outfit gifted to me by her: the same one that Jay had made me wear when he had fucked me the first time. It was the red tight knee-length skirt and the tight t-shirt.

Abhi’s jaws had dropped because he had never seen me in anything other than the sari. The other effect was obvious: the bulge between his legs.

Before he could say anything, I had pulled him inside and closed and locked the door.

“What the hell is this you are wearing?” he had asked, unable to tear his eyes away from the tight sexy dress I was wearing.

I had walked up to him, encircled my arms around his neck and pulled his face close to mine. Fortunately, his mouth was still open when I kissed it; and I could thrust my tongue inside.

Instinctively, he groaned as I fucked his mouth with my tongue, pushing my body close up against his, pressing my stomach against his bulge. He was in his uniform as he had just finished the day-beat.

As I dry humped him, I unbuttoned his coarse khaki shirt rapidly and then slid my hands down to unbutton his trousers with the same alacrity.

His hands had automatically encircled my waist and as his pants fell down on the çankaya escort floor, I had pushed him on the narrow bed.

I moved my mouth down his chest while pulling his underwear down his thighs and soon, I was holding his erect pole in my hands and sliding my fist up and down the smooth skin.

“What’s got into you?” he squeaked.

I had decided to break him step by step.

“Just wait and see! I saw Mr. Jay and his wife doing it like this,” I replied, bending down and giving his rod head a quick lick.

He shuddered and his pole twitched. “Oh god, woman, what the hell is this?”

“This is called cock and where you put it inside me is the cunt. What you do with it inside me is called fucking,” I was enjoying myself. “But what I am about to do is called cock-sucking. But don’t you dare spill your seed so soon or you will miss more of the fun.”

“God, you have been debauched from watching your employers,” he gasped.

For an answer, I took the tip of his pole inside my mouth and sucked gently on it. His hips jerked up; perhaps in excitement or maybe surprise, but he lay there, letting me take the initiative.

“This is wrong,” he croaked.

I pulled my mouth away from his hard on. “Who told you that?”

“Nobody. But I don’t know if anybody does it like this!”

I lowered my head again and this time, I took his entire rod in my mouth, relaxing my throat muscles to let the tip enter inside.

He groaned and his hands gripped the back of my head reflexively. “Ahhhhh, Maya, what the hell…”

I squeezed the base of his pole the way Jay had thought me to, so that he wouldn’t spurt his cum quickly. I let my eyes look up and saw his face contort with desire, his eyes shut tightly as I bobbed my head up and own over his stiff rod.

“Let your hands off, woman, I can’t stand this anymore!”

I squeezed harder, sucking him faster and using my tongue to lick the shaft. His hips began to buck up and down on the bed as he fucked my mouth.

I managed to twist around the narrow bed and as I continued to suck his throbbing pole, I hitched the skirt up my thighs.

“Ahhhhh…” I heard him sigh and I knew he was staring at my lacy panties (again, a gift from Jay). Without letting his rod escape my mouth, I pressed my horny twat against his face.

“Ugghhh…w-what the h-hell?” he mumbled.

“I suck your cock,” I told him, “and you will lick my cunt.”

He couldn’t answer because I ground my panty-clad twat right into his face.

“Kiss my cunt, you ape!” I hollered, “Kiss it and lick it!”

He did. I felt his hands encircle my ass and he pulled me towards him. I took his throbbing flagstaff in my mouth right down to the hilt when I felt his hot mouth open on my wet hole.

I pushed my panties down my legs to feel his lips on my naked twat.

“Push your tongue inside! Now!” I gasped.

I knew he was blinded by lust because he quickly thrust his tongue inside my twat lips. I moaned, sucking the entire length of his glorious pole till I could feel the swollen tip push past my tonsils.

I pushed my body up and down, rubbing my twat over his face. In the process, I felt his tongue scraping my clit and this made me hornier.

As we were thus engaged, I pulled my head away to get the t-shirt off my body and this time when I took his rod back inside my mouth, I thrilled with the feel of my naked nipples pressing against his belly.

I felt his legs wrap around my neck; good, I thought, sucking him harder, now he’s really into it! I was literally flooding his face with my juices and I was aware that very soon, he would be cumming too.

He was groaning and writhing under me and I was happy to be in control. I pushed his prick back over his belly and licked the under side of it till it was dripping wet with my saliva. Then, I pushed it down between his legs and licked the topside. I cradled his balls and gently squeezed them.

He was grunting now, thrashing around wildly. I knew he wanted to cum but I kept my fingers tightened around the base of his swollen pole.

“Mmmmm, Hmmmm…” he groaned.

I rotated my twat over his face and he slid his tongue deep inside it. I began to hump; as if his tongue were his pole.

I came again; I had forgotten how many times I had climaxed. I wanted to orgasm again and again.

