Mary Discovers Her Boss’s Plans

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Huge Cock

She was running late as usual, Two blocks from town her tire blew. She use her cell phone and call the garage then her boss. “I’m sorry Mr. Yates my tire blew and I have to wait for Bickerson to get here, he said 15 minutes.” she told him. “I’m sorry to, Mary you’ll have to stay late to make up for the time.” he told her. She knew that already, and she also knew just how she would spend the time too. Two hours later she pulls into the parking lot and her boss met her at the back door. “We have a meeting in 5 minutes, hope your ready for it.” he said, pulling her along with him.

“Good morning gentlemen, hope you we’re kept waiting to long?” she said. She spent the next hour telling the men how the company would handle their account, showing them everything from the Ads to the TV spots they were going to make. “Are there any questions?” she ask. They all shake their heads no so she left the room. Sitting at her desk going thru papers was where Mr. Yates from her later on. “It’s a go as soon as we send the papers tonight after work my dear. Thank you for staying after tonight.” he told her.

She order her lunch in today. By 5 she had all her work done and was waiting for the other people to leave work. Looking at her watch again she saw it was 5:10, she got up and went into Mr.Yates office to wait for him. He was already there he motion for her to close the door and sit down. He stood up and undid his pants, pulling out his cock he went over to her, rubbing his cock over her mouth. She took his cock in her mouth,sucking, and licking the head. When he push deeper she took him down her throat, keeping him there, sucking hard. All while he was talking to his wife, telling her he’d be home as soon as the papers were sign.

He hung up the phone and move his cock in and out of her mouth. Holding her face in his hands he fuck her face faster and faster till his cum dibble out the corners of her mouth. “Your a great cock sucker, Mary. Now please go over there and do a strip just for me.” he told her. Taking his clothes off before he sat down. She slowly strip her clothes off for him, when she had nothing left on. “Come give me a lap dance.” he said. He’d never ask her to do that before. She went over and rub her ass, and pussy over his lap. She could feel his cock getting larger and harder. When she turn to face him he told her to ride his cock.

Climbing on top of him she ease her pussy down onto his waiting cock, once there he pull her down onto his chest. Grabbing her ass cheeks he pull her even closer and he went deeper in her pussy. She heard the door open, but didn’t look around. “I see you started without me, but you left me her asshole. Good thing I’m ready and able to give her ass a good work out.” she heard the man say. Turning her head she saw it was the head of Bates Company, she had pitch her ideas at the morning, and he had the biggest and fattest cock she ever saw.

She felt him rubbing his cock across her asshole kızılay escort before he push it in. Slowly he push his cock up her ass, when she couldn’t take his sloe pace any more she push her ass back onto his cock burying him deep inside her. He knew he was going to enjoy this lady, she love having her ass fuck, and he was just the man to give it to her. Pulling out just enough, he plunge back in. He did this for over 30 minutes, Yates had cum already as did she, but she was a long way from being done having orgasms. {the phone rings] Pulling out of her ass, she got up and Her Boss got up to answer the phone. It was his wife wanting to know how much longer he would be.

“Miss Hatfields, would you be interested in meeting me at my hotel room for a night of loving, if you do I’ll sign those papers now so he can go home.” he ask her. Nodding yes she got dress, and left the room. Zipping his pants he turn. “You have those papers, I’ll sign them now so you can get home to your lovely wife, and please tell her thank you for me stay.” he said. Papers were sign and Mr. Yates left telling Mary to be in early and to lock up the office before she left.

As she lock the front door Mr. Bates walks up to her. Standing behind he tells her that she has the tightest asshole he’s ever been in, and he’d like to feel her lips, and pussy wrap around his cock while he move it in her. “That’s okay, I’ve never seen a man’s cock as big as yours before.” she told him. “Instead of going to your room why don’t you come home with me and have dinner.” she said.

Sense he wanted her, he told her he’d follow her home. She went next door to get her car only to find that it wasn’t ready. “You’ll have to wait till tomorrow Mary haven’t had time to get to it today.” Bickerson told her. “I’ll give you a ride home Miss Hatfields.” Mr. Bates told her. “Thank you Mr. Bates, I am greatful.” she told him. He help her into the car. She told him where to go and they pull into her driveway 10 minutes later.

Following her into the house, he look over the room and told her he like the way she had set the place up. “Have a seat I’ll go change and be with you in a minute.” she told him. Leaving the bedroom door open she pull off her dress, dropping it to the floor. He watch from the livingroom, seeing her large round titties. His hands burn to hold them. Next he saw her slim waist, and long slender legs. Getting up he walk to her bedroom door way. “Your so beautiful Mary. Sis you know I was coming back to the office to fuck you , and that your Boss okay it.” he ask her.

She look over at him. “No I didn’t know that he told you that, just that I had to stay after to make up for being late this morning. And you already know why I was late.” she told him. “When I walk in you were riding him, how long has that been happening?” he ask. “Sense the first time I got to work late, sense I needed to keep my job, I had to do what he said.” she kızılay escort bayan told him. “He’s a bastard, Mary. Why don’t you find another job?” he ask her. Pulling on her robe she told him that there wasn’t another job, most of the business in town were own by the Yates. Walking up to him she place a kiss on his lips. “Come dinner is done and I’m hungry.” she said.

