Making The Right Choice

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I had spent a very wet and windy day trekking in the hills. I was soaked through and had booked a bed in a hostel for the night. It was one of those out of the way places where the isolation is part of the experience. But as far as I was concerned it just offered a warm shower, food and rest before continuing my trek the next day.

I checked in at reception and went up to my dorm. As usual in these places there always seems to be someone asleep in the room however early in the evening. Not wanting to disturb this guy I tip toed back out of the room to the showers.

I returned to the room clean and refreshed. The previous guy’s bunk was now empty, so I dropped my wet towel and got dressed. After putting on some clean dry socks I immediately noticed that the floor was wet, soaking wet in fact! There was a huge pool of water, not from my wet body, but from a leak in the ceiling. I didn’t fancy staying in this room after a hard day in the hills. It smelt damp and I didn’t want to be woken in the night with water splashing my face!

So I went back to reception and asked if there were any other spare rooms. The receptionist was cute, and I was loathed to complain! I explained the problem but she said that all the other rooms were full up. Just as I thought that my luck was out, she came up with a plan. There was a separate cabin normally reserved for staff, if I didn’t mind using it. I certainly didn’t mind, especially if I got to share with her! She walked me over to the room, it was a self contained cabin with two single beds and the usual amenities. It wasn’t anything special but it was fine for me. I said that I’d take it, and with that she smiled and left the room. Clearly my wishes were not going to be granted, damn!!

It was still early evening, I’d eaten, done all of my chores and sat with fellow guests passing the hours until bed talking and reading books. Bored of this I went back to my cabin to listen to my ipod. The ipod also has video on it and this comes in handy when you’re bored. It also has some porn on it which is handy if you’re frustrated!! I got undressed, climbed into those restrictive sheet sleeping bags hostels have and laid out some tissues. I figured that it would be a waste of all this isolation not to have a wank.

I selected “Down The Hatch” on the ipod and laid there on my side watching some fit Eastern European girls getting fucked and sucking a succession of enormous cocks. The girls were real moaners, so it was a good job that I was using earphones! There was plenty of fucking in all holes but the point of the video gaziantep bayan eskort was that guys would empty their balls into willing mouths and the girls would swallow the lot! I don’t know how they take the size of those cocks in their mouths. Or, for that matter, swallow the cum of four guys at once, but they sure seem to like it!! Under the sheet and duvet I played with myself. Sometimes having a frantic tug, but mostly gently stroking my cock and rubbing my finger around the bell end and across my eye.

Thinking how I’d like to be fucking the face of that receptionist, the light came on, much to my shock!! It was weird! There was this guy standing in the doorway, while I still had my hand on my boner beneath the sheets! I’m not sure what he could see, but my red face and laid out tissues would have been a good clue! Taking my hand away from my cock and wiping the traces of pre-cum on my stomach, I took my earphones off and half sat up in bed. He was a little embarrassed too about the situation and came over to introduce himself as Simon. He stood right next to me, he was tall, took off his wet walking coat and explained that the receptionist had said that this was the last room available. It was a bit awkward talking to someone so close and so tall. He had some tight tracksuit bottoms on and with his crotch just above my face it was hard not to glimpse between his legs.

Curious, Simon asked what I was listening to and before I could make up some bullshit his finger reached out to turn over my ipod showing the porn that was playing in the process.

“Oh, I’m sorry to have spoilt your fun.” He said as he caught an eye of a blow job scene.

I lay there silently with the ipod on my bare torso. Simon was looking at the video and gazing around my chest. My erection was rapidly diminishing, but a glance at Simon’s crotch made me think that something was stirring in his pants. I was stuck there, virtually pinned to the bed by our positions. Breaking the silence and to ease my embarrassment, Simon produced a video player of his own.

“Look, you’re not alone. I’ve got some stuff on here too! Why don’t you take a look while I get cleaned up?”

Thinking for a while I replied “Ok, anything in particular?

“No, I’m into allsorts really. Just stick it on random play, I’ll be back in a while” said Simon walking off with an evermore impressive bulge.

I certainly wasn’t alone. I was in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, randy as hell from my earlier frustrations and interruption, with a guy who seems to like what he sees. My heartbeat raced a little as I wondered just how big his bulge could become. Then I quickly turned to his player… I thought, “ok he’s a good looking guy, but I’m not into that.”

