Make It Up To Me Pt. 04

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“I’ve got to pee,” Sean leaned closer to Richard and whispered.

“I know,” he answered coyly.

“I’m serious! I’m not holding anymore! I was on the brink of pissing my pants a moment ago,” he confessed in a fierce whisper.

“Hold it then,” Richard toyed around.

“Which part of ‘I’m not holding anymore’ did you miss?” he shot back.

“So that means we’re over?”

“You’re not blackmailing me anymore, Richard. I only gave in ’cause I didn’t want to upset you. But now you’re hurting me!”

Richard simply stared, taken aback at his reaction. Everything about it hurt and stung him inside.

“As soon as I get rid of this hard-on, I’m hitting the men’s room,” he stated.

For a moment, Richard said nothing. The hurt and disappointment were evident Bostancı escort on his face. “Fine,” he finally said and leaned back on his chair.

Meanwhile, Sean desperately fought to control another massive wave of pee desperation that just hit him. He clamped his cock shut and humped the chair in an attempt to kill the incredible urge to urinate. He hissed and puffed as the diuretic tortured his bladder with a tsunami of piss. He so badly wanted to run to the toilet, find a stall, unzip and pee. But he couldn’t leave. Not with this erection.

“Was it only diuretics or something more?” he almost snarled at Richard.

“What?” Richard didn’t hear him well.

“Was it only diuretics or something more,” he snapped, more fiercely this time and continued Anadolu Yakası Escort to hump on the chair. “I want to peeeee, I want to pee-pee-pee-pee!”

“Just diuretics,” said Richard.

“Thanks! I thought you might have slipped in viagra too!” He jiggled his legs and edged on the chair.

“There’s only one way.”

“What?” hissed Sean.

“Just go to the loo,” he answered.

“Like this!!? No way!”

“Then you won’t be peeing for a long time. And I do believe you need the toilet desperately, like right now. Isn’t it?”

“Yes, shiiiitttt!!” Sean suddenly crossed his legs in a state of emergency and crushed his penis with both hands.

“What? What is it?” Richard asked.

“I’m losing it!!” he whispered in alarm. Kadıköy Escort

“Hold on! Squeeze your muscles!” Richard suggested, equally alarmed. Though a while ago, he wished that Sean would piss his pants, he now felt concerned.

For a moment, there was silence as Sean fought to gain control.

“Did you hold it back?” asked Richard.

Cautiously, Sean let go off his erection and peered down at his crotch. There was a large wet spot right in the centre. “Dammit,” he cussed, “I pissed my pants.”

“Quick, let’s get you to the toilet,” Richard pulled off his blazer and offered it to Sean. “Just use this as a shield and follow me.”

Covering himself up, Sean waited for Richard to take the lead. It was hard uncrossing his legs, considering how full he was. His shaft was filled with urine and crossing his legs somehow held it all in. But now, he was at great risk.

Richard stood a bit away and waved at Sean. Come on, he gestured.

Sean stared at him, his eyes like gooseberries.

Richard knew that he was in trouble.

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