Me and My Grandma Pt. 08: Kathy

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All the characters in this story are over 18

For the next month everything was changed.

I was living in a dream world; I was a husband for two hot always horny women.

Mom is getting more horny and naughty in each day as if she wanted to compensate her long deserted body for all the time that she missed.

She proved to be a fast learner and also a possessive wife.

She soon settled some rules in the house.

First we should all be naked all the time.

Second no other women out of this house are allowed for me except Janie.

Third is that, Grandma will sleep in my bed during the week days but in week end I will sleep in her bed.

Under these rules I got a part time job for two days a week, and also with my grandma help I began to do some researches that I was asked to by my professors’ at college.

I also returned to MY GYM, and Emma joined me, and I was jogging every day and Emma joined me too.

Grandma became the sweetest person in the world, she was taking care of us, and the house too.

During the day when I was not working I would compensate her by fucking her in her pussy and her ass, but at nights she will share me with my mother.

If mom wanted me for herself, she would step down immediately, and leave all the fun to her hungry daughter.

Mom also visited a doctor to get a pregnancy protection, as she wanted me to fill her pussy and her ass with my seeds, but she said it is not the right time to get pregnant with her own child.

I forgot to tell you that I took my mother ass cherry in a memorial night, and now she is ready for me with her three holes.

It was happiest time in my life, (although I had to give up all the other women for mom sake), but the reality always hit us hard.

It was a time after dinner when me and Emma was preparing ourselves to begin our night naughty activities with mom, when mom called us,

“Mom, Mickey, Can you come over here please?”

We went to living room, expecting mom to have a surprise for us, as she sometime do, but she was having a serious look in her face,

“Your grandmother Katherine will come to visit us Mickey, she will be here tomorrow,”

Emma was very disappointed when she said,


Mom said with her serious look,

“Yeah mom, and of course that will change everything here,”

I finally asked,

“Is she coming because of my birthday?”

Mom nodded in approval and said,

“Yes Mickey, and also your aunt Jessica will come on Thursday night,”

She paused for a moment than said,

“Kathy said, they want to make it up for you as your father will not be here this year,”

Emma held my body close to her when she asked,

“How long they plan to stay?” she was getting frustrated by each moment.

Mom stared at her and said,

“Do you expect me to ask this question mom? of course they can stay as long as they want.”

Emma was nervous when she said,

“Ok Olivia I know, but,”

Mom interrupted her saying,

“No buts Emma, I know it is hard for you, but we have nothing in our hands, and if we got so horny, we always can go to Janie,”

As usual I wanted to end this drama, so I said,

“If that will be our last naughty night before Kathy arrival, so let’s make it a memorial night, let’s invite Janie and James and stay all night in fucking.”


It was almost 2 pm when the doorbell rang; I hurried to the door to welcome my sweet grandmother Kathy.

Kathy was as sweet as candy, she was so kind woman.

Mom told me once that, one of the most important reasons to accept to marry my dad was his mother Kathy.

Mom said also, for so long time she was considering Kathy as her true mother (and of course that’s when Emma was behaving like a bitch), and she used to tell her about all her secrets even the sex problems that she has with my dad, and Kathy was always there for her listening and advising.

I also loved Kathy so much, she was so kind and sweet with me, always bringing me toys and sweets when she visits us, she was a rich woman so her toes were always expensive.

I opened the door to welcome my sweet kind grandmother

As soon as I opened the door I took her fat body between my arms while saying,

“Hey sweet beautiful Kathy, I missed you so much,”

Kathy giggled while hugging me back and said,

“Easy sweet Mickey, my old body can’t stand that hard welcome,”

She than kissed me on my checks and stepped in the house, and that’s when she saw Emma,

“Hey Emma honey, it was so long since met you,” Kathy said with a grin on her face.

Emma stepped towards Kathy, and took her in deep hug saying,

“I missed you my sweet friend, you are still sweet and beautiful,”

Kathy hugged Emma back and said,

“Let me sit first Emma, it was long journey and I need to have some rest,” she than looked at me and said,

“Sorry Mickey, Can you get my bags from the cab outside please?”


When özbek gaziantep escort mom came home from work and after greeting Kathy, she said,

“Mickey, Can you join me upstairs please?”

As soon as I closed her bed room door she pulled down her skirt and her pantie and laid down on the bed saying,

“Daddy please can you suck my pussy? I’m so horny.”

Of course I immediately buried my face between her legs.

