Making Up for Lost Time

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This is a true story.

It really begins back in my early professional days. My wife Joanie and I had met doing a summer stock production of Jesus Christ Super-star in the small town of Salem, New Hampshire. This must have been around 1980. My wife Joanie and I were staying in the home of the producers of the play. They lived on a large lake near Salem, and we were house sitting for them over a week when they were out of town. A couple we were close to came to visit for the week and we partied hard. I had known Thad since high school and his girlfriend Cheryl was new to our circle. She was an attractive 5’5″, slender, with small but sexy breasts, a nice, tight ass and long brown hair and brown eyes. Thad was around 5’11” tall, a little heavy but fit. Joanie, my wife, was around 5’2″, 38″breasts, wide hips and short natural blonde hair and green eyes. She would be called Rubenesque in earlier times. We smoked and drank and partied all week and on a certain night I had too much and passed out.

When I woke up the next morning, everything seemed normal, but I could detect a slight nervousness in my three compadres. I asked if I had done something rude or stupid the night before and they just laughed and said, “No.”

I thought nothing about it, and we continued our party like before. They left Sunday afternoon, headed back to Boston, and life continued.

I might tell you now that Joanie and I had been exploring an alternative sexual lifestyle since just after we met in school. We had threesomes, foursomes and swapped partners with one couple several times over the years whenever we got together and everyone was cool.

Joanie and I left for our place when our producer friends returned, and all seemed well. Several days after we returned from the lake, we were having a fun, relaxed night of sex when Joanie said,

“I need to tell you something and I hope you are not going to me upset.” Uh-oh…

“What do you need to tell me?”

She looked at me with a grimace and discomfort on her face and said, “The night you passed out at the lake, Thad, Cheryl and I had sex. We were all high too, and it just happened.” I was disappointed, not in Joanie or my friends, but because I had missed out on fucking Cheryl. I found her very sexy and would have love to have made love to her. I wasn’t angry at all. In fact, like many of the men involved in swinging, we love to watch our women experience multiple partners, especially if those partners can give pleasure to our women. For me there is nothing more erotic than seeing my women getting and giving pleasure.

I asked if she enjoyed it and she said it was not explosive sex but very slow and pleasurable. She also said she and Cheryl kissed and fondled each other but erotik film izle never went down on each other. She said Thad was a gentle and considerate lover and she would like to do it with them again. She and Cheryl went down on Thad, sharing his cock back and forth. My cock was extremely hard hearing this. She told me that the only downside to the lovemaking was that Thad was not especially well endowed. At maybe 6″ at most. She was probably a little spoiled as have a thick, 8″ cock and she had few lovers before we met. She also said Cheryl had never done anything like that, but she was cool with it. She just felt a little left out. She sat by them as Thad had his back against the headboard and Joanie rode him to orgasm. Other than some post-coital cuddling, that was it. I was cool with the whole thing and hoped in the near future we could consummate our foursome. We discussed the situation and I told her that it was my own fault for imbibing too much. I also told her to wake me if that situation ever happened again. I guaranteed her that I would rally to Cheryl’s aid.

Four or five years went by before we really had a chance to spend time with Thad and Cheryl who were by now also married. By happenstance we ended up in the same city in Texas and reconnected. Neither of us had kids yet and we began spending time playing tennis on the weekends. After several sets of doubles, followed by cocktails, Joanie and I conveyed to them that I was aware of what had happened in New Hampshire and had no issues with what they did. I said I was just jealous that I missed an opportunity to see Cheryl naked. She looked at me sheepishly and blushed. We also made it clear that we were game for a repeat whenever they were. We all laughed and called it a day.

Nothing more was said until we had some good weed and blow and offered to share it with them one weekend. We set a date for the following Saturday to meet at their new house. I was stoked as was Joanie. We fucked each other to exhaustion many times leading up to that Saturday.

We arrived at their house around 5:00 pm to have a good dinner, cocktails and figure how to get started. That always seems to be the hardest thing to do. Usually, one person or couple start making out or fondling each other in front of the other couple or one person kisses the opposite spouse. It usually goes from there to everyone getting naked quickly. On this night Thad and Cheryl wanted to play some kind of stripping game so Cheryl could ease into her debauchery. Fine. Joanie and I knew the value of anticipation in these moments.

