Mason: Letter 03

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Dear Figaro,

How have you been? I have literally been rushed off my feet, I have had the craziest two weeks. My life has been just working, sleeping, planning and doing my writing course. Theo asked if his pen pal could move in for a few days, I said yes, he hasn’t mentioned anything but I can sense that his nose is out of joint now that I am not at home as much to hang out or fool around. It will be good for him to have a play thing, I will let you know how that goes.

I went on a night out with Lockie after I filmed the last scene. It was really nice to be excited about something after weeks of stress. I had the music blaring and was dancing around my room as I was getting ready. We decided to meet at a club for a few drinks and a dance. I wore skinny jeans with converse and a jacket. I smelt really good too. I still hadn’t been paid from the studio as they do it monthly, so I was living on fumes but decided to go all out. My mind was telling me this wasn’t a date but I got giddy at the thought that it might be.

I arrived late, as usual, he was sitting at the bar, tan coloured jeans with a pale blue shirt, his hair short and slicked to one side. I stopped and observed him, it felt longer than ten days since we shot our scene together, the image of him shooting his load replayed in my mind, I could still taste him Figaro. He waved at me and I could feel my cheeks getting red as I placed my jacket on the stool.

“Hey, Star,” he said, as he cupped my hand in a bro version of a handshake, like he wanted to arm wrestle. “Seen your new video, thanks for not letting me down, you dirty fucker!”

“You are more than welcome,” I replied with a smirk, doing my best to signal the bar tender for a drink. “Glad you approve.”

We spent about an hour there drinking and catching up, the booze loosening our tongues, I could sense a bit of a bite in his words when he brought up the subject of comments and views.

“Curtis told me that your second video is more popular than our one” Lockie said, staring at me with an eyebrow raised.

“Yes he mentioned it to me as well. Guess its beginners luck.” I tried to steer the conversation on to something else.

“My original video was the record holder so I guess if anyone was going to take my crown I am glad it’s you.Iif Curtis asks you to cam, say no, that’s my thing Mason, I don’t want you doing it, you can have all your huge views and comments, just let me have this.”

“I won’t Lockie, I am just grateful that you got me the gig in the first place, I won’t go into camming… do you really like it that much?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “It’s fun I guess, don’t have to leave my room either, and it turns me on knowing that guys are out there sending me coins and gifts and stuff.”

A shadow seemed to stretch across his face.

“Are you okay?” I asked, moving in closer to him.

“I not sure, I have been kinda confused for a while, don’t know what I want anymore.”

I had not seen him like this before Figaro, I was not sure if it was the drink but he wasn’t his usually confident cocky self, he looked lost.

He stood up shakily, grabbing my hand.

“Enough shop talk, let’s dance.”

We threw ourselves onto the dance floor, and began jumping along with the rest of the people in the club, girls kept approaching Lockie, but he just ignored them. Once or twice, a girl would look us up and down and assume we were a couple, the thought made me glow inside. I signaled to him that I was going to get us another drink, he just smiled and moved further into the dance floor, he must have been drinking lots before he came to the bar because he was pretty fucking drunk at this stage.

I waited at the busy bar, feeling happy that Lockie and I were letting our hair down like old times. I was snapped back to reality as I was shouldered roughly.

“Woah!” I said as I grabbed the bar for support, “Easy.”

The guy who shouldered me held his hands up in an ‘I surrender” gesture.

“Sorry about that, fucking slipped, you okay?”

“Yes I am fine, no harm done. Have a good night.” I tried to get the bartenders attention, it was nearing the end of the night, so it was crammed with everyone trying to get one last round. The guy who shouldered me, turned around and handed me a beer.

“For earlier.” he said turning back and handing in his credit card. “Tommy.” he said extending his hand.

“Mason, and thanks for the drink, you didn’t have to.”

As he fumbled with his wallet, I quickly glanced at the beer, its seemed to be okay, but you know me Figaro always cautious. I looked at Tommy properly, he was nerdy looking, with floppy black hair that came down over his ears. Not very tall. He was hot in a video gamer kind of way. I glanced back to the dance floor trying to catch a glimpse of Lockie, found him, hands on the hips of a girl and they were making out. My heart dropped down to my stomach, I guess I had built this night up to be more than it was in my head. Stupidly, Sakarya escort bayan I could feel my eyes begin to sting.

