Marie – Adventures of a Cumslut Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: This chapter has less sexual scenes, but it’s essential to introduce Marie’s everyday life. The next one is almost ready and it’s gonna be hot. If you like my work, please give me feedback on what you like, or what you don’t, so I can write better stories. Thanks and enjoy.

Chapter 3: Cravings

Marie woke up feeling her head heavy from all the alcohol and the weed last night.

Memories of yesterday’s evening started coming back to her. How she sucked and fucked a stranger in the pub’s WC and took his load like slut, then the public masturbation incident with the bum and finally the amazing sex with her boyfriend. She felt a rush of heat in her pubic area and immediately reached for her pussy. Cum from last night has leaked out of it and dried on her thighs. She felt dirty and she liked it. Suddenly she remembered she had an important class workshop today and grabbed her phone. The hour was half past 10. She got up and started frantically getting ready. If she was lucky enough she could only be a couple of minutes late. But first, she had to take a shower, she stank of sweat and sperm.

The sound of a message beeped on her phone. It was Peter saying that he had her laptop ready, she could pass by the library and take it. It would only take a few minutes, but she had to have her laptop with her at class. Right after reading Peter’s message, she noticed she had gotten an email from Jess late at night. It must be a stupid meme or some kind of weird art porn related picture or video. Jess often shared this stuff with Marie. They had a shared interest in art after all. She decided she would read it on the way to University.

She jumped in the shower, the water was cold, but she didn’t have time to wait for it to be heated. She washed her armpits and vagina quickly, her hair would be fine braided, and didn’t look very oily, she could take a proper bath later. Coming out of the shower she wrapped herself in a towel and rushed to her bedroom to get dressed. She put on a nice black lacy thong, a matching bra and a black pantyhose with geometric patterns on them. Then her favorite ditsy floral short skirt combined with a Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds t-shirt and a black knit buttoned cardigan on top. She put on a light makeup and eyeliner in a pin-up and smoky style. She also put her glasses on and put her stuff in her bag when she remembered that she left her Oyster card (for transport fares) in the jeans she was wearing yesterday. Marie ran to the livingroom to find her jeans and her card inside them.

Arriving at the corner of her room she saw her cat Nelly sitting on them. She had found her dirty underwear and was licking them clean.

“What a weirdo!” Marie thought, chuckling.

She shooed the cat and grabbed her card. Her stomach was growling again, she thought she should grab a granola bar from the kitchen to eat on her way to University.

On the kitchen counter there was a note from Mateo, her Spanish stoner boyfriend. In a very bad handwriting it wrote:

“Mi amor! Last night was incredible. I had to leave early to get ready for my trip. I’ll call you later in the day Besos! xoxo”

Mateo finished culinary school 3 years ago and was working as a street food cook on an open market making tapas. This was his second job after he was fired almost a year ago from the restaurant he was working at the time. This is how they met, Marie had just started on her first job, waiting tables on this restaurant when she met Mateo.

One thing led to another after two weeks they were fucking in the restaurant’s storage room and in the toilets after closing time. Marie was still in a relationship with her ex boyfriend then, and felt terrible cheating on him with the exotic cook from Spain, but couldn’t help it in any way.

Unfortunately, after a month the owner of the restaurant found out about their affair. You see, this was a fine dining establishment, he could not having sluts fucking his cooks. So he fired both of them claiming that business was not going well and such. After being fired, the cheating couple didn’t have a place to cover up their meetings and, soon after, Marie’s ex found out about her infidelity and cheating and broke up with her.

Seconds later Marie was almost running to the subway station near her house, with her black leather jacket on her hand and her brown suede ankle boot’s laces untied. Entering the wagon she noticed an empty seat next to a couple of black guys. She shoved through the crowded wagon, jumped on the seat and started tying the laces on her boots, giving them, unbeknownst to her, a great view of her black thong. These guys had training bags with them and looked like they were going for football training or something. They took a look at the dazzling pale white redhead girl and made some catcalling sounds. Marie, obviously uncomfortable, didn’t pay them any attention, put on her headphones and started searching for Jess’ email to read.

She opened the email from her friend that wrote

“You little maltepe escort slut, I knew you had it in you! Great performance!” and had a video attached.

