Maintenance Men

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How does anything begin really? If anyone had told me when I cracked the window in our spare bedroom that it would lead and my wife Jane down the path of sexual depravity I would have not believed them. But it did. I was moving a dresser when it tipped and a paperweight slid off and crashed into the window. The window only cracked a little. Jane and I argued over whose fault it was. She was adamant that I call apartment maintenance so they could fix the window as soon as possible. I love my wife but sometimes she can be so bossy and I always give into her.

I was informed that it would be at least a week before a new window could be installed. Shortly after making the maintenance call I forgot about the accident as often happens when the blur of daily life intercedes. The following Saturday Jane had to work, something she often does as a nurse.

My wife Jane is very attractive. She is 5’6″, with long brown hair and deep brown eyes. Jane has nice firm grapefruit sized tits. I have always felt she is way too beautiful for an average guy like me. I stand about 5’11” with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. I am not much to look at. I guess that is why I put up with Jane’s sometimes-bitchy attitude and yet love her all the more for it.

Publicly, I am straight arrow homophobic white guy. Privately, I have always been fascinated with cocks larger than my 6″ inches. Before now I never questioned my sexuality. I always assumed my interest in large cocks was standard penis envy.

That Saturday, I was feeling horny so I broke out the newest addition to my collection of XXX DVDs. I watch them on my computer. I can’t play the movies too loud since we live in an apartment so I bought a set of headphones that I like to use just for those private viewing times. I thought my newest movie featured blonde white girls being fucked by black and Hispanic guys. My wife and I are both as white as they come. Interracial sex scenes have always turned me on.

When I opened the jewel case I found out that the clerk had given me the wrong movie. I was pissed off but I decided to watch the movie anyway. The first scene started with a cute little blonde girl with big tits introducing her husband to a Hispanic guy she said was her lover. Not much of a plot but who cares. The blonde goes to her knees in front of the Latin guy and hauls out a huge brown cock. The whole time she is telling her husband how much she loves Hector’s cock. I stroked my growing cock. It was setting up to be a real hot scene when the husband reached for the other guys cock.

Shit this was a bi movie. I remembered the clerk smiling almost flirting with me at the video store. I had ignored him but I bet he swapped the movies on purpose. I turned the movie off. I switched to an older DVD but it I found myself thinking about the new movie. I switched back to the bi movie. I was disgusted yet attracted as the couple sucked that Hispanic cock. My hand unconsciously jacked my painfully hard cock. The husband took over sucking the lover’s cock as the wife went for her strapon. A few minutes into the scene the poor husband was getting his ass fuck by his wife, while he sucked her Latin lover’s large cock.

By that time I was stroking my dripping hard cock furiously. I didn’t hear the knock on the door. I didn’t hear the two maintenance guys open the door. Since I was in the back bedroom with my back to the door, I didn’t know they were escort şişli there watching me sitting naked at the computer jacking off as this guy was taking it from both ends.

I jumped when Enrique and Juan stood next to me.

I screamed, “What the hell are you two doing here.”

Enrique replied, “We knocked and called out. No one answered.”

Juan said, “We are here to fix the window.”

They were watching the monitor screen. I was utterly embarrassed as I sat there naked.

Enrique said something to Juan in Spanish and they smirked.

Juan said, “Does Miss Jane know you like looking gay movies?”

“Get out. Get the fuck out of my apartment now. I will have you two fired.”

After they left, I was really upset. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want the two maintenance men telling anyone about what they had seen. After about an hour going over the different possibilities none of which sounded acceptable, I decided to go talk to Juan and Enrique.

I found out from one the girls in the office that they were working in a vacant apartment at the back of the complex.

I knocked on the door. Enrique answered. “Hola, Mr. Smith.”

I said, “Call me Mark.” I apologized to them for yelling. I begged them not mention anything to anyone. That’s when things went wrong and my life took a real turn.

Juan said, “Mark, What do we get if keep your little secret.”

Not sure of what he was asking, I offered them money.

