Mary Peters Ch. 01

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Mary Peters carefully adjusted her position in her seat and tried not to let anyone else in the classroom become aware of her discomfort.

Truth be known, she wasn’t particularly uncomfortable. In fact, her only real problem at that precise moment in time, was that she was feeling more than a little horny!

As a consequence of her feelings, there was a small damp patch starting to spread across the gusset of her tiny black panties: oh how she longed for the lunchtime bell to ring and bring an end to morning classes. She squeezed her hot, moistening thighs together even tighter…

The cause of her current situation was, at that precise moment, less than 20 feet away from her and totally oblivious to her predicament! Her back towards the class, Mrs Brown — their class lecturer – was writing busily on the blackboard.

Mrs. Brown was, in the words of pretty well all of the class, ‘a fuckin’ horny bitch!’ The lads all fantasised over her publicly to each other (and a good few of the girls did too in private if the truth were known). If only she knew, the straight-laced old biddy! (When you’re 18 then 45 seems sooo old!) She’d probably have apoplexy!

Mary was looking at her now. The tight black slacks Mrs. Brown wore, made it possible to just discern the outline of her panties, which looked so small as to be almost non-existent. And through her thin white silk blouse, Mary could see the outline of Mrs. Brown’s slim back and the tight, wide strapped bra as it strove to retain the large firm breasts within. Mary squeezed her thighs together again and longed once more for the bell to ring so that she could slip off to the ladies toilet and, using her long slim fingers, relieve the sexual tension rising rapidly inside her!

‘Miss Peters are you listening?’ The sharp, harsh crack of the impatient voice brought Mary back to reality with a startled jolt and she became aware that Mrs. Brown had turned from the blackboard and was, in fact, talking to her. Mary coloured a little and after a second or so answered somewhat shakily

‘Erm, yes, sorry Miss, er Ma’am, er, Mrs. Brown I mean! ‘

Mrs. Brown looked at Mary for a few seconds then went on ‘Mary, I know you may well think that what we are going over in casino siteleri this morning’s lesson is beneath you’ A few of the class sniggered ‘But if we don’t get this subject matter sorted out soon, then it’ll be all hell to pay when you take your exams next month! Please, stop day-dreaming girl and try to concentrate!’

This final statement caused a few of the other girls in the class to laugh out loud and a couple of the lads whistled. Mrs. Brown swung her gaze sharply from Mary and snapped ‘That’s enough of that! Get on with your work — all of you!’ Sexy bitch or not, Mrs. Brown commanded the utmost respect and all jeering and laughing died out instantly as if cut off with a knife! Mrs. Brown paused for a few moments, her eyes scanning her charges, daring any of them to so much as breathe. Then she resumed her briefing of the class, once more facing the board and making notes on it with the chalk she held in her left hand.

The strident jangle of the bell finally brought the morning classes to a close. Mary and the rest of the class began to collect together their note books and text books as Mrs. Brown finished off her lecture on what she expected of her class over the next few weeks before the exams were due. And, although she usually ruled with a rod of iron, even Mrs. Brown could not fully halt the gradual drift of bodies towards the front of the room and out of the now open classroom door.

The youngsters trailed away down the corridor, laughing and shouting to each other, gaming about; each one totally wrapped up in their own little world! Lunchtime — food, fags and freedom!

Mary left the room last and in something of a daze and, not having any close friends in the class she wasn’t really missed as she dropped behind them, turned off the main corridor and made her way towards the ladies toilets.

Mary slipped unnoticed inside the outer door of the toilet area and, passing through the inner door, quickly found her way to the far cubicle, passing as she did so, all of the others which seemed, to her relief, empty. She opened this last door and gratefully passed inside, sliding the door lock to ‘engaged’ behind her.

Hanging her shoulder bag on the hook on the back of the door and quickly unbuttoning canlı casino her lightweight Grey cardigan , she quickly hoisted up her short black skirt and, tugging down her thin black cotton panties, she sat down on the toilet with a rush and let the relief of being alone with her thoughts and feelings flood out of her just as the flow of warm golden urine flowed from between her sticky sex-lips. That had been close – but how terrific she now felt!

Instead of wiping herself with some toilet tissue as she usually would after urinating, Mary sat there for a while, listening to hear whether anyone else would choose to relieve themselves in this particular toilet block. After a minute or so — and judging it safe to do so – Mary hoisted her skirt up a little higher and, with the fingers of her left hand — for she too was left handed – like her sex fantasy Mrs. Brown – she gently parted the delicate soft lips of her moist, swollen Vulva and carefully searched at their top for the hard little nub of her clitoris.

She found it easily and, as her cool, dry finger touched the moist nub a feeling like a mild electric shock shot through her body. She closed her eyes and began to rub the protective hood of her sex centre gently back and forth across the highly sensitive shaft of her clitoris and within seconds her fingers were coated with her copious, sticky love juices. She closed her eyes, leaned back gently against the toilet cistern to get more comfortable and began to fantasise about having lesbian sex with Mrs. Brown!

For Several Minutes Mary rubbed, twisted and fluttered her fingers over her love button. Sometimes she rubbed them across, sometimes up and down — sometimes a combination of both movements. Her ears were tuned for the possible arrival of another toilet user whilst the fingers of her right hand gently held her engorged sex-lips apart and every now and then, the fingers of her left, entered the streaming centre of her wet sex, picking up moisture for her clitoris and at the same time doing their best to simulate the entry of something harder; a man’s erect cock……. Her trusty throbbing vibrator…….. or even — dare she consider it – Mrs. Brown’s slavering tongue!

After a couple more minutes, Mary kaçak casino felt the familiar tightening of her abdominal muscles as she began to climb — more rapidly with every stroke of her now flashing fingers – towards what she knew for sure was going to be an earth shattering orgasm!

‘Oh, God!’ she exclaimed quietly under her breath ‘Oh God, Lucy — I’m going to come!’

Lucy was the first name of Mrs. Brown but no one — on pain of death — would dare to call the teacher by that name! But now, as her sex muscles began to contract and the first spasms of orgasm began to overtake her, Mary really didn’t give a damn about what was permissible and what wasn’t. She was going to come — and come hard — and the object of her fantasy danced naked before her closed eyes as if on a giant cinema screen as the final few strokes of her fingers brought the clamouring release of a mind-melting climax!

‘Oh God, Lucy!’ Mary Cried. ‘Oh, my God, Luceeeey! My cunt is spraying its love juice all over your sweet, sexy face! Here, swallow it! Drink it! Lick my cunt lips! Suck my Clit! Please, make me cummmm! Make me! Make meeeeee!……..’

Mary clenched her muscular thighs together in a vice-like grip and trapped her twitching hand and its long, wet fingers over her clitoris as spasm after spasm of sexual ecstasy flooded through her body and her muscles tensed. Her anal sphincter tensed and released too as finally she came with an involuntary cry and then; finally, gratefully — marvellously – she was spent! She could feel the blood pounding in her temples. She slumped back against the toilet cistern, gasping! Her cunt spasmed again! She passed out………..

Mary didn’t know how long she was caught up in the throws and the ecstatic afterglow of her climax or indeed how long she sat there, slumped against the toilet cistern – and normally she wouldn’t really have cared — but now, as she began to come back to earth she thought she heard someone else moving around in the ladies toilet area. She held her breath fearfully and listened for what seemed like an age. Her heart beat sounded loudly in her temples again — through fear this time – and then, after a few seconds, she heard the sound of the outer door of the toilets quietly closing and she was alone. She let out a long low sigh of relief…

She sat there for a while and began to tremble. Who had been in the toilet area with her and what, if anything had they heard?

To be continued…

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