Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 13

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Chapter 13 – Day at the park

Training Day 7 – Friday

I woke up the next to the vibration of my alarm at 7:00. I was extremely excited to get a break from training. I could see Master sleeping peacefully in his bed. I began my usual morning routine. The first thing I did was shower. I took special care to clean the area around my penis and chastity device. After showering I put on a pot of coffee to start the day. This was one of my favorite parts of the day. Not that I wasn’t enjoying serving Master jakob but the few precious moments I had alone in the morning allowed me time to relax without the constant need to be ready at any second to respond to Master.

After I finished my cup of coffee I began preparing breakfast for Master and Zach. I knew that we would need to eat quickly this morning because Master wanted to leave for the amusement park by 930. I finished plating sausage and eggs for Master and Zach, placing a portion for myself in my bowl on the floor next to my water bowl..

I walked back into the bedroom around 8:00 and got up under Masters blankets to rouse him with a morning blowjob. As I took the head of his semi erect cock in my mouth I thought about how amazing it was that Master was allowing me to accompany him on this trip. I kept sucking his cock as it got harder and harder in my mouth. I could feel him begin to stir but I just kept my mouth on his cock. I tried to take it as deep as I could making it almost all the way down a couple times before the fear of choking brought me back up. I wanted to show Master that my training was working. After about 10 minutes I could feel Masters cock swell and then it happened. He started shooting his hot cum down my throat and into my mouth. I savored the taste as he filled my mouth with the slimy salty taste of jizz. I held my mouth around his cock until he was completely finished. Then I pulled up making sure not to spill a drop and swallowed all the fluid of my Master.

“Thank you Master” I said as he began to sit up in bed. I was sitting on the floor and my head was between his legs with him sitting on the side of the bed. He motioned my forward – moving it to his now softening dick.

“Drink Seth,” he said sternly. I placed my mouth around the head of his penis and sucked lightly. I heard him give off a comforting exhale as he began to piss in my mouth. He let out a little at a time, giving me time to swallow each mouthful before continuing. The taste and smell was overwhelming and seemed more acrid. Maybe it was because it was his morning piss but all I could think of was the disgusting salty taste. After he finished he told me, “you are doing well, but your training won’t be complete you can accept my waste without me slowing down the stream for you. That funnel will help you learn speed now that you’ve gotten past the point of almost puking each time.

“Thank you for helping me do this better for you Sir,” I replied.

“Let’s eat,” he said getting up from the bed. He went and opened Zach’s door and threw a book off of the shelf at him telling him to wake up. “Come eat dumbass.”

Master and I continued into the kitchen and I knelt by my bowl waiting for my 30 minutes to be up so that I could begin to eat. During that time Zach came in and they both finished eating. They got up and went to get dressed for the day. I was still kneeling in the kitchen when Master came back in and said “We’re going to go pick up the others. Before we get back I want you to pack my backpack with a gaziantep bayan eskort extra pair of shorts, underwear, socks, shoes, and a pair of underwear for myself and Zach. I’ve got your clothes laid out in the showroom for you. You may dress before we return. But leave your collar on. Bring your debit card in case you’ll need it at the park.”

“Yes sir, Thank you” I responded relieved that I would be clothed before everyone arrived. After they left I devoured my food quickly and tried my best to lap my my water up quickly so that I could get to my jobs before Master got home. I was slightly curious as to why I was packing extra clothes for everyone but myself. After I had the bookbag packed and ready I went into the room and started putting my clothes on. My master had chosen a pair of khaki shorts and a t shirt for me to wear along with my sneakers.

I got dressed and went into the living room. I sat on the floor and waited for Master to return with caelen, Victoria, Alex, and Zach. I didn’t have to wait long, only about 10 minutes before Victoria opened the door and said “hey Seth how have you been?”

“I’ve been great. Thank you for asking.”

“Is everything ready?” Master asked.

“Yes sir. Everything you asked for is in the backpack.”

“Good, let’s go then. Go ahead and put your collar in your pocket”

“Yes sir.” I put my collar in my pocket and we got in the suv and rode to the park. It was about an hour away. Along the way we all talked about a number of things. It felt great to be a part of the conversation and talking to everyone as if we were friends. Master even let me sit in the front with him so everyone could sit together. The car ride went very quickly and in no time we arrived at kennywood park.

We all got out of the car and made our way to the park entrance. I made sure to always stay close to Master in case he needed or wanted anything. Master pulled out his wallet and used his debit card to buy everyone’s tickets. It still amazed me how generous he was with his money to his friends. Just another reason he deserves someone to serve him. Once inside the park it was quite obvious that Master dominated his life with his friends as well determining where everyone was going to go ride when. We spent the entire morning riding different coasters and rides as a group until around 2:00 Master said “Ok Seth and I are gonna go off for a while meet you guys at the rapids at 4:30.” Master grabbed me by the shoulder and we started walking in the direction of the food stands.

“So Seth how do you like the park so far?

“I love roller coasters Sir! I could ride them all day. I especially liked the Thunderbolt. I would love to ride that one again.

“Ok well after we finish eating we will. First we need to get some potato patch fries. They’re the best french fries in the world. I’m gonna go find a seat. Go grab us some fries with gravy.

Not being sure if he was going to allow me to have any I asked, “Just one order Sir?

“A large order. They’re pretty big portions.”

I nodded and got in line. I ordered a large portion of potato patch fries with gravy. I grabbed some napkins and utensils and brought the right to Master. He had found a round table with benches and I put the order down in front of him.

“Sweet I love these” He said and started eating them. “If you don’t start eating im gonna eat them all.”

