Me and my Best Friend’s Dad

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It had all started one summer afternoon. I was 19 at the time and had lived at home while I had went to college and for the purpose of this story, so did my best friend Tyler. Me and Tyler had been friends since 3rd grade and I had gotten to know his family but things haven’t been going that great with his family for a few weeks. A few weeks ago, his mom and dad had gotten into an argument over his dad’s work so his dad had moved into an apartment not that far down the road. His dad (Jason) and his mom have started to get along greatly with each other since then and I think I heard his dad saying that he was trying to move back into the house before the summer had ended. A little bit about me, I had a nice body too with muscles big enough for me at my age and a nice six-pack. i had always thought I was straight until a couple of weeks ago at college that I had my first gay experience at a party which threw my sexuality off track and I was lost and now I’m just trying to find myself.

Well anyways, I was bored one Friday afternoon when I had decided to head over to Tyler’s house to see what he was up to. I had seen Jason’s truck out front of the house, which had to mean he was over for a visit as usual. After knocking on the front door and getting no response, I started to head home when something had caught my eye. I thought that I had seen two guys sucking each other off on the T.V. through the blinds, reflecting off of Jason’s rolled up window. After not knowing what to believe, I crept back up to the window in order to see that what I saw was true. There on the T.V. were two dudes naked, giving each other head.

I had to see who was watching this so I looked around the room to find Jason sitting on the couch, masturbating to this! I was surprised to what I saw because I had always thought that Jason was straight since he was married to Tyler’s mom. I also have to say his body wasn’t that bad either. I had never seen Jason naked before and he was very sexy! He had some big muscles and a six-pack since he worked out a lot. He also had a slight tan and had short grey hair which I thought was weird because he was 43 which seemed like a young age to me and he had short grey whiskers around his mouth and chin. But I say his best feature was his dick. It had to be at least 11 inches long and it was thick too! Jason was sitting on the couch, beating his meat furiously while the two guys on the T.V. started to fuck each other. After some time had passed, Jason had tilted his head back and started to moan and yell in pleasure. He was yelling and moaning so loud, I could hear him through the window.

“AH! Oh yes! YES!! Oh yeah! UGH!! Suck my dick, Clay!” Jason screamed.

I Couldn’t believe on what I was hearing! Jason was fantasizing about me! At that point, I was guessing Jason was about to blow his load because the guys on T.V. started to cum on each other and he started to tighten up. He started to moan loudly again as he started to cum all over himself. “OH YES! Drink my cum boy! Drink it all! EAT MY SPERM!!.”

After about a minute of this, Jason had released his cock and started to relax on the couch with his eyes closed. A lot of time had to have past when I had came back to reality. Once I came too, I realized that my cock was trying to grow to full length in my shorts. I also started to become paranoid, hoping nobody had notice I was staring into Tyler’s house so I quickly jumped away from the window and tried to hide myself until I had reached my house. Back inside my room, I started to strip down naked and fantasize about this sexy daddy since my parents weren’t home. Only a few things had ran through my mind as I thought about Jason sexually: How big that dick was, how badly I wanted him, how badly I wanted that cock in my mouth and up my ass, and how bad I wanted him to drench me in his jizz. As I jerked off, I knew at that moment I wanted that dick and I was gonna get it at all cost.

Later that day, I had returned to Tyler’s house but this time, in order to see Jason, who greeted me at the front door, just wearing shorts and smiling at me.

“Hey buddy, Tyler isn’t home right now. Him, his brother, and his mom all went to Newton Falls for a family reunion and won’t be back for the next 3 days” Jason explained to me.

I knew this was gonna be my once I a lifetime chance so I had quickly made up a lie in order for me to stay. “That’s alright” I started off, “But I was wondering if I could stay here with you for the night because my parents had left to go bail my sister out of jail in Columbus and they locked the door so I can’t get in my house and this is my last place to go to.”

Jason smiled a little bit bigger. “Sure you can stay” he agreed. “Come right in!.”

After Jason had let me into the house, he cooked us both dinner and we chilled out in the living room, watching T.V. until it grew dark outside. A wrestling commercial came on the television which then allowed for the night to start heating up.

