Maya’s Story Ch. 10

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Lesbian and voyeur content.


As Maya told Kyle of her experiences with her father’s friend – of being bound and suspended, and of having things done to her nipples, I found myself getting aroused by these new aspects of Maya’s life. How much more was hiding underneath that meek and placid exterior, I wondered?

Kyle had finished shaving Maya’s legs, all the way from her ankles right up to her crotch, which was left in the same gloriously hairy condition in which it had started. The now-smooth thighs and legs now made that pussy look even hairier, if that’s possible, and I loved the way Kyle left the hair on the inside of Maya’s thighs, so that it would still peek out of the sides of her panties.

The shaving helped reveal that Maya had very shapely legs, which was something that the profuse hair growth might have hidden a little, and now the tiny and curvy bronze limbs gave even more evidence of how petite a woman Maya was.

Kyle helped Maya out of the bath, and dried her in the middle of the room. Maya was obviously more comfortable with Kyle now, and after Kyle dried Maya’s off – doing a wonderful job on fluffing up the hair under her arms and between her legs, she led Maya into the basement.

We went into an addition that I had built onto the other side of the basement, opposite from what would now be Maya’s room. I turned the lights on very dimly, hiding some of the various toys that lined the walls, while spotlighting the bed in the center of the room.

Kyle led Maya to the bed and had her lie on her stomach in the middle of the water bed. Kyle stood on the side of the bed and shook a bottle of massage oil – mango – from the whiff that filled the air when she opened the bottle, as Maya looked up.

“Are those for me?” Maya asked, nodding up towards the handcuffs that were dangling from the ceiling support.

“No, not tonight,” Kyle answered. “This is for you.”

Kyle came over toward Maya and stood next to her head. Still wearing the camisole but naked below the waist, Kyle ran her slick hand up and down her raised mound, oiling the hairless pussy that had already been glistening wet as it was. Maya’s eyes stared at the woman’s sex, just a foot or so from her face, and seemed ready to reach over, but Kyle moved backward and climbed onto the bed.

Maya, who was on her stomach, looked smaller than ever as Kyle climbed on top of her, straddling ass pert brown butt with her thighs. Kyle had put on a couple of pounds since turning 30, but she was still an impressive sight, and dwarfed the petite bronze body beneath her.

Kyle dripped some oil on Maya’s back and began sensuously rubbing it into her. Maya moaned softly as Kyle expertly kneaded her shoulders and back, and I took the opportunity to move up to the head of the bed, kneeling down for a closer look while unbuckling and dropping my trousers in the process.

Maya’s eyes had a glazed look on them as Kyle worked her way down. I saw Maya’s mouth open in shock, and a glance in that direction showed that Kyle was at Maya’s ass, spreading her cheeks and working her oiled fingers into her sore anus, but doing so in a way that seemed to soothe Maya. Feeling my boxers get very crowded, I worked my way out of them quietly as well.

After going all the way down her freshly shaved legs, Kyle nodded to me, and I told Maya to roll over, helping her as she did. Now on her back, Kyle walked up the bed on her knees, still straddling Maya. As she reached Maya’s crotch with her own, I gasped Antep Bayan Escort as loudly as Maya did when Kyle’s smooth mound reached Maya’s furry delta.

If Maya was moved by that contact, and I was breathing heavier as well, then what it did to Kyle was beyond belief. Kyle ground her pussy into Maya’s, and the sight of that bald channel being raked over by that woolly jungle – as magnificent as it was, must have paled in comparison to how it felt, because Kyle’s eyes were rolling back in her head as she moved.

The sight of Kyle undulating on top of Maya, her breasts swaying under that camisole, was too much for Maya. Her arms came up toward Kyle, her little brown hands reaching up to cup Kyle tits as they rolled around lazily.

Just as her hands neared their target, I leaned over and grabbed Maya’s arms and pulled them down, pinning her hands back over her head, where I held them. Kyle smiled at this, and with a slowness that was hypnotizing, let her hands go down to the bottom of her camisole and lift it upwards.

As Kyle finally pulled the flimsy top off, I felt Maya’s body shudder as she saw Kyle’s body fully bared. Her massive, bell-shaped breasts were still an incredible sight to me even though I had seen them hundreds of times, and Maya’s reaction was no different than mine had been when I first saw them.

