May , Deke Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Bare for Bear

Around 3PM the next day Deke and May arrive at Bear’s home, a sprawling ranch that sits at the end of a dirt drive half a mile off the main road amidst cool pines with mountain views along the Androscoggin River. Bear, a distinguished-looking mature man, about 5’11” with a steel-gray brush top and well-toned body, greets May and Deke at the door.

The men shake hands and exchange rough hugs, slapping each other’s backs, “So good to see you Deke, you old dog!”

“Likewise, you old reprobate. How’ve you been?”

“Great, just great. And, May. . . It’s been a while, perhaps three years,” Bear owns, taking her hands and kissing her on the cheek.

“Yes,” May smiles, “Good memory!”

“I try to remember the beautiful women.” He winks. The three laugh. And Bear adds, “Come on in and make yourselves at home. Before I take you out by the pool meet my son and his wife, let me show you to your room so you can drop your bags.”

The house is elegant and their room has a queen size bed and French doors to a deck. Beyond is the pool area and they see Bear’s handsome son and his wife already in swim suits sitting at the umbrella table.

The guests arrive poolside with Bear, who had stopped by the kitchen to make frozen Margaritas. After the introductions, the conversation touches on the glorious weather. The flow of Tequila relaxes every one and Jim, kiddingly, broaches the subject of skinny-dipping. It is an idea that ultimately blossoms when Barbara pops off her bikini top, letting her D-cup tits swing free, and heads for the water, peeling her bikini bottom on the way; and Jim, without portfolio, is right behind her.

Never noted for her shyness, May stands up and says, “Well, gentlemen, when in Rome…” and slips out of her linen sundress, which, even to Deke’s surprise, has nothing beneath it.

“Christ, Bear, we better get with it or we’ll miss all the fun!”

As Deke sheds shirt, shorts and u-trow, he watches May, whose bouncy stride has carried her directly to the diving board, where she takes a few preliminary springs to check out the flex of the board. Less full than Barb’s, her lovely C-cup boobs jounce fetchingly as she bounces. Then she returns to the base; and, when all is quiet, she skips forward and takes off high, fully extended, reaching for the sky, in a perfectly executed plain front dive to enter the water with barely a splash. Coming back to the surface, she is greeted by appreciative applause.

Not to be out-classed, Barb, takes her turn, earning an equally appreciative response. The women then take seats on the steps at the shallow end and demand that the boys show them what they’ve got.

Deke and Bear decline the gambit, show fatigue, and leave the exhibition to forty-year-old Jim, who earns a couple of 6’s before vaulting his 9 body out of the water with his 10 cock swinging to warm the loins of the drooling women in the gallery.

“Mm, Mm, Mm! And just think, that one’s mine,” Barb says smiling.

“You’re a lucky woman, there,” replies May. “Mine’s rather well hung, too, don’t you think? And Jim’s dad?”

“Definitely genetic!” Barb laughs, “but really, not a small package in the bunch! Lucky us!”

The escort gaziantep ilanları boys culminate the games with a set of successively bigger cannon balls to splash the girls and earning cheers and squeals of delight.

Shenanigans over, Jim, Barb, Deke and May raft up, chatting, to wait while Bear, always a style-setter, leaves, stark naked, to set the table and grill the steaks, having insisted that he needed no help.

As they float together, nude and sipping newly made Margaritas, Barb asks, “Have you and Deke been together long?”

“We’ve known each other well for seven years. But only three as lovers,” May volunteers. “Our age difference of thirty-three years raises a few eye-brows too, of course.”

“Wow, that’s twice our age difference,” she observes.

“You see, Deke was my very favorite English Prof at Syracuse and helped me land my present teaching job at the college.”

“And she’s the best I ever taught!” Deke throws in with enthusiasm.

“Wait a minute,” Jim chimes in, “I get it. With Deke and Dad being old Polar Bear attackmen and best friends, Deke can come back to Maine anytime without a problem to keep company with you, right May?”

“Yep, she’s my long distance mistress,” Deke smiles, patting May’s inner thigh-in sly invitation for the young Conleys to notice the moist lips of her open cunt.

Barb smiles, “You seem very comfortable together here – and with your nudity. Are you naturists?”

May smiling back answers, “No, we aren’t. This is a new experience for us, but we are really having a great time. Deke has never been shy about taking his clothes off, but I am surprised at how uninhibited I feel with you folks.”

Jim, rejoining the conversation, says, “I hope I don’t seem overly aggressive at this point, but Barb and I find you to be an extremely attractive couple. And we would love to get to know you even better.”

“The fact is,” Barb continues, “we swing; and because the four of us have hit it off so well today, we were hoping we can entertain you at our place.”

Focussing on the bobble of Barb’s delectable tits, Deke admits, “That certainly sounds good to me. I’m around for the week. What do you say, May?”

“Gee, this is all so new to me…”

Barb, understanding May’s hesitation offers, “It would only be the four of us, but why don’t you and Deke talk it over and let us know. We are on vacation this week and we’d love you to have you come to our island summer home in Casco Bay – say Tuesday and Wednesday? I’ll give you our number before we leave and you can give us a call one way or the other on Monday.”

“That would be just right,” Deke says, smiling and squeezing May’s hand.

Bear calls them all out of the pool as dinner is on the table. Jim, Barbara, Deke, and May towel dry and follow their host’s lead to their nude dinner. On the way May confesses to Deke in low tones: “I am so horny, dear, and Jim’s cock is ou la la! I think I could really go for a foursome with them.”

“O yes, me too,” is Deke’s whispered response. “And he’s really been checking you out! Let’s do it. Make sure we get their phone number!”

The group escort kadın gaziantep proceeds to take seats at the candle-lit table on the screened porch to a repast of salad and French bread, with a lovely robust Cabernet to round out the meal. The rare steaks are seared to perfection and the whole atmosphere is soft and romantic as music drifts out from the stereo speakers.