“That Ataköy escort reminds me” Jason started off talking to me, “I seen you and Tyler wrestling the other day in the front yard and you almost had him. I wanted to show you a few moves in order to help you pin him quickly if you don’t mind.”

“No, I’m cool with it” I answered laid back.

We both got down on the living room floor and we started to wrestle. We did moves repeatedly until I had gotten it down. Everything was going great for about a half hour until I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder.

“OUCH!” I yelled slightly as I grabbed my shoulder.

“What’s wrong” Jason asked a little worried. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, you didn’t.” I answered calmly, “It’s just my shoulder. It feels like it’s cramping up or something. Ow…”

“Let me feel” Jason said as he reached over and gently grabbed my shoulder, feeling around for the knot. “There it is. Your muscle must have knotted up. I can massage it in the shower along with the hot water beating down on it if you don’t mind” he asked me.

“I don’t really care, I just want for the pain to go away” I said.

And with that note, Jason urged me to head to the bathroom with him. In the bathroom, Jason started the shower water and we both turned away from each other and stripped down. Without looking at one another, I hopped into the shower first.

Jason started to talk to me from the other side of the curtain. “I’ll be back in a minute, I have something to do first” and with that, he was gone from the bathroom.

Being alone in the shower, I let the running water beat down on my shoulder which really felt great. a few minutes later, Jason had returned and hopped in the shower behind me. He grabbed my shoulder and started to massage which brought some relief and he started talking to me.

“So buddy, how have you been doing” he asked me.

“I’ve been doing good so far but, I’m really confused right now” I confessed.

“What’s been bothering ya?” he asked.

“Well, I feel confused about my sexuality. I always thought I was straight until a couple of weeks ago at college when I had this experience with this guy. I felt it threw my sexuality off and now I feel stupid for going through this at this age.”

“Hey…” Jason said in a caring way “Don’t beat yourself up over this. You can be whatever you want. You can be gay-straight-bi or whatever and don’t worry about what people think of you either. You gotta be you, follow your heart and you gotta make yourself happy. We are not here in order to please others, just live life wherever it takes you, and you’ll be satisfied. I had to learn the same too long ago.”

I was surprised. “You were confused about your sexuality too?!” I asked.

“Yes, I was” he replied. “But I know I made the right choice on what I want in this world, and eventually it will work out for you too.”

My shoulder has released the knot and Jason stopped massaging my shoulder. “There you go, all better” he told me happily.

I was so glad on what Jason had told me that it felt he started a love fire inside of my heart and I didn’t want for it to die out so I had to do something quickly. I pretended to feel light-headed so I fell back in to Jason’s arms, pretending to faint. Jason held me up and spoke to me curiously. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah…I just feel a little light-headed is all” I lied.

We then both looked into each others eyes and our hearts started to beat a little faster. Jason leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I was amazed at first but then I enjoyed it. The kiss was passionate but feisty. After we stopped kissing, I could feel his dick starting to grow and it poked me at the back of the leg. He then looked down at my 9 inch boner that was growing. We smiled at each other and I turned off the water. We hopped out of the shower and started to dry off. After a few minutes, I felt Jason picking me up and carrying me off to the living room like I was his bride.

In the living room, Jason had covered the couch in towels so that way if we were wet, we wouldn’t ruin the couch. Jason plopped down on the couch and I was laying in his arms still as he grabbed the remote and put the gay porn that I had seen on the T.V. earlier, back on. It started off with the 2 same dudes sitting on a couch, watching a gay porno of their own as they started to make out. Me and Jason looked at each other with a passion and we started to kiss. Jason had a hold of me with one arm and was moving his other free hand down my thigh and continuing down my leg. I had one arm around him and my other free hand was slowly going over his pecks and playing with his nipples. We teased each other with tongues and Jason started to rub my nipples with his thumb as I rubbed his biceps. Jason started to slowly lean me back and kissed me all over my neck. Jason started to move slowly downwards on my body. He started to lick and bite my nipples for a few minutes. Ataköy escort bayan He continued to head downwards still and kissed my six-pack while slowly stroking my cock. He finally reached my dick and started to go down on me.

