Mature Secrets: Arcade Blonde

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This is part of a series of unrelated yet similarly themed fictional short stories entitled MATURE SECRETS. They can be read in any order. All characters are fictional, and all are over 18.


Having nothing better to do after school, Brad, Walter, and myself walked over to the mall to the video arcade. We don’t do this a lot, but when we do none of us has a lot of money. So we’ll usually play just a couple of video games, then walk around the mall and look for chicks.

The arcade wasn’t crowded that time of the afternoon, but there were a few people there. The two guys who worked there weren’t much older than we are, and all three of us are 18. There were a few other guys there, one group of girls, and some littler kids with their moms.

We had just started in on our first game, when I spotted her nearby, watching us. I presumed that she was a mom there with her own kids, but she seemed to just be hanging around where we were in the back, out of view from everybody else. I might have noticed her eventually, because I’m always horny and I don’t have a problem looking at older mommy-types. I won’t admit it even to my friends, but I lust for just about anything female, even my older female teachers and my friends’ moms and women in my neighborhood. I’m a virgin and would take a stab at anything with a pussy that I could get, to experience real fucking.

But I noticed her first off because she was looking at us and smiling. She had stylish shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair with just a little wave to it, and bangs. Her skirt was hemmed just about mid-thigh, another reason that I would have noticed her eventually. Not real short, but not common on someone her age. Her legs looked pretty good, certainly good enough for me. Her top was some light white material, sort of loose, and scooped down quite a bit. Her tits weren’t big at all, but she had some. I’d fuck her if I had the chance.

We were playing a standup racecar game with a steering wheel and a pedal, that can play up to four people. It was my turn, and I did pretty well. When I was done, I looked up to see her standing right behind us, watching us play our game. She spoke to me.

“You did good. Do you play this game a lot?”

“Uh, no, not too much,” I mumbled.

She stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me, watching Walter play.

Walter finished up, and the game was over. We started to back away from the car game.

“Oh, play another!” She exclaimed.” “I’ll pay!” She pulled a handful of tokens out of her purse, and handed them to Brad.

“Thanks,” said Brad.

“Can I play, too?” She asked.

“Sure,” said Brad. The lady took the first turn on the game, and didn’t do too well. When she backed off, Brad took his turn. She stood behind me, pressing her chest against the back of my shoulder. I don’t get a lot of physical contact with any females, so having a woman that close, knowing her tits were back there pressing into me, smelling just a hint of perfume, was enough to get my cock tingling.

But I noticed that she was leaning up against Walter, too. And when Brad finished with his turn and I took mine, She was talking to him and standing shoulder-to-shoulder, too. Brad and Walter have bragged about the one or two sluts that they’ve fucked, but they’re no studs either, and they appeared happy to be receiving attention from this lady, whoever she was, too.

After my turn, I stood next to her again. I stared at her face as she watched the game. She was pretty. I’ll bet she was a real looker in her youth, but she had a pretty face even now, with blue eyes, and a small upturned nose. There were lines around her eyes and above her lips. Of course I looked down at her chest, which had gotten some sun and was flecked with a few spots. I was guessing that she was about our moms’ age. Mid-forties maybe?

She looked over and caught me looking at her. She smiled as I quickly looked away. Then she leaned in to see the game. Her blouse gapped open, and naturally, my eyes went down her top. Way down. The lighting wasn’t great in the back of the arcade, but I could see past the point of her tan line, to the milky white tops of her tits. Holy shit, she wasn’t wearing a fucking bra!

Her tits didn’t look big, but I didn’t care, they were TITS, and enough to feel. My cock stiffened in my jeans. I glanced up to make sure she wasn’t catching me looking at her tits, and I noticed that Walter was on the other side of her, also looking down her blouse, with his mouth open.

We finished the first game, and she put more money in the machine. It was my turn.

“My name’s Kathy,” I heard her say to the others, who mumbled their names to her.

When I was done I backed away, getting into position to see her cleavage again.

“I’m Kathy. What’s you’re name?” She asked me.

“Uh, Harry.”

She smiled wider, and her eyes dropped from my eyes, down my body. “And are you?”


“Are you hairy?” she sex izle asked, alternately looking from my eyes to my crotch. She didn’t really mean it the way it sounded, did she?

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” I mumbled. I had no hair on my chest, but I had plenty on my cock, so I was hoping that’s what she meant.

