Man or Mandy? Ch. 04

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I woke in the morning with a wonderful feeling. I looked down and saw Mandy with her mouth covering my cock. I glanced to the left and saw her magnificent ass wiggling in the air, her hard cock pointing straight down.

“Morning Hun.” I yawned, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

Mandy stopped sucking for a second “Hey Lover.” She purred. She then went back to my cock, giving the tip a little nip and giggling. I reached over and slapped her ass, turning it into a caress. I let my hand wander over her ass and down the shaft of her cock. I grabbed onto her cock and began to stroke it. She lifted a long leg and straddled my head, her hard cock dangling in my face. She was swaying her hips back and forth, letting her cock rub over my face. I opened my mouth and caught her cock with my lips and sucked her in.

Meanwhile, she was sucking me very slowly, wanting to make me last a long time. She was licking my head like a lollypop. I was sucking her hard, lifting my head to take her deep. I was massaging her ass cheeks spreading her wide. I slid a finger into her ass and felt around in her, exploring her ass. Mandy moaned and pushed her ass against me, as I slid another finger into her tight ass, wanting to touch every inch of her insides. I felt her tighten then she lifted up just out of my lips range and proceeded to shoot jet after jet of hot cum over my face and into my open mouth.

I was shocked at first but felt my own balls getting ready to unload. I flipped her over, pulled my cock out of her mouth, knelt over her and jerked my cock over her face, returning the favor.

After covering her face with my sticky white goo, she got up on her knees, faced me and started kissing me hard. We loved the taste of our combined cum, as we licked each other clean.

Just then I heard a crash of thunder. We went to the window and peeked out the window and saw that it was pouring out. “No riding today.” I kind of pouted. “What do you want to do today?”

“Well Dave, seeing as I have a car, I wouldn’t mind visiting my cousin Joanne. Kartal Grup Escort She’s only about 35 miles away.”

“Yeah, sure, we’ll leave right after breakfast.”

“Cool, I’ll give her a call.”

The trip over was great. We got to talk about a lot of things and found out we had a lot in common. We were holding hands and laughing, finding out we had the same warped sense of humor. She told me that Joanne was the first to accept her “transformation.”

We pulled into Joanne’s house and walked to the house hand in hand. Joanne met us at the door with a big hug for Mandy.

Mandy introduced us and we shook hands. She looked at me in a strange way. I was thinking she was sizing up this “Biker Guy” in front of her, with my shoulder length hair and goatee.

Joanne was very hot! She was about 5’8″ long blonde hair and eyes so blue you can get lost in them. She was wearing tight jeans and a grey half shirt. She had a runner’s body and her nipples were poking at her shirt.

She glanced at Mandy with a question in her eyes. Mandy grinned and said “Oh yeah, he knows! Boy, does he know!”

Joanne relaxed and hugged me, thanking me for accepting her cousin. The girls hugged again, inviting me into a group hug. We sat in the living room sipping some drinks while the girls talked about old times. We continued to drink and laugh and I noticed the drunker they got the more they touched and rubbed against each other. “If you guys want to make out, don’t let me stop you.” I joked. They looked at each other, shrugged, and met each others lips in a deep kiss.

My cock jumped up at seeing these two beautiful cousins making out with each other. Mandy pulled Joanne’s shirt over her head to revel her two firm tits. Mandy bent down and took a nipple into her mouth as Joanne started to lift Mandy’s shirt. Soon both girls were naked. Joanne dropped her head into Mandy’s lap and took her cock into her mouth. Mandy looked at me, smiling and said “Dave, come join us. We’ve been kissing cousins since we were 16.”

I Kartal Manken Escort got out of my chair and walked over to them, my cock threatening to burst from my jeans. Mandy reached out and unbuckled my jeans lowering them and my underwear to the floor. I stepped out and Joanne looked up and said “Wow Mandy, you did alright!” With that she leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. I reached down and took one of her tits and one of Mandy’s into my hands and played with them. Joanne and Mandy both stood up and kissed me, all three tongues intertwining. Joanne was jerking both of our cocks, while we took turns kissing each other.

Mandy pushed Joanne to the couch and buried her face between Joanne’s legs. I sat on the floor content to watch the action, gently jerking my cock with one hand while playing with one of Joanne’s tits with the other.

Joanne rolled her head towards me and asked “Dave, now that you’re with Mandy, do you still like pussy?”

“Oh yeah, I love it!”

“Let’s go to my bedroom.”

We untangled and got up, Mandy starting kissing me, giving me a taste of Joanne’s pussy. I followed Joanne with Mandy right behind. As we got into the bedroom, I grabbed Joanne from around her waist and pulled her to me, my hard cock bumping into her ass. I kissed her neck while cupping her tits. She ground her ass into me, teasing my cock. We went to the bed and Joanne lay on her back, spreading her legs. I climbed between her legs and ate her pussy like a starving man. I was savoring the sweet taste, wanting to drink every drop. Mandy was ramming her cock hard into Joanne’s mouth. Joanne began to buck her hips wildly, shouting “I’m cumming!” I directed all my energy on her sweet clit until she couldn’t take anymore.

“Oh man, fuck me Dave. Fuck me now, please” Joanne begged. She rolled over on the bed, stuck her ass in the air and said “Take me from behind!”

I lined my cock up with her pussy and slowly pushed into her. As I built speed, I leaned over her to play with her tit, that’s Kartal Masöz Escort when I felt something at my ass. Mandy had leaned in and was licking my hole. What a feeling! My cock buried in a hot pussy and a tongue pushing at my ass! It was difficult for Mandy to continue to lick me while I was fucking Joanne, so she switched from her tongue to pushing 2 fingers into me.

Joanne was continuing to have one orgasm after another as I pumped here hard. Mandy was twisting her fingers around as she finger fucked my ass. I couldn’t hold back and exploded deep in Joanne’s pussy.

I rolled off of Joanne, turned and kissed Mandy. “My turn” Mandy smiled. “I have an idea.” Mandy climbed onto the bed and directed me to sit on her cock, facing her. She then had Joanne straddle her face facing me. As I settled my ass over her cock, Joanne eased herself onto Mandy’s mouth. Mandy started to lick Joanne’s pussy, sucking my cum out of her. I was riding up and down on her cock taking all of her. I reached out for Joanne, pulling her to me to kiss her. I massaged her tits, feeling her nipples grow under my hands. Joanne started to breath heavy, soon she was cumming again. Joanne said “I can’t take anymore.” She rolled off, leaving Mandy’s face shiny from the combination of Joanne’s pussy juices and my cum.

My cock was getting hard again, slapping Mandy’s belly as I bounced on her cock. Joanne leaned in and took my cock in her mouth. I reached over her head and grabbed one of Mandy’s tits, squeezing it.

Mandy put her head back and let out a scream, and I felt her cock pump her sweet cum into me. She must have cum for a full minute. I felt her cum leak out of my ass even with her cock still in me. Joanne squeezed my balls and I filled her mouth with my cum. She saved a mouthful and went to share it with Mandy.

As we lay together, coming down from our sex high, Mandy kissed me gently and said “Dave my love, I want you to know that I have fallen deeply in love with you.” She waited for my reaction, a little uncertainty in her eyes. I smiled at her and said “Funny thing is, I feel the same way. I just didn’t want to mess up what we had.” I looked her right in the eye and said “I love you so much Mandy!”

After that we all moved in together in Joanne’s house and still love each other. Every day is still a new adventure.

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