Cold sweat broke on her forehead and hands. She had a feeling of what was on the video.

“How the fuck could she know?” she thought.

She pressed play on the video, careful for anybody watching her phone’s screen and her worst fears came true. It was a video of her blowing the guy in the bathroom stalls from last night.

A mix of feelings started rising inside her. Shame and embarrassment combined with lust and fear.

“Why the fuck Jess had a video of her doing this stuff?” Marie thought, not able to remove her eyes from the screen or stop the video.

Sounds from Jess and her fucking in the pub’s bathroom came on her headphones. Just loud enough to send shivers down her spine. She felt really weird. On the one hand, she was getting wet from watching herself being an absolute slut, and on the other hand she was thinking what a pervert Jess was, and how many other videos she might have of her changing, peeing or taking a dump in the same toilet.

“Fuck that wierdo!” she said to herself, not noticing that the guy next to her was watching the lewd video through the window reflection.

Her panties were soaking wet again. She was unconsciously clenching her thighs together and rubbing them one on the other. As soon as the video ended she let a soft moan. The guy next to her was heavily aroused at the view of the naughty girl and his massive hard-on was clearly outlined through his sweatpants. He presumed that this girl was easy and a slut maybe, so she might not mind him rubbing his cock a little over his pants, and he did just that.

Marie noticed the guy looking at her as soon as she was able to take her eyes from the screen, but notice him rubbing his hard erection while looking at her.

She thought he asked her something while she was lost on her phone watching her lewd acts, so she removed her headphone a bit and asked him,

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening, did you ask me something?”

The guy widened his eyes in surprise. He wasn’t expecting that reaction.

He quickly found the words he was looking for.

“Yeah, I actually asked if you study at the university, beautiful.” he said, with a wide smile.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, in the architecture school, why do you ask?” she said.

“You see my pals and I are freshmen, and today we have our auditions for the University’s football team.” he lied.

“Do you happen to know where the football field is?” he asked.

“Yeah, all the way at the end of the campus, next to the student dormitories, I think.” she said with a smile, happy with herself that she knew this information.

“Oh, thanks girl! You are very helpful!” he said and took his hand from his crotch and extended it towards her in a form of handshake.

“I’m Ian, by the way, and these Tom Thumbs here are Cyrille, Robbie and Idris.” he nodded to the guy next to him and the two that were standing in front of them.

The guys were trying to hide their laughs. They saw Ian rubbing his cock and then shaking the girl’s hand.

They nodded in reply with wide smiles.

“Oh…aaahm, Marie!” said the girl, a bit troubled if she was doing right telling them her name.

Just then a woman’s voice came on the wagon’s speakers announcing the next stop. Marie pulled her hand from the weird handshake with Ian, and picked her bag from the floor. She got up and ready and stood in line to exit the wagon. The guys stood right beside her chuckling and whispering to each other. Moments before the wagon’s door opened she felt something hard slightly pushing between her asscheeks. But she didn’t give it any thought because right after she could move towards the open doors and exit the subway.

Five minutes of fast walking later she was at the library looking for Peter to get her laptop and finally go to her class. Peter was behind the counter sorting a huge stack of returned books and putting them on a cart. She walked with soft steps, changed her voice a bit, sounding like a lisping little girl.

“Ehm, excuse me kind sir. Do you happen to know of a very nice tech guy named Peter. I was told he could fix my broken Nintendo 64!” she said, trying not to laugh.

Peter snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Marie with amazement, he needed a moment to combine the view with the voice he heard. It caught him off guard and burst in laughter. Marie laughed with him, happy that her joke worked. Peter while laughing noticed how beautiful and hot she was, she was even more cute when she was laughing and his dick stiffened a little.

“Morning Marie,” he said, still laughing. I have your laptop right here.

He grabbed the bag and gave it to her.

“I added an extra 4gb ram stick, and added an SSD, replacing your optical disk drive. I also cleaned the shit out of your computer. You know you shouldn’t mamak escort let Nelly sleep on it right? It was full of cat hair and dust. I decluttered your fans and sprayed cleaning spray everywhere. I also cloned your system on the SSD, and moved your data files on your other hard drive.” he said, trying not to show any awkwardness about the cleaning spray bit.