“I am guessing you didn’t come here on your own,” he said, leaning in closer to me.

Taking a big gulp of my beer, I shook off the thoughts of Lockie, “No, with a friend, he seems to have made new friends.” I added with a forced laugh.

We stayed talking until the lights came on, he told me about his job as a building supply manager, he was new to the area and just checking out the bar scene. I nodded along trying to appear interested but my mind was occupied. I told him I was semi new to the area and that I was an aspiring writer. I decided to not mention the videos, I really didn’t want to talk about that right then.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lockie walking towards the door, arm draped over the girls shoulder. They were both swaying as he helped her put on her coat. He glanced at me and gave a little smile and then left. My night was over at that point and all I wanted to do was go home and get into bed. I had a scene in two days and I wanted to prepare for it.

“Sorry Tommy,” I said as I stood up. “I am tired and have stuff to do in the morning, it was really nice to meet you.”

His face fell, not sure if he was enjoying my company or thinking he was going to get some.

“Can I get your number?” he asked, taking out his phone. The way he said it made me feel sorry for him, like I had just kicked a puppy.

“Sure.” I said and rattled off my digits.

On the way back to the apartment I tried to block out the thoughts of Lockie with that girl. He was obviously confused. I sent him a text, asking was he ok and I would call him tomorrow. I got off the bus, lit a cigarette and began the short walk to the entrance, I was lost in my own world. So lost in fact I didn’t see Myles outside on his phone. I had successfully avoided him for three days. I really couldn’t deal with him now, so I threw down my smoke and tried to walk past him. He hung up as I approached.

“Long time no see,” he said with a grin.

“Yes I have been busy.” I said, stopping, my arms folded. He was wearing black sweat pants and black singlet. He was bare foot and relaxed, leaning against the flower bed beside the front door, fuck! even in the dark he was amazing looking.

“I have seen you’ve been busy,” he added with a knowing smirk.

After the night I just had Figaro, I was not in the mood for him, the fact that he knew, you, Channing and I, unnerved me.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked with a confrontational tone.

“Nothing, I just see you leaving early and coming home most nights at this time, no need to bite my head off.”

I instantly felt bad for snapping, “Myles, I am sorry I just have had a shitty night and didn’t mean to snap.”

“All good, as I said if you ever want to talk you can just call to 108, I am nearly always in.”

We made basic small talk after that and I quickly went inside. Not my finest moment Figgy, there is just something about him that makes me react badly.

In bed that night I found it very hard to sleep, my mind was racing and my blood was boiling, Lockie still hadn’t text me back even though the message said it had been read over an hour ago. Surrendering to the fact that I couldn’t sleep I booted up the laptop. Reading the comments always gives me a boost, ignoring the trolls, of course. The majority of them were complimenting my cock and wishing they were the dildo. Others wanted to swallow every drop of my load. I seen that I had a new email from Curtis describing the next scene. It was one on one, he said my co star was actually going to be his assistant Sy, he had done a few scenes before and knew how to work the camera.

He attached a few pictures of him, he was Asian; creamy skin, short in height, smooth all over and had an average 5′ cut dick. The profile from behind showed a toned back and one of the most chunky asses I had ever seen. Curtis wanted me to top him to show off my versatility.

The outline of the scene would be Sy and I on the infamous couch, talking at first then stripping with him sucking me off before I fucked him, three different positions were mapped out and in all honesty Figaro, I couldn’t wait to bury myself in his ass. Curtis asked that I stay behind after the shoot to have a meeting about my future. I tried not to think too much about what he wanted to talk about, I didn’t really care either, I just wanted to get my fuck on.

Two days later, I sat in the office checking my messages, while I waited for Curtis to set up the cameras, I still had not gotten a message from Lockie. I did however get a picture message from Theo, it was him and I assume his pen pal sitting on the balcony of the apartment, having cocktails. I quickly replied, saying I was looking forward to meeting him. Tommy also messaged me, asking how my day was going, I ignored it and switched my phone to silent and slipped Escort Side it in my bag. Curtis entered then with a clip board.

