Me and Mrs. Walker

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Like most normal guys, I am totally oversexed, think about sucking and fucking all day long. Love looking at pretty women, wondering what kind of fuck they would be, submissive, shy or wild. I’d take any kind of sex, as long as they are into sucking my dick as I lap the juice from their cunts.

My neighbor Jenn fits the bill perfectly, a 42-year-old MILF, that I’d love to stick my cock into any of her openings. Mouth, pussy, tity fuck or ass, any orifice would make my day. She has auburn hair and green eyes, I have seen her enough in a bikini to know she’s one hot Momma. Firm round tits, nipples that show in a wet bikini top and an ass that moves just right as she walks.

Make no mistake about it, Jenn knows my intentions, I slip in sexual comments anytime I have the opportunity. Hell, I have even bough her dildos and vibrators on her birthday. Jenn is divorced has been several years now. She plays long but she can also put me in my place if I take it too far.

As luck would have it my wife was going out of town for a few weeks, as she does a couple times a year. It’s summer, we’re in Florida plenty of hot weather and sunshine. Pool time for sure, you must beat the heat somehow, maybe I can talk Jenn out of that skimpy bikini.

I saw Jenn out doing some yard work, so I walked over. “Hey what’s up pretty lady?” I asked.

“What’s up…I’ll tell you what’s up… it’s hot as balls out here mister, that’s what’s up,” Jenn laughed.

“Yeah I know… that’s why you gotta get wet and stay cool. Why don’t you come over later, we can drink some wine and swim or hot tub,” I replied.

“Guessing your wife’s not home, haven’t seen her for a few days?” She asked.

“No, she’s not, up visiting the Granddaughters. What does that matter, come on…? come by later,” I begged.

“You crazy horny old goat, can’t trust you a lick Rob. You’ll be misbehaving for sure, no way,” she replied.

“Hey, you brought up lick not me, lady, but…” I stopped short of saying what was on my mind.

“Exactly you don’t even have to finish that sentence, because it will be dirty for sure,” she laughed.

“Don’t be such a prude…just a glass of wine or two and a swim, not asking for anything inappropriate,” I groveled.

“You’re inappropriate from the moment you wake up until you crawl back in bed, probably all night too,” She mused.

“Dang girl, why do you make me out to be such a bad guy? I can’t help it, when I see a pretty woman I get …” I stopped again.

“Yeah… go ahead and say it you get a woody going,” Jen laughed.

“Now who is talking smack… comon Jenn,” I pleaded.

“Ok shit you’re not going to let it go are you, what time?” She consented.

“8:00 work? Just wear a cover up, I have plenty of towels,” I replied.

“And a swim suit underneath?” she smirked.

“Totally up to you, girl…it’s optional,” I laughed.

“Get outa here before I change my mind,” Jenn replied.

I turned around and walked home, it was best as my dick was getting hard. I thought to myself hey it’s do or die time, must make it count tonight, if I ever hoped to see Jen naked. Hopefully more, much more.

Promptly at 8:00 the gate on my privacy fence opened and in walked Jen. My pool area has a six-foot privacy fence, all the neighbors have single story homes, so the entire back yard is indeed private. I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt had my thong swimsuit underneath.

Jen looked really sharp her hair pull up in a bun, make up as well, red lipstick, tank top, wrap around her waist and sandals. I couldn’t tell what she had on underneath, the tank top was tight, and her large firm tits looked great.

“Hey Rob, how are you…long time no see. Thanks for the invite, pool looks great,” Jenn greeted me.

“Funny girl… funny, you look nice…is that make up water proof? Come on in I’ll pour us some wine,” I replied.

We hugged and went in the house. I opened a bottle of nice cab and poured us a couple glasses. We went back outside we have a furniture grouping in the covered patio area, complete with TV and tunes. We set our glasses on the coffee table and sat on the couch, Jen crossed her shapely tan legs exposing her thigh from the wrap around her waist.

“Not so hot right now, nice evening actually, water is 86 degrees though, but it will feel great,” I said.

“Nice little breeze too, wine is not bad either Rob,” Jenn replied. “So how long will your wife be gone?”

“She’ll be back the middle of next week,” I replied.

“So, while the cat’s away…” She laughed.

“This mouse will play baby,” I laughed back.

We continued the small talk and sipping our wine, now on the second bottle. I wasn’t sure about Jenn, but I was feeling a bit of a buzz, perhaps she was too. Nothing like a little wine to lower your inhibitions.

“That doesn’t look like a swim suit you have on Rob?” She asked.

“It’s underneath…and you?” I inquired.

