Maude Ch. 04

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Maude 4: Initiation


If you like the feel of soft wool against your skin, and the idea of a mature lady ordering you about, to do things you wouldn’t otherwise dream of, then Maude could be for you. She was for me! Maude lived in the suburbs of a town in southern England, and all names in the stories have been changed to protect our identities.

This story follows Maude 1 – 3, and should ideally be read in the order written:

However, if you can’t wait, you need to know a little about Maude. She was in her late forties, I guessed, with greyish hair cut short, and was what you would call well built with a large frame and an ample bosom, hidden under the soft wool of her sweater. She always wore wool – either cardigans or sweaters, or both. She had brown eyes and a friendly, knowing smile. Her business card read: ‘Mrs M. Fowler’ in a blue script, with ‘Charity Donations’ in smaller letters under it. Then the address: ’34 Leaside Avenue, Newtown. Tel: 01453 654932′.

I met her friend Julie in Chapter 3. She was also on her early forties, with short fair hair, and was wearing a thinnish twinset in soft pink wool with a maroon skirt when we first met. She was shorter than Maude and not so well built, but her bosom was nicely rounded all the same, and the wool clung tightly to her body.

Now read on… this story is now completed.

It was just after my Wednesday donation – another of her quickies into her black mohair cardigan – that she invited me to the second party. “Well you were such a hit with Julie that we thought you should meet some of our other friends too. Do you fancy a little more of the dressing up, you cheeky young thing?”

How could I refuse – but I coudn’t help but wonder how many people would be there and what would happen.

“Well I’d love to, because that time with you and Julie was just so amazing – but will there be lots of people there?”

“Oh no, not lots – just some people you’ll get on with really well. Maybe five or six of us, altogether. And same time, same cardy, same place.”

So that weekend, clutching my bag I rang the door with some apprehension. This time Maude opened it wearing a bottle green v-necked long cardigan, which was intended to be worn over a sweater – but was just over her skin. She smiled when she saw it was me.

“Oh come in!” she gushed, “It’s so good to see you – everyone else is here already apart from Gerald, who can’t come. Come on through!”

Gerald. So there were other men as well as women! Maybe I shouldn’t stay after all. But the thought of that night with Maude and Julie was just too exiting to want to leave. I followed her along the hall and she put her head round the lounge door, where the voices were coming from. She blocked my view so I just waited behind her.

“Guess what, party people?” I heard her say, “the guest of honour has arived! So Faith, come over and I’ll introduce you then you can get him ready!”

There was more sound of voices and movements, then Faith came round the corner. She was gorgeous, in her thirties with long dark hair, and wearing an amazing pink and purple v-knecked cardigan, where the colour just seemed to bleed from light to dark down to her waist. And the only other thing she was wearing were tight maroon panties.

“Andrew, this is Faith!” said Maude, stating the obvious really.

“Well hello!” beamed Faith, her red lipsticked lips flashing a wide smile, “I’ve heard so much about you that I feel I’ve had you inside me already!” she said. “Julie says you’ve got a good solid six inches, and circumcised too!”

The direct talking was just too much.

“Hello,” I managed to reply, “you look gorgeous in that cardigan.”

“Well I’m glad you like it, ‘cos I’m the one to get you ready tonight – and if you’re very lucky you can have a little feel of it!”

“Not now, Faith, you mustn’t get him over exited too soon.” said Maude, smiling at the two of us, “Just show him up into the changing room, get him ready for his initiation and then bring him back down. I’ll just get some more wine in – we’ve drunk two bottles already!”

So not knowing quite what was planned, I made my way behind Faith upstairs, watching her tight panties and bulging bottom as she walked up the steps. We went in a back bedroom, where various clothes were piled up on the bed.

“Right, Andrew, let’s see what I’ve been missing – strip off please!”

I’d put my bag down, so simply undressed – knowing that I was being closely watched, and feeling my cock growing harder by the minute. Soon I was down to my white pants, with my cock pressing hard at the front. Faith was just looking straight at my groin.

“Let’s get your fancy dress on then, shall we? Here’s your bra, and Julie said we should use this filling over here.” It still felt amazing to be putting a bra on, especially with a pretty women helping me. Faith stuffed the bra cups, fondling them into the right shape. She didn’t take long, but the sight and smell of her perfume Kartal Sınırsız Escort so close was wonderful.

“Right, now on with your cardy please!”