Brad, the most forward of the three of us with chicks, asked her, “Are you here with somebody?”

“Nope. Just Me,” Kathy replied.

“Are you from around here?” Brad asked.

“I’m from Mt. Simmons.” Mt. Simmons is a town a few miles away.

“Doing some shopping?” Brad continued.

“No, not really. Just looking for some action,” Kathy said with a dirty smile.

Kathy stood to the right side of the racecar game, and leaned way over, watching Walter play. Her blouse gapped way open. I was standing to her immediate left, and I could see her whole fucking right tit! It was not tiny, but a little on the smallish side maybe, and was very white. Her areola was a darker pink shade, not too large. Her pinkish nipple was soft and fairly thick.

I’d gotten a couple of downblouses from the girls at school and at the pool. But this was the first tit I’d ever seen on an adult woman. Brad was on the opposite side of the game, across from her, but her top was so wide open that I was betting that he was seeing her tits, too. And certainly Walter could see her tit as he played the game. And he probably did, because he drove off the side of the road and ended his turn, but wouldn’t leave the steering wheel. All three of us were leaning in towards Kathy. Kathy looked around at us with a wry smile. I had a hunch that she knew what she was showing, and where we were looking.

Kathy stood behind me again, and this time when she pressed her tit into my shoulder, I knew that it wasn’t encumbered by a bra. I rubbed my shoulder back and forth against it, and Kathy brazenly slid her tit up and down on my shoulder. I felt her hand on my back, over my shirt. It dropped down quickly, and as it fell away it brushed down over my jeans-covered right butt cheek. Did she mean that?

Yes she did, because soon the hand was back on my hip. There was nobody else in the last row of games in the back of the arcade, but on occasion another parent or employee wandered through. So there was momentary privacy but people could be watching. Kathy’s hand slid down my back, and palmed my ass cheek again. I saw her glance back behind me and check out my ass. I just stood motionless, and gladly accepted the grope.

But I wasn’t alone. I saw her lean over to Brad on her left, whisper something to him, and run her left hand down his loose-fitting Dockers.

My left arm was down my side, and I rubbed it along Kathy’s right hip. She leaned into it. As she took another feel of my ass, I glanced around to make sure nobody else was looking at us. I put my palm lightly on her lower back, on her blouse just above her skirt. I brushed it downward, and caught a quick rub of her nearest ass cheek over her skirt before quickly moving it up to her back.

Kathy responded by squeezing my ass a couple of times. So I moved my hand back down, grabbed her left ass cheek, and squeezed it. It wasn’t the tiniest butt I’d ever seen, but it wasn’t bad, and it was round and fleshy, and I loved the way the flesh gave way to my grasp.

“Do you boys like cars? Do you drive?” Kathy asked us.

Brad spoke for all of us. “I have my license. Walter has his permit.” He didn’t mention me because I hadn’t bothered with Drivers Ed yet.

“Do you have cars?” Asked Kathy.

“No, we walked here,” I replied.

“I have a new Acura MDX SUV,” Kathy said.

“Cool! My dad wants one of those,” said Walter, the only one of us much interested in cars.

“Do you want to take it for a test drive?” Kathy asked Walter. “You said you had your permit, right? You’re legal as long as I’m riding with you.”

“You mean it?” Walter asked.

“Wouldn’t that be more fun than standing here pretending to drive a car? C’mon, lets all take my SUV for a spin after this game.”

We mumbled “OK,” and continued playing the current game. I had to wonder what this lady was up to. Why should she want to us to drive her SUV? Was she really that lonely that she wanted to spend time with us? I looked at her hands. Her left hand had a wedding ring on it, and what looked to me to be a large rock. As much as I wanted to believe that she wanted to fuck one or more of us, that was just too good to be true. But as long as there was the slimmest chance, I was willing to go along.

When the game was over, Kathy picked up her purse, gave us a smile, and led us out of the arcade, out of the mall, to the parking lot. Way down the row, all alone, was a shiny new silver SUV. The three of us walked a step behind Kathy, like she was our mom or something.

When we approached the car, Kathy pushed her electronic key, and we heard the SUV unlock. She turned and handed alt yazılı porno Walter her keys. After a slight hesitation, Walter accepted the keys and headed for the driver’s door.

