Maria’s Fantasies: Cruise Day 1

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(This story is derived from “Albert’s Letters”, a fantastic story by “Softly” about a woman on an exclusive chartered cruise filled with horny women and hugely endowed men. This story has enthralled me and I have masturbated profusely to this story while reading it. I asked the author’s permission to “join” this pleasure cruise, and “Softly” has been gracious enough to grant me consent to embellish the story’s theme. Thank you again “Softly” and readers please venture over to the Group Sex section to read the original story theme. Here is my fantasy…)

* * * * *

I sat there after the meal in my yellow “barely there” bikini, nervously trying to center the bra over my areola. Soon, the emcee read off a list of all the woman’s names, and told us to go to one of the fifteen different lounge areas on the ship. I left the banquet room and headed down the hall with most of the women. Following the signs, the number started to dwindle as we made our way to “the blue room”. We opened the door to find a smaller dining area, used for bingo games and the showing of movies. The room was filled with a bunch of smiling men who all glared at us like foxes finding a flock of sheep. There were mattresses on the center of the floor with rope nearby.

Some of the guys were moving the tables to the perimeter of the room and some tables were strategically placed around the center mattresses. All were dressed in the same green kilt. Somebody had also moved the movie screen and positioned it above the mattresses. A guy walking with a hand-held camera was checking to make sure the picture was clear enough on the screen as he walked around filming people. Some guys watched the screen as he came over and surveyed us with his camera. I smiled as the camera turned on me and I held my tits up for him to zoom-in on. I licked my tits and it brought cheers from the guys.

A guy with a small bullhorn told us to pick a mattress, and the ten of us women did. We were told to stretch out and warm up our muscles as if we were going to participate in aerobics or some other sporting event, especially our legs. I took some basic stretches that I had learned in my days of running track. It was fun to bend over and watch the guys leer at me as I grabbed my heels on my left leg, then right, knowing they could see my ass in all it’s glory.

After a few minutes and we were all ready, the man said “okay ladies, please lie down on your mattress…guys, help ’em out”. The gang of men approached us and in my case, about 7 or 8 guys took off my suit and held me flat in a spread-eagle pose. Then my hands were tied out straight to each side. My legs were lifted and brought up to be tied to the rope at my wrists. I started to feel both excited and nervous, lying there with my legs spread wide, my pussy exposed and very vulnerable. I looked around and saw that the other 9 ladies were all in the same position. I looked to the lady to my left and she was smiling. Before I could ask she said “Nervous? This must be your first time here. Just relax…you’ll enjoy this. This is my third year back and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The man announced, “Welcome ladies to the world’s largest gathering of the Magnificent Cock Club.”

What did he say? Magnificent Cock Club?

The man then said. “Here are the rules. The ten winners get to have first chance at the ten ladies in this room.” The men started to drop their kilts and play with their cocks. I laid there and realized what was going to happen. I was going to get fucked by multiple men. Hmmm, not a bad vacation. I could surely think of worse ways to spend it, but why “The Magnificent Cock Club”?

Then it dawned one me. No wonder the guys wore kilts instead of tight pants or blue jeans. My jaw dropped in awe as I alternated watching the men and the view on the screen above me.

As far as I could see, every guy had a huge slab of meat between his legs he called a cock. Some guys stared at me as they stroked their now hardening cocks, and I must say I was impressed and scared at the same time. A short black guy was smiling at me as he stroked his cock upwards. He wasn’t as thick as some of the others but the head of his cock was huge. It looked like an apple on the end of his shaft. I looked up at the screen as the cameraman made his way amongst the masturbating men. I didn’t see faces but just hard, erect cocks. I could feel my pussy start to moisten.

The men were then called to a table and sized up. After a few rounds of comparing, the cameramen viewed the table as the ten biggest cocks were laid on the table. The men laughed as one guy was too short in height to lay his on, so a few guys lifted him enough to be compared. I could hear myself and the other women gasp as we saw what was awaiting us. Each cock had to be a foot long and looked as thick as a coke can.