“These are the angles I am going to be shooting today Mason, one camera will be face on, I will have another portable one to get closer to the action, you will see me moving around anyways so you can get an idea of where I am pointing. The lights have been set up so there hopefully will be no shadows, just be conscious of where you place your hands during. Try not and look at the camera either, it ruins the illusion. Any questions?”

My mind raced trying to take this all in.

“What if I go soft?” I asked going red.

“It happens,” Curtis said shuffling more pages. “We will stop for a rest and re-group, it’s no big drama. Sy is real professional and his skills are amazing, I know it’s gonna be a hot scene and you will have lots of fun.”

I got the impression that Curtis and Sy’s relationship was more than just professional. Curtis handed me the clothes I would be wearing for the shoot, a tight white t-shirt, and navy gym shorts. I would be wearing white knee high socks that I wouldn’t take off.

“I was thinking,” he said as I took the clothes out of the bag,” that we would make the white socks kind of like your trademark, help you stand out even more.”

I looked at him quizzically as Sy walked into the office, naked. His body looked way better in real life, the pictures didn’t do him justice. He abs were popping and he had the strong V line on either side of his lower torso leading to his shaved cock. His head was also shaved. He overall looked strong, like a UFC fighter.

“Hi Mason,” he said extending his hand.” You ready for today?”

My mouth had gone dry, “Yes.” I replied shaking his hand, “Very ready.”

I had a quick shower and dressed in the clothes, the socks felt soft and I looked at myself in the mirror, they didn’t look bad at all, they stood out against my tanned skin and made my calf muscles pop. I could live with them as my trademark for sure.

I was blushing, my arm placed on Sy’s shoulder stroking him as I rattled off some bullshit sex talk to Curtis on camera. It was different talking during a scene, but Sy’s confidence was infectious as he flirted naturally. Curtis walked back and mounted it back on the tripod. The first part of the scene had begun.

Sy’s lips quickly enveloped mine as I grabbed his bald head and pulled him closer to me. My tongue exploring him mouth. He was a very loud kisser Figaro, I was guessing he was making extra noise so it would be picked up on the microphone. I decided to play along, throwing in a few moans for good measure. I quickly pulled off his t-shirt and threw it on the floor, I leaned in and kissed his bicep as he ran his fingers through my hair.

I worked my way towards his armpit, licking the hollow. I could see Curtis move towards us with the handheld, a flash of nerves rose in me and I froze briefly, Sy sensing my discomfort, pulled my head back and kissed me again. His hand slowly moved down my front, he began to rub my shaft through the shorts and I slowly met his movements with my hips. He pulled my vest across and began to lick my nipples, slowly in a clockwise motion before he planted his lips around it and began to suck. I got in my zone, the one where everything else just melts away and I forget where I am and just focus on what I am doing.

He peeled off my shorts and took my throbbing shaft in his hands. He muttered his appreciation before sliding his warm wet mouth over the helmet. I took off my shirt and pulled down my shorts. Naked bar the socks. He began to work my meat up and down, it felt so good that I lay my head back and closed my eyes. I put on hand on the back of his head and helped him with the motion, pushing him further down with each stroke until I felt the back of his throat. He coughed and moved to pull back, I didn’t release the hold on his head and quickly thrust my cock back into his throat.

Spit began to dribble down my dick and over my sack. I pulled him off of me briefly and re-positioned myself so he could work on my balls. I began to rub the small of his back as he continued to slobber all over my junk. I snaked my fingers inside his shorts and slowly began rubbing his taint.

He was so smooth Figaro, I was in heaven. Curtis was right he had amazing skills. Sucking one ball while tugging on my cock, licking it from the base up to the piss slit and then deep throating it. It was easy to see that Sy loved cock. I spat on two fingers and returned to his shit hole, rubbing it lightly at first before I slid one in. He was so tight and warm, he began to suck more ferociously as I started to finger blast him.

I slid his pants down and he kicked them off, he was wearing a dark blue jock strap with “In’DaMan’d” written on the waistband. My cock was saturated in spit when Sy stopped and leaned if for a kiss, it was messy and noisy. I could taste my pre-cum on his lips as Curtis said cut.

I izmir escort sat dazed for a minute, easily the best head I ever had. Sy was up and in the washroom preparing to bottom, Curtis was adjusting his lights, I went to the table and grabbed a towel cleaning myself up. After a few secret sit ups Sy returned.