“Oh, mine too for sure Rob,” she giggled.

I pulled my shirt up over my head gaziantep grup escort bayan and tossed it on the side chair. I looked at Jenn and with no words implied your turn baby.

Jenn set her wine glass down and grabbed the bottom of her tank top pulling it up over her head. I could feel blood flowing to my cock. Shit she had on a lime green string bikini top that lifted and separated her round tits. There were two small triangles not covering much more than her areoles held together with strings. Her hard nipples pushed against the thin material.

“Wow never seen that bikini before, barely legal. Don’t wear that around your kids do you,” I laughed.

“No, Rob this is my adults only bikini, don’t get much occasion to wear it, so I thought what the hell, Rob will enjoy it,” She replied.

“Sure do…thanks for sharing,” I laughed.

We drank a little more wine as I marveled at her voluptuous body. Finally, after a long pause, Jenn spoke up, “Well guess it’s your turn Rob.”

After making a hokie dokie kind of face, I stood up and pulled my silky gym shorts down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and turned my behind in Jenn’s direction, revealing my black thong bikini type bottom. The string is wedged between by butt cheeks exposing my bare ass to Jenn. I bent over and spread my legs, so she could see my nut sack supported by the thong.

I turned around to face her, as my hard on continued to grow, saying only, “So?”

“Holy fuck Rob,” Jenn screamed, “What the fuck…you are crazier than I thought but have to say nice ass there.”

My reply was simply, “Well?” As I sat back down much closer to Jenn now.

Jenn stood up and untied the knot in her wrap around and let it fall to the floor. Her waist was eye level as I sat on the couch, staring me in the face was a skimpy lime green string bikini bottom to match the top. The small cloth patch was long and narrow, and the top connected to two strings that tied at her side.

My God I thought what a shapely torso this beautiful woman has. She took a stance that parted her thighs and I followed the cloth patch as it disappeared beyond her sweet pussy. The separation of her pussy lip showed through the material, bitch had a smooth-shaven pussy for sure.

Jenn turned around, so her ass was facing me, her bottom was also a thong type, but her ass looked way better than mine. She bent forward putting her hands on her knees, her pussy and ass was just too inviting to pass up. I grabbed her ass cheeks one with each hand and squeezed them hard.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her onto my lap, I was sure she could feel the hardness of my cock against her ass. She struggled to pull away from me, but I was having none of it.

“Hey, I didn’t say you could touch me, Rob,” Jenn shouted.

“Oh, but that bikini sure screams otherwise, damn girl you’re so damn hot, I am going crazy,” I replied.

I let her roll off my lap and on to the couch next to me, her legs were still across my lap. I placed my hand between her legs and rubbed her inner thigh, she didn’t resist too much.

“It’s pretty hard for a guy to conceal the fact that his dick is hard, but I’d be willing to bet you are moist where your two legs meet. Yes?” I asked.

“I suppose so, Rob you want to check for me,” Jenn replied in a sexy low voice.

“Oh, do I baby be more than happy to accommodate you any time,” I said

I push my hand further up her thigh and she let her outside leg fall off the couch, easing access to her golden treasure. I pulled the narrow cloth aside and gently pressed against her inner labia lips. Fuck she was wet as hell. I inserted my finger further into her as she moaned softly.

With palm of my hand up I used my finger in a curling motion to work the inner wall of her wet pussy. I was in search of the mysterious G spot. I untied both strings on the bikini bottoms and pulled the loin cloth down between her legs, exposing a freshly shaven pussy.

“Oh, I love to lick smooth pussies, and yours looks delicious baby,” not waiting for a response I lowered my head and pushed her legs further apart. With two fingers in her, separated her outer lips exposing her clit.

“Oh, you dirty little girl, your clit is pierced, look at that protruding clit head. You are naughty…naughty,” I whispered.

“I shaved just in case… well you know. My clit is super sensitive with the piercing ring, let’s see how magical your tongue is mister,” she moaned.

Her juices were beginning to flow, my tongue feverishly went after her clit. Moving it side to side then up and down, as my fingers massaged a spongy mass. I slid my free hand up her belly and then pushed the triangle patches from her breasts. I pinched and tweak one nipple at a time. I was going to give it all I had to make this neighbor come for me.

Jenn’s body started rocking a bit, she started to flex her pelvis back and forth, pushing her pussy into my face. “Oh yes…yes…fuck güneyşehir escort bayan yes … just like that. Don’t stop… right there…oh yes,” Jenn moaned loudly.