Then the bullhorn voice spoke again. “Okay winners, you lucky ten get to chose your victims.” We all looked to see the men make their way towards us. The “losers” all bunched themselves gaziantep escortlar around the mattresses to get a view of our naked bodies as the ten winners took their places between our legs. I looked down to see a balding man with a very hairy body get on my mattress with me. He was holding his kilt over his cock as if to hide it, and then he told me to close my eyes. I did as he said and I felt the kilt being dropped over my face. He said “No fair peeking. I need a little taste first.” and I felt his fingers plunge into my pussy. My body tensed and arched at his touch, and then I felt his tongue lapping at my pussy. I felt myself getting wet and excited as he licked me deep, and then he started to finger my clit. I was lost in the sensation and faintly hearing the moans of pleasure from the other women.

Just then his tongue stopped and I felt him move closer to me on the mattress, his legs now touching my thighs. The kilt was pulled off my face and I first saw the four guys standing by my head fisting their erect cocks. I noticed the huge balls one guy had when my “winner” said something and I looked down between my legs. My eyes flew wide open as I saw what he was stroking. His cock was shaped like a wedge. It left his pubic hair almost 4 or more inches thick and tapered down to the head almost like a point. The head had to be about 2 inches wide. The slit of his cock was almost as big as the coin slot on a pop machine and it was noticeably wet and glistening. He was stroking just around the head and one of the guys handed him some lube which he applied generously.

I looked at his face and he was wearing a shit-eating grin as he pulled back his foreskin and stuck his cockhead into my pussy. I tensed up as he thrust just the head into me. He kept smiling and looking at me as he worked it deeper in me. I started to have an orgasm and threw my head back in pleasure. I felt him grab my hips and pump me a few times, then he reached up and pulled on my tits. When I groaned again out loud I heard him say “Okay now baby, time to sink the ship” and he leaned forward and put his hands on either side of me. He got off his knees into a push-up position, steadying himself with his cock inside me. He then looked me dead in the face and smiled. Slowly he started to work his cock deeper into me, and the deeper he went the wider his cock was, opening up my pussy with each stroke. I was shuddering with an orgasm when he slammed down into me. I screamed unintelligible words as my pussy felt as if it was being spilt in two.

I was lost in this magnificent sensation as he kept pushing deep inside me. I could feel his pubic hair tickling my pussy mound as his cock was buried all the way inside me. Then his face turned to show some aggression as he started to pound away at my pussy. I was screaming as the orgasms overtook me and I slowly realized I wasn’t the only one screaming. I came to my senses long enough to hear the moans of pleasure from the other mattresses, and I looked again to my left between the legs of the men to see the “third year” lady getting hammered by a blond muscular guy.

As my body was bouncing along to his thrusts I turned to look down and watch his slick cock pull out then push back into me. I could see my pussy lips get mashed into my body on the downstroke, and then cling to his super-thick cock on the way out of me. I heard his breath shorten and the felt his cock expand in me as he started to cum. I could feel the jets of cum fill me as he screamed his orgasm, and I came again too at the sensation. After a few more strokes he dropped down to his knees and slowly pulled his cock out. I could feel his cum run out of me and he grabbed his kilt as he sat back on his haunches, then got up and left. Before I could take a breath of relief some of the other guys scrambled between my legs. The next winner was a decent looking skinny guy with a big nose. His cock was not as thick as the first guy but was about 3 inches wide and maybe 2 inches longer and not tapered. He slid it into me without so much as a word to me.

I shuddered as the second started in on a steady pace. Since he was taller than the first guy he just stayed on his knees and pumped his cock into me. I could feel him slide back and forth inside me and knew another orgasm was cumming soon, I laid my head back and closed my eyes. Just then “Mr Wedge” cock spoke from just above me. “Open up baby, clean me off” and his dripping wet cock was dangling just above my face. I opened my mouth and he fed his cock to me. I licked and sucked him and cleaned the remaining cum off his cock.

He started to thrust his hips towards my mouth and I felt him start to stiffen again when the alarms went off in my head. The guy fucking me was just giving me short strokes in my pussy but he was fingering my clit. “MMMMMMWAAAHHHH” I moaned around the cock in my mouth. My hips were shaking and reacting to the finger pushing my button and I pulled my mouth off of the cock to say “Yes! Play with my clitty…that’s it …fuck me hard, nail me with that huge cock!”