“That was fun,” he said. “Once Curtis asked if I would do a scene with you I said yes straight away, I am a big fan of your videos.”

I didn’t react straight away, I was looking for the words and could only muster a smile.

“Okay,” Curtis said clapping his hands. “Let’s get back to it.”

Sy was on all fours, ass in the air before I even had the condom slipped on. He was so eager. I walked over as Curtis mouthed the words, “Go.”

I slowly got on my knees, mindful of the angle, and spat on Sy’s hole. It was dark and looked like pursed lips. I could see the gleam of lube from his earlier preparations. I fanned his slit with the tip of my tongue, slowly at first before I slowly pushed into it. If there is one thing I cannot stand in porn, Figaro, it’s a badly done rim job. I began to French kiss his ring as I reached around and rubbed his cock through the jock strap, he was very hard but Curtis wanted it to stay on for the scene,

I wasn’t sure if it was another trademark thing or if Curtis didn’t want Sy to be naked. Either way I wasn’t too bothered. The lube was flavored like Candy Apple. I ate his hole like I was starving, and after the few days I just had, I was hungry for sex and to feel powerful. Sy moaned and tugged on my hair, pulling me back and forth against his hole rapidly. I spanked his big ass cheeks before I went back to tongue punching his chocolate swirl. It was loosening up now, so I quickly slid a finger in again.

I just couldn’t wait to start fucking, a primal urge took over in me, I pulled him closer to my hips and began to run the tip of my cock against his wet shit slit. The moist noise it made was driving me mad, no longer able to wait, I slowly entered him. His cunt resisting at first before allowing me in, his hoop slowly puckered around my girth as I eased in and out of him. His bubble butt was barely contained in the jock strap.

Once I could feel the resistance easing, I chanced a harder thrust, Sy’s head shot back in ecstasy. I began to pound him then, my bollocks slapping against him in a rapid pattern. His ass jiggling with the motion of my ploughing into him ball deep.

I pulled out then, without warning, his cunt was slow to react so his gape winked at me before closing up. Curtis was beside us the entire time, moving in and out, always aiming at the action. I sat down and Sy mounted me, he reached back and slid my shaft inside of his hungry hole once again.

He began to grind on me ball deep before he began to bounce up and down. I used both hand to slap his ass on each downward thrust. We made eye contact, his face contorted in pleasure, he was mine now. I moved my legs further out and wrapped my arms around his waist. He slid down with me, he could now stand over me. I slammed into him once, his eyes rolled back into his head. Another slam and he cried out.

“Fucking hell, just like that.”

I tightened my grip on his waist and began to jack hammer his ass. My balls were smacking of his cheeks loudly now, it felt so good to be inside him, his pooper was tight but not too tight. I continued to plough him like that until he muttered he was gonna cum.

He hopped off my cock and laid on his back, he ass dangling over the edge of the couch. I quickly grabbed both his legs and spread them, I entered him again, his chute offering no resistance now. His hands were inside the jock strap pulling away at himself, as I once again threw myself deep inside of him, his breathing was growing more ragged by the second. With a final moan, he shot his load all over his abs, for some strange reason it was really hot not being able to see his cock and just see his spunk fly out of his underwear. I could feel my own load building now.

I quickly pulled out of him and ripped off the rubber, Sy slid forward, offering me his torso as my target. I cupped my balls and bashed my meat over his creamy skin, his load was visible as I squirt my own batch on to his chest. It felt like a dam had broken as I emptied on to him. Hot, creamy milk pooled in his navel. Sy began to rub it whilst looking at the camera. He slowly trailed his cum soaked fingers over his abs and between his pecks before he slid them in to his mouth. He licked the jizz off and played with it on his tongue, not knowing if it was my seed or his, and judging by the speed in which he swallowed, he didn’t care either.

A few seconds after we both came, Curtis got some close ups of us. I smiled and sat down, Sy flirtatiously blew a kiss before Curtis signalled that he had stopped recording.

“Guys, there is no words.”

I looked at Sy, his breathing was still fast.

“That was awesome,” he said, a big smile on his face. “What a way to get back into shooting again.”

“What does that mean?” I asked as I grabbed a towel and wiped myself.

“I have not done a scene in about two years, once Curtis said you would be the top there was no way I was missing that.”

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