Enrique said, “We will take the money, but we want something else.”

“Here’s the money. That’s all I have. What else do you want?”

Juan unzipped his work pants and hauled out a fat 8″ uncut Mexican cock. He smiled.

Scared I said, “Wait just one dammn minute guys. I am not gay. I don’t do that sort of thing.”

Enrique exposed his large brown Latin cock as well. He said, “Mark, You were jacking off watching a white guy suck some Latin manmeat. We are just offering you the chance to try the real thing.”

Juan added, “You want it. No one will know. We will keep quiet about the other thing too.”

They both stood there with cocks in hand.

Pissed, I stormed out of the vacant apartment. The whole way back to my apartment kept reliving the encounter in the empty apartment when those two big brown cocks came into view. I was so damn mad I was shaking. Those fucking guys had some fucking nerve. Why was my cock was so hard? How could I let myself be so affected by Juan and Enrique?

What was I going to do? I couldn’t have them telling anyone. The more I thought about it the harder my cock became. I couldn’t believe I was contemplating sucking cock to keep my secret.

I turned around just as I reached my front door. Slowly I returned to the vacant apartment where Juan and Enrique were working. Juan answered the door with a huge grin and I entered the room.

Enrique said, “I see Mark decided to come back for a taste of cock. Are you going to play nice this time Mark? I want you to suck my big brown Mexican dick.”

He dropped his pants and stroked his growing cock. “Here Mark, stroke my cock. Make it hard for me.”

I placed my hand on his brown dick. It was hot and it seemed so large. I stroked it slowly like I like mine jacked.

Juan placed my hand on his big uncut Mexican cock. I pleaded, “Please don’t tell anyone.”

Juan said, “That depends on how cooperative kağıthane escort you are.” He placed a hand on my head and gently pushed me to my knees. I didn’t resist. Once on my knees in front of them, their big cocks hanging only inches from my face appeared even larger. Deep down I had fantasized about this. I never admitted it to myself but I had imagined what it would be like to see a big ethnic cock up close. Now I wanted to worship those two big cocks with my mouth and tongue.

I couldn’t decide which cock to suck first. Tentatively I opened my mouth and licked Juan’s fat hard cock. His foreskin fascinated me. I had never seen an uncut cock up close. Hell, the only cock I had ever seen up close was my own dick. I sucked Juan’s thick hooded cock head. Then I licked the shaft. Enrique lightly tapped his cock on my check as I sucked his friend. I smelled a funky sex aroma that made me light headed. My cock was rock hard and leaking juice into my underwear.

Not wanting to ignore Enrique, I released Juan’s tasty meatcicle and gave Enrique’s brown shaft a good licking.

Enrique said, “Lick my balls man.” He lifted his cock offering me better access to his large brown eggs. I sucked on his balls, one at a time and lick my way up his cock following a big vein until I reached the oversized mushroom head at the end. I sucked Enrique. He encouraged me to take more and more of his cock into my mouth. It was too big I could only take a little over half of his cock down my throat before I gagged.

They laughed at me as I coughed. Once I had caught my breath Juan offered me his cock again. I sucked it like I had tried to suck Enrique’s. I jacked Enrique while I sucked Juan. Then I sucked Enrique and jacked Juan. In a sexual frenzy I sucked one cock then switched to the other dick over and over again.

I was sucking on Enrique’s cock when Juan said, “Shit Mark, I am going to cum.” His first shot hit me in the eye before I could switch cocks. The next few ejaculations filled my mouth. His cock twitched and jerked as I milk the last drops of cum from it. Enrique said, “Mark are you ready for load number two?” I let Juan’s spent cock fall from my lips and opened wide for Enrique. His cum blast was hot and hard. It hit the back of my throat. Enrique kept cumming. Finally when he was through I had cum dripping from my chin and nose. I sucked Enrique’s softening cock until he pushed me away.

Juan said, “Thanks Mark. That is just what we needed. I love gringo cocksuckers.” They put their spent cocks away. Enrique said, “Mark you will have to leave now.”

