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My name is Elisabeth Medeiros. I’m a six-foot-one lean and muscular young woman of African and Puerto Rican descent living in the city of Newport, Rhode Island. I’m an out and proud Black lesbian, and everyone knows about it. From my friends and classmates at the University of Rhode Island to my family members in the City of Champions. I don’t hide who or what I am. I play collegiate soccer and I’m out as a lesbian athlete. Many admire me for that, some hate me. I don’t give a fuck about the haters. Life is too frigging short to worry about what a bunch of nobodies think. Just live your life.

The summer is here at last and I’m a butch girl on the prowl. These are my adventures. There are lots of pretty women in the ethnically diverse cities of Newport and Boston, my favorite hunting grounds. Even though I’m only twenty years old, I’m a veteran of this game. When it comes to women, I’ve had just about all of them. Not bragging, just being honest. From high-powered executives to robust policewomen, sexy firefighters, horny housewives, feisty gangsters and those fabulous biker sluts. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Middle-Eastern. I’ve sampled them all. I haven’t been with a Native American gal yet but it’s on my to-do list. Yeah, good times. Now I’m in the mood for something different.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a thing for older Black women. Especially the bossy ones. I can’t help it. I love bossy older Black women. I’m a very dominant gal by nature but they make me want to switch. Dominant older Black women are hot. I’d love to play submissive to a dominant Black woman. Unfortunately, the ones I’ve approached were usually married, simply not interested or already in relationships with other women. The Boston lesbian scene is quite diverse, with scores of sexy Black and Hispanic women taking the show by storm. However, because of my height and stern demeanor, women always want me to dominate them. I can’t find anyone to dominate me. And I got too much pride to surrender to some amateur who doesn’t know what she’s doing. I want to find a true mistress, preferably an older Black woman who oozes strength, femininity and authority in every pore. That’s my fantasy fuck, people. I usually dominate sluts. Can’t let one of them dominate me. I’m holding out for the genuine article. A stern Black mistress.

Take my slut Wanda O’Connor for example. She’s a thirty-something white female executive working for one of Boston’s top engineering companies. Tall, plain-faced and kind of plump, with long red hair and pale green eyes. She’s got a serious Jones for dominant women of color and sought me out. I guess she found me. I was glad to dominate this big-ass white slut. White chicks like her are full of themselves and think they’re all that. White chicks think they’re so pretty. If you ask me, Black women and Hispanic women look hotter, more vibrant and more exotic. Arrogant white chicks are drawn to me. I love to take them down a peg or two. I had a great time taming this white slut and making her my own personal bitch.

I love having my way with them submissive white sluts. I put her on her knees and ordered her to lick my pussy. Like a good little slut, Wanda did as she was told. She licked my hairy pussy and sipped my girly juices. I grabbed the back of her neck and held her there bursa evi olan escort while she worked on me. With my other hand, I wielded a long Black whip. With it, I whipped Wanda’s fat ass. I love lashing white chicks with big butts. Watching their fat asses jiggle and turn red turns me on like you would not believe. After she finished licking my pussy, I fucked Wanda with my big strap-on dildo. I first fucked her pussy, then slammed it up her ass. Now that’s what’s up. The white bitch howled like one of the damned as I stretched her asshole with my strap-on. It’s one of the most fascinating sounds I’ve ever heard. I had a great time.

That was weeks ago. I’ve since resumed my search for a dominant older Black woman. While there are lots of Black lesbians on the scene in Boston, they’re mostly chicks ranging from twenty to thirty five years of age. I wanted something rare, a dominant mature Black woman who’s lesbian or bisexual. Preferably a woman in her forties or even fifties, as long as she still looks good. A stern Black mistress who would know how to handle and tame an upstart like myself. I want to submit to such a woman completely. Unfortunately, my fantasy remains unfulfilled. I had just about given up hope when an ad I placed online was answered.

The person responding to the ad claimed to be a Black woman of a certain age, living in the city of Milton. She claimed to be a very dominant Black mistress, fond of sassy young Black women, and quite discreet. You had better believe that I replied to her. We exchanged email addresses and cell phone numbers. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I finally heard her voice. She sounded smart, cool and in control. Everything I wanted in a potential mistress. I agreed to meet her in a place of her choosing. Hot damn. At long last my fantasy was about to come true.

That day, I showered, threw on some perfume, put on a black T-shirt, black jeans and black leather boots before hopping on my Yamaha sports bike and barreling down the highway separating Newport from Milton. I drove around Milton for a while before finding the house. A brown and white mansion on a hilltop. My heart was beating at close to a hundred miles per hour as I walked up the steps and knocked on the door. Sixty seconds later, I was greeted by the owner. A very pretty Black woman. She appeared to be in her early forties, standing around five-foot-ten, kind of plump, with dark brown skin and short black hair. She wore a white silk shirt and a short black dress. The woman introduced herself as Sholonda Adams, and welcomed me inside.

Sholonda Adams gave me a brief tour of the house. Whoever this woman was, she had it going on. There are quite a few wealthy folks in the city of Milton, and New England’s wealthiest African-American families have made parts of it their domain. After giving me the tour, Sholonda and I sat in the vast living room, sipping some tea while getting to know each other a little better. The sexy lady asked me a lot of questions. I told her about myself. The University of Rhode Island’s most famous out and proud Black lesbian athlete. The hot one who got profiled on ESPN and BET news. Sholonda smiled as I told her about my exploits.

As I talked to her, she simply sat comfortably on the couch and gazed altıparmak escort at me with hooded, sexily scary eyes. That woman was pretty, and friendly, but I knew a control freak when I saw one. She reminded me of a predatory housecat. Sholonda told me a bit about herself. She was the wife of a wealthy African-American businessman, and the mother of his sons and daughter. They had an open relationship ever since she came out as bisexual to her friends and family. As part of their arrangement, she got to indulge her lust for sassy young Black women as long as she was discreet. I looked at her and smiled. Nice arrangement. This sexy older black woman got to have her cake and eat it too.