I pulled the tight orange wool over my arms, then started on the buttons – with the bottom one. It was then I noticed just how much my cock was sticking out and the wet patch showing on my pants. I carried on with the buttons.

“Oh don’t worry about your damp panties, pet! We’ll be having lots of those before the night is through. I’m getting pretty wet myself, just watching you!”

When my cardigan was buttoned up I pulled it straight, trying to hide the top of my underpants – but she could see everything anyway.

“It’s no use trying to hide – you know I’m going to see every part of your body before very long – so I think I’d like a look at your manhood now! Take your panties down for me, please!”

I did as I was told, watching her look at me and watching my cock as it leapt out and upwards.

“Mmm,” Faith began,”Well you’ve certainly got the size – that’s a good thick base too, isn’t it? Julie was right! Do you toss yourself a lot to keep it so fit?”

I couldn’t get used to this style of questions, but replied: “Well, sometimes – it depends what you call lots, really. Sometimes every few hours!”

“That sounds like my kind of cock – a performer!” she smiled. “Well it’s my job tonight to act as party photographer, so I’ll just take some photos for your inauguration. Pull your pants up, and stand against that door, that’s right, with your hands on your hips.”

She’d now reached for a digital camera from a shelf behind the bed, giving me time to enjoy looking at the wool-clad form and the tight strechy maroon panties clinging to her hips. I moved over to the door, and stood with my erection pressing against the cloth of my pants.

“That’s a good pose!” she smiled, “Now tummy in and boobs out!” The flash of her camera went off. “I’ll just try a few, so move about a bit.”

Flashing more, I got to feel a film star – even if a strangely dressed one.

“Now just a couple without your pants, please, so we can see you properly!” I slid down my pants, and more flashed went off.

“Right, that’ll do. Now you take one of me please – just swap places a mo.” So as she stood against the doorway, pulling in her tummy and smiling, I snapped her too.

“Now let’s go down and get you initiated properly.” she smiled wickedly.

So I followed her downstairs, and into the lounge. I quickly took in Maude and Julie as they looked at me – then nearly died when I realised the person in a pale blue cardigan was a man. Julie was wearing a ribbed pale pink v-knecked cardigan, with pink panties, and came over to give me a kiss.

“Hello pet!” she smiled, your cardigan looks very tight tonight – but not as tight as your panties! How do you keep you cock so hard?”

Maude interrupted “Not so much chat, Julie, there’s someone here he doesn’t know!”

Maude introduced us: “Andrew, this is Andrew!” she said, smiling at the moment. He stood up, showing he was wearing black pants, with a round-kneck pale blue lambswool cardigan, buttoned up to the top.

“Hi!” he said smiling wryly: clearly he was as embarrassed as me.

I said “Hi!” back before Maude got into her organising mode.

“Well we can’t have two Andrews, and as you are both girls I vote we use your initiation Andrew” – looking at me – “to re-christen you both into proper girls’ names. Andrew number one – you will be Sandy – and Andrew number two, the new girl here – will become Mandy. That way it’ll be easy for us to know who’s who. OK, everybody, let’s gather round in the initiation circle. Andrew – sorry, Mandy – you come and stand in the middle – and here, have a glass of wine too – white or red?”

So I took my glass of white wine, gulped half of it down, then walked forward, wishing I’d worn black pants instead of white as the wet patch was obvious to all. They linked hands around me, and walked slowly in a clockwide direction, all eyes on me as if they were inspecting me. I quickly finished my drink.

“Let me put that glass away.” said Julie, “so we can all enjoy your initiaition!”

Maude then spoke, in her domineering way. “Now Mandy, for this initiation you must stand quite still, only move when you are told, and always do exactly what you are told. You fancy dress boys are all the same – you need to know your place. So put your legs apart a bit more… that’s right – and put your hands on your hips.” She watched while I complied, then looked around at the others, “Girls, now let’s begin the laying on of hands!”

So all four of them moved forward, and touched my shoulders, stroking my cardigan down to my waist in long gentle touches. Maude was directly in front of me, the soft green wool draping smoothly over her rounded breasts. Julie was on my right, and Faith on my left. I was glad that Sandy was behind me.

“We worship the wool!” said Maude, and they Kartal Suriyeli Escort all repeated, “We worship the wool!”

“And the body beneath!” she continued. “And the body beneath!” they repeated.

