Manhandled Ch. 05

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The sun beamed down on me as I lazily floated on a pool toy, wearing nothing but the little black thong Tom had given me. It was very tight and it made me feel a bit girly, but I felt sexy in it and liked how it was tight on my balls, and rubbed my hole.

It had only been about two weeks since we had met, but I was seriously into this man. He was so strong, masculine and dominant, and he made me feel so weak, effeminate and submissive. It felt wonderful. Being a dominant man’s “bitch boy” was exactly what I had been craving, and it felt so natural letting him take charge, and have his way with me.

It wasn’t just about sex though. Tom had also become a close friend. I wasn’t yet out, and still occasionally struggled with my sexuality and desires, but Tom was always willing to talk, listen and offer advice. He knew exactly what I was going through. I felt really close to Tom, and loved that around him, I could be myself.

I watched as he climbed out of the pool to go make another drink, water dripping from his thick muscular body. I am one lucky bitch, I thought to myself admiring his solid back and powerful butt. He made his drink and walked back to the pool, and soft cock dangled low under his wet bush. It looked absolutely delicious, and I wanted to suck it. He sat down on the pool steps with just his legs in the water and took a sip of his drink. He caught me staring and gave me a wink, then took another long drink. I slid off the pool toy, and swam over to him, and crawled between his legs, then put his soft cock in my mouth.

“Damn boy! You’re a horny little cocksucker today aren’t you?” He asked, looking down at me and smiling.

His cock swelled in my mouth and I sucked it for a second before I took it out and lovingly licked his thick mushroom shaped head, then his veiny shaft. I looked up at him and said, “I love your big cock Daddy!” Before swallowing it and taking it deep down my throat. I slurped on his dick and enjoyed listening to his moans while I pleasured my man with my mouth and hands. My own cock was hard in the tight swimsuit, but I ignored it and focused on Tom’s. I took him deep until I choked, then came up for a breath and then ran my tongue down his shaft and began licking his heavy balls.

“Oh fuck yes! Suck those balls boy!” He groaned. I licked and sucked them some more and slowly stroked his dick. He reached down and grabbed me by the hair, and spread his legs a bit wider, allowing me access to his asshole. I licked away at that for a bit, then returned to sucking his cock. I bobbed my head up and down on him and then relaxed my throat and took him deep, all the way down until my nose was in his bush. He held me there for a few seconds and then finally let me up for air. I took a few deep breaths, then resumed slurping his thick manhood, until he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to his face and whispered, “Damn boy, you’re gonna make me cum too fast doing that!”

“Mmmmm I love your cum Daddy.”

He slapped me gently in the face and said, “Yeah but I’m not ready to cum yet boy. I want some of that sweet pussy.” He pulled me out of the pool and handed me his glass. “Go make me another drink, and grab the lube while you are over there.” I turned to walk to the bar and felt his hand slap me on the ass, making me let out a yelp.

When I returned with his drink he positioned me on the patio sofa with my knees on the cushion and bent over the back, pulled my thong to the side, then gripped my ass cheeks tightly, spreading them apart. His beard tickled me, then his tongue licked my pussy, making me moan. He teased it around my rim, then really got with it, and soon I was moaning and squirming while he licked and sucked my hole. Tom pushed a finger in me to open me up, then stuck his tongue a few inches inside of me, darting it in and out and making me really moan.

“Oh fuck Daddy, you make me feel so good!” I whimpered. Tom roughly rubbed my hard cock and balls through my tight swimsuit, and ate my ass like a starving man. He had a talented tongue and he could make me go crazy. He licked and sucked my hole, then nibbled my ass cheeks before licking me some more. Tom really loved to eat ass and getting a boy all opened up and begging to get fucked.

“Mmmm fuck boy, you have such a pretty little hole.” He said when he finally stopped, stood up and admired my ass. I heard him pick up his drink, and then İstanbul Escort felt lube being squirted on me, then a finger slide effortlessly inside. “Look at that! Such a hungry little pussy! It just swallowed my finger right up. You must want fucked, huh boy?”