It was what Jay and ma’am had made me: a fucking pervert. And I enjoyed every second of it!

Finally, I decided that I had tortured my husband enough and twisting my body again over the bed, I slipped down till I was kneeling on the floor. I bent down and took his rod in my mouth, guiding his hands to my tits.

He mauled them instinctively, kneading the swollen flesh and pinching the erect nipples. He was making hoarse and unidentifiable noises deep inside his throat.

I let my tongue bathe his shaft as I sucked it deeper inside my mouth, beginning to bob my head back and forth, faster and faster.

“Oh yes, aahhhh yes, yes, I want to put my cock inside your cunt!” escort çankaya he cried out.

I smiled to myself increasing the suction of my mouth on his rod, still keeping the base squeezed between my fingers, preventing him from cumming.

I drew back, letting the thread of my saliva dangle between my mouth and his rod. I looked up at him and he was staring at his pole in awe.

“What do you want to do?” I cooed, blowing hot breath on his rampaging rod.

“Oh, yes, I want to fuck, I want to fuck!”

The four-letter words that he was uttering seemed to be strange coming as they were for the first time from him. They served to increase the pitch of my excitement and I urged him on.

“With what do you want to fuck?” I asked him, licking the tip of his inflamed rod.

“With-with my c-cock!” he replied, cross-eyed with lust.

“And where do you want to put your cock?” I teased, now letting my tongue swathe his balls, pushing closer to him to allow his hands to fondle and squeeze my tits.

“Inside your cunt!” he croaked.

Holding his pole in my fist, I rose over him and leaned forward, pressing my tits over his face.

“Lick and suck my melons!” I gasped.

He bent down and his tongue washed over my sensitive tits. I thrilled when the wet tongue drooled between them, and then slipped to suck one tit. He was trying to take in as much of the tit as was possible, which wasn’t quite as much as he wanted to.

I moaned as he suckled my tits, gripping the base of his dong and slipping the foreskin up and down the shaft.

Finally, I was no longer in a position to control myself and I shoved him onto his back on the narrow bed.

I straddled him and he looked astonished: he had never known any other position but the missionary.

I spread my thighs, planting my knees on either side of his hips. He groaned and twitched when I rubbed the tip of his whang up and down the juicy lips of my hole.

His hips began to thrust up as he tried to shove his rod inside me. I rubbed the tip over my engorged clit and then reached down to open the nether lips of my hot twat, positioning him underneath.

Then, slowly, very slowly, leaning my hands on his shoulders, I lowered myself, thrilling with the feel of his hard dong entering my wet hole.

“Aahhhh…” I moaned when I felt the length of him slide smoothly inside me.

He began to jab forward.

“Don’t do that!” I said harshly. “Or you will spend your seed too soon. Just lie back and enjoy. I have a lot of other things that will blow your mind!”

He went still, his open mouth taking in the air in large gasps as I inched down over his dong till it was completely inside me.

“Ugghhh…” he groaned, his hands rising up to take hold of my tits to fondle them.

I looked down. His dong had completely disappeared inside my twat and his pubic hair tickled the inside of my thighs. I paused in this position for a while, luxuriating in the thrill that his pole was giving me.

“Don’t you dare spurt your milk,” I warned him, pulling back slowly till only his cock tip remained inside. I paused again, looking down at the sight between my legs: his pulsating dong, poised under my twat. I suddenly slammed down on the pole.

“Ah, ah, uhh…” I gasped as his meat plowed into me.

“Hmmm, hmmm, oh, ooohh…” he grunted, pushing his hips up to meet my wild thrust.

I reached down and fondled my clit, now, beginning the sweet up and down movements, fucking my hole with his pole, and clutching his shoulders.

I felt his legs encircling my waist and I recalled how it used to be before with me under him and my legs around his ass. He pulled my ass and pushed his up off the bed, trying to match my thrusts. Our hips slammed against each other and his dong made squishy sounds in the silence of the room, interspaced with our moans.

My tits were swinging wildly now and he tried to keep a hold of them. I fucked him, oh god, how I fucked him!

“I-I think my milk is going to…” his voice was strangled.

Almost immediately, I froze, his dong embedded inside me.

“No!” I said. “You will not spend your milk inside my cunt. Just do as I ask and you will get a better high than a dozen bottles ever gave you by watching that milk come over other parts of my body.”

His eyes widened as he contemplated this and he looked down through bleary eyes as I rose slowly till his dong slipped out of my hole.

I pinched the top of his rod and he squealed. I laughed quietly when I watched his erect rod slowly deflate.

Still rubbing my clit, I jerked his rod slowly. It was wet with my juices and his pre cum and my hand slid over it easily, bringing it back to its original state.

“I told you to take it easy, Abhi,” I said softly. “I promise you that you will enjoy it if you last longer.”

“O-Okay,” he stammered.