“We worship each other!” said Maude, turning to her left to stroke Julie, who repeated the phrase as she stroked Sandy, His voice was soft, but it was a man’s voice all the same. Then came Faith, then back to Maude.

“And we welcome another!” said Maude, coming up right in front of me before kissing me fully on the lips.

My cock quivered, then shrank, as they all moved around to the right, with Julie now repeating the mantra, “And we welcome another!” then kissed me.

Next it was Sandy – he was shorter than me, with longish mid brown hair and glasses. “And we welcome another!” he said, before kissing me on the lips. I’d shut my eyes, and it felt much like the others – but the feeling was seriously odd all the same.

Lastly Faith came up to me “And we welcome another!” and kissed me strongly on the lips, her tongue pushing into my open mouth.

“Right girls – let’s all take our panties off now please!” ordered Maude, slipping hers down, and flicking them behind her. They all followed.

“And you, inaugural girl, you too!”

So I took off my pants, leaving them on the floor as the others had. I glanced down at Faith, who was perfectly shaved – then wished I hadn’t as my cock quivered upwards.

“Circle please, on our knees! Initiate – hands on hips!” It was Maude again.

“We worship the cock!” and she came forward, lifting up her hands to my cock before kneeling down and pointing it towards her mouth – then lowering her head towards it.

“Now give it a suck!” said the others, and she did, gorgeously, before moving back.

“Oohh!” squealed Julie, “he’s liking that alright – don’t hog him all Maude!” She stopped sucking then moved back.

“It’s ten seconds of sucking if you want,” she replied, “and I wanted!”

“Now turn one quarter right, initiate!” commanded Maude, so I turned right to Julie, who smiled and licked her lips.

“We worship the cock!” she said, quickly moving forward and kneeling down in front of me. She wrapped her lips around my swollen member.

“Now give it a suck!” chanted the others, and she did, grasping my balls with one hand and gripping my cock tightly with the other. Her head moved back and forth as she got her lips tight around my shaft and worked me up, till her ten seconds was over.

“Stop now – turn one quarter right, initiate!” commanded Maude again, so as Julie got up I turned knowing that Sandy was next.

“We worship the cock!” he said, moving forward and kneeling down. He gently lifted my cock towards his mouth. Then he was sucking me.

“Now give it a suck!” chanted the others, and he did, fingering my shaft with his hands. It was exquisite – but apalling at the same time – as his tongue explored along my shaft. His ten seconds seemed to fly by but my cock rose hard into his sucking lips.

“Stop – turn one quarter right, initiate!” commanded Maude for the last time, so with relief I turned to Faith, who flashed me that wicked smile.

“We worship the cock!” she said, moving forward and holding my cock firmly as if to inspect it, before kneeling down and smiling up at me. She licked her lips then put them around my end, then she took me right in her mouth to her throat.

“Now give it a suck!” chanted the others, and she did, pressing the base with her fingers and bobbing her head forwards and backwards. I wished she could have had ten minutes, not just ten seconds.

Maude spoke again “Stop now! Right – it’s time for a drink break. Fill up your glasses and drink them down. The toast is Mandy – the initiate.”

So everyone went over to the drinks table, filled their glasses and drank it down in one. The sight of the wool covered bodies, wobbling boobs beneath, and naked flesh from the waist down was so amazing – but where to look? It seemed that everyone was eyeing each other up – but most were just staring at me. Probably because my cock was sticking out at right angles, weighed down by its own weight, whereas Sandy’s was just a stubby half-erection. But just looking at it his tool was so strange too.

“Now let’s get back into our circle for the initiates turn. This time you kneel while we stand, Mandy.”

I did as I was told, with Maude’s hairy mound in front of me.

“Repeat after me, ‘we worship the quim’, and then you must come over and lick me! But only for ten seconds, remember.”

“We worship the quim!” I repeated, moving forwards and pressing my mouth towards her mound. She held her legs apart, to expose herself more. As my nose nestled in I felt her open her legs wider so I licked in deeply.

“Now push your finger in!” said everyone else, so I did as ordered, and found her slippery hole. I felt her quiver so tried flicking my tongue over her clitoris and my fingers explored the Kartal İranlı Escort slippery entrance to her vagina.

“Stop – if you must!” commanded Maude, reluctantly I thought. “Turn one quarter, initiate!”

So I turned to Julie, who smiled and opened her legs further apart .