I said, “Look I did what you asked, now please keep this quiet.”

Again they laughed as Juan closed the door in my face. I was deflated. It had been humiliating and yet thrilling being forced to suck them off. I went back to my apartment. I watch the bi video again and jacked off imagining that I was the hubby and either Juan or Enrique was the Latin stud. I came a huge load when the stud came on the white guys face. I kept the video instead of returning it.

Jane was pissed that the maintenance crew hadn’t fixed the window when she got home. She threatened to call the office. Jane said, “You are such a fucking wimp. I can’t get you to do anything around here. I should find a real man to take care of me. Is that what you want?”

I couldn’t let her talk to Juan or Enrique so I promised to take care of it. Sometimes Jane escort ataköy was so mean to me, but I didn’t say anything. I never do.

The next Tuesday I came home from work and the maintenance cart was parked outside our place. When I entered the apartment, I heard Jane yelling in passion. As I approached the master bedroom I could make out what she was saying. Jane said, “Fuck me you stud. Fuck me like a white whore with your big fucking Mexican cock.” I knew that humiliation was waiting for me behind that door but my cock was hard and I couldn’t stop myself. I entered the room. Enrique was on his back while my beautiful wife was bouncing on his large Mexican cock. Juan was standing next to the bed pinching her hard red nipples while he stroked his cock.

Jane saw me standing in the doorway. She said sarcastically, “Hi hon. I am glad you are home. How was your day?” The whole time she bounced on Enrique’s fat Mexican cock. Jane said, “I hear you like sucking Latin cock. Now I know why you’re such a wimp. But, I can’t blame you these guys are real men. Get undressed while you watch Juan and Enrique fuck me.”

I hung my head in shame as they all laughed. I stripped down to my briefs. My hard cock betrayed me. I couldn’t deny my arousal. My wife made me remove my underwear too.

Juan said, “Mark go get us a couple beers while your slut wife fucks my friend.”

Jane commanded, “You heard him. You will do as they say or I will leave you, my little bitch.”

When they found out we didn’t have any beer, they made me go to the store wearing Jane’s thong underwear under my clothes. My cock stayed hard the whole time I was at the store. When I returned, Juan was fucking Jane doggie style. She was sucking on Enrique’s big cock at the same time.

Juan made me undress except for the panties before I served them beer. As Juan drank his beer his cock slipped out of Jane’s pussy. Jane made me put Juan’s slick fat brown cock back in her gaping cunt. He slapped my ass and said, “Thanks Mark.”

Jane moaned with a mouth full of cock, “Mmm, fuck me. I love your big brown cock.”

Those two Mexican maintenance men fucked my bitchy wife silly. They took turns fucking her while she would suck the other. Juan fucked her ass while Enrique fucked her pussy.

The whole time they all laughed at me. Juan pulled out and came on her back. Enrique came deep in her pussy. The excitement was too much for me. My cock shot a large load soaking the front of the panties I was wearing. Jane made me suck his load from her dripping used cunt. I savored the mixed of their juices. Jane came while I ate her. Then they made me suck the cum from the used panties.

My wife was exhausted when they finally left. They thanked her for the pussy and ass. She thanked them for the big hard Mexican cock. Juan thanked me for the cunt and beer.

Since that day, they to come by at least once a week to fuck my wife. I don’t like it. But Jane loves it. Occasionally she will let me fuck her. Usually my role is to clean her pussy but lately Jane has made me lick Juan and Enrique’s slick cocks after they cum deep in her.

Yesterday, Jane was at work when the doorbell rang. It was Juan and Enrique. They were unhappy when I told them that Jane was at work. I offered them a beer. After they drank the first, Enrique asked if I had anymore. When I returned they had both dropped their pants and were stroking their hard Latin cocks.

I knew what they wanted. I wanted it too. They made me undress. I handed the guys their beers and went to my knees in front of Juan. He said, “Lets see if you can please us as good as your slut wife.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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