“Thank you Sir”, I said as I reached in and took a forkful into my mouth. They looked good but tasted even better. I quickly reached in and took one more portion. “Wow Sir, these are amazing!”

“They really are. It’s one of my traditions that I always do here. Before we go on the thunderbolt we have one more tradition I wanna get out of the way too.”

“What is that, Sir?

“There’s a souvenir shop across the park that sells dog tag necklaces. I want to get each of us one. Mine will say Seth to keep you in mind but I want you to come up with what’s gonna be on yours. And it can’t be MJ, Master or jakob. Something that you think really describes me in your eyes.”

I paused and thought for a moment. “I see you as my superior Sir and I want to be reminded that you should be the focus of my existence. How about purpose, or my purpose Sir?”

“That works for me. Let’s go” we walked across the park and found the stand that sold the dog tags. Master filled out the papers for the attendant to make them and paid. We walked around the souvenir shop while they were engraving them and looked at other little trinkets to buy. When they were finished Master handed me the tag that said purpose and told me to put it on my silver chain. While I was doing that he put his on a chain and put it on.

“Okay. Let’s go ride that roller coaster now,” Master said as we exited the shop.

“Awesome,” I replied excitedly. It felt great to be hanging out with him like a real person.

Standing in line at the roller coaster I looked over at the amazing man that I had the pleasure to serve. While I was starting to love serving him and feel it was my place, I couldn’t help but think, what would life be like if I were his equal? Would we be walking around the park holding hands, kissing, enjoying the day.

As we were getting close to the front of the line, I felt Master putting his phone in the backpack. I remembered that there were no possessions of mine inside. Everything was Master’s and his friends items. I thought about how even though we were all at the park together, I was the one carrying everything around. Nobody even seemed to care. Until now I hadn’t even noticed or thought about the fact that Alex and Victoria had added spare clothes and their wallets to the bag before entering the park. I was nothing more than the pack mule to carry everyone’s things around.

I was startled when I heard Master yell, “Seth!” from a few yards ahead. I had spaced out thinking about all of this and the line had moved. I caught up to him and said I was sorry. I pulled the backpack off my back as we got closer to the front of the line and got ready for the ride.

We got in the ride and try as I might I couldn’t get that thought out of my head. But alongside that thought I couldn’t help but think about how when we got to the park Master had paid for everyone’s tickets when we gotten here. I wondered how much money was in that account. I had transferred almost all of my money into his the joint account but his money was also there. He had taken a week off from work for my first week here but that time was almost up. Soon he would be back to working 5 days a week and i’m sure that the generosity he showed buying the tickets would continue eve then. My master deserved to have someone serve him. He was a good man and I knew that I was doing the right thing by being the person granted that opportunity.

“Sir?” I asked Master after getting off the ride.

“Seth? You know you don’t need to call me that when were out like this.”

“I know. I just wanted to talk to you for a moment. Can we find somewhere private?”

“Of course. There’s some pavilions over by the ride were supposed to meet the others. Let’s go over there kill two birds with one stone.” Once we got over to the other side of the park we sat down. Master just looked at me waiting for me to speak.

“You told me that I should always be honest with my feelings right sir?”

“Of course Seth whats up?”

“To be honest sir… I was having some thoughts about what life would be like if you loved me as an equal instead of a slave. But then after that I started thinking about all the reasons I wanted to be with you as an equal. Then I realised that because of all those reasons that you deserve someone to serve you. I wanted to properly thank you for allowing me the chance to be the person to serve you. You truly are amazing sir.”

“Your welcome Seth. i’m so proud of you. You’re doing a great job. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. Now lets go over and enjoy the water rides with the others.

We met up with the others and went around the park riding the water rides. After the very first one I could feel the cold of the metal from my chain and the dog tag that was now around my neck. It was a reminder and made me feel thankful that Master had chosen me. It was also nice to be hanging out with Zach and the others again. I completely forgot about the embarrassment when everyone saw me naked and with Master’s sneeze on me.

Around 8 we all went back to the food court and had dinner. I was starving and super excited to eat. At one point in the meal Master said that he had to use the restroom and when he got up to leave he moved the last couple bites of his burger over to my plate. It was all bun and charred meat but I was grateful that he allowed me to finish his food for him. When he came back he asked me for his spare clothes out of the backpack. I handed him his clothes and everyone else theirs too.

“Seth why don’t you go ahead and clean up here while we go change.”

“I got it,” I replied. As they all went to change I threw away the garbage and left over food. As I walked to the garbage disposal area I felt a breeze and instant chill. I started wondering why he didn’t have me pack any clothes for myself. Was it to conserve space in the bag, or did he want me to feel inferior? No matter what the reason I again felt like I hit a wall. With the talk we had earlier and buying the dog tags and hanging together all day, I felt like a friend – but now here I was standing in the evening air dressed in wet clothes watching the others coming back from the changing rooms all dry and warm.

The rest of the day went fairly quickly we rode a few of the rides with the lights on and grabbed some cotton candy on our way out of the park. Master put his hand on my leg as he drove us all home and I could feel his possession and his love for me at the same time. We dropped Alex, and Victoria off on our way home. Once we pulled into the garage it was about 11 at night. After I got out I took my wet clothes off and put them in the washer along with everyone else’s wet clothes while Master and Zach went inside.

After that was finished I came inside and saw Master drinking a glass of orange juice. He looked at me and said “I’m going to go to bed, im exhausted. If you want to stay up and have some free time you’re welcome to it, but don’t wake me up when you pull out your mattress – got it?” As he said got it he reached down with his hand and gave my balls a slight squeeze and walked away.

“Yes Sir.” I replied as he went to bed.

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