“We worship the quim!” I said, quickly moving forward on my knees and taking in the sight of her beautiful cunt surrounded by trimmed fair hair, before pressing my lips to her folds. She quivered and moaned slightly, as I moved my fingers and separated her moist lips.

“Now push your fingers in!” chanted the others, but I had already, tasting the saltiness of her juices as my head pushed further towards her.

“Stop – now turn one quarter, initiate – and don’t forget to say cock this time, not quim!” commanded Maude again, so I turned knowing that now I was going to suck a man’s cock – even if he wasn’t that big.

“We worship the cock!” I said, moving forward and lifting his cock upwards. It was half erect, with a full foreskin over his bell-end, so shutting my eyes I just put my mouth over it, and licked it with my tongue. It was an amazing sensation, to know that three ladies dressed in nothing but cardigans were watching me, dressed in a cardigan, sucking off another man wearing a cardigan.

“Now give it a suck!” chanted the others, and as I continued I could feel him hardening inside my mouth, so I squeezed the base of his cock and licked all along his shaft. He was now warm and hard and no mistake.

“Stop now – turn one quarter, initiate!” commanded Maude again, so I turned to Faith.

As I did so Julie spoke out: “Well he’s made a hit with Sandy, hasn’t he – just look at his cock now, he’s even pulled his foreskin back!”

So we all looked, and there it was – Sandy’s hardening cock and a broad smile on his face. I turned back to Faith. She smiled again, and opened her legs, then as I approached she lifted one foot onto a chair, exposing herself completely.

“We worship the quim!” I said. Her naked flesh was bright pink and slipppery as I began to finger her, then pressed my head onto her clitoris, licking as strongly as I could. I fancied her and had to get that feeling of cock out of my system.

“Now put your fingers in!” came the reply, so I continued to lick and tease her, with my fingers playing around her entrance.

“Stop!” said Maude, after what seemed only a few seconds, “Now another drinks break before the climax of initiation,” she continued.

We all moved over to the drinks table, and Maude filled the glasses. “A toast – to the Initiate!” she smiled.

“To the Initiate!” they all repeated, before sipping – or gulping their drinks.

Julie looked over towards Maude: “Maude,” she said, “I feel quite hot now – permission to unbutton please?”

“Oh you big show-off!” interrupted Faith, pouting a little, “Well if she can, please can I too?”

Maude looked from one to the other, as a parent getting slightly exasperated by pushy children. “Well alright then, permission for you two only mind. I’m going to keep decent, and Mandy and Sandy must too. We’ll all watch as you to show-offs let us see your boobies. Come on then – unbutton for me now!”

And she regained the upper hand, watching as Julie and Faith slowly unbuttoned their carigans, almost wishing they hadn’t asked. Julie finished first, and let the halves of wool hang down, revealing her cleavage but no more.

“Well don’t stop there, Julie, show off a little please!” said Maude. So, reddening slightly, Julie pulled the pink wool away from her body, showing off her beautiful softly-rounded slightly-sagging breasts. Her nipples were sticking out – she was obviously getting well aroused. Maude moved closer to her, reaching up to stroke the soft flesh of her left breast, and tease the nipple gently. She smiled as Julie quivered.

“Mmm, I’ll stroke these more later, my dear,” she smiled: “Now you, Faith, let’s see yours please!”

So Faith unded the last button, before pulling back ger cardigan to show off her breasts too. They were saggier than Julie’s but still very nicely rounded, with her nipples darker and firmer-looking. She smiled to everyone, that knowing smiled she had.

“Would anyone like to feel these?” she asked – hastily adding: “with your permission, of course, Maude.”

“Well I won’t give my permission for stroking – you’re just too forward, Faith.” Faith looked downcast. “But I will force everyone to give you a damn good suck on those pert nipples of yours. So you just put your hands behind your head and lean back against the wall.”

Faith did as she was told, moving back to the wall by the table, then putting her hands behind her head, revealing her naked body with her pinky purple cardigan framing her beautiful breasts. She had her legs apart and looked ready to be taken.

“Sandy, you go first. Just 10 seconds on each one mind.” Maude commanded. Sandy smiled and stepped forward, cupping Faith’s right breast in his hand before putting his head down and sucking her nipple. Faith sighed, and I wished all four turns were mine. The he moved over to her other nipple, before standing up and smiling again. He had hardened, I noticed suddenly, even though he wasn’t fully erect. My cock just wouldn’t go down.

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