Manhandled Ch. 03

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When I finally got home I snuck into my bedroom and quickly drifted off to sleep. I slept late Sunday morning and when I woke up all I could think about was Tom, and the things he had done to me. It almost seemed like a dream, but my sore ass and tender nipples reminded me that the encounter was very real. I closed my eyes and reminisced about how his throbbing cock felt as it entered me, and became hard. I browsed a porn site until I found one of my favorite videos of a muscular Daddy fucking a smooth twink. It seemed even hotter now, knowing that I had just been fucked by a muscular Daddy, and I jerked off as I watched the man brutally fuck the twink until his cum dripped from his boys gaping ass. After I shot my own load, I showered and went downstairs, and was thankful to find my parents weren’t home. I really didn’t want to explain why I was walking bowlegged. Gingerly I sat down and began watching a movie, but I couldn’t really concentrate on it. I was still thinking about Tom. I was thinking about jerking off again when I heard my phone go off, and was elated when I saw it was a message from Tom.

“Good morning boy.” The message read.

“Good morning Daddy! What are you doing?” I replied.

“Thinking about you and your tight boy pussy.” Tom text back.

Damn, that was hot, I thought as I stroked my cock again. I liked that he was thinking about me. It made me feel sexy. “I was just thinking about your giant cock.” I text back. He replied with a dick pic. “Damn Daddy it’s so big!” I replied, now really stroking myself. We had a nice dirty sexting session and when I came, I sent him a picture of my cum dripping from my cock.

“Nice. I wish you were here to take care of Daddy.” Tom text back.

Later that night we texted some more and I sent Tom a couple of pictures of my ass. He sent me back a picture of his hard cock, and then one of his hand covered in cum. I liked that. I felt sexy turning him on. As I drifted off to sleep I thought about Tom doing nasty things to me. I imagined living with him as his bitch boi.

Monday was busy and we didn’t talk much. I couldn’t believe how bad I missed him, and couldn’t wait for our next encounter. I wanted to go see him after work, but we worked late and by the time we got off I was exhausted. But we sexted again that night, which made me want him even more. After I came and tried to get to sleep, I thought about what a fag I was becoming. I felt a bit embarrassed about it, but I didn’t really care. I was becoming comfortable with my sexuality and desires and knew this is who I was. I knew there was no turning back now.

When I woke up the next morning it was pouring rain, and my boss called to tell me we wouldn’t be working. As soon as I got off the phone with him I text Tom, and told him I had the day off, and I hoped I could spend it with him. He immediately replied that he had a meeting that morning, but would be free that afternoon. So I spent the morning laying around and counting the minutes until I could see my guy again. Around eleven, I showered, shaved and began to get ready. I began to get dressed then I remembered the black jockstrap I had hidden in my drawer. I always liked when a bottom wore a jock on porn, so I had bought it to wear for Lance. But he had broke it off before I could. I dug it out and put it on then admired myself in the mirror. I felt so sexy wearing it and wondered if Tom would like it. I pulled a pair of shorts over it and put on a tshirt, then waited for Tom to text me. When he finally did, I raced to my car and took off, trying not to speed as I headed over to his house. When I got there I parked and quickly walked to the front door. Tom was standing on the porch, waiting on me, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. He looked delicious.

“Hello!” Tom said as he looked me up and down.

“Hey!” I replied, admiring his muscular chest. I followed him in the house and he led me to the basement where he had a large rec room with a pool table, a full bar, a huge couch and a giant tv, which was showing a video of a guy about my age getting fucked by two men. The sound was on and the men were saying filthy things to the boy as he sucked one of them and took the other in his ass. The bottom was incredibly hot, with white blonde hair and wearing only a pair of knee high socks. The two men both had huge cocks.

Tom saw me watching and smiled. “You like that?” He asked.

“Oh yeah, that’s hot!” I replied.

“Yes it is!” Tom said. “I love watching that bottom get fucked. He’s one of my favorites.” He watched himself for a minute, then smacked his lips. “Damn.” He commented before he returned his attention to me. güvenilir bahis “I’m glad you were able to come over.”

“Me too.” I said softly. He took a step towards me and put his mouth to mine and kissed me deeply. His hands slid to my ass and gave it a squeeze. Then he felt the jockstrap.