“Oh yes Tom. Fuck me good!”

“Mmmmm I like when my boy begs for cock.” Tom said. He slapped my ass and wiggled his finger around inside of me. “Damn I like playing with your ass boy.” He held the lube bottle close to my hole and squirted some inside, then pushed several fingers in me.

“Oh fuck Daddy!” I groaned, feeling my ass stretch wide.

“Yeah boy, that’s four fingers. Open that ass for Daddy. Show me you want it.” I gripped the back of the sofa tightly and bit the cushion as he stretched me open, sliding his hand in and out of me. Then he replaced them with his cock, slowly pushing it deep in my wet ass, until it was all the way in. He slowly drug it back out, all the way, then rammed it back in. He did this several times, then began slowly fucking me.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I whimpered. “Oh Tom, your big cock feels so good!” I arched my back and slid back on his dick, trying to get it deeper in me.

“Oh yeah boy! I like that. Work that ass baby. Show Daddy how much you like it!”

I kept backing up against him, then wiggling my ass around before he pulled back, and soon we were pushing and bucking against each other in a perfect rhythm, until I heard Tom say, “Oh Fuck!” And pull his cock out of me.

I looked behind me and saw him walk away, turn around and walk back, then give my ass a really hard slap. “Damn boy, you’ve figured out how to fuck!” He said gleefully. “Goddamn!”

“Did you like that?” I asked innocently, and received another swat.

“Mmmm you are turning into quite the little freak aren’t you?”

“Oh yes Daddy.” I replied.

He slid himself back into me, and held my hips tightly and gave me a brutal fucking. His pelvis made slapping noises against my cheeks as he drilled away at me with no mercy. I held on to the back of the sofa, muffling my moans in the cushion, and felt his grip tighten on my hips and heard him say that he was going to cum. After a few more savage thrusts, I heard him let out a groan then felt his hands relax and his dick slip out of my wet hole. “Damn baby, that was really fucking hot.” He said from behind me. I hadn’t yet caught my breath from the intense pounding, and couldn’t respond, but I liked hearing him say that.

We climbed back into the pool and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and floating. I laid on my belly letting the sun tan my bare ass cheeks, and Tom occasionally applied more oil to them. “Mmmm I could almost fuck that oily ass again.” He commented, rubbing my butt with oil.

I smiled. Tom always made me feel so sexy. “I would sure let you.”

“Damn boy, you wore me out.” Tom said with a laugh. “Daddy needs some time to recover.”

I smiled again, completely content and satisfied, laying in the sun covered in oil, full of my studs cum. I hadn’t came but I didn’t care. Getting Tom off was satisfying enough. We floated in silence for a while before Tom spoke again.

“So Zach, I have a friend coming into town Monday and he will be staying with me for a few days. I would love for you to meet him, if you want to. You don’t have to of course, but I think you two will hit it off.”

“That sounds cool.” I replied, trying to hide my excitement. I knew what Tom was planning.

“His name is David.” Tom explained. “He’s an old friend of mine, an attorney I used to work with. He has to come here often for work, and when he does, he stays with me. He’s a cool guy, and we always have a good time.”

“That sounds fun.”

“It usually is. So, if you like him, and you’re comfortable, would you be up for a threesome?”

“Oh yeah!” I replied. “I’ve always wanted to do that. But what if he doesn’t like me?”

Tom let out a big laugh and said, “Zach you are such a sweet boy. You are completely clueless. Oh he will like you. Trust me. I’ve told you before that you are a top Daddy’s dream! We all love shaggy haired twinks with bubble butts.” He laughed some more and shook his head, then laid back down on his float.

We floated and swam until it got dark, and I rounded up my clothes and got ready to leave. I didn’t want to but Tom was going out for the Kadıköy Escort night, so we kissed goodbye.