We went into one their spare bedroom that was still without furniture an sat on the richly carpeted floor. We had already smoked several joints and we proceeded to snort film izle several lines each. Soon we were all flying and, I don’t know about the girls, but Thad and I looked at each other with that mischievous look that said, “What are we waiting for?” Things started slowly with a game of strip poker, and we were all soon down to our underwear. I know I wanted us all to lose as quickly as possible so we could see the girls’ luscious bodies. Cheryl had on a matching panty and bra set as did Joanie. They both had wet crotches but Cheryl’s was more evident due to the dark maroon color of her panties. Joanie, in white, was less evident but still visible. I could smell their cunts as we sat there. Thad and I were still wearing tidy whiteys at this time and my cock was swollen and drooling pre-cum. I didn’t pay much attention to Thad as I was engrossed in the women.

I lost the next hand and ,as I was down to just my briefs, I raised my ass off the floor and pulled down my underwear. My cock was not super hard but was definitely what I would call tumescent. It was fat and engorged. Thad had never seen my cock in that state and exclaimed, “Holy shit!” It embarrassed me but when I looked at Cheryl, she was bright red and had a look of mild fear on her face. I have to say, her reaction was a big turn-on.

Soon everyone was naked and Thad, hard cock in hand, took Joanie’s hand a led her to another bedroom. I did not expect that and would have preferred to watch him and my wife, but my lust was directed at Cheryl who was grinning and biting her bottom lip. Her head was positioned as if she was looking at the floor, but her eyes were staring my cock. She was not moving so I got on my knees and crawled over to her. I looked at her, she looked at me and I leaned in and kissed her. She was slow to respond, and I really had to work at getting her to loosen up and enjoy herself. She kissed me back tentatively as I gently pushed her onto her back. I took my time and slowly nibbled at her ears, her lips, down to her small pink nipples and to her stomach. I tried to open her legs, but she was reluctant.

I asked her what was wrong, and she laughed quietly and took my cock in her hands and breathlessly said, “This. I have never fucked someone this big and Thad is nowhere near this size.” I assured her I would be gentle, no matter what we did. She seemed encouraged by this and continued to squeeze and stroke my cock I was by now very hard, very veiny and pre-cum was running steadily from my cock head. Up to that point I had not touched her pussy except for her beautiful, trimmed bush. She released my throbbing member and lay back and parted her legs enough for me to get my hand between her legs and begin stroking her labia. She was creamy enough seks filmi izle for my middle finger to penetrate her lips and release some of her pent up juice. She sighed and moaned and opened her legs further. At last, I could my middle finger into her tight canal easily. Shortly her chest was heaving, and her breathing was very sensual. She smelled wonderful. I pulled my juice covered finger from her, looked her in the eye and stuck it in my mouth she closed her eyes, moaned and drew her legs up toward her chest opening her quim like a pink flower. I was absolutely beside myself with lust. I lay beside her with my cock near her mouth and my mouth near her pussy. I rolled her over on top of me with her snatch right over my face. I grabbed both cheeks of her ass and pulled her to my mouth. I completed engulfed her pussy with my entire mouth while licking from asshole to clit.

She said, “Oh my God…” and engulfed as much of my rod as she could. Without touching me she used just her mouth, sliding her full lips up and down my cock, mewling as I ate her ass and cunt. I was so horny and turned on that I knew I was going to cum in her mouth very soon if she did not stop. I rolled out from under her just before I flooded her throat. I then put her on her knees and knelt right behind her on my elbows and stomach and proceeded to eat her like never before. I could not get enough of her delicious, perfect cunt. She responded to my ministrations by bowing her and back downward, thrusting her cunt into my face. She was cumming over and over and finally had to pull away from me.

I got up behind her, spread her knees as far apart as possible and teased her gash with the head of my cock. I had not thought about Joanie and Thad since she began sucking me off. I lined her up and inserted my cock about halfway in. She was so tight . Like a virgin. It took her and my breath away. She grabbed the at the carpet and held on as I fed her my remaining inches. I began to gently but forcefully fuck her. She was grunting, mewling and squeezing my cock as she was climaxing. Her moans were really a turn-on, and I was getting close when the door opened and Joanie and Thad walked in. Thad said, “Whoa, babe!” as his wife thrashed on my cock. He and Joanie came over to us and began stroking and caressing Cheryl. She looked up at her hubby and raised her head up off the floor, her hair sweaty and hanging in her face, her lips swollen from her excitement and kissed him. Joanie was twisting her nipple’s and this sent her over the top. She convulsed and her cunt squeezed my throbbing member, causing me to grab her ass harder and pound her until I ejaculated hot stream after stream of hot cum into her womb. She and I both needed several minutes to calm down and our breathing return to normal. We all laid nude, each with our sweaty sex-covered spouses and basked in the warm glow of being sexually sated.

Joanie and I left a little later and we all vowed to do it again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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