Sholonda decided we should get started. She asked me to stand up and undress. I did. I took off my shirt and jeans, and stood naked before her. The only time I wear underwear is when I get my period. Sholonda looked at my tall, lean and muscular athletic form and licked her lips. Yeah, I could tell that she liked what she saw. She ordered me to come kneel before her. I hesitated, mainly because I wasn’t used to females bossing me around, but something flashed in her eyes which made me comply. Sholonda wasn’t playing. I knelt before her. The sexy older black woman took off her pants and spread her plump thighs. I looked at her hairy pussy. Sholonda stared at me sternly and ordered me to lick her.

I hesitated. In all my years, I’ve never gone down on a woman before. Usually, my bitches go down on me. They lick my pussy, not the other way around. Cause I’m butch. Sholonda smacked my face hard with her hand. My eyes widened in shock. What the hell? Sholonda smiled wickedly and told me I’m her bitch now. Then she grabbed my neck and mashed my face against her pussy. Reluctantly, I began licking her pussy. Sholonda called me a useless bitch and ordered me to lick her harder. In spite of myself, I obeyed.

I licked Sholonda’s hot, hairy and sweaty pussy as best as I can. She was really demanding, insisting that I lick her this way or that. When I deviated from the pussy licking format she liked, she would smack my face. Hard. I hated that part. I’ve never been smacked by some bitch before, though I’ve smacked plenty of bitches. Afterwards, she had me lie on the carpet, legs and arms spread. Sholonda knelt beside me, and held a very large dildo in her hand. Without a word, she jammed it inside my pussy. I couldn’t it. She just rammed it in. I howled as Sholonda began slamming the dildo inside of me. Laughing, she fucked me harder, seemingly turned on by my screams.

I had never had something like this done to me. Even when I masturbated solo, I only inserted small dildos inside my pussy. Sholonda was stretching my pussy and it hurt. Oddly enough, it felt kind of good too. Sholonda berated me constantly, saying she loved taming tall black women like me. Especially butch chicks who think they are invincible. I screamed as my over stimulated pussy coursed through wave upon wave of pain and pleasure. Sholonda spat in my face, then spat in my pussy. I glared at her murderously. The bitch laughed and smacked me, then resumed slamming the dildo inside of me.

After tormenting me for what seemed like forever, Sholonda abruptly pulled the oversized dildo out of my pussy. I breathed gemlik escort a sigh of relief. Laughing, Sholonda told me to get on all fours. Still spellbound by her, I complied. What in hell did she have in mind? Seemingly out of nowhere, Sholonda produced bindings which she fastened to my ankles and wrists. When she was done, she patted my big round butt and told me I was in for a treat. Before I could say anything, she put a gag in my mouth.

Sholonda caressed my butt, then spread my ass cheeks wide open. I felt her fingers in my asshole. The big black woman asked me if I was an anal virgin. I nodded. She laughed and told me I was losing my anal virginity today. I turned around, and saw what she meant. Firmly strapped around her hips was the scariest-looking strap-on dildo I’ve ever seen. It was huge! Sholonda lovingly stroked the dildo, then smiled nastily at me. I couldn’t say anything with the gag in my mouth but mumbled in protest. Sholonda produced a small plastic tube and applied the contents all over my anus. I winced as I felt the cold lubricant all over my ass. Sholonda lathered my asshole with it, then she smacked my big ass one more time and pressed the dildo against my asshole. With a swift thrust, the dildo slid into my asshole. My eyes widened in definite shock as Sholonda slammed her dildo up my ass. Hot damn!

Sholonda smacked my ass while sodomizing me with her strap-on dildo. I felt like my ass was being split in half. It hurt like hell. While fucking me, she fingered my pussy and berated me constantly. She asked me how it felt, for a big-city butch chick like me to be ass fucked by some goddamn housewife from the suburbs. I couldn’t say anything, not with my mouth gagged. Sholonda yanked the gag out of my mouth and told me to make some noise. I screamed as she tore my ass apart with her dildo. She laughed hysterically, going on and on about how much she loved dominating butch chicks who thought they were all that. While fucking me, she grabbed my long hair and yanked my head back. Sholonda asked me whose bitch I was. At this point, I barely had anything left so told her I was her bitch. Apparently that’ s what she wanted to hear. Sholonda bellowed victoriously and slammed her dildo so far up my ass, I’m honestly surprised it didn’t come out of my mouth. It was beyond pain and beyond pleasure. I was transported to another realm of sensation. I couldn’t scream. Couldn’t moan. Couldn’t grunt. I just lay there and took it, my lips moving but no sounds came out.

I don’t know for how much longer Sholonda fucked me, I kind of lost track of time. I simply lay there, taking everything she was giving to me. It was painful, and degrading. It was humiliating and vicious. And I loved it. When Sholonda finally pulled the dildo out of my ass, I had tears in my eyes. Honest to goodness. I cried. Sholonda removed my bindings, and lay on the floor with me. She wrapped her arms protectively around me, and pressed my head against her breast. I gently sucked at her breast while she ran her hands through my hair. Stroking my face gently, she kissed me tenderly. And I kissed her back with all of the passion I could muster. I looked into her eyes, and in that moment I lost myself forever. I would forever be bound to she who first broke me, then remade me. My mistress.

I am now proud to say that I’m Mistress Sholonda’s slut. I am devoted to her. I still dominate white sluts in Boston, but she’s the only woman I let dominate me. She’s my strong and dominant mature Black woman. My dream come true. And I am thankful for all the wickedly fun and mind-boggling things she has to teach me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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