Me and Matt Pt. 03

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I hadn’t spoken to Matt much for the next few days following our “hookup,” We did work together (cooks in a restaurant) but he was first shift and I was second. Some times I would run into Matt when he was leaving work and I was getting there. My throat would always tighten up and my heart would start beating when I saw him, but I would always try to avoid eye contact and not say much while he was there.

One day though, I was getting to work and there was nobody there (in the kitchen) except me and Matt. I rolled my eyes and began to put my apron on to begin my work, but Matt came up behind me and took hold of the apron strings, pressing his body into mine. His cock was semi hard! He looped the apron strings and let them move up and down against my ass as he tied it very slowly. I stood there frozen, hoping nobody would come in the kitchen. But Matt quickly finished tying my apron and backed away. “I’m gonna go home and jerk off, thinking about you. We should hang out again, next day you’re free, please,” Matt said, squeezing my ass. I jumped and then Matt was gone for the day. The rest of the shift it was so hard to focus on my work, my mind was racing but I did my best to control my thoughts. My dirty thoughts. I stood there cooking food alone, half erect, sweaty in the hot kitchen. The minute that we were slow I went to the private employee bathroom, locked the door and began to masturbate. I thought of Matt’s hands on me, my butt exposed to him, our moans, I came quick and cleaned up, going outside on break to smoke a cigarette and reflect for a minute. God, what had become of me? I wasn’t sure, but I kind of liked it. I had never felt such desire and lust for and from one person.

The next few days I began to think less and less about Matt and what had happened (we didn’t see each other much at work), and I was beginning to think maybe this was all a passing phase, nothing more than experimenting and fooling around.

And then, on one of my days off, I got a text from Matt saying that I should come over. He said he was with an old buddy Dan and they were jamming, and they needed me on drums. I thought about this for a minute and thought that it would be a great idea. I hadn’t jammed in a while, and with someone there Matt would never try anything sexual with me, we could actually focus on the music!

I texted him back that I’d be over shortly and I began to gather up all my things.

I arrived at Matt’s and walked in, taking the steps down to his basement, and I heard music being played, bass and guitar. I entered Matt’s room and saw Matt jamming with his friend Dan, and wow! Dan was pretty hot! (It was strange that I thought like this, I had never thought about guys like this before. Had hooking up with Matt brought this out of me?)

He had tan skin and a toned, muscular body. His hair was shaggy blonde and he had on tight fitting clothes. My eyes dropped and immediately noticed the outline of his dick in his tight shorts. I quickly shot my eyes back up and introduced myself, shaking his soft hand. “Hey, Name’s Dan,” his voice was soft and gave me tingles. “I’m Tyler.”

Matt got us all beers and we began to sip on them, jamming to some music (me on drums, Matt and Dan switching up other instruments). This went on for a half hour or so (us complimenting and talking about one another’s styles and playing) and then we sat down around Matt’s tv and began sipping on our beers. Dan pulled out a blunt of weed and my eyes lit up. Wow, I might be in love. “Cool if I smoke in here?” he said. “Oh yeah,” said Matt, smiling.

We passed the blunt around and all got very stoned, laughing gaziantep bayan eskort and talking about different things. Matt started talking about a song the two of them were working on, and how Dan was having trouble getting the chords down. “Here, let me show you,” Matt said, standing up. Dan stood up and put the guitar around his neck, Matt stood behind him. Dan’s face showed no expression other than being stoned as Matt reached out from behind him and moved his hands onto the guitar, onto Dan’s hands! Yeah just like that,” Matt said, backing away from Dan, only slightly. What was Matt doing? I looked at the two of them intently.

Dan strummed the notes a few times and Matt took his hands again, saying “No, try it more like this,” moving his fingers, Matt’s body now pressed directly into Dan’s back. Dan’s faced changed to one of slight confusion but he continued strumming the notes as Matt held his hands. “Yeah, Dan, good.” “Keep strumming.” Dan played the notes as Matt slowly begin to move his hands up and down Dan’s (strong, ugh) arms. “Umm, what are you doing?” Dan said, laughing.

“Relax,” said Matt, still rubbing Dan’s arms. “Just trying to relax you, help you play the notes better.”

I continued watching them, my mouth slightly open, my throat dry, and my dick was instantly hard. I sipped on some water and continued to watch them, lighting up a cigarette, inhaling deeply, sensually.

