Marty, The Golden Boy_(1)

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(Hope you enjoy this story of my youth. There are many that I am preparing to write. This is my first)

I had known Marty all of my young life, well every since I started elementary school that is. I think we all have known a “Marty” type when we were young. Marty was the handsomest boy in school. He was blond and blue eyed with a killer athletic body. Later I would find out that he also had a huge dick. Marty was linked to a girl named Pamela. In 6th Grade they were the “golden couple” but this story is not about Pamela. This story is about Marty and his big dick.

My brother was three years older than me and his friends were always hanging around the house. Both of our parents worked, so no adults were ever at home during the day. We only had one next-door-neighbor and they didn’t have any kids at home. They had moved away a long time ago. Besides, my folks weren’t overtly friendly with them anyway. So there weren’t any prying eyes to see what my brother and I were up to. Summers were especially awesome. But I will save that for another story.
School had just let out for the summer and it was our last year in the elementary grades. The school that Marty and I attended was in back of my house, which was separated by a couple of baseball diamonds and just some open fields. The school was like a magnet for kids with nothing to do. During the summer time we played baseball nearly everyday. You could always get a game up with neighborhood kids and Marty was one of those neighborhood kids.

It was a pretty hot day for June and we had worked up a pretty decent sweat and kicked up a lot of dirt so we were kind of gritty as well. Marty had hit a homer and drove me home. With that hit, we won the game.
“Hey Marty want to come over and get something cold to drink?” I asked. “Sure”, he replied “I could use something cold about now.” So I grabbed my mitt and he picked up the bat and ball he had brought and home we went. “Anybody home?” he asked as we walked through the field. “Nope, my Mom and Dad are both at work. My brother might be home, I don’t know what he’s doing today but it’s OK” I said. Secretly, I was hoping that no one would be there, especially my brother. I wanted Marty alone, my dick wanted Marty alone… I could tell ‘cause it was starting to raise its’ head in anticipation. As we started to walk, I saw Marty glance down at my growing crotch and I could’ve sworn I saw a flicker of a smile before he turned away.

As we entered the back of our property, I was in front of Marty as we walked up the dirt path past our vegetable garden. Marty and I made some small talk about the garden which helped relieved the swelling in my pants for the time being. When we got to the house, I unlocked the back door and called out to my brother, James. Luckily, no one was there. I told Marty to come on in.

Marty followed me in through the back door, and into the kitchen. I poured us some ice cold lemonade which he drank in one long gulp. I watched his throat, his “Adam’s apple” moving up and down as he quenched his thirst. I have always thought that a man’s Adam Apple was sexy and to this day I still do. As I looked at Marty’s “apple” I thought about what it would be like to have my cock in his throat. How it would feel, the muscles contracting and what it would be like to fill his mouth with my cum, to watch that throat drink the nectar of my being. In those split seconds I also wondered what his cum tasted like and would he fill me with his boy spunk. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock and that a raging hard-on was now making my pants pretty uncomfortable. Marty emptied the glass and as he put it down on the counter saw my situation.

“Hey, gaziantep swinger what’s going on with you down there?” he asked with a big grin on his face. “Aw, nothing… its’ just that I get hard sometimes, James says that boys are horny all the time and get hard a lot”, I said as I reached down to adjust my cock. Marty laughed and said “Me too. Ever beat off?” “What do you mean?” trying to sound innocent. I had done much, much more with my brother James but no one else knew that. “You know, jack off” Marty laughed as he reached down and grabbed my crotch. His touch was like an electric shot that coursed through my entire body by just his touch. My knees felt weak and I thought I would fall to the floor, but instead I found my trembling hand reaching for what was already his bulging hard cock. It was like the entire world had ceased to exist as I tugged at his zipper and reached in and felt his cock through the material in his underwear. I looked at his face and saw this golden boy’s eyes glazed over with lust, as if he was in a trance as I traced the outline of his cock through his BVD’s. At the very tip of where his cockhead was, I felt a small area of wetness. I knew he was ready. I found my voice, whispered “come with me” and taking his hand, led him into the bedroom I shared with my brother.