The conversation is lively and full of laughter and the five decide unanimously that they have had a wonderful time and should do it again, soon.

Jim and Barbara offer to stay and help clean up after dinner, but Bear shoos them out. Deke and May also offer to help, but he insists they relax with their after-dinner drinks on the porch as it will only take him a minute to clean up.

Deke looks across at May from the chaise he had plunked himself down on. He studies her voluptuous body as she too reclines stretched out on her chaise. He had loved watching her play in the nude all afternoon-so proud of her for the grace with which she had, off and on, parted her legs to the men’s subtle, but lustful, gazes.

Now Deke notes a change in her position, May wants Bear to see her open cunt as she gently strokes the gateway to Heaven. Understanding that her “dance” has begun, Deke feels his heart begin to pound. This was May’s urgent wish, he thinks – and a gift for us three! From the kitchen Bear has noticed and sees that her playing with herself is for him.

“O my God,” Deke says under his breath, “I can’t take this sitting down!” Tuning into the waltz now playing on the stereo, he asks aloud, “My darling, would you care to dance?”

In her sexiest voice, May replies, “I thought you’d never ask.”

They move together to the center of the porch. May puts her arms around Deke’s neck as his hands encircle her to rest just below the small of her back on her ass. He pulls her close, and they kiss deeply, wetly, passionately. She rests her head on his chest just under his chin, sighing. Eyes closed, they sway, stepping and gently circling to the soft strains of violins. The feel of her hard nipples against him and the growth of his thick cock up her belly belie the ardor of the pair, and May’s vaginal flow gushes.

Bear watches them; and, as he finishes drying the last of the pans, his own cock has roused at the open sexual display of his friends. It feels so good that he begins to stroke himself lightly. Deke’s smiling eyes acknowledge the compliment paid; and he whispers, “Darling, look. Look at our host. He’s watching us.”

May looks over and smiles, noting silently that the large cock in Bear’s hand is bigger than Deke’s. She whispers to Deke, in return, ” I think he’s enjoying watching us.”

“Yes, he is. See how great his appreciation is? Would you like to dance with him, darling?’

“I think I’d like that if you want me to.”

Deke dances May over to Bear, whose face lights up at their approach.

“Deke says he thinks you’d like to dance with me, Bear. Would you?”

Deke makes the hand-off to his old buddy and retreats to an easy chair with his drink to watch them. He glimpses May’s nipples perking from her large areolas, and his escort gaziantep kızlar heart sings.

Before long Bear dances their happy May over and spins her gently in front of Deke. Stepping back into Bear from the turn, she comes closer than they’ve been, trapping his cock between them. Bear maintains his strong embrace and unaccountably begins to giggle as he backs her up to Deke with the mock invitation: “Deke lad, would you join me in making an ice cream sandwich?”

Deke rises, laughing, “Haven’t made one in forty years, but here goes!” and he joins the twosome.

Bear releases his hold enough so that Deke can cup May’s tits from the rear, his cock aligned with the crack of her ass, while kissing and licking her soft neck. May and Bear begin to kiss, tasting each other’s mouth tentatively at first, then with deeper intent. Meanwhile, Deke continues to lavish her neck with tender kisses before sighing, “O, darling, you are so beautiful, so wonderful, so loving…”

Turning in their arms to face Deke, May urges in overture, “Let’s go to bed, dear. Let’s do it now, and, Bear, we want you with us.”

“O may I, please? Yes! And my room has a king-size bed. Let’s go in there.”

Bear turns down the bed while the other two eat the other’s mouth. When Deke slips a hand between her legs, he hums, “O, my beautiful girl, you are so wet.”

“I know. I am so turned on, so ready for you both.”

The three lie on the bed with May between the guys. She puts her hands over her head, holding on to the headboard. She spreads her legs in gesture of the gift of her body for her men to work their wills and each to have a full share. Their kissing and fondling tell of their joint desire for her pleasure. Their ministrations send May heavenward. Deke eats her cunt, sucking in her sweet juices, tonguing her clit, and finger-fucking her. May reaches for Bear’s big boner and breathes excitedly, “Let me eat it.”

Bear moves so that he can feed her his cock. She takes it down to the balls and mashes his mat of still blond pubic hair with her face before squeezing the roots of his cock with her taut lips.

The men then exchange places, but Bear eats her cunt so ravenously that she can no longer attend to Deke’s cock.

“Bear. Bear, just fuck me, Bear,” May bleats.

Deke pulls out of May’s mouth to cheer his teammate: “Yes, Bear take her. I so want her to have you.”

Bear positions himself between May’s thighs pushing her knees apart. Her clit is swollen and her lips part as she spreads wide for him. His 8-inch cock is thicker than Deke’s; and, despite her rich lubrication, she cries out as his driving cock stretches the entire length of her tight cunt. He rams hard into her cervix.

“Ahhhhh, yes! Fuck me!” May wails.

In response, he grinds into her, plunging deeply. Deke is so enraptured by the action that he begins jacking his own cock to bestow upon his mistress a pearl necklace.

Bear pushes on with attackman intensity–their climax, the goal; and they explode together, grunting, arching and hollering out their mutual glory. May, given to multiple orgasm, mewls, shudders, and writhes with spasms that squeeze Bear’s cock beyond her initial O. Her final contraction ejects him; and, exhausted, they join Deke, already collapsed on the bed, panting and sighing.

Regrouping first, Deke rolls May into the clasp of his arms. “You were so beautiful!” he whispers. “Thank you so much, darling.”

Then Bear stirs and instinctively rides up lovingly to embrace her succulent ass. And they sleep, May once again secure in their ice cream sandwich.

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