Matt continued to feel Dan’s arms as Dan played the guitar, moving downwards, down his legs, rubbing the front and sides of his thighs as Dan continued playing, although it looked like he was struggling a bit. Matt began to softly kiss Dan on the side of the neck and Dan immediately moaned, jolting forward slightly. Matt grabbed his arms and pulled him back towards him saying “relax.” As he continued to softly kiss his neck. By now, Dan was hardly strumming the guitar. His eyes were shut and he looked lost in the feeling of Matt’s soft kisses on his neck.

I continued sucking on my cigarette as I rubbed my cock through my sweatpants. I wasn’t completely sure what was happening, but seeing Matt kiss this (hot! did I mention hot?) stranger was getting me rock hard.

Matt slid his hands down further and moved down Dan’s pants and boxers, exposing most of his butt. His ass was like mine, soft, round and large, feminine almost. Dan moaned softly as Matt’s hands caressed his ass cheeks, Matt’s tongue still sliding up and down Dan’s neck. Dan had completely stopped playing the guitar at this point, lost in the sensation. “Here, that’s enough for today,” Matt said, sliding the guitar over Dan’s head, setting it down.

Dan stood there with his arms at his sides, ass hanging out as Matt set the guitar down. Matt noticed me stroking my cock and smiled, turning back to Dan. Matt placed his hands on Dan’s exposed ass and pulled him into him, kissing him softly on the lips. Matt kissed Dan tenderly, pecking his lips, barely probing his tongue into Dan’s mouth. Dan made soft murmuring noises, little moans as he writhed under Matt’s touch. Matt’s large hands continued to grip and massage Dan’s ass and I could tell Dan was enjoying the feelings. I was enjoying the feelings too as I let my hand roam underneath my pants and boxers, gripping my cock as I watched the two of them make out. This was so hot!

Matt continued to softly kiss Dan as he slid Dan’s shirt up and over his head, sliding his own off as well, revealing his now familiar body. Matt was strong and toned but oh my god! Dan’s body was amazing. He has strong defined, toned pecs and abs that went up down his stomach. Matt pressed his bare chest against Dan’s chest and they continued to make out, Matt’s hands still on Dan’s ass. Dan was now audibly moaning and enjoying the feelings as Matt slid down Dan’s pants, dropping them to his ankles. Dan’s thick, hard cock popped out, slapping against Matt’s stomach.

“Oh wow, nice,” Matt whispered into Dan’s ear as he grabbed hold of his cock.

It looked so veiny, purple, and hard. My mouth began to drool a little. I slipped my shirt off and pulled my cock out, hard and oozing precum. I took a small drop of my precum and rolled it it in my fingers, rubbing against my lips, staring at Dan’s massive cock.

The two of them made out more intensely, Matt moved his hand up and down Dan’s shaft. Dan moaned at any touch from Matt as Matt slid his own pants and boxers off, revealing his cock which by now was getting harder and harder. And the two of them stood there, their cocks now pressed together and they continued kissing deeply, their tongues massaging. I leaned back in my chair and murmered and moaned softly, gripping onto my cock. It was hot and pulsing. This was too much for me, I had to join in the fun! And so I stood up, walking towards them. I wasn’t nervous at all this time, just horny!

“Hey there,” I said, placing my arms around the lower back of Dan and Matt. They turned towards me and began to direct their kisses at me, the 3 of our tongues meeting and dripping saliva as we began to make out. Matt slipped his hand down my back, under my sweatpants and grabbed at my ass cheek “Mmmm yeah,” I said. His hand massaged my butt, gripping and pulling at it. And we continued kissing deeply as Dan began to run a hand up and down my chest and upper abs. Ugh, it felt so good. And for a minute, their attention was turned completely on me. Matt kissed my neck and continued gripping at my ass, pulling the back of my pants down, exposing me. “Oh my god,” I said, already getting lost in the pleasure. And Dan forced his lips against mine and his tongue into my mouth, a hand slowly rubbing my nipples.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, arching my back, Dan’s touches felt so good. “Wow, I’m glad I met you,” I said, laughing, but Dan only continued kissing me with more passion, sticking his tongue deeper down my throat. I gagged as Matt’s strong hands moved my sweatpants down, and now I was completely naked with them. He bent down as he did this, kissing down my left leg, moving his lips very gently. He came back up, brushing his fingers up against my sides and we continued making out, the 3 of us now completely naked and all of us with massive, sticky erections. The 3 of our cocks slid against one another and started grinding as we continued our 3 way kissing, Matt’s hands still feeling my ass, my hand’s massaging Dan’s soft ass.