When we got into the room, I shut and locked the door as Marty looked around. When I turned back around I said “take off your pants and shirt”. He said “OK but you have to do the same”. That’s all I needed to hear! I had my clothes off in no time. Mainly because I wanted to see his body being revealed, to be able to built upon the anticipation of what was to come.

Marty’s arms were pretty toned and muscular for someone graduating from the 6th grade. Besides baseball, he was also really good at basketball and later he told me that he was on a swim team that his Mom had enrolled him in at the YMCA near his home. So that accounted for the nice body and sweet butt he was starting to develop. Along with this tight little body he was acquiring, blonde hair was beginning to show on his arms and legs. As he pulled his T-shirt over his head I could see that hair was beginning to sprout under his arms. As I wondered about the hair around his cock and balls, he dropped his pants and kicked them off. He hooked his thumb to the band of his white BVD’s and slowly pulled them down until his rock hard cock plopped up and out. Around the base of his cock I could see some hair beginning to sprout there. A sure sign that he was becoming a man!

His cock was perfection. He was circumcised and at least 6 inches. I had never seen a circumcised cock before, at least not up this close. Being from the South, I was not cut, nor was anyone else in my family, including cousins. So I was fascinated by its beauty. A blue vein at the base ran the entire length of his cock traveling upward toward the reddish, purplish tip of his flawless cockhead. His cock stood at rigid attention and bent ever so slightly to the left.

I walked to where he was standing and told him that I had been waiting for this moment for a very long time and kissed him upon his full red lips. Again, I felt the electricity flow through my body and it was exquisite. Without words being spoken, I knelt down and took the tip of his cock head into my waiting mouth. I savored the saltiness, the richness of the aroma, of boy essence. I rested my tongue on the underside and worked my way around the head and down the shaft again. As I began to pay special attention to his cockhead, I was transported to another plane where no one else existed as I tasted the pre-cum bubbling up and being released into my waiting mouth. I suckled on his nectar like a bee seeking pollen from a morning dew flower.
I worked my way down as far as I could but I had never seen such a huge dick before let alone, suck on one. He was at least 6 inches and for a 12 year old mouth sucking the dick that you had secretly worshiped, that is big! But being a lover of boy cock, I continued to move my mouth downward. I swirled my tongue around his shaft and then down and then moving back up to the head. I was savoring every moment. I knew how to make him come to the edge and then back off just enough to stop him from going too far. James had taught me well (but that’s another story).

Marty woke me from my stupor as he pulled me up to kiss me. He pushed his tongue gently but forcefully through my lips and down my throat. I sucked on his tongue and he on mine. Then he pulled back releasing me from his kiss. He slumped down to his knees and swallowed me whole. I gasped for air as he moved his head up and down, teeth and all. It was glorious. Marty was not as talented or as lucky as I was. He was the only child so he didn’t have a brother that he could practice on night after night. So I had to tell him to open his mouth more and to slow down. He pulled his head up and looked at me and said “Sorry! But I’ve never done this before and your dick just tastes so good!” We both laughed at that.

“I know, but I am not cut like you and my head is really sensitive. It’s always got a hooded jacket on!” We both laughed uncontrollably at that. I pulled Marty up and maneuvered him to my bed and pushed him down. I said let me show you how we both can pleasure each other and positioned my self so that we could do a “69”. Marty caught on to this new position and his teeth were no longer a problem. He catches on quickly I thought. My mind became void of thought with the exception of giving this blond god complete and utter mind-blowing satisfaction. I worked sucking on the head and then the shaft of his cock and back up to worship the head again. With each thrust downward, I moved his cock deeper into my throat, back up and then down again. My mind emptied of all thought as I worked on my one desire, the one sole thought that I have had for such a long time and with all my being. It was nirvana as I sucked on this beautiful cock.