“Are you wearing a jock?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” I said softly. “I hope you like it. I can take it off if you don’t.”

“Take off those shorts boy.” He demanded. I slipped them around my ankles and stepped out of them, then pulled off my shirt. I stood there while he examined me, now feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Do you want me to take it off?” I asked.

“Fuck no boy.” Tom replied. “Damn I love a hot bubble butt in a jock. I’m just surprised you showed up wearing one.”

“I bought it a long time ago.” I explained. “I wanted to wear it for Lance, but never got the chance to.”

“I see.” He commented from behind me. “And why did you want to wear it today?”

“I think they look hot.” I answered. “I wanted to look hot for you.”

“That’s a good boy.” Tom said. “A boy should always look hot for Daddy.”

“I’m glad you like it.” I whispered as I felt him close behind me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me close to him, sliding his hard cock between my ass cheeks. His hands began teasing my nipples as he kissed my neck. “Oh fuck Tom!” I moaned. “That feels so good!” His hairy body felt so strong and powerful as it pressed against me, and I felt myself go weak in the knees. Tom bent me over the pool table and held me down by placing one hand between my shoulders, then he gave my ass a firm slap, followed by another one. Then several more. The first few didn’t hurt, but the rest of them really stung. I liked it though.

“You like that boy?” I heard him ask.

“Yes Daddy!” I whimpered.

“Should we step this up a notch?” Tom whispered in my ear.

“Ok.” I replied, although I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

“Stay here and don’t move.” Tom instructed me. I obeyed and remained bent over the pool table, and watched him walk down a hallway. My mind raced with anticipation while I wondered what was about to happen. When he returned he stood in front of me holding a large leather paddle and a pair of leather cuffs. “Ready to try this boy?” He asked as he slapped his palm with the paddle.

“Yes Daddy.” I answered softly, although I wanted to say no. The paddle looked terrifying. It was made of thick leather and was almost two foot long, with holes for ventilation and maximum pain. Tom walked behind me and then pulled my arms behind my back and cuffed my wrists together. I braced myself expecting to feel the paddle, but instead I heard ice cubes being dropped in a glass. Tom wanted to let the anticipation build and was in no hurry. I felt myself begin to tremble a little and I was about to change my mind when I felt the sting of the paddle across my ass, followed by another. He gave me several gentle swats before he delivered a really hard one. “Oh fuck!” I squealed as the pain spread across my backside.

“Yeah boy.” Tom growled. “It hurts doesn’t it?”

“Yes Daddy!” I whimpered.

I heard him chuckle behind me, and then felt another hard swat as the paddle made a loud smacking noise against my ass. I squealed again and struggled helplessly with my binds as the pain shot through my body. He quickly gave me another spanking, this one so hard it took my breath away.

“Want me to stop?” Tom asked as he rubbed my ass with the paddle. I hadn’t quite caught my breath so I just shook my head. “If it hurts to bad, just say stop.” Tom instructed.

“Ok.” I whispered.

I looked down at the green felt on the pool table and waited. Behind me, I heard Tom pick up his glass and take a loud sip, then put it back down. “Damn boy, you look so fucking hot all cuffed and helpless.” He growled. Then he quickly delivered five hard swats to my ass. I clenched my teeth and tried not to scream, but I couldn’t help it. “This paddle does such a nice job.” Tom casually remarked, then gave me three more good swats. “Your pretty ass is so red. Is it getting a bit tender?”

I didn’t respond. I just laid there face down and waited for more. My ass felt as if it were in fire, but I found the feeling very pleasurable. I felt so turned on feeling him spank me, and knowing he was enjoying it. But after five more swats, I wasn’t sure if I could take anymore. “Oh fuck Tom, I can’t handle anymore!” I whimpered.

“Really?” Tom replied and gave me another one.

“Oh fuck Tom please stop!” I begged.

“Are you sure boy?” He said hitting me again.

“Yes!” I screamed as güvenilir bahis siteleri pain radiated through my body. “Please Daddy, I can’t take anymore. Please stop!”

Tom laughed and gave me one more really hard one. “Sorry boy I couldn’t resist. You are just so much fun to spank.” He tossed the paddle beside me on the pool table and began kissing my sore ass. He slowly worked his way to my hole, then spread my cheeks wide open. “Now it’s time to give up that pussy.” He said, then he started licking my hole.