Matt pushed Dan against a wall and Dan gasped, “Wha?” But Matt forced himself up against Dan and they continued making out more aggressively now. Matt returned his hand to Dan’s shaft. I stood back and watched the two of them go at it as I stroked my own dick. I was so hard, this was too hot. My eyes were transfixed on Dan’s thick veiny cock, Matt’s hands softly gliding up and down it as Dan moaned. I had to taste it, had to suck it. I wanted to jerk and suck it until Dan came in my mouth. And so I approached Dan slowly, my hips and ass swaying, a devilish grin on my face and I began kissing his neck as Matt wrapped an arm around me, my kisses moving downwards. I kissed lower, past his chest, taking time to rub and feel his hard 6-pack as I looked up at him. God he was so hot.

His eyes were closed and he was moaning and whimpering, struggling to keep up with Matt’s kisses.

And I kissed lower, Matt noticing what I was doing and moving his hand from Dan’s cock as my own hand grabbed it and I begin to slowly lower my mouth onto Dan’s massive erection. I take his wet tip in my mouth and Dan jerks slightly, looking down at me and then smiling. And I begin to move my hand up and down Dan’s cock. It feels so massive and veiny in my hand, the feeling of it is turning me on even more now. I grab my own cock and begin stroking it slowly as I take Dan’s dick back in my mouth, sliding my tongue and lips up and down. Dan seems to be loving the feeling because he’s jerking and twisting, and I start jerking and twisting my own dick even harder and faster, matching my rhythm with what I’m doing to Dan’s cock. I lick up and down his shaft, squeezing his balls and getting lost in the feeling of his hard cock. I moan and jerk my own dick faster, opening my mouth, dripping saliva onto Dan’s cock, so hard and purple.

As I continue to suck and lick on Dan’s cock, Matt and Dan kiss more passionately, and the sound of them moaning, sucking and spitting is getting me more and more turned on. I try to focus on Dan’s cock but it feels so good just to stroke my own dick, now extremely hard and oozing precum. And so I continue to pump myself hard as I let my tongue flick out against Dan’s cock and soon enough, I feel it building, the pressure in my balls. This was all so hot and unexpected, I can’t control it any more! And so I move my hand faster and faster, my mouth resting against Dan’s cock as I cum thick white cum all over my hand and the floor.

I rest my hand on Dan’s (still) hard cock for a minute and gather myself but then i continue stroking Dan. I don’t even care that I just came. I’m still into it, still wanting to give Dan a good release and so I keep stroking his shaft, running my tongue across the tip. Dan humps the air, humps at my face and hand with his fit body, his hard muscles rippling. I run a hand across Dan’s rock hard abs as I stroke and lick him and soon I feel the pressure building in him, he’s gonna cum! I’m gonna make him cum! I felt so naughty and slutty as I continued gripping and jerking him off, and soon enough, Dan arched his back and shot hot cum straight into the air. I held my tongue out and let most of his cum splash against it, it was so warm and wet. And Dan pulled me up and we kissed softly, the taste of his cum still on my tongue as we began another make out session. Matt stood with his arm on my shoulder jerking his cock, watching Dan and I kiss. Dan slid his hand down my back and grabbed my ass as we made out, Matt viciously pumping his cock. And soon enough, he too came, letting his cum shoot up and splash over our bodies. We didn’t care, lost in our kisses. And Matt joined in, the 3 of us tenderly kissing one last time (for now, maybe…) before getting cleaned up and dressed.

And we sat there for a minute, smoking cigarettes, not saying much, and then Dan looked at us and said he had fun. He didn’t know if he was gay, bi, or what, but he said he enjoyed what happened tonight. I exchanged numbers with Dan and he said bye to Matt, and then he was gone. Matt and I sat there now, alone.

“Well, that was an interesting friend of yours. Just some jamming, huh?” I laughed.

“Look, he said, “I didn’t expect this at all, but it just felt right. I had a feeling that Dan might’ve been bi or gay, and I guess I was right,” Matt said, laughing.

“But look,” he said, “I’m glad it did happen.” And he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. My heart jumped as he slowly pulled his face away.

“We could get some food, hang out a little more if you want,” Matt said, tracing his finger in a circle on my hand.

“Sure,” I said, “Let’s do it…”

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