“So see you Monday after work?” Tom asked.

“Of course.” I replied.

Monday seemed to drag by. I was really excited to meet David, but I was also really nervous. Of course I had fantasized about being with two men at the same time, but now that it was probably going to happen, I was a bit scared. I wondered if I could handle them both at the same time. Tom was so aggressive when he fucked me, and it still hurt a little at first, and tonight I would be taking him and another man at the same time. My anxiety built as I wondered how big David’s cock was, and what he and Tom would do with me. As soon as I got off work I sped home, quickly showered and shaved, then tried to figure out what to wear. Tom was excited to show me off, and I wanted to look sexy. I put on the black Calvin Klein jock Tom had given me and admired the way it made my ass look. Then I put on a pair of short, tight jogging shorts and a tank top and headed over to Tom’s.

“Well here we go.” I said to myself when I pulled into his driveway. I sat in the car for a minute and collected myself before walking up and ringing the doorbell.

“Ah there he is!” Tom said when he opened the door. He let me in and gave me a big kiss. “So how are you?

“I’m ok. Just a little nervous.”

“That’s understandable. Look Zach, you don’t have to do anything if you’re not comfortable.”

“Oh I’m ok. Just a bit nervous meeting someone new.”

Tom smiled and said, “It will be fine. Just meet him, and if everything is ok with you, give me a wink. But I think you will like him, and we will all have a good time together.”


Tom took my hand and led me downstairs to the rec room, where a good looking guy was sitting at the bar wearing a white dress shirt, loose tie and black slacks. He looked like he was in his early forties, clean shaven with slicked back hair, a lean athletic build and even though he was sitting on a bar stool I could tell he was really tall. Tom put his arm around my waist and said “David, this is Zach.”

David stood up and held out his hand. “It’s so nice to meet you Zach! I’ve heard so much about you!”

“It’s nice to meet you.” I said shyly. I wondered what he had heard about me.

Tom walked behind the bar and poured me a Coke. I thanked him, gave him a wink, then took a big drink. Tom gave me a big smile, then walked around the bar and sat down on a stool. He pulled me close and gave me a big kiss, then put his arm around my waist.

“Damn Tom, where do you find these hot boys?” David asked.

“Well Zach mows my yard. I invited him over for a swim and we just kind of hit it off!”

“Yeah I’ll bet.” David said with a chuckle and a knowing smile. “You’re a lucky man Tom!”

“Yes I am.” Tom said proudly, pulling me close to him and sitting me on his lap. “Zach just loves to please Daddy don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy.” I replied softly. David chuckled again and shook his head, and I felt myself blush.

“Yes, you’re such a good boy!” Tom praised, then gave my earlobe a nibble, giving me goosebumps. “You love to give that hot little ass up to Daddy don’t you?”

“Oh yes Daddy!” I moaned as Tom licked the inside of my ear. His hand roughly grabbed the front of my shorts and he gave my hard cock a rough squeeze, while he teased my nipple with his other hand. David was watching the show with a lewd smile. Our eyes met and he got up, came over to me and gave me a deep kiss. I spread my legs wider, allowing David to come closer, and he grabbed the back of my head and gave me another kiss. Tom continued to nibble my earlobe and kiss on my neck, while David explored my mouth with his tongue. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Tom stood up and slid my shorts down around my ankles, then David pulled off my shirt. I felt very vulnerable, sandwiched between the two men now wearing nothing but a skimpy jockstrap and feeling their hands all over me. David kissed me some more while he gripped my ass with both hands, and Tom kept twisting and groping my dick. I reached down to the front of David’s pants and grabbed his hard cock. I could feel it throbbing beneath the fabric, and it felt huge. I rubbed his dick and felt his grip tighten on my ass.

David stopped kissing me and smiled. “Did you find something Ataşehir Escort you like?” He asked, looking directly into my eyes.

“Mmmm it feels big.” I replied, rubbing his crotch.