“Oh yes Daddy! It’s all yours!” I cried. His tongue felt wonderful. He spat on me and pushed a finger inside me to open my hole up. Then he shoved his tongue in a little further, which made me go crazy. I spread my legs and stuck out my ass to give him easier access. He inserted two fingers in me and wiggled them around.

“Damn boy, your hungry little pussy sucked them right in!” Tom said. “You must want fucked.”

“Yes Daddy!” I begged. “Fuck me good!”

“You are a pathetic little faggot.” He said with a laugh.

“Oh I’m your little bitch!” I moaned, now feeling him stretch me with three wet fingers. He grabbed my hair while he roughly finger fucked me. “Oh yes Daddy!” I moaned thoroughly enjoying myself. He stretched me open and then replaced his fingers with his cock, slamming it all the way in me making me scream.

“Take that cock faggot.” Tom growled, pulling my hair and giving me another hard thrust. “That little pussy is all mine isn’t it?” He pulled my hair a little harder, and slapped me in the face.

“Oh yeah Daddy, it’s all yours!” I squealed feeling his cock deep in me. He shoved the paddle in my mouth and held the ends so my head stayed pulled back. I bit down on the leather and fought my cuffs as Tom brutally used my ass for his pleasure. I was all his. He cuffed me, beat me and now he was fucking me, and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop him. Not that I wanted to. I loved it.

Tom let go of the paddle but I kept biting down on it while he savagely fucked me up the ass. He would slam his cock deep inside me, then pull it all the way back out, then shove it back inside me. Then he would wiggle it around making sure it stretched me and hit different spots. Occasionally he slapped me on the ass, and said something nasty to me. “I am a pathetic little faggot.” I thought to myself as I bit the paddle and looked down at the green felt. I had been cuffed, spanked and now I was being brutally fucked. I knew right then I was destined to become a submissive little cock whore. This was exactly what I wanted. It felt so good, and it felt so natural.

“Fuck boy, I’m gonna cum!” I heard Tom moan. He pulled his cock out of me and jerked me off the pool table and pushed me to my knees. I knelt in front of him with my hands still cuffed behind me, and he stroked his cock a few times. “Oh yeah boy!” He groaned as he squirted a huge load all over my face. Then he put his cock in my mouth and I sucked him until he was dry.

“Damn boy, that was hot!” He said huffing and puffing.

“Yes it was.” I agreed. I felt like such a little slut on my knees with my hands still cuffed and his sticky cum all over my face.

“You look good with cum all over your face boy.” Tom said as he proudly admired his work. He picked up his drink and finished it, then he pulled me to my feet and unsnapped the clip between my cuffs.”Make Daddy another drink bitch.” He demanded and smacked me on the ass.

I quickly took his glass and walked to the bar. “How do I make it?” I asked.

“Just put some ice in the glass and fill it from the bottle sitting on the bar.” Tom said, sounding a little annoyed. “Hurry up boy.”

I was a bit shocked by his tone, but I obediently made his drink and handed it to him. He took a sip and then grabbed my arm. Without a word he led me down the hallway and pushed me in a room, which was dimly lit with red lights. I looked around and couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a sex dungeon just like I had seen on porn. It was equipped with a swing, a few different benches, a giant wooden X and a bed with a heavy wooden headboard with rings attached to it. The bed had a footboard with a large hole, with two smaller holes beside it, for a subs neck and hands. Chrome chains hung from the floor joists and various dildos and plugs sat on shelves.

“Well boy, this is the playroom.” Tom said. “I hope it doesn’t freak you out.”

“It doesn’t.” I replied as I looked around curiously. I looked around at the various restraints and toys. Some of the plugs and dildos were huge. I imagined what Tom did to boys like me in his dungeon.

“That’s good.” Tom said. iddaa siteleri “Because you will be spending plenty of time here.”

“I hope so.” I said.

Tom smiled and said, “Oh you will boy. Trust me.” He gave me a sloppy kiss and told me to lay down in the swing. I obeyed. Tom quickly situated me so my wrists and ankles were cuffed to the chains on the swing. I dangled helplessly with my pussy fully exposed as Tom browsed his collection of toys. “Do you think all of these will fit up that tight little ass?” Tom asked, showing me a string of six large beads. “Well, there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?”