He slowly bobbed his head up and down on my dick before taking it back out of his mouth and spitting on it. He rubbed the spit all over my cock before slapping it against his lips and tongue. He put my dick back in his mouth and started to go a little faster up and down on me. I looked back at the porno and saw one of the dudes feeding the other dude his dick and then slapping it on his face. Jason started to stroke me again and kiss above my cock and my stomach. He opened wide again and started to suck me off again. I started to fuck his face by forcing my hips up and down. Jason let me try to force my cock deep into his throat. Jason stroked me off while kissing my waist and stomach again. Jason wrapped his arms around both of my thighs and went all the way down on my cock, trying to get it all in without gagging. I put my hand on the back of his head and he held himself there for about 20 seconds until he came back up, grasping for air. He left a little spit trail from my dick to his mouth and then went back down for an even longer time.

Jason did this for about 15 minutes, choking on my dick for periods of time. Each time was longer than the last. He let go of my thighs and pulled me towards him and we started to kiss again.

“How-was-that?” Jason asked me in between kisses.

“It was-amazing-have-you-done it-before?” asked in between kissing his lips.

“Oh-yeah-I-had practice-before. Sometimes-with-buddies-at-their houses-or-sometimes-when-Tyler-and-his-mom-were-gone, I-would-go-down-on-Rodney-all-the-time” he explained.

We stopped kissing as I looked at him surprised again. “You had gay sex with Rodney?” I asked.

“Yeah all the time when Tyler and his mom were gone or I would whenever me and him went out somewhere. He was always dying to get his hands on his daddy’s dick” Jason explained.

I was puzzled on this new information when Jason got off of the couch and on the floor in front of me, wanting for me to join him on the ground. I got up too and sat down with Jason and he started to explain to me what he wanted to do next.

“Okay, Clay. Do you know how to 69?” he asked.

“Well yeah!” I said with an excited smile.

“Good” Jason said smiling back at me and he had me lay down on my back. He got on top of me and exposed his hole for me to rim. He sat on his knees so he wouldn’t crush my chest and then he lifted my legs into the air. I started to rim his ass as he slowly stroked and teased my cock. I stuck my tongue into his hole several time and I started to finger him. He let out little moans letting me know I was doing a good job for it being my first time. after a few minutes, he started to reward me by sucking my dick again. He got even more comfortable by putting my legs behind his arms and he started to play with my hole and he started to spank me lightly. He grabbed my ass tightly and fingered my whole with one hand, spanked my other cheek lightly with his other hand, and continued to blow me with his mouth, all in one! I started to feel like he needed some more treats for giving me so much pleasure so I started to tease his cock with my hands while I stilled rimmed and fingered him. After a few minutes he lifted up his back end to put his dick in my face and I started to blow him. His cock was so big and I tried my best to fit all of him that I could in my mouth.

His dick was too big in order to be right above my head so it went a little down my neck as I licked his shaft up and down. I had to do my best to get that dick all the way down my throat so I inhaled all that I could and took him all in until I touched his balls with my nose. I wiggled it around in my mouth, trying not to gag and trying to hold myself there for as long as I could. Jason started to moan louder and a little faster, which allowed for me to know I was giving him the works. I finally had to let myself breath so I took his dick out of my mouth and I coughed over and over, trying to inhale all of the fresh air I could.

“If you don’t feel that you can’t get it all in your mouth, I wouldn’t advise that you try to take me all in” Jason told me. “Just take in as much as you can.”

And with that, he went back to rimming my ass. I had to please Jason all I could so I took him all in again, up to his balls and I started to play with his hole again. He started to moan even louder than last time and I took him out of my mouth, trying to breathe again. He lifted himself up on all fours and turned himself around until his dick was facing me.

“Let me help you breathe if you want me all the way in your mouth” he said.

Jason lifted my legs up in the air and started to explain to me what to do.

“First, relax yourself” he started to explain, “You can escort Ataköy get more in if you chill out. Breathe through your nose for air when you need it. Don’t try to take me in all the way at first. Just get in as much as you can and then try to take more of my cock in your mouth inch by inch. And finally, if you feel like that you need to get your mind off of gagging, hum. It’s quite difficult to hum and gag at the same time.”

