Marina and Russell Pt. 24

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“You’re only mine”

(All characters are over 18 years old)

Today I decided to check if there are unnecessary items in my boxes? I took my boxes out of the closet and in one of them I saw a dildo, and at that moment Russell went into the room and saw it. I stood up, saw him, shuddered and hid the dildo behind my back. I asked:

“You… you saw it?”

He answered:


I said:

“It’s not mine, it belongs to Mina.”

He says:

“Even if it were yours, you don’t have to be shy about it! But how did you use it? In house of my dream, when I had my first sex with you, I felt that then you were a virgin…”

I answered:

“I… used it… for practice in… f… fe-fe-fe… fell…”

He asked:

“In fellation?”

And I answered:

“Ye… ye-e-e-s…”

He said with a light smile:

“And you didn’t waste your time. Marina, my beloved girl does an excellent fellation to me, and almost immediately I’m getting hard.”

And I tilted my head, looked down and was very embarrassed, and he continued to smile at me. He said:

“You’re the perfect sexual partner.”

These words not only embarrassed and sexually aroused me, but also made me very happy… and I said:

“Th… th-thank you… and you too…”

He answered:

“Thank you.”

Soon, Mina called and said that she urgently needed to see me.

I came to visit Mina. We’re in her room, sitting at a table, and I said:

“Look, Mina, you lent me some thingy… I’m giving it back to you…”

I open the bag and get her dildo out of there and give her. She said:

“Oh, thank you! I even forgot about it! Look, I have a present for you.”

She gives me a bottle of some liquid, this bottle is in the shape of an erect penis and scrotum, and it’s blue and transparent. I got embarrassed when I saw it and asked:

“Wh… wh-wh-what’s thiiis?”

Mina answered:

“Pheromone perfume! They are sold in a sex shop. This smell will drive your Russell crazy!”

I took a perfume bottle and said:

“Thank you…”

Mina said:

“Why are you blushing and blushing… I don’t understand Şişli escort bayan how such a shy girl like you can turn Russell on?”

I see she’s jealous…


But she’s too blunt! She said:

“So… Russell likes shy girls…”

She looked to the side with sad eyes, closed her eyes and kept quiet for a few seconds. And then she said:

“Sorry, I just started thinking… I invited you to say that tomorrow I’ll go to New York alone.”

It was unexpected news for me. I was surprised and asked:

“But why?”

She answered:

“Because I… I… I love Russell!!”

And she wept. I experienced some strange feeling because we both love him… and something like jealousy… Of course, I will miss Mina a little, after all, I have been friends with her for many years, she always stood up for me if someone offended me… but on the other hand, I can’t allow her to communicate with Russell alone, even if she promised me not to take away him from me, suddenly Russell would be seduced, and…

“Also I have a gift for Russell…”

Mina said, kept crying. She put a bottle of some kind of alcoholic drink on the table.

“I didn’t want him to like my gift more than yours, so you give him a bottle of wine from me. I know you don’t drink alcohol, so it’s just for him.”

I asked:

“Do I need to walk you tomorrow?”

She answered:

“No, thank you, otherwise I’ll be even sadder. Recently, I don’t allow my stepfather to have sex with me, because of which we once quarreled over this. In general, I’m so disgusted when other old men sexually arouse me, after all, I love only Russell… I don’t know, is it love or not… but I feel that he is special for me…”

I said:

“I’m sorry that I don’t know how to help you…”

Well… Mina used to be so cheerful, she is still trying to be cheerful, but with great difficulty… now she probably hates her gerontophilia very much…

I came home. Russell came up to me and said:

“Hello, honey”

I answered:

“Hello, Russell. Mina told me she will leave for New York tomorrow. And she asked me Escort Sultangazi to give you a gift from her.”

I’m giving him a bottle of wine. He says:

“How all this is unexpected… but why didn’t she give you anything?”

I said:

“Well… she gave me something… but I can’t show you that yet!”

He became interested and thought: I wonder what the gift is?

We had dinner later, and Russell said:

“Thanks for dinner, honey! It was delicious. I want to have a rest a little, I’ll go lie down.”

He stood up and went to the bedroom. There were empty plates and a glass half filled with wine on the table, for the whole dinner Russell took only a few small sips of a wine. I put all the dirty dishes and went to the bedroom too. Russell lies on the bed and reads the book. I asked:

“Would you like me to give you a foot massage?”

He answered:


I started massaging his foot and thought: Russell’s feet… I love to touch them, massage them, kiss them…

I kissed his foot and started gently stroking and spinning it. He felt more pleasant and he thought: she uses elements of erotic massage…

While I continued to give him a foot massage, he thought: Marina… before me you had no men… before you met me you had no experience… you are so shy… and at the same time, you know how to drive me crazy…

Russell got a little sexually aroused. He sat on the corner of the bed and said with a smile:

“Come to me…”

I stood up and came up to him, he hugged me and started kissing me, he smelled pheromone perfume and thought: mmm… what a seductive smell…

I started to undo the buttons on his shirt and, undoing each button, I kissed the naked part of his body, and lower, and lower, and lower… he looked at me with surprised and excited eyes and he thought: wow, it’s unexpected… she used to be more shy…

Russell started kissing me again, I hugged him… I lick his lips and tongue, then I kiss and lick his ears and at that time I stroke his shoulders and back… he took off my top and bra and started caressing my breast and rubbing Taksim escort my nipples…

“mmm… ah…”

I moaned quietly… now he sat down and I kept sitting on the bed, he took off my skirt and panties, he put his hands on my hips and began caressing my clitoris with his tongue and lips… then he inserted his tongue into my vagina and began to move it…


how good I feel… my moans have become louder… I feel a lot of vaginal lubrication flowing out of me and Russell swallows it…


He likes to swallow it, I’m so embarrassed… he gently kissed my clitoris and pubis, stood up and sat on the bed. Now I started caressing his breast, kiss and lick his nipples, sometimes I shyly looked him in the eye… then I take off his pants and underpants, kiss his tummy and pubis, and I caress his penis with my hands… I caress the head of his penis with the tip of my tongue, and at this time I’m stroking his testicles… Russell has great pleasure… and now he asked me to lie on the bed, he knelt, he’s raising my both legs up and holding by my waist, he inserted his penis into me and began to make frictions. I feel the movements of Russell’s penis, it rubs “there” so pleasantly… now I moan even louder… and I sometimes look him in the eye with shyness and passion… and soon I begin to experience orgasm…

“aah! aaah… aah… mmmmm…”

And later he ejaculated into me. I stroked his hair, and he gently kissed my lips and cheeks. We were lying down, and I thought: even if Mina leaves, I’m still worried… it is not known if someone suddenly wants to seduce Russell, or he will cheat on me himself, even if he loves me… but right now I don’t want to think about it, I just want to enjoy our happiness.

“Marina, when will you show me the gift Mina gave you? I’m very curious.”

He asked. I stood up and got out a bottle of perfume, and I answered:

“Mina gave me… this…”

He looked a little surprised at the bottle and asked with a light smile:

“What’s this?”

I answered:

Ph… ph-ph-pheromone perfume…”

He said:

“Oh… This is the perfume I smelled today? Its smell is really seductive, especially when combined with the sweetest smell – the smell of you.”

His words embarrass me… I looked down and he kept smiling at me.

I won’t let you go anywhere, I won’t give you to anyone, because you’re only mine, Russell, only mine…

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