The first two went in easily, and the third one wasn’t too bad, but he had to work a bit to get the fourth one in. I felt full, but Tom was going to make me take all six. “Open that pussy up boy, there’s two more to go.” He said as he pushed the fifth one in. I struggled to take it, but Tom pushed harder and the bead finally popped in. “There we go!” Tom said cheerfully. “Let’s do that one again. Push it out boy!” I pushed and felt the bead pop out of me, and Tom quickly pushed it back in. “Ok boy, make room for number six!”

“I don’t think it will fit Daddy!” I cried, as Tom began pushing the last one in.

“Oh I think it will.” Tom remarked looking at me with a sadistic grin. “I’ll make it fit!” He pressed hard, and I felt the beads move around inside of me. “Come on boy, take it.” Tom growled, pushing harder. The beads moved deeper in me to make room for the last one. I closed my eyes and gasped for air as I struggled to accept it, and when it finally went in I saw stars. “I told you they would fit boy!” Tom said gleefully. “And you didn’t believe me. Well, I think you deserve a little punishment for doubting me.” I opened my eyes and saw he was holding a whip. It looked like the ones they used on race horses. He flicked it against my ass a few times, then my balls and the inside of my thighs. I struggled against my binds and squirmed in pain, which made the beads move around. “Mmmmm yeah boy, I love watching you squirm!” Tom said with a laugh. He flicked the whip on my right nipple a few times which made me scream in pain.

“Fuck!” I yelped feeling the quirt slap my balls. “Oh Daddy, please stop!! That really hurts!” Tom flicked my balls again and laughed as he watched me fight my binds.

“I bet it does.” Tom said, as he whipped my inner thighs some more. “That’s why I enjoy doing it. I’m a sadistic fucker and I love watching a bitch boy suffer a little. It’s just so hot! But I suspect you’re a bit of a pain slut, and you enjoy it.” He walked around the swing and stood over me, placing his hairy balls on my face, and then gave my ass and balls several more licks with the whip. “Suck my balls boy!” He ordered, whipping me a little more. “That’s a good bitch.” He moaned as I licked his balls. He finally dropped the whip and I felt him tug on the beads. He slowly pulled out three of the beads, and then pushed them back in, then ordered me to push them out. I strained and pushed, and one by one the beads came out, and fell on the floor.

Tom walked around me again and looked at my ass. “Oh, that’s a nice looking gape.” He remarked, “Damn that’s sexy.” He got down on his knees and spat in my open hole, then kissed and nibbled on my ass. He stood back up and slid his cock in, and slowly fucked me.

“Oh yes Daddy!” I moaned. “Fuck me Tom! I love the way your cock feels!” Tom grabbed the chains and began bouncing me on his dick. “Oh fuck yes Daddy! That feels so good! Fuck me hard!” I cried, sounding like a bitch.

“You want to jerk off boy?” Tom asked, and then he unsnapped the cuff on my right hand. “Jerk off for me boy.”

I reached down and pulled my dick out of the jock. It was soft, but I got hard instantly. “Thank you Daddy!” I whimpered and began jerking off. Within a few seconds I felt myself tense up, then I exploded, shooting cum all over my stomach. “Oh fuck, that was so good. Thank you Daddy.”

Tom rubbed his finger around in my cum, and then put it in my mouth. I sucked his finger and he began fucking me hard.

“Oh fuck boy, make Daddy cum.” He said as he pumped my ass. “Are you ready for Daddy to breed your pussy?”

“Oh fuck yes Daddy, fill me up! I love making you cum!” I watched Tom’s face contort, and knew he was close.

Tom’s grip tightened on my throat and he gave me a few more violent thrusts, and then drained his balls deep in me. “Damn boy.” He said. “You make Daddy cum so fucking good.” He let his dick slip out of my wet hole, and sat down on a bench. When he recovered, he took my cuffs off and helped me get out of the swing. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me close. “Did you enjoy that boy?” He asked, looking into my eyes.

“I loved it.” I whispered.

“Good.” Tom replied. “Because I think I am gonna have to make you my full time pussyboi. Damn, I love fucking you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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