Marie swallowed hard, she thought of the lewd stuff she had in her hard drive. But she trusted Peter was a nice enough guy and would respect privacy. Oh, how wrong she was.

“I don’t know how to thank you Peter!” she said.

Peter thought about suggesting a blowjob for starters, but didn’t say anything.

“You are saving my ass, really. I would be seriously fucked without a well running laptop!” she added.

“Don’t worry my little slut, you are going to be seriously fucked either way.” he thought and smiled at her.

Marie, obviously happy and excited, reached and hugged him over the front desk giving him a loud kiss on the cheek. Peter blushed and his dick hardened more than before.

“Gotta go. We’ll talk later!” said and rushed through the library exit.

Friday’s workshops were about urban planning, a tough and demanding subject. Marie tried to focus on the lesson but she kept thinking about the email form Jess, and how she would respond to her for what she did. In the lunch break she decided she should call the bitch and have a word or two.

The phone beeped many times but finally Jess picked up.

“Morning little slut!” she answered.

Marie walked away in a secluded corridor and tried not to yell at her.

“Are you crazy you fucking bitch?” she said with a dead serious tone.

“You are filming people on the toilets?! You can go to jail for that!” she added.

“What was that? Who does stuff like this? Are you trying to ruin my life?” Marie concluded.

“Chill bitch!” Jess answered.

“If you must know I installed the camera for me! I had no intention to videotape you. I had an arrangement with the groom and the best man. They would pay good money to take me both. I was the best man’s gift to the groom. I wondered why he didn’t show up, until I watched the video.” she said.

“Are you fucking crazy? Doing threesomes in the toilets of your workplace? You can get fired and sued!” Marie said, losing her patience.

“Look, I’m sorry Marie. I had no intention to involve you. When I saw you take the guy’s money I thought you were like me, more open minded. But, obviously, I am wrong. I’m really sorry, I will delete the video right away and never talk about it ever again!” said Jess with her voice breaking through the phone. She was very sad that she made her friend talk to her that way.

“It’s ok Jess, I panicked. You know how things can go wrong with videos leaked on the internet. I might lose my scholarship, if this gets out.” said Marie with a mixture of fear and horniness.

Why the fuck was she getting aroused again thinking of men masturbating on her video, she thought.

“But please be careful with that stuff. I am not proud of what I did, but you know how hard it is to pay for our studies. I needed some extra financial aid. Please delete the video and will talk later. Bye.” said Marie, terminating the call.

“Bye!” said Jess, bursting in tears. She had made her best friend upset and she should find a way to make it up to her.

Marie thought about grabbing a bite, before going back to class. She had another 4 hours to go and she was starving. She moved towards the campus cafe. Entering the large hall she saw a sea of students drinking coffee, or having lunch. The place was busting from hundreds of students talking loudly and laughing. Marie bought a large flat white cappuccino and a tortilla sandwich with chicken and low calorie cheese. She decided to sit on a table for a while to eat her lunch. Then she noticed the black guys from the subway a couple of tables to her left. Ian was waving at her, she waved back as she was grabbing a bite.

Right after she finished her tortilla, Ian closed in on her table.

“Hey Marie, wasn’t it?” he asked.

“Yeap!”said Marie, making a loud gulping sound.

“Hey I was thinking, there is a party tonight, at a friend’s house, he was DJing at “The Garage”. If you know the place. Lots of freshmen are going, but older students also. I thought I would return the favor and invite you to a great party. You can bring friends if you like!” he said, smiling wide.

“Ehhh, ok, I’ll think about it Ian, because I have lots of work to do.” she answered, not wanting to be rude.

“Yeah, think about it, but I’m warning you it’s gonna be one of the wildest parties of the year!” he said.

“Hey, are you on Facebook, or Instagram? We can add each other, so I can send you the address.”

“Yeah, Marie B. You should see Dave Grohl biting a drumstick as a profile pic.” she said, not sure if he knew who Dave Grohl was.

“Ok girl, I will send you a friend ankara ofise gelen escort request. Hit me up if you decide to come!” he said and turned around with a spin, leaving with a silly walk.