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that because that’s exactly what he did. Boy he really laid it to me good, and I swear I passed out during multiple orgasms. I heard him ask me if I wanted to swallow his cum, and I nodded yes. He thrust into me a few more times and then pulled himself out and grabbed his cock to come around to my face. “Mr Wedge” moved aside and the new guy frantically brought his cock to me. He apparently couldn’t hold out any longer and as his cock got closer and long stream of cum shot out and hit me in the cheek before his aim put it in my mouth. He just got the head into my mouth as the second load came out. I swirled my tongue around to taste his cum and was awarded with another few squirts. My mouth was getting full and I started to swallow when I felt my pussy lips getting parted again. I just closed my eyes and sucked the cock in my mouth as I felt another thick cock start to work it’s way into my pussy.

The guy at my head pulled his cock out of my mouth and smiled down at me, and as he stood up two guys got down on their knees on either side of my head stroking their erections over my face. I looked down to see that it was the smiling black guy between my legs. Looking down further I could see the contrast of his jet black cock against my tan skin and the pink skin of my pussylips. I closed my eyes and felt the thick head of his cock sawing inside my pussy. I felt the cock to my left brush against my cheek so I turned my head to allow him access. My mouth opened wide to accomodate him, and I licked his head and cum-slit as he fed me a few inches of cock. I could feel his cock throb as he jerked it towards my mouth.

Just then the cock on my right brushed against my cheek, so I pulled back to alternate cocks. I looked up at the thick-veined cock with a patch of copper pubic hair, and then looked up at the red-headed man who owned it. I pursed my lips to kiss it and he tapped it a few times on my lips. He then said “open up baby” and I let him fill my mouth with his cock and I could taste his precum.

I alternated sucking the two cocks and tried to concentrate on the pounding my pussy was getting, when the redhead said something and was handed a small jar of Vaseline. Then the other cock pulled out of my mouth and my mouth and jaw were held shut as he smeared Vaseline over my lips. I watched the Vaseline jar handed to a guy who has a slim long cock but a huge ball sack. Then both guys each put a finger in my mouth and pulled my mouth open wide. More Vaseline was added and both guys moved forward together. I felt the heads of both cocks squeezing into my mouth together, and my lips were stretched to the max. After a little pushing they had done it. I had both cock heads in my mouth and I was told to lick their holes. I licked at each cockslit and watched them stroke their cocks towards my mouth.

After a minute or so, I tried to move my face because my mouth was cramping when somebody reached under my head and actually raised it towards the cocks. Just before my gag took over I felt both cocks shudder and start to spew cum into my mouth. Argh! I enjoy feeling a cock cum in my mouth but two at a time! The guy on the left reached down and started to massage my adam’s apple, and I started to swallow uncontrollably. I sucked down all their cum and was licking their cocks clean when I felt the black guy start to shoot his cum deep inside me. He held hips close to him and I could feel his jets of cum splatter inside me. My back arched at the orgasm and spasms my pussy was having. God, he must have had a load as I could feel it seep out of my pussy and trickle down between my ass cheeks. He then pulled out and shot two more ropes of cum on my stomach and between my tits.

Both guys at my face moved away and the black guy brought his cock up to be cleaned. Before he got to my face I looked around. There was a black lady to my right with huge tits. They had untied her legs and a guy was sitting on her tummy fucking her tits, and two other guys had pulled her legs up so another guy was fucking her deep. It struck me as funny because for a split second it looked like the guy between her legs was fucking the ass of the guy between her tits. Her eyes were closed and she was panting heavily as a line of cum was running down her cheek. The black guy told me to open wide but said “Wait, I want to watch”. He moved to the side so I could but I also felt someone take their place between my legs.

After a few strokes, the guy between her tits nodded to the guy kneeling at the black lady’s head. The third guy grabbed her head and told her to watch him cum, pushing her head up to see his cock slide between her tits. At third or fourth stroke I saw the guy’s mouth fly open and a stream of cum shot out towards her face. She closed her eyes tightly but her head was held still as the cum drenched her face. The guy grabbed his cock and brought it closer to milk the last bits onto her lips. She nodded no and tried to move her mouth away from his cock. The other guy reached with his other hand and pinched her nose shut, and after a few seconds she opened to breathe and the cum-dripping cock was shoved into her mouth. The guy between her legs now leaned forward and started to bang her deep.

