Massage and Sex Ch. 02

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The evening started as it usually does, after we had our meal my fiancée would retire to the bedroom and I browse the web and listen to music on my Mac desktop.

I was getting bored of browsing the web and decided I could have some more fun with my fiancée upstairs. So powered off my Mac and blew out the candles she had lit in the oil burners earlier in evening. She loves her oil burners and wax melts going in the house.

I head on the stairs and enter our room and find her laying on her back on the bed with tablet in her hand. Her head propped up by two pillows as she flips her flinger over her tablet, probably on the facebook app.

I’m at foot of bed as start to remove my work cloths that I had not bothered to change out of earlier. My Job as a computer store retail manager is clean so my work cloths are usually clean when I get home.

I start stripping down to my under cloths but noticed my fiancée had put tablet on bedside cabinet and was watching me undress. All the while I was gazing upon her body lying before me.

She wore only some black bed shorts and her custom made top which read “Chubby Girls Cuddle Better” but the letters where stretched as the top was struggling to keep her large 42F breasts under control as she was not wearing a bra. She likes to be free when around the house so rarely wears a bra at home, not that I mind of course!

Her black shorts are baggy around the leg but hugged her belly and her mound, which is only due to way she was laying, as the shorts are normally baggy all over.

Once I was down to my boxers and T-shirt I lay on top her and cuddled her for a while with my head on her shoulder while I kiss her neck. I could hear her heart beat in my ears with my head resting on her warm body. Enticed by her large breasts under my chest I wanted them in my mouth so moved my body down hers so my head was just below her breasts. I tried to lift her top up to expose her large soft but firm breasts. Despite their size they did not sag when she was standing eryaman escort without a bra on. Lying down they did part a bit and moved slightly towards her sides but still kept their round shape. She resisted me lifting her top and put her arms over her breasts and pushed them down towards me preventing me from exposing them. We fought a little but she is stronger than me and I gave up after a few minutes after only being able to expose the bottom of her left breast.

At this point she asks to me “give me a massage and then we can have a quick leg over”. I agreed but had better ideas than a quick leg over! So she strips off all of her cloths and lays face down on the bed. Her sexy wide hips in front me with a round bum, which meets the back of her thick thighs with a little crease where they meet. Her thighs are thick and meet each other obscuring my view of her pussy lips. She has a toned back that has little fat on it as most her size is in her belly, thighs and large breasts. She has a defined waist that gives her a classic hourglass shape just a bit bigger. Her skin is a tanned colour and very much darker from roughly the bra line upwards where she has worn t-shirts or dresses in the sun and caught it well.

I find the baby oil on the bedside cabinet and sit straddled her left leg with my right knee pushed right up between her legs so far I can feel her pussy against my knee. I then pour some oil on her back as I move the bottle down her back leaving a trail of oil down her back that starts to spread out and cover her tanned skin.

I rub my hands up and down her back and over her big round ass cheeks to cover them in the oil. I then go about working the oil into her skin with deep movements on my hands over her back. She particularly like hands rubbed over her lower back and shoulder blades with some pressure applied. This is only too evident by the low moans she gives I pass my hands over these areas. I personally love to massage her large ass cheeks. They are soft and firm escort eryaman at same time. I rub her back and ass all over for about quarter of an hour to twenty minutes until the oil has been rubbed into her skin.

But that’s not all she gets. I then get off her left leg and sit at her left side at her waist. I then proceed to run my hands down her thighs and calves and back up again. She quite likes it vigorous on her lower legs and I oblige her. I massage both legs for a bit deliberately going as high as possible on the inside of her thighs. After a while I move between her legs and kiss he ass and put my face in the crack of her beautiful ass while gently trying to push my fingers into her pussy at same time and failing as her thick thighs prevent me from getting my hands to her pussy.

She turns over while I stay between her legs. I try to dive right into her pussy but she closes her thighs gripping head between her thighs all I can reach from here is her mound so kiss her mound while I wrap my arms around her thighs which are now like earmuffs on either side of my head. I like the warmth from her thighs and mound on my face. She lets got and I am able to spread her legs a bit so I can get my face into her pussy. I kiss her pussy lips and take them into my mouth rolling her skin between my top teeth and my bottom lips gently as I move from one side to the other.

After teasing her pussy lips for a bit I spread her lips and push my face in her pussy. Thrusting my tongue up towards her clit I can feel her body move and grind her clit into my face and for the first time in a while I can taste her juices that are not unpleasant on my tongue as I keep thrusting it in and out over her clit. I have to come up for air a few times as it hard to breath when I’m buried deep inside her wet pussy.

I try a different method and slip two fingers inside her tight pussy, she tips her head back slightly so take it that she is enjoying this. I then add my thumb on her clit and slide eryaman escort bayan this trio in and out slowly at first with my thumb rubbing her clit with each thrust. I slowly pick up the pace and before long she has an orgasm and closes her legs up around my hand and pulls he knees up in front her belly.

Once she has relaxed from her climax I decided to try something different than usual missionary position. I stayed below her and pulled her legs up allowing my knees to pass either side of her sexy wide hips as I placed my cock inside her.

She wrapped her legs around the small of my waist and I held them there while I thrust in and out of her tight pussy. This is not something we tried before but I was enjoying it. With every thrust her large F cup breasts where gently swaying a little as she stretched a little allowing my cock deeper inside with every thrust as my balls slammed into her ass with a clapping sound. As she was low on the bed it was a little tiring for me to hold her up in this position and after a while I had to lay on top her and go to missionary position. I was able to reach down and grab her big ass and squeeze her cheeks as I finished thrusting into her as I could feel my balls tighten ready to blow. I was not able to hold it back and felt three pumps from my cock fire deep into her tight little pussy.

I lay there for a few moments still inside her. My cock is kept hard in her warm and tight pussy for a while.

We break and I withdraw for her still hard as I sit between her legs looking and her glistening mound in the bedside light as the sweat of our bodies runs down her mound and the crack of her ass. Spent and tired but also wanting more from her tight pussy but not having the strength I cleaned up her mound and pussy with some tissues and let her get her shorts and top back on as I cleaned my now softening cock.

She went downstairs to get a couple of cans of drink from kitchen as I sat on my side of our double pine four poster bed waiting for her to return. While I wait recovering my strength. Once she returned we sat cuddled as we watched some funny youtube videos before turning in for the night, and what I night it was. I had not tried that position before but was more than eager to try it again, although with some pillows under her lower back next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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