“Why don’t you show David your cocksucking skills.” Tom suggested, then he pushed me to my knees. Now eye level with David’s crotch, I could see the bulge in his slacks. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was huge, even bigger than Tom’s by a few inches, and a little bit thicker. David slapped me in the face with it a few times, laughed, then ordered me to suck it. I opened wide and put it in my mouth and tried to take him deep, but it was just too thick. I heard the men laugh as I choked on it, but with a little bit of work I was able to swallow most of it. I looked up at David while I sucked him, and he smiled down at me.

“Damn Tom, he looks so cute with a cock in his mouth!” David commented.

Tom stroked my hair, and rubbed his own cock on the side of my face. “Yeah he is a hot little cocksucker. He loves it. He’s really becoming a great little bitch boy.” The two men laughed again, watching me while I slurped and sucked David’s massive meat. Tom pushed the back of my head down on it, held me there until I choked, then let me come up for air.

“Fuck that’s a big dick!” I blurted out, gasping for breath. David looked down at me with a proud smile, then after letting me catch my breath he put his cock back in my mouth. He held me by the air and fucked my mouth until I was choking again, then let me catch my breath. Then Tom took a turn on my mouth, and David rubbed his giant cock all over my face. It was wet and covered in my own slobber. Being on my knees with two men feeding me their cocks made me feel like such a slut. I would suck one and jerk off the other, then switch, just like the boys did on the videos I had watched. Tom unbuttoned David’s shirt exposing his hairy chest and ripped abs, and began teasing one of his nipples, and they began passionately making out while I used my mouth to pleasure them both. It was incredibly hot, and I was enjoying myself, being on my knees servicing these two sexy men. I sucked David, then sucked Tom, and switched back and forth until Tom grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet, gave me a rough kiss, then bent me over one of the bar stools.

“Isn’t that a hot little ass?” I heard Tom say to David.

“Fuck yes it is.”

Tom grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them open. “And look at this pretty little hole. Do you think that big cock of yours will even fit in that tight little pussy?”

“I’ll make it fit.” I heard David say with a laugh. I looked down at the carpet and felt a finger rub my hole. One of them spat on it, and rubbed it a little, then I felt David’s clean shaven face against my ass, and his tongue give me a quick little lick.

“Tasty isn’t it?” Tom asked David.

“Yummy.” David replied, giving me another lick. He spat on it again, then began licking and slurping my hole. Tom came around in front of me and put his dick in my mouth. David ate my ass while Tom fucked my mouth, and I felt like I was in heaven. David grabbed the front of my jock and gave it a firm squeeze, and pushed his tongue just inside my horny hole. I tried to concentrate on Tom’s dick but David’s tongue felt so good, I let it slip out of my mouth and moaned loudly. Tom grabbed me by the hair and put it back in my mouth and shoved it down my throat.

“Don’t stop sucking boy.” He demanded. David gave me another hard swat, and then ate me a little more, before pushing a finger inside of me. He pulled it back out, squirted some lube on my ass, then slid it back in.

“My, that’s a horny little hole!” I heard him say with a laugh. Tom reached over my back and inserted his finger beside David’s, while he choked me with his cock.

“I love the way it clinches around my finger.” I heard Tom remark. “It does that on my cock to. This boy has some awesome pussy.”

David slid his finger back and forth beside Tom’s, and said “Well I think this boy wants fucked.”

“He always wants fucked.” Tom said with a laugh. He pulled his finger out of my ass, and his cock out of my mouth, then walked behind the bar where I heard him dropping ice cubes in a glass. “We should take him in the other room and turn his ass out.”

“Mmmmm hell yes!” David agreed while he slid his finger in and out of me.

“Are you ready to get fucked, boy?” I heard Tom ask from behind the bar.

“Yes Daddy.” I whimpered like a pathetic bitch. Both men chuckled and I heard their glasses cling together, while I stared at the floor with David’s finger up my ass, and waited for what came next.

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