Marie laughed at the sight of Ian walking like he was a member of Monty Python’s crew. He was attractive, athletic and funny. For a moment she thought about his dick, was it huge, like in the black dudes in porn? She was getting wet again.

“What’s the matter with me?” she thought. She couldn’t get her mind off dicks.

Later, in class Marie was picking up her things, thinking about the shitload of work their professor had assigned them. Fortunately, she was working only Saturday night so she had, the whole evening, tomorrow morning and the entire Sunday to focus on her studies. She had also to pass from the Administration Office to pay this semester’s tuition fee instalment. The entire cost of her tuition was around 40000 pounds. With the scholarship paying half of that each semester she had to pay 2000 pounds each semester, in two instalments. With the money she made last night she had the one thousand pounds she needed. Her parents were in a worse financial state than when she started her studies, and could barely help know. She was depending on herself and scholarship to continue her studies. As she was giving the money to the administration employee, she thought very seriously about joining Jess in fucking dudes for money. Maybe she was right after all, maybe it was the only way a poor girl could pay her way through university without finding herself with a huge student loan afterwards.

Early evening found Marie on her desk, studying on her laptop. Peter did an amazing job, her computer was four times faster than before. She was happy it was like new but it had a weird faint smell. It must have been the cleaning stuff Peter used. However, Marie was almost sure it smelled like sperm, and that made her a bit wet.

She thought she should get her horniness out of the way but masturbating for a couple of minutes. She opened her porn folder and clicked on a video of a young girl banging around a hundred dudes. She thought about her lush bullet vibrator. Her ex had bought it for her as a gift on their last Valentine’s day together. She could even control it through an app on her phone. Marie opened her desk drawer and found the small pink device, she took off her pj pants and her underwear.

The horny girl licked the fat end of the vibrator for a couple of minutes to lubricate it well and shoved it in her bald pussy. The other side was touching on her clit. It was one of the best things she had. She would often use it if she couldn’t reach an orgasm with Mateo. This thing was perfectly designed to bring women to orgasm in minutes. She opened the app and set it to 5 out of ten, she wanted to reach an orgasm quickly and continue studying. This pink wondrous device was very discreet, barely making a faint bzzz sound.

She started caressing her boobs and playing with her nipples as she was watching the girl on her screen starting to take loads on her face, in her mouth and inside her pussy and ass. It was only this kind of hardcore porn that would do it for her nowadays. She couldn’t settle for anything less than sluts being completely used and end up looking like cum rags. It excited her, this feeling of powerlessness and submission. She took the slider to 7 on her app for a more intense stimulation. Moans from the girl on the screen mixed with her own filled the room. All this time she was thinking about the video Jess had sent her. She grabbed her phone, opened the email and pressed play on the video of her sucking and fucking the dude. Her eyes switched frantically from her computer screen to her phone screen.

She started mumbling,

“Yeah fuck that slut’s throat!” she said not sure if she meant the girl on the computer or herself on the phone. She increased the vibrator’s speed to max while the girl on her computer screen was drinking sperm from a huge bowl fuel to the brim. The camera did close ups to her face, that was glistening from the layers of cum, and her eyes that were bloodshot from the jizz. On the other screen she was watching herself bent on the toilet seat getting fucked from behind. She felt her orgasm coming closer as she saw herself orgasming from fucking the guy.

As she was holding her phone in her hand it started ringing. It was a video call from her boyfriend, she tried to hit the close button but by mistake she answered the call. The screen showed Mateo’s face and by the background it seemed like he was on the train. He saw Marie’s blushing face and heard the moaning sound from her laptop.

Confused he asked,

“Hey babe! Whatcha doing?” already suspecting that his hot girlfriend was masturbating to some porn video.

Marie knew that there was no way she could cover this up, so she played along, after all, she was really close to her climax, she didn’t want to stop now.

“I was thinking about you…mmmm… and got all wet…ahh… and horny!” she answered with a sexy voice and little moans between the words.

“Ohh, that’s my sexy senorita!” he said.

Marie moved the phone so he could see all of her. Her stiff nipples and her wet pussy as she was caressing her body and said,

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