I felt her hands on the back of my head, holding my face tight against her spread pussy. Her pelvic thrusts quickened jamming her cunt into my face, I knew she was about to explode.

“Oh, fuck baby fuck me baby…oh. Oh, I am coming, go baby go,” she screamed.

A wave of love juice flowed from Jenn’s hot wet pussy, I lapped up as much as I could my face was cover with her love. I raised my head and looked at Jenn and said,” Think I did a pretty good job on you baby, now it’s your turn. Get down here between my legs, let’s go. I want to tity fuck those giant tits and see how good of a cock sucker you are.”

I sat up on the couch and pull down my thong bikini bottom, exposing my throbbing hard cock. Jenn undid her bikini top and kneeled between my spread legs. I had some coconut oil on the side table I picked up and squirted some on her tits. I slid my ass to the edge of the couch, my cock sticking straight up in the air. Jenn rubbed the coconut oil on her tits and positioned herself against me. She wrapped her slick tits around my cock and moved up and down.

“Talking dirty to me, Rob, I like talking dirty too baby. I’ll give you a good slutty tity fuck and show you how your little tart neighbor can suck your cock like a Hoover vacuum. Hope your ready buddy,” Jenn snarled.

“Ok my slutty neighbor, I knew I could bring out the dirtiness in you, the fun is just starting. Damn those tits feel fine around my cock, faster bitch faster,” I egged Jenn on.

Jenn lowered her head and licked the tip of my cock as it made it’s way up her tity love tunnel. Had to admit she has one nice set of mammaries. Her tity assault continued to bring a smile to my face.

“That’s right smile you fucking jack off, probably jerk yourself most of the time, you pervert,” She growled.

“That’s right girl I do jack off thinking of you, now with some video and pictures, your giving a gift that will keep on giving. See that Nest camera up there filming all the action,” I laughed.

“You son of a bitch…I knew I couldn’t trust you, you’d better erase that shit,” She replied.

“Shut up and suck my cock bitch,” I said as I pushed Jenn’s head down forcing my hard cock into her mouth. I held her head on my cock until she started to gag a bit, then let her up. Saliva was pouring out of her mouth.

Jenn grabbed my cock and started jerking it hard, spitting time and time again covering my dick with her saliva. “I’ll make your miserable dick sloppy wet, dick head,” She cursed.

“Oh, baby I love dirty sex, get your ass up here and sit across my lap, time for a neighborly lap dance,” I snickered.

“My pussy’s still so wet, maybe we can chum up some butter baby, not sure your going to be able to take the fuckin’ I am gonna dish out. Better not wimp out on me, not planning on showing any mercy to the big talker,” Jenn snarled.

Jenn got up and straddled her legs across my lap. She raised herself up and reached around her back and grabbed my sloppy cock, I could feel the head of my dick brush against her wet cunt. Jenn’s probably about 5’8″, so she’s no small girl, well built too, I figured she could grind a mean fuck out if she had a mind to.

“Don’t worry about me baby, I’ve had a few wild fucks before. Let’s see how you can rock my world,” I replied.

I felt my dick penetrate her pussy lips as she lowered herself on the mambo stick, damn her pussy felt good. Soon I was all the way in. Jenn rested her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. She leaned into me, putting her tits in my face. I brought my hands up and squeezed and sucked her hard-firm nipples.

“Your body was quivering when you were coming, does that always happen,” I asked.

“Nope just when I really get off, so thanks you fucking cunt lapper,” She laughed.

“Well let’s make it happen again, wanna see that body out of control,” I laughed.

Jenn began to rock her pelvis back and forth, grinding my hard dick deep into her hole. She picked up the pace I could feel her heart pounding, as she screwed my dick. Next, she lifted herself up I could feel my cock pulling out of her, then she slammed her body back down, drove my hardness deep into her loins.

She held my shoulders and tilted her head back closing her eyes, as she dished out a mean fuck. I had taken my magic pill, so I knew I could stay hard for a long time, even after cumming. I sucked her tits plus I reached around and grabbed her ass. I slapped her ass cheek as hard as I could.

“Oh, that’s it bitch fuck my dick, fuck it good you little harlet, nasty girl you are for sure. Fuck me fuck me…cunt,” I groaned.

“Better stay hard old man not nearly done with you yet,” she growled back.

“Don’t worry my little slut, even if I come, I’ll still be hard. I want to fuck you doggie style when it’s my turn next. islahiye escort bayan I want to see those tits swing back and forth as I pound against your ass,” I replied.

We were both sweating like pigs, between the coconut oil and perspiration our bodies shined in the darkness. I moved both hands to her throat and started to choke her a bit, hoping she’d get off.