Kyle cupped her own jugs as she looked down at Maya, who was trying to get her hands free and wiggling around. Kyle, who was well aware of the effect she had on people, licked her lips as she looked down at the defenseless Maya, and after letting go of her own breasts, grabbed the bottle of oil and sprinkled it on Maya’s chest.

Maya’s breasts, reduced to tiny swells with her body stretched out like this, were heaving as the oil struck them. Her nipples, still so prominent, looked like they were throbbing when Kyle’s hands reached them.

Kneading and squeezing them roughly while still grinding their pussies together, Kyle was relentless in her mauling of Maya’s titties, and for Maya’s part, she was squirming wildly as I tried to hold down her oiled wrists. The hair was slicked down on Maya’s forearms with the oil, and I was happy to see that the only part of Maya’s body not glistening with oil were her armpits. The thick tufts of hair had but a faint mist of perspiration on them but were oil-free, which was intentional on Kyle’s part.

Leaning forward, Kyle ran her hands up Maya’s arms from the biceps to her wrists, where our hands touched. Kyle winked at me as she slid back, her dangling jugs inches away from Maya’s face and her opened mouth. Smiling as she saw Maya’s attempt to suck on her tits, she leaned back forward a little and ran her fingers through Maya’s armpits, her pale white digits like rakes through the thick jungles.

Then, to my total surprise, Kyle bowed her head and lowered her face into Maya’s armpit, letting me see her wagging tongue seconds before her mouth disappeared into the dense clump of fur.

I was so stunned for a second that I could not move, but when I finally did, I removed one of my hands from Maya’s wrists, trusting my remaining hand to hold her down. My cock was so hard and hot that when I grabbed it, I knew that I was going to lose it rather fast, but the sight was so erotic I was helpless to resist stroking it slow and hard.

Kyle’s face had emerged from Maya’s underarm, and she looked at me with a smug look of satisfaction as her eyes peeked up at me over the tuft of hair. She knew what I was doing to myself, and she was enjoying making me crazy like this, so it was so surprise when she licked her way across Maya’s titties and buried her face in her other armpit.

It was all too much for me to take; Kyle’s chewing and sucking on Maya’s armpit, Maya’s writhing and moaning, the sight of Kyle’s huge jugs rubbing over Maya’s nipples, all combined to make me let out a groan of my own, as I ejaculated all over the floor.

Kyle heard my grunt, and the look on my face while I came was one she was well familiar with, and her eyes twinkled as she watched me make what felt like a rather large mess on the rug.

I let go of Maya’s wrists and wiped my brow before finally taking off my sweat drenched shirt, but never taking my eyes off of Kyle and Maya. Kyle had resumed her kneeling position over Maya, their pussies still rubbing, and now with Maya’s hands free, Kyle reached down and took them, bringing them up to her breasts and helping her squeeze them.

Maya whimpered as her palms cupped Kyle’s tits, the little bronze hands looking even tinier as they struggled to hold onto Kyle’s gigantic jugs. Kyle was loving it, and bent over a little to let her play some more. Kyle’s nipples were pretty big, but not as big as Maya’s, and as Kyle swung her tits down she let their nipples rub into each other’s.

“Suck them, baby,” Kyle said, and with no further prompting needed, both of Maya’s hands cupped Kyle’s left tit and bought it to her mouth, sucking on it as eagerly as a newborn while Kyle’s eyes glazed.

After letting Maya suck on her right one for a time as well, Kyle slid down the length of Maya, licking her way down Maya’s sweaty torso before reaching her pussy. Looking up at both of us, Kyle parted Maya’s thighs and buried her face in that steamy jungle of hair that surrounded her sex.

By the jolt that seemed to go through Maya’s body, Kyle had no problem finding what she was looking for, and now Maya was writhing and squirming intensely. I climbed up so that I was kneeling by Maya’s head, and while I was tempted to drop my cock into her mouth, I opted to stay as much out of it as possible, just kissing Maya’s forehead and brushing a stray hair from her face.

Maya’s eyes met mine, but I don’t even know if she could see me, as she seemed to be in a world of her own, and as she became more animated and more loud – clutching and grabbing at the bedding – my eyes traveled down between her legs.