I looked further to my right and then noticed up on the screen as the cameraman moved in on another mattress. I looked up to see a blonde woman who was untied from her mattress. They had let her up and tied her hands behind her back. She was held aloft by three guys as another laid on the mattress brandishing his huge cock. They lowered her above his cock and he guided it in. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy as they raised and lowered her up and down on his cock. She screamed as they started to lower her deeper on the cock and the guy was thrusting his hips up to meet her. The cameraman dropped to his knees between the feet of the guy to get a better view of her pussy skewered on his cock. Just then the guys holding her laughed and started to walk around in a circle, raising and lowering her on the cock as she was rotated around. She screamed “Oh God” and you could see his cock was drenched with her juices.

They guys stopped rotating and looked back at the cameraman. Just then they held her steady over the cock. They lowered her down “One …two…three” and then they let go and she plunged down all the way on his cock. She grunted aloud as his cock filled her pussy. I imagined he was a 10 incher. Someone pushed her forward and the guy pulled her to him as he started stroking into her pussy.

I looked back at the black guy and opened my mouth to accept the dripping head of his cock. I licked some of the drops of cum first and then opened wide as his cockhead split my lips. His cockhead was almost the size of a baseball or at least a small peach. I sucked on it and watched his eyes close in pleasure. I looked up past him to the screen again and saw a long thin cock poised at a pussy. As the camera moved in closer I saw the cockhead dip down to the asshole underneath, and start to move in close. At that moment I felt someone grab my legs and push back a little and realized that that was me up on the screen and it was the guy with the long skinny cock and huge balls ready to ass-fuck me. I wanted to shout no but the black guy shoved his cock deeper into my mouth.

I was moaning in protest when I felt the pressure of his cockhead on my hole, and then he pushed and skewered my ass. My back arched and tried to get away but there was no way. I looked up to see that he barely had the head in my ass but it felt like he had 5 or 6 inches in. He pulled his cock out of me and grabbed some lube which he applied to my butthole. He then looked up at some guys and told them to move me to the edge of the mattress.

I was slid down a little bit until the mattress no longer supported my head. My head dropped down and soon there was a hard cock bobbing in front of my face. I was more worried about the dick at my ass than sucking a cock but I realized I was tied down and these guys weren’t taking no for an answer. Before I could suck him they held my head up and poured a small cupful of something into my mouth. I had a strong cherry flavor and burned a little on the way down. I asked them what it was and they said it was some of that throat relief spray but stronger. I said why and was told that way my throat would go numb and my gag reflex wouldn’t be a problem.

I soon realized what that meant as they dropped my head again and within seconds my lips, mouth and throat went numb. I tried to say something but it came out as a slurred sentence, and then a cock was brought to my lips. I tried to close them but couldn’t and a felt the hard cock stroking into my mouth. At the same time I wished they had poured that stuff on my ass as I could feel the cock reinserting itself into my poop chute. My body tensed as I could feel him sink it deep into me, and another hand came in to diddle my clit. The guy in my ass started to saw into me with long deep strokes. I had never had an anal orgasm but realized I was soon on the way to experiencing one.

My fists were clenched as my body fought the anal intruder, but soon I relaxed enough to enjoy it. I stopped trying to force him out and gained a new pleasure for anal sex. It wasn’t too bad when you don’t try to fight it. Speaking of fighting, I also discovered that the guy in my mouth had sank his cock into my throat. My mouth was filled with saliva which began to run down my face as he fucked into my throat. I love sucking cock and have deep-throated some guys but certainly not this big…yet. He had over 10 inches buried in my throat and his balls were slapping my nose.

Soon his strokes speeded up and he wasn’t pulling all the way out of my throat. He reached down and massaged my adams apple again and my throat swallowed. He was panting and said it felt amazing and then he tensed. I could feel his cock throb and then a warm sensation in my tummy. I tried to reason between the cock in my mouth and the cock in my ass, finding I couldn’t concentrate on one without being distracted by the other.

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