Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 19

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Chapter 19 – Rules for work

It was hours before Master came back down and it gave me a lot of time to reflect on my actions today and the whole training period. The combination of their piss, spit, cum and Kyrin’s ass mixed together left a bad scent on my face. My body felt dirty and sticky and I desperately wanted a shower or at least the chance to wash off.

While this experience made me think about where I am and how I deserved it – it also made me focus on the whole journey. How have I come to the point of actually wanting to be a slave and feeling right in that role? Was it the incidents in my life that shaped me – like this one I just described? I actually had two other experiences in my youth that were similar in their impact. Or, was it because of my DNA and hard wiring that allowed these incidents to happen to me? Am I different because I let them happen while others would do something to stop them? There may not be any answers to these questions.

I drifted back to thinking about tomorrow – which would mark the end of my training period and my first day of work. My thoughts were interrupted by Master’s footsteps. He came part of the way down the steps and said, “rinse yourself off using the hose, clean up the mess and meet me upstairs. We need to go over the rules for your work tomorrow.”

He walked Ankara escort back up and I proceeded to follow his instructions. I used the hose to wash myself off. It felt cold and I really wanted to use soap, but thought it would be best to followed his exact instructions. Even after rinsing – I couldn’t get the feeling of Kyrin’s ass off my face. It still felt wet even after I dried off and with the piss washed off me the smell of his ass seemed stuck in my nose. After rinsing off I cleaned up the area – washing the piss and stuff into the floor drain. I did use soap when cleaning the basement floor.

When done, I walked up the stairs with my chastity device in hand and went over to the living room where Master was sitting. It appeared that Kyrin had left. “Come over here, Seth”, Master said in a surprisingly welcoming voice. “Are you OK”?

“Yes, Sir, thank you again Sir,” I replied as he cut me off.

“No, Seth, seriously, are you Ok after what happened downstairs”?

“I’m fine Sir, honest.”

“Come sit next to me” he said as he reached out his hand. He grabbed my hand and held it as I sat down putting his other arm around me. He pulled me close to him and held me tight and said, “Let’s talk about tomorrow and your first day of work. Your career is very important to me and it should be the first concern in your Ankara escort bayan life. I said you need to wear your chastity device at work, but let’s hold off for a week or two until you get settled. Then we can talk again and if you think it could be a problem then I won’t make you do it.”

I was heartened by his offer but said, “I think it will be Ok Sir.”

“No I insist that you leave it at home – like I said – we’ll talk again in a week or two.

“OK Sir, thank you,” I replied.

He continued, “Don’t be concerned about getting home to do chores or dinner, concentrate on your job. OK?”

“Yes Sir,” I said, as he pulled me in closer to him.

He looked into my eyes and said, “I love you, Seth. I want to make sure you know that. No matter what happens that won’t change.”

“I love you too Sir and want to dedicate myself to you.”

Before I finished my reply, he leaned in and kissed me firmly on the lips and slid his tongue into my mouth. Instinctively I followed his kiss and we started to make out. I put my arms around him as we held the kiss and felt his hands slide down and grab hold of my dick.

He started jerking my dick and whispered into my ear, “I want you to cum with me, Seth. Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Sir, please fuck me,” I replied. The romance of the situation Escort Ankara was overwhelming and I was no longer thinking like a slave. He reached for lube and spread it on his dick then entered me by guiding my hole over him as he sat. He turned slightly to the side and pushed himself as far inside me as he could. His dick felt so hard, so firm, so good inside me. His hands reached around me and again grabbed my now throbbing hard cock. He slowly moved his dick as he started stroking my cock.

I pushed myself on him as he moved – wanting to feel him more inside me. I wanted to become part of him connected and controlled by his cock. “I love you Seth, he said again as he went back and forth ever so softly inside me. He took the greatest care when he moved but make sure I felt his cock. I got lost in his arms and soon felt the orgasm building inside me. “I’m gonna cum Sir,” I said.

“I want you to cum with me Seth,” he replied as he started to fuck me more deliberately yet still softly. I could tell he was getting ready to cum so I let myself go. “I’m gonna cum”, he said in a moan, “are you ready Seth?”

“Yes.” I couldn’t get the next word out as my cock spasmed in his hand spraying my cum all over the couch. At the same time I felt him climax inside me filling my hole with his hot seed.

As soon as he finished cumming he started kissing me again and holding me tightly in his arms. I felt so secure, so loved, so cared for. I didn’t want this to end but moreover, I was looking forward to giving myself to him and spending the rest of my life with him.

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