I obeyed on what Jason wanted me to do and he slowly inserted his cock into my mouth. He had to at least be 5 inches in when I could feel him at the back of my throat. I started to breath in and out through my nose while slowly trying to get 6 inches in my mouth. After some time, I got to 8 inches in my mouth and Jason was enjoying it. He had tilted his head back and started to moan softly while holding my legs up. Eventually I got all 11 inches in my mouth and Jason was in heaven while I continued to try my best to relax.

“That a boy, Clay” Jason said softly. “Oh, suck my dick. Suck it. Your gonna get a big hot reward later on in your golden mouth.”

Jason started to stroke me off too but slowly so I could save my cum. Jason took his dick out of my mouth and looked down at me while he slapped it against my face. his dick was so big it reached the top of my head. He then stood up and I got on my knees as I went back down on him with something came up. I had gotten Jason halfway down my throat when he got stuck. I started to panic a little while he tried to calm me down.

“Oh a weak spot” he said with a grin. “It’s alright Clay, just open wide and I’ll do the rest.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could get it and Jason pulled out his dick, and I could breathe again.

“This happened a few times before with my wife and Rodney. They weren’t careful enough to stay wide open and they got my cock stuck in their throats. Its easy to pull right out once they open all the way again but I like to have fun with it” Jason teased. “You better inhale all the air you can and open up again.”

I inhaled as much air as I could and opened up my mouth as wide as my jaws would let me. Jason inserted most of his cock into my throat again and got stuck once more. Jason grabbed the back of my head one more and pushed his cock all the way down until my lips were touching his pubes. He looked down into my eyes that started to water with his pleasured face and moved my head back and forth quickly, even though he was stuck. He tapped the back of my head, which I knew was the signal in order to open wide again and he pulled himself out, leaving me to gasp for air and allow for the tears to roll down my cheeks. I wiped the tears away and looked back up at Jason again as he held his dick and instructed for me to open again. I opened wide again and Jason shoved himself back in again and stuck himself once more. I started to tear up again and looking at Jason, he left himself in his mouth as he talked to meet sweetly.

“You’re a good boy, Clay. You deserve to get my dick as a treat. Don’t cry” Jason said as he wiped my tears away. “You’ll get it in your ass soon enough.”

I felt like I was gonna pass out but at the last moment, Jason pulled himself out and I began to fill my lungs with fresh air again. This went on like this for about a half hour. Jason would insert himself, have a little fun with me and sweet talk before pulling himself out and I regained air again.

Jason finally stopped and helped me up off of my knees.

“Sorry I held my dick in your throat for so long, I just wanted that same pleasure again” he apologized.

Jason then turned towards me and hugged me tight to allow for me to know he wasn’t trying to be cruel. It was okay for me and soon enough he had me by the hand, taking me upstairs. We got to the master bedroom and he started to kiss me passionately before pushing me back on the bed. He got on the bed to, on his knees in front of me so we were at the same eye level, and he started to kiss me again. He stopped shortly after to explain to me what was gonna happen next.

“You did so good for allowing me to have my pleasure, you are going to get the best rimjob of your life! Turn around and on all four” he ordered.

I did what he told me to do being so thrilled about what was gonna happen next. Jason spread my cheeks open with his hands and started to rim my ass like never before. He poked his tongue at my whole and started to lick it up and down before opening it a little and sticking his tongue inside. He spit on my hole and then licked it up. He licked and played with my balls and started to tease my dick with his tongue while he was at it. Jason started to quickly taste my dick and then lick my ass and repeated that for a few minutes. After that, he took each one of my nuts into his mouth and massaged them too. He was licking my dick and started to spit all over my hole before licking it all up. He quickly ran his tongue from side to side all over my hole and then stuck his tongue back inside me. He started to tease my ass with licks and then he started to finger me. First it was with one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers, and then four fingers. He was about to fit his whole hand in my ass when I couldn’t take the irresistible pleasure anymore.

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