Kyle’s spiked blond hair was about all that was visible, as the rest of her face was buried in the woolly jungle while she went down on Maya like an animal. Kyle’s head was jerking around savagely as she lapped that pussy, her pale arms wrapped underneath Maya’s ass and holding onto her hips, and she seemed to be unaware of me as well.

When Maya came, as I was already aware, there was no hiding it. Her body lurched and bucked on the bed, arms and legs flailing madly, and only the whites of her eyes showing.

Suddenly, Maya’s upper half jerked upward like she was yanked up by strings, and she reached down and grabbed the back of Kyle’s head while screaming. It almost appeared as if she was trying to stick Kyle’s head inside of her for a second, until Maya’s body finally relaxed, and she released the grip she had on Kyle’s head and let herself fall back onto the bed.

Kyle’s face finally emerged from Maya’s furry delta, looking flushed and wet, and with a bit of a dazed expression on her face as well. She looked at me with a wry little smile, shaking her head as if to say she didn’t quite believe it herself.

“I think Maya came,” Kyle whispered to me as she moved up to join us.

“You might have killed her,” I added, reaching up to pluck a couple of Maya’s stray pussy hairs from Kyle’s cheeks.

“No,” Maya said weakly.

The voice startled us, and when I looked over, Maya might have been down, but not out. Maya was alive, and more importantly, was not done, and while it took a second for Kyle to figure out what Maya was trying to do as she pulled her over to her, Kyle finally caught on.

Maya wiggled a little bit closer to Kyle, exposing the gigantic wet spot that she had been lying on top of, and Kyle did the rest as she lifted her leg up so that she was now straddling Maya’s face. Maya’s tongue ran up the smooth channel a few times, Kyle’s labia wiggling and flapping slightly as she licked.

It didn’t take long for Maya to figure out what to do, and now her nose and mouth were inside Kyle’s fold while her hands held onto Kyle’s ass cheeks. Kyle began grinding herself into Maya’s face – almost directing her to the right places, and soon Maya had found her own way, and Kyle was the one writhing and wiggling.

Kyle’s hands were mauling her own tits, yanking and squeezing the big jugs as they rolled lazily back and forth with her movements. I felt like an intruder as I watched this incredibly erotic scene, but there was no way I was going to leave, and I found myself mesmerized by Maya’s determined look as she sucked Kyle’s pussy with enthusiasm.

Kyle was no shrinking violet when she came, so Maya knew it when she orgasmed, and after Kyle came she fell off to Maya’s side. Maya quickly rolled over to look at her, hoping for a sign of approval, and as Kyle put her arms around Maya, she returned the embrace and they squeezed each other for the longest time, their bronze and ivory colored bodies completely intertwined.

After a few minutes I climbed off of the side of the bed I had been sitting on and went over to the other side, when the women had ended up. I looked down at them, still hugging and smiling at each other, and cleared my throat.

“Remember me?” I asked, and they both giggled a little.

“Vaguely,” Kyle said, rolling backward so her face was looking up, the back of her head off the edge of the bed. “You’re the one with the dick – dead dick, from the looks of it.”

“Doesn’t have to stay that way,” I suggested, wiggling my flaccid member before bringing it to Kyle’s face.

As I had hoped, Kyle’s mouth opened wide, and as I dropped the head of my cock into her waiting orifice, I bent my knees and Kyle let my cock slide into her mouth and down her throat. Maya gasped as I kept sliding my tool further and further down her throat while Kyle simply let it go.

After she got down to the base of the shaft, with my nuts resting on Kyle’s forehead, I started to rise up again while Kyle sucked on it, making it a longer and even more pleasurable return trip. After a couple more squat thrusts into Kyle’s throat, she looked over at Maya, who looked stunned.

“How – how could you do that?” Maya exclaimed. “How could you take all of Sir’s huge penis into your mouth like that and not choke?”

“It’s easy,” Kyle assured her, and tilted her head back for another round.

“It’s something Kyle’s going to teach you,” I said just before dipping my glistening spear in again.

Maya nodded, watching me sink my cock down Kyle’s throat, studiously observing the movements in Kyle’s neck as I slid down.

“I want to learn,” Maya said softly, her eyes twinkling as she studied.

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