True, there was allsorts of porn on there. Skipping through on random play showed, but not overly so, some gay/bi video, there was also plenty of girl on girl, and gang bang stuff there. I laid there with my head propped up on a pillow scanning through Simon’s collection of filth. I was beginning to get a semi, which was frustrating in itself. Then Simon came back from the shower in a towel. Coming straight over, he resumed his position slightly standing over me.

“What have you found, anything that you like? He inquisitively asked.

“Lots! It’s very, err, varied!” I said.

“Yeah, you could say that! I’m very varied myself! There’s some home video of my own on there too.” I was told.

“Oh yeah, like what? I asked looking up seeing not only Simon’s full body, but that familiar lump in his crotch nudging the towel outwards.

“Me and a few friends over the years.” He replied. “But, you don’t have to look at video when I’m here in the flesh.”

With that Simon opened his towel with both hands. This revealed a penis, thick, firm and rising up past halfway. My heart was racing once more. This was a predicament that I hadn’t thought about before. I was wanting from looking at porn for the best part of an hour, but unsure. My cock was still firm, I gulped and thought “Yeah, I’m up for this.”

Quite what I was up for was anyone’s guess, but to start I reached out to touch the end of his cock. It twitched and Simon smiled. I took it as my cue. I slowly moved my hand around his shaft and moved it up and down slowly. I was rewarded as he stiffened in front of my eyes. I shuffled up in bed, it was glorious! Lightly haired firm balls supporting upwards of 9 inches of the hardest cock imaginable. Simon raised one foot onto my bed, opening his legs in the process. I cupped and fondled his balls and stroked slightly towards his crack.

I just did like I like doing to myself for a few moments until Simon moved his foot over to the other side of me before finally straddling me. I couldn’t keep hold of his cock during this and it swung heavily in front of me. Nestling on his knees, he brought his hips forward, bringing himself ever closer to my face. I thought back to the video I was watching earlier and began to appreciate what those stars and previous girlfriends must have felt when a cock approached their mouths. Simon stopped an inch or two away from me. It was now my choice again. I paused, looked up at Simon towering over me, looked at his cock, before looking back up as I took a swipe of his uncut penis with my tongue.

I caught a glob of pre-cum, it was sweet and tasty. I smiled at Simon, I had overcome a mental barrier and was hungry for more cock and opened my mouth. No time was sparred as Simon’s globular head passed my lips. It was silky smooth and he popped it in and out of my mouth several times never going further than the head. I wanted him on my terms now and grabbed hold of him to lick around the rim of his head like a lolly. This produced the desired effect and Simon pushed forward so that I had about 3 inches of him in my mouth.

This wasn’t enough, so we swapped positions so that I could go down on him properly and see just how much I could get in my gob. For the first time being on top gave me more control and power. His veiny, powerful cock lay on his belly. I brought it up to my lips and returned to the familiar 3 inches depth. This was easy, with the weight of gravity on my side I lowered my mouth taking it inch by inch. It reached the back of my throat and I had to come up for air. Sucking his balls one by one I regained my composure. I had to do better, his shaft glistened with a mix of my spit and his pre-cum. I returned to the starting position and readily got him to the back of my throat. I thought whether someone else would come it at this point. I was nose down, bare arse in the air sucking the life out of a stranger, my rock hard cock pointing out from my groin for all to see.

I gave myself a little tug, I wanted to cum badly. Fearful that I might not like sucking cock after my own ecstasy had passed, I concentrated on this mammoth shaft still between my lips. Panting through my nose, I closed my eyes and gave a final push downwards passing Simon beyond my relaxing throat. Mission accomplished! My nose rested in his short pubes, rocking my head gently back and forth.

There was nowhere to go now. I just wanted to see how much spunk my sucking would produce and to take it in my mouth. I slurped my way off his tool and wanked his slimy cock in front of my face. Simon said that he had never had his cock blown like that, not even in his home movies. Happy with this complement I kept pumping with my fist until he tensed. Open mouthed his first two big bolts reached the back of my tongue, I caught the rest of his sperm on face and swallowed deeply. I furiously wanked my own cock as I cleaned him up with my tongue, eventually I came bucket loads on the bed.

This goes to prove that the splatter of a man’s cum on your face is better than water from a dripping ceiling any day!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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