Match Games

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With thanks to KatDevil for the idea


The ball seemed to move in slow motion as it arced out of the sunny sky towards her. Her eyes followed it as it hit the ground, almost seeming to settle in the trimmed green grass, before leaping skywards again.

The world suddenly shifted gears as two sets of powerful legs rushed into view. Her eyes were dragged from the lazily bouncing ball to the contest of strength occurring between the players pursuing it. She could see the muscles of their legs moving under the skin. Sharply-defined thighs pistoning as the two men powered themselves forward, each attempting to reach the ball before the other.

The defending player stumbled slightly under the pressure from the attacker, and the attacker suddenly leapt ahead and cushioned the bouncing ball on his chest, controlling it to settle into a gentle roll ahead of his stride. Without breaking his stride, he swung his left leg at the ball and kicked it back across the field towards the penalty area.

Thousands of eyes tracked the ball as it began to drop into the path of another attacking player. She could see him tense and then launch himself head first at the dropping ball. His forehead met it perfectly and the ball powered into the corner of the goal.

This was her first time at a football match. Friends had invited her before, but she had always found an excuse not to, not really understanding the appeal. Today something unconscious seemed to draw her to the stadium and she had decided to come alone.

The crowd seemed to pause for a moment, beşiktaş escort gathering itself before moving forward as one and letting out a thunderous roar as the ball hit the back of the net. She found herself caught up in the raw release of emotion, shouting as loud as those around her.

As the crowd surged she felt the person behind her press into her. Arms went around her as if the person was steadying themselves, and a jolt went through her as a bulge brushed against her bottom. Surprised at her reaction she turned and found herself gazing into a pair of intense eyes and a warm, wonderful smile. Her breath caught and she blushed as she quickly turned away to face the pitch once more.

Another goal and the crowd surged again. She held herself until she felt him push into her back before moving forward with the rest of the excited fans. She felt the bulge again, somehow firmer this time. His arms went around her this time and his hands moved upwards to brush her breasts, catching her nipples, which she realised had become very erect. The action on the pitch seemed somehow distant. She could not concentrate on it, becoming increasingly aware of the building heat in her belly.

A shrill whistle penetrated her consciousness and a cheer rose from the crowd. She could see the players begin to make their way off the field. The match was over and the crowd all around her began to filter out. She decided that she would wait for a while to try and regain her composure and calm the hot sensations she could feel beşyol escort tumbling inside her, but she was soon lost in her thoughts again.

She came to again and realised that everyone else had left the area in which she stood. She cursed under her breath. Partly because her daydreams had made her underwear uncomfortably damp and partly because she wasn’t sure of the way out of the stadium and now there was no crowd to follow to the exit. Hesitantly she made her way towards the back of the stand and down the steps she hoped would lead her outside.


The corridor ahead seemed dark and she knew that she had taken a wrong turn. She turned to retrace her steps. Not far away was a now closed programme seller’s stand. As she passed it a man stepped out. Her breath seemed to stick in her throat as she saw those same intense eyes. Ice blue, she now noticed. They seemed to pierce to her heart, and beyond. Her body reacted. Her nipples became erect again, and a fresh wave of moisture rushed to wet her panties even more.

“Can I help?” he said, smiling. “You seem to be lost….or looking for something.”

Her throat was dry and she could not reply. Her gaze lost in those eyes.

He suddenly stepped forward and pulled her to him, his lips going to hers. Again she felt her body respond. Her lips opened and allowed his questing tongue into her mouth. She could taste his passion, and she knew that he must taste hers as well.

She gasped into his kiss as a strong hand closed around her breast, the beykent escort fingers closing around her straining nipple.

The hand moved across her belly and down, to lift her knee-length skirt. His fingers brushed her thigh before settling on her, now completely sodden, panties. A groan escaped his throat and he pulled her behind the empty programme stand, slipping his fingers under wet fabric to stroke her throbbing clit at the same time. She was in no mood to resist.

He dropped to his knees and pushed her legs apart and thrust his face between them under her skirt. Her body was on fire as his tongue lapped at her swollen lips and teased her clit. Able to take it no longer, she grabbed his hair and pulled him up to her. “Take me, please!” she begged fiercely.

Almost in one movement, he opened his trousers and pulled out his stiff cock. A hand lifted her right leg up to his waist and he slipped inside her, beginning to slide in and out rhythmically immediately.

She immediately began to feel a delicious pressure building inside. After only a few seconds she could feel the wave of pressure break into a shuddering orgasm. She began to scream, only managing to muffle it at the last moment by burying her face into his shoulder. Her pussy convulsed and she felt her juices flood out of her, soaking him as with a final thrust he came deep into her. She could feel each spurt of his hot seed as it reached her very core.

Her eyes closed, and they stood for a moment unmoving. She felt him slip from her, leaving an aching void.

Their combined juices began to leak on to her thighs and she opened her eyes to look at him…only to find him gone. She frowned, and then brightened. She would definitely be coming again next Saturday.

A tiny smile curled the corners of her lips as she wandered towards the strangely now obvious exit, the delicious wetness now coating her thighs a reminder of a wonderful day.

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