Kathy approached the rear driver-side door. Brad, the bastard, was quicker than me and grabbed the rear passenger side door handle, leaving me with shotgun. Kathy was already in the back seat next to Brad as I got in the front. I immediately looked back at Kathy, whose skirt had hiked up enough for me to get a nice look at her bare legs. Her calves looked near perfect, and although her tan thighs had just a little extra meat on them, they looked hot to me.

Walter took a minute to familiarize himself with the controls, and Kathy pointed a few things out. He started up the car, and put it into gear. “Where are we going?”

Kathy replied, “You guys know this area, right? Why don’t you find some nice quiet area to drive around in where we won’t be bothered?”

Walter pulled the SUV out of its parking spot, and headed for the street. “Head for that new subdivision up North,” suggested Brad.

I’d seen our town before, so I looked back at Kathy’s legs. My hardon still pushed into my jeans. Kathy saw me looking back at her, and smiled. She shifted her right knee towards Brad, spreading her legs and causing her skirt to hike up more. I looked up at her long enough to see if she was watching me try to look up her skirt. She was watching me, and smiling. Then she spread her legs even wider, and her skirt rose further up her thighs. I now had a clear view up her skirt.

But I wasn’t seeing panties. What I was staring at was a triangle of light brown pubic hair. The hot bitch wasn’t wearing panties! I’d never seen such a thing! Her pubic hair must’ve been her natural color, being a little darker than the hair on her head, which apparently was highlighted.

Brad sidled over closer to Kathy, and she looked over at him and smiled. Then she placed her right hand on his thigh. But she kept her legs spread open for me. Brad reciprocated and put his left hand on Kathy’s right leg at about mid-thigh. Kathy circled her hand around his thigh briefly, and then slid it right up over his crotch, alternately looking into Brad’s eyes and then down at his crotch. Brad mimicked her moves, squeezing her bare thigh for a bit, then slowly slid his hand up under her skirt, pushing it up higher. Kathy simply spread her legs further apart.

As much as I enjoyed staring at Kathy’s pussy, I glanced up at Brad, and the look on his face when he realized he was touching a naked hairy pussy, was priceless! He had a huge grin that he couldn’t wipe off.

While Brad finger fucked the older woman, Walter drove us out on the highway, and up a near-empty road. Kathy and Brad started making out. Kathy stopped to unsnap and unzip Brad’s Dockers. Brad finished by opening his pants and whipping out his hard cock. Kathy grabbed it with her left hand, and stroked it up and down. By about the third stroke it was hard as a rock and red as a beet.

Kathy’s legs were spread wide in a very unladylike way. I could see her pink labia in the midst of the hair, and Brad’s finger going in and out, and in circles. Walter had adjusted his rear view mirror to watch the action also.

Brad removed his hand from her pussy, ran it up her right side, and over her right tit. He squeezed it a couple of times, then reached into her blouse. I watched his hand inside her blouse, feeling her tit, as he made out with this older woman. Kathy continued stroking Brad’s cock.

Walter pulled into the new subdivision, in what had previously been all woodlands. There were a number of new winding roads, and a few scattered homes in various stages of construction, but otherwise the streets were empty. I must’ve been late enough in the afternoon that the construction workers had all gone home. Walter wound through the tree-lined neighborhood, with no sign of any other humans.

Kathy whispered something to Brad, who smiled nervously. He released her, and she threw her right knee over his lap, and climbed onto him. Fortunately the Acura had plenty of headroom. She had her back to Brad, so she was facing me. Her skirt was hiked to her waist, so I was staring at her wide-open beaver. She wiggled her butt to get set where she wanted, and reached between her legs to grab Brad’s stiff cock. She lowered her pussy down on it. The dick head disappeared into her pussy. I was watching a grown woman fuck my friend!

Kathy slid her pussy down onto Brad’s shaft, and his whole cock disappeared into her pussy. Kathy wiggled a little more, with a smile on her face. Then she started raising and lowering herself on Brad’s wet engorged cock, up and down, up and down. From my vantage point in the front seat, I could clearly see the red cock disappear and reappear from her pink wet shiny pussy, about four feet away from my face.

Brad placed his hands on Kathy’s hips, as he fucked her altyazılı sex izle pussy. Kathy looked into my eyes, and smiled at me as she fucked my friend. Her blouse had fallen below her tits. While looking into my eyes, she raised it up under her arms again, exposing both of her white tits capped with stiff thick nipples. She reached up, cupped both of them with her hands, and shook them for my pleasure, smiling at me as she played with her own tits.