“I am going to choke you until you cum my slutty neighbor,” I laughed.

“Oh yeah fuck head two can play at this, try this on for size,” Jenn said as she bear down a put a squeeze on my cock, never felt anything like that before.

We were like dogs in heat, both needing to cum. I rolled Jenn off my lap but I was still stuck in her, as I choked her, our bodies were locked together. “Oh, baby my cock is going to explode, ease up and I’ll cum,” I begged as I released my strangle hold on her throat.

I began to pound her pussy with all I had, I could feel the quiver start again, she bucked back like a wild horse. Talk about, the motion of the ocean. I could feel my climax on the verge, her body was shaking wildly.

Finally, we both scream loud enough the neighbors were sure to hear. “Fuck” “Fuck.”

I pulled out, my cock still hard, but looked like a cream sickle white thick coating from both our juices. Jenn laid there her legs still shaking a bit. I grabbed her thighs hoping to stop the shaking.

“Must have been good a second time, your shaking like a leaf baby,” I said.

“Fuck I know, haven’t had two in a row in a long time. You sure know how to make a girl feel special,” Jenn laughed.

“Who knows maybe we can make it three in a row, what your favorite position?” I asked.

“You already said it, Robb, doggie style for sure. We are a couple of animals in heat here, Robb. I need a swim though,” She answered.

“Me too,” I replied as I grabbed Jenn’s wrist and headed to the pool.

We stepped down into the warm water and felt relief. I pulled Jenn to me and kissed her for the first time, as we embraced each other. I put my hands on Jenn’s ass cheeks and pulled her tight to me, I was sure she would feel the hardness of my cock.

We broke our embrace and sat on the little sun shelf we have at the end of our pool. “Man that was some intense sex girl, never had my cock clamped down on like that, I was immobilized,” I said.

“Just remember that mister, my pussy muscles are like the jaws of death, maybe you don’t wanna go back in there. And no one ever strangled me before either, it was intense too,” Jenn laughed.

“I’d go back again and again, your pussy fit me real nice. Still have your favorite to try, too. How did you like that coconut oil? Makes your skin feel real soft, like to rub us both down with it and Indian Wrestle, winner gets their way for an hour. Game?” I asked.

“Yeah, I liked the coconut oil too, like slide up and down your oily body, then bury your face in my pussy, as my knees pin your arms down. What the fuck is Indian Wrestling anyway. Not sure about that, you pervert,” She laughed.

“Use to play that as a kid, not naked though, lay side by side my head by your feet, same with you. You lift you leg that is touching your opponent until it’s straight up. You do that three times, then you lock legs at the knee cap and trip and flip the other person over. You climb on top and take control, it would be fun all oiled up. What say my naughty neighbor? I asked.

“You are fucking crazy, Rob, I use to wrestle with my little brother, not Indian style not naked either,” Jenn laughed.

“And you can me a pervert, you pin him down and put your crouch in his face. Poor kid probably scarred for lie,” I laughed.

“You are a sick fuck, Rob, no I didn’t do that, but I would do it to you. I’d pin you down and rub my wet pussy all over your face, maybe made you lick my ass,” She snickered.

“Speaking of ass, you like it in the ass, would be fun to jam my dick in that nice round ass,” I replied.

“How about you, Rob you take it in the ass, I can run home and get my dildo collection and make you squeal like the pig you are,” Jenn laughed.

“I bought you half your collection, go ahead get your shit, but you gotta run home naked. You up for that?” I challenged.

“Only if you come with me, it’s only across the street, or are you a pussy?” Jenn replied.

“Let’s go you little cunt, we’ll see who the pussy is,” I snapped back.

So, like two school kids, we opened the privacy gate and dashed across my yard, then the street then her yard in into her lanai. I enjoyed watching Jenn’s tits bounce up and down as we ran. Just hoped her kids were in bed.

Once inside we slipped into her bedroom and closed the door, we were both giggling, but trying to be quiet. I poked Jenn in the side and grabbed her tits, pushing her on to her bed, felt like I wanted to put my cock into her in her own bed.

“Hey, you jackass, my kids are asleep, we need to get out of here,” She whispered.

“Awe I just wanted to give you some in your own bed baby,” I whispered back.

“Not tonight, maybe another time stud, let’s get what we came for and get the fuck out of here,” She said sternly.

“Ok…ok you win again, let’s move on,” I replied.

Jenn open the bottom drawer to her night stand a pulled out two vibrators both of which I bough her. Then she pulled out a strap on dildo, she pointed it my way as if to say his is for you buddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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