I reached and pulled his ball sac downward, gently but firmly. He squirmed a bit when I did that. So I tried something else, I reached for his mouth and pulling my cock out stuck my finger in and told him to suck that. When that was nice and wet, I pulled that out and stuck my cock back in. While I was gorging on his cock, I reached in back and found his rosebud and played with his crack. I pushed and he made a sign with his butt that he really didn’t know what I was about to do, but he was not sure if he could handle it. I ignored his body’s pleas and pushed inward. As my finger pushed forward, I could feel his cock tensing and getting ready for release. Marty yelled and released my cock from his mouth as his hips bucked and he thrust deeper down my throat. I could feel the cockhead exploding in my mouth as wave after wave of cum was released into my grateful mouth. His pulsating cock shot a long rope of cum and then several more before he had totally emptied his boy juice into my throat. I didn’t lose a drop and didn’t want to swallow his cum. I wanted to savor its’ sweetness. When I did swallow, I tried to save some so as I reached upward to kiss his lips, released some of his essence back to him. He sucked every drop from my tongue and then swirled his tongue in every crevice seeking out any drop that might still be left. When he was satisfied and there wasn’t any cum left to be had, he released his lips from mine and smiled.

“Geez, where did you learn how to do that?” he panted. “Marty, before we go any further, I need for you to know that I took a big risk today. Promise me that you won’t tell anyone what we did here today”. He kissed me again and said “Don’t worry no one is going to hear from me that I was sucking your dick!” We both laughed at that. “In case you haven’t notice, I took a pretty big risk too.” He said. “OK then I will tell you. A few months ago James showed me some magazines that he found showing some guys doing that to some other guys. I have been sucking James off every night since!” We both laughed and he squeezed my crotch. “There was some other stuff they were doing but we can do that some other time if you want.” I said with some hesitation. Marty looked at me puzzled and then he smiled the biggest smile “How about now? I am up for anything you want to show me!” Pressed to my stomach was a throbbing hard-on that Marty suddenly had acquired with little effort. I kissed him again and without a word, got up and went to my dresser drawer where I kept my socks and pulled out a jar of Vaseline.

I walked back to the bed, reached down and massaged his dick with a large glob of Vaseline. Marty didn’t say a word. As I put another glob on my rosebud, I bent down and gave him a long, tongue penetrating kiss.
I wanted to be able to watch his face, to be able to seek out his lips as I sat down on top of his steel hard cock. I pushed him back down on the bed and as I lowered myself onto his rod, I gently kissed him. I could feel the tip, and slowly I moved downward until I was centered. I took a deep breath and at the same time told myself to relax. I continued in a downward thrust until I could feel the sharp pain of his dick entering past my rosebud. As his dick past my sphincter, I stopped moving so that my anus could adjust to the pain which quickly became that of joy. Marty had his eyes closed and relinquished control to me.

I resumed my downward thrust until I had engulfed every inch of that glorious boy cock. I was in heaven at that point and searched out his lips. Marty was thrusting and bucking upwards like a wild stallion. I began to ride my pretty pony like the Lone Ranger, with each gallop bringing me closer and closer to climax. Marty thrust upward with such force that I thought I was going to fall off. He screamed “I’m Cumming!” I felt his cock pulsating, shooting a torrent of cum inside of me. Barrage after barrage coated my insides. He fucked like a wild man and I could feel his cock rubbing my prostate, making it tingle with each electric shock of his cock rubbing against it. Without touching myself, I began shooting ropes of cum. The first volley shot onto his shoulder, the second volley seemed even more forceful then the first and shot onto his cheek. The third shot fired landed on his upper lip. I bent down and before he could lick it off, sucked it off his lips. I loved the taste of my own cum; I licked it off of his cheek and then reached my head down to his shoulder and licked it clean until none was left. Our bellies were smeared in the remaining cum that I shot. Marty’s thrusts lessened and as I laid there on top of him I could feel our two hearts pounding as one. I felt his cock growing smaller until he easily slipped out of my hole. He kissed me, a long and caring kiss.

That night in the darkness of my room and as I lay in bed somehow I knew that Marty had answered a question that was deeply buried inside of me without me even knowing what the question was. I felt complete. I was to find that this was the first step on a long journey that I would take in the years ahead.

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