Brad reached up and started groping her tits while he fucked her. Kathy emitted moans as she rocked up and down. Their rhythm was speeding up, and I could hear the squishy sounds of Brad’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy, as well as the slapping of his upper thighs meeting Kathy’s ass and thighs.

“Ummm! Ohhh!” Kathy moaned as Brad fucked her hard and tweaked her nipples. Her thighs jiggled and rippled each time Brad slapped into them. “Uhhhh!”

Kathy wasn’t looking at Walter or me any more. She was mostly looking up at the ceiling. She looked like she was dizzy. Her eyes were rolling up into the back of her head. Her moans turned into squeals, reverberating through her SUV. “OOOOWWWWW! WUUUUUUUHUUUUUUHUUU!”

I noticed Brad change his rhythm, jerking and slowing down. I wondered if he came. Kathy was rocking back and forth, thrashing about, as she cried out, with a pained expression on her mature face. Her blonde hair was shaking back and forth, and some locks got stuck in her open mouth. “UWUWUWUWWW!”

With a series of final shudders, Kathy fell back onto Brad, panting rapidly, her legs splayed open and her pussy still engulfing Brad’s still cock.

Brad isn’t a big guy, and the older woman was clearly a lot of weight on him. Kathy noticed, and climbed off of him. She looked around at us, regaining her composure. “Brad, honey, do you want to drive now? Harry, why don’t you and Walter both come back here with me? There’s plenty of room!” Her voice was already regaining strength. Walter pulled to the curb and put the SUV into park.

As soon as Brad climbed out of the rear passenger door, I climbed in, and Walter entered from the rear driver side. We sandwiched Kathy, as Brad climbed into the driver’s seat and got familiar with the controls. It was beginning to get dark out, and with the wooded road and tinted rear windows, the inside of the SUV was comfortably dark.

Kathy’s blouse had fallen over her tits, but her skirt was still hiked up high, still exposing her somewhat matted pubic hair. The older woman turned towards me, and we immediately began making out. Kathy reached between my legs with her right hand and groped my cock over my pants. She did the same to Walter with her left hand. “Take it out,” she whispered to me. We each unzipped our own pants, and released a pair of hard teenaged cocks. Kathy slowly stroked each of them. I watched her long fingers, capped with well-manicured nails, holding my cock, stroking it like a pro.

My right hand reached around and slid up under her blouse, and for the first time ever I felt an adult woman’s soft tit. I lifted it and squeezed it, playing with her hard nipple. Walter reached over and moved his hand up Kathy’s left thigh. He rubbed her mound for a bit, and then inserted a finger.

I continued to feel Kathy’s tits, but Kathy turned her head towards Walter and made out with him. I reached down with my left hand and rubbed Kathy’s smooth naked thigh.

Walter reached up and felt Kathy’s tits, so I concentrated on her bottom. I slid my hand up to her now-vacant pussy. After rubbing her mound over her tangled pussy hair, I slid my middle finger inside of her. It was quite the sensation, that slippery, smooth canal! Even better than I’d so often imagined.

Kathy was jerking off us two teens, while making out with both of us, and getting her tits and pussy felt. The tempo of her strokes sped up.

Then Kathy scooted her butt more towards Walter, pushing him against the door. She bent over, lowering her head on my lap. She put her lips on my dick head! Her wet lips slid down my dry shaft, and she was now sucking my dick!

I leaned back and enjoyed the sensation of the experienced woman’s cocksucking, sliding up and down my increasingly juicy shaft. Kathy’s bare white ass was sticking up in the air, and Walter ran his hands over it. He slid his hand between her legs from behind, and played with her pussy. I leaned against the passenger-side door to give Kathy as much room to spread out as I could.

Kathy looked back at Walter. “Oh, Walter, put your cock in me if you can, sweetie!” Walter put his right knee on the seat, rose up, and aimed his stiff cock at Kathy’s rear. Kathy wiggled into a better position, and Walter began to stuff his dick into Kathy’s pussy from behind.

Walter was hunched over body, his head touching the SUV’s ceiling, as he thrust his cock in and out of Kathy, doggie style. Kathy was still sucking my cock, moaning as she did. Once he was comfortable, Walter pumped in and out rapidly, reminding me of a fucking dog. I could hear the slapping of flesh every time he made contact with Kathy’s bottom. I loved the blowjob, but was envious of Walter getting to fuck a woman. I never had, and wanted to know what it felt like in there.

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