I rolled over and lay beside him, beginning to slide down the bed till my ass was on the edge, my legs on the floor and my knees wide open.

“Stand çankaya escort bayan in front of me on the floor and fuck your cock back into my cunt again,” I breathed.

Hurriedly, he rose to obey me. He shuffled forward till his rod was resting on my belly and then knelt down, placing his hands on either side of my shoulders.

I reached down to grab his dong, directing it into my hole.

“Now!” I cried out, lifting my hips upwards.

He groaned as he slammed forward and buried his dong deep inside my twat in one swift thrust.

“AARGHHH…” I sighed as I felt his dick fuck deep inside me, throbbing wildly. I raised my legs up and spread them apart, resting the heels on his shoulders.

“Now, fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck me, you beast, fuck that cock inside my cunt, yes, yes, like that, like that, ugh, unngghh, Hmmmm, yessss…”

I pushed up when he came down and drew back when he did. Our thighs slammed against each other and I went back to stroking my clit.

“Look down,” I gasped, “and you can see your cock drilling my cunt!”

He did. We both did. His dark meat plunged in and out of my twat and he increased the pace. He reached out to grasp my tits cruelly and I enjoyed the pain!

“Ah, ah, yes, just a bit deeper, ah yes, I’m going to cum, yes, I’m cumming, oh yes, yes!” I cried out.

He began to fuck me in short but fast strokes.

“You don’t cum now,” I gasped, digging my heels deeper into his shoulders and frigging my clit faster. “Just let me cum and I’ll promise you that you will cum later and better than ever before.”

His eyes were shut as he concentrated on holding back. For an amateur in this type of fucking, he sure was good.

I arched my back up and off the bed as I felt the orgasm rippling through my insides. I could almost feel my juices jutting out from deep inside me, washing his thrusting dong.

I raked his back with the nails of my free hand and managed to push a finger of the other hand into my hole alongside his thrusting rod.

“Put your tongue in my mouth,” I whispered, pulling his head down.

His mouth opened and I accepted his tongue in mine, sucking on it voraciously as I climaxed.

It was the best orgasm I ever had with him. It kept coming and coming till I felt my body go hollow, as though the insides were ripped and flowed out of my twat. I remembered to release my twat muscles that had been clamping around his dong to make it easy for him to prolong his cum.

I slipped my legs down over his shoulders and dug them into his ass cheeks, pulling him to me and keeping him there, communicating to him to stop thrusting in and out. He realized it and lay still on top of me, letting me suck his tongue as he kneaded and fondled my tits that were mashed against his chest.

I pushed his face back and looked at him. His eyes were almost bloodshot and filled with desire.

“Pull your cock out of my cunt,” I told him weakly.

Gently, he pulled out, the act itself making a soft ‘plop’ sound.

I wriggled up the bed, pulling him along with me, feeling his rock hard rod rub against my belly.

“Climb on me and sit on my stomach.” I commanded.

He looked bewildered, but obeyed. I was the master and he had accepted it.

“Put your legs around my waist.”

I raised my arms as he dumbly crouched over me, his rod dangling, foreskin pulled back to reveal the angry purple glans.

“Push your knees into my armpits.”

He had to sit on my belly to do that. I encircled my hands over his hips laying the back of my hands against the outer side of my tits.

“Now, put your cock between my melons.”

Instantly, he understood. He groaned, his hands shaking violently as he pushed his rod between my large tits.

I pushed my tits together with the back of my hands, in the process, holding his hips together as well.

“Now,” I told him in a small sexy voice, “fuck my melons with your cock.”

He began to rock back and forth like a demon. His cock was already wet with my juices and it glided smoothly in my cleavage.

“Ah, yes, ugh, ugh, it, it feels so, so, good!” he panted.

Sweat fell down on my face from his brow as he looked on in fascination at the sight of his rod fucking my tits.

I literally felt his meat expand as it rocked in and out of the valley of my tits. I raised my neck up.

“Every time you fuck in, wait for a while so I can suck the head of your rod. Then go back and fuck in again,” I instructed him.

He thrust forward and I opened my mouth to welcome his cock head inside my watering mouth. I sucked on it, tasting the juices of my twat.

And then he pulled back. His hands grabbed mine and he pushed my tits together harder. He fucked forward and paused, again, letting me suck on him.

His meat slid against the sensitive inner skin of my tits as he now fucked in and out faster and faster.

“Oh, oh, ah, Maya, ah, ah, I am going to shoot!” he whispered through gritted teeth.

This time, I did not ask him to hold back. Instead, I began to rock my body up and down, countering his thrusts as he fucked my tits.

For his first tit-fuck, he certainly lasted long enough. A vision of Jay’s cock doing that to me from above sprang through my mind as I watched his jism spurt out from the slit of his throbbing dong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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