“MMMMMM, dinner was wonderful Mary, your a wonderful cook.” he said. helping her to take care of dinner, and doing the dishes. Sitting on the couch he ask her about her life and they exchange life stories. Once he got to know her better he began to see, why he felt drawn to her this morning. “I see you have a pool, Let’s go for a swim?” he ask. Nodding her head they went outside. Dropping her robe she step into the cool water. He waited till she was looking before he took his clothes off.

She watch him undress. Swimming over to the side of the pool she look up at him. “Do you like what you see Honey?” he ask. “I like very much, I was wondering something. Just how big are you?” she ask him. Stepping in the water he stood behind her, pulling her up against him. “I’m almost as big as a horse baby, and if you need that in inches. It’s 12 inches long, and 5 or 6 inches fat.” he whispers. Turning her around in his arms, he lifted her legs to wrap then around his hips. Taking her mouth in his, he kiss her long and hard, giving her his tongue and moving her back up against the pool side. His cock found her pussy and slips inside.

He felt her moaning, and her pussy squeezing his cock. Holding her he move them over to the steps and lay her back on them then he plunge his cock into her hard and fast. Not stopping till she scream she was cumming, he exploded then filling her pussy with his hot cum. “God Mary, I’ll give you a job just to keep you with me.” he said. She knew it was just the pleasure he was feeling he didn’t ready have a job for her, but she told him he could come see her anytime, or any night he wanted to.

Sitting on her bed, waiting for her to dry off. “Mary I wasn’t kidding when I told you I’d give you a job. My sister who was taking care of all the paper work, has decided to leave to stay at home with her baby, so I do need someone and I think you are the one who could do the job, believe me I’m not giving you the job, because of what we just did now or earlyer at the office. Now don’t get me wrong if you want to continue with this I’d love to, but the job has nothing to do with it.” he told her. “I’ll think about it.” she said as she walk over to him and kneel down in front of him.

Taking his cock in her hand, she lean over and lick his cockhead. Licking, kissing his cock and balls giving them a bath with her tongue, she then place him in her mouth, sucking him slowly down her throat. She took her time enjoying sucking on his cock. He watch her as she suck all his cook into her throat, knowing that no other escort kızlay woman had ever been able to take all his cock into her mouth, he knew he was going to do everything in his power to keep her. He let her suck him till he had his orgasm, knowing he still be hard when she was done.

When she drank all his cum he pull her up to him and told her to lay down he was going to give some loving. Waiting for her to lay down he climb between her legs and with his finger, he open her pussy to slip his tongue inside. Slowly he lick, kiss, and suck her pussy till she was screaming she was cumming. Moving up beside her on the bed he took her mouth in a mind bending kiss, that left her wanting more. He move back between her legs, lifting them over his shoulders he plunge his cock into her pussy, and kept plunging his cock till she scream again. “OH GOD I’M CUMMMMMMMMINGGGGG!!” she scream. Her scream took him over the edge and his orgasm exploded from him and into her. Not leaving her body he pull hr to him and they fell asleep,

The next morning she awoke to find him still there, watching her sleep. Looking at the clock she knew she was late for work again. {the phone rings] “Is the job still there for me?” she ask him. “Yes the jobs yours.” he told her. Picking up the phone. “Hello yes I know Mr. Yates, yes I’m sorry, but…” was all she got out before he took the phone from her. ” Hello Fred, Yes I spend the night here if it’s any of your business, and she will not be in to work today or any other day, reminder that I can tell your wife, my sister, just what I saw when I walk into your office last night. Better find yourself some other fuck partner, because Mary’s days are over as far as your concern, bye.” he told him and hung up the phone. “MMMMMMMM, he wont bother you any more baby.” he said to her.

He stood in his offices looking out over the afternoon sky, waiting for Mary to come back from her Doctors appointment. They’ve been working and fucking together for the last six months, and he just discovered he love her. Looking down he saw her coming into the building. When she came into the office and close and lock the door he knew something was wrong. ” What’s wrong Mary?” he ask her., dropping the blinds. She took off her clothes dropping them to the floor, walking over to him she took his hand, and place it on her tummy. “I’m pregnant Frank, we’re going to have a baby in about four months.” she told him. He look from her face down to where his hands was, and back to hr face. “Oh baby are you sure, we’re going to have a baby?” he question her. Nodding her head yes, he drop to his knees and rested his head on her tummy, whispering things to the baby.

Looking down at him she took a deep breathe. “Frank I’ve fallen in love with you, I know you don’t feel the same way about me, but…” was all she got out before he pull her down to him and kiss hr to shut her up.

“Oh baby I love you to, I was waiting for you to come back to ask you to marry me.” he told her, pulling her on top of him. Kissing her again, he slip his hand between their bodies and put his cock against her pussy. Lifting her hips she push down on his cock till he was buried deep inside of her pussy. “Ride me baby, ride me forever Mary.” he cried out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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