Her pussy was already wet of her juice and her body sweat, which added more delicious taste.

After her orgasm faded away she looked at me with tears in her eyes.

I was astonished to see her tears again; it has been over a month since I saw her sobbing.

I hurried to her on the bed taking her between my arms and said,

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

She answered with her soft cracked voice that always drives me crazy,

“I feel like a cheap slut baby, my mother in law is downstairs and all what I was thinking is getting laid by you, I cheat her own son while she is in his house waiting for me to have dinner,”

I caressed her back softly calming her and said,

“Mom, it is too late to feel guilty, and believe me any woman in your situation would do more than what you are doing now, please I don’t want to see your tears again.”

She raised her eyes to me and kissed me on my mouth softly and said,

“I will try baby, although I know it will be a hard time for me,”

I looked her in the eyes and said,

“Go now take your shower and please try to be as casual as you can with Kathy, and trust me everything will be ok,”

I then walked out of her room with devious smile on my face.


The dinner was over and during our night together I deliberately ignored Kathy and paid all my attention to Emma.

I was chatting with her, laughing with her, kissing her checks, and hugging her.

Kathy was astonished of my behavior, as I used to be close to her, than Emma, and she used to listen to me complaining of how Emma treats with me like shit, so all the night she was looking at us wondering.

At the bed time, mom invited Kathy to sleep in her bedroom, but Kathy refused saying,

“No Olivia, you will not leave your bed for me, and where will you sleep during my visit?”

Mom answered,

“I will sleep with my mother,”

I interrupted them saying,

“No mom, I can sleep here on the sofa and will leave my room to Kathy,”

Kathy again refused saying,

“Please don’t make feel like a heavy weight, no one is leaving his room for me,”

She was sweet as usual and then Emma interfered at the right time, and that of course as per our deal together,

“Well, I think the best way is to share Mickey bed room, and he can choose one of us, me or you Kathy to share his room with,”

Kathy again refused saying,

“No Emma, you will not leave your room for me,”

Emma smiled and said,

“It is up to Mickey”

They all looked at me wondering and I immediately smiled and wrapped my arm around Emma saying,

“Of course I will share my room with you grandma,”

And then I kissed her check.

Kathy looked disappointed and mom looked at me with disapproval of my impolite behavior but I ignored them.

Emma also ignored them and said,

“Ok sweetie, now please help me to move my clothes to your room,”

We both moved upstairs ignoring Mom and Kathy stares at us.


Next morning, I acted the same and after mom left the house I went to Kathy saying,

“Kathy, we will visit a friend of ours, will you join us,”

Kathy looked hesitated and said,

“Do you want me to join you Mickey?!”

She looked at me with eyes full of hope to get a positive answer, but I said casually,

“It is up to you Kathy, our friend Janie has a pool in her back yard, and I and Emma will stay there for the rest of the day, so if you will feel bored here come with us.”

Emma came behind me at that time (and again according to our deal), and said,

“Come on Kathy honey, it will be fun, Janie is a sweet person and you will love her,”

Kathy looked at me with disappointed eyes and said,

“Ok Emma I will join you,”


After one hour, at the pool in Janie house, Kathy was looking at us with wide eyes.

Janie was laying on her stomach in front of me while I spray the sun screen cream on her naked back and her thighs.

“Ouuff Mickey you have nice soft hands,” Janie was moaning on pleasure.

When I finished, I spanked her ass and said,

“It done hot lady,”

Janie giggled before jumping in the pool, that’s when I heard Emma’s voice saying,

“Mickey, Can you do me too?!”

I looked at her and said,

“I’m here to have fun, not to serve you ladies,” I joked while pouring gaziantep özbek escort the lotion on my hands,

Emma giggled erotically and said,

“Haven’t you already have fun while massaging this hot lady back?”

I looked at Kathy, who was listening to our conversation with wide eyes,

“The fun will begin when I touch your soft back sweet lady,”

Kathy gasped at that moment, listening to my bold answer to my Emma.

Emma asked her without looking in her direction,

“Anything wrong Kathy honey?!”

Kathy cleared her throat and said with husky voice,

“No Emma, nothing,”

Emma closed her eyes and started moaning in pleasure,

“Ohhh baby, Janie was right, you have a real nice touch,”

Again when I finished I spanked her ass and said,

“Go join your friend hot lady,”

Emma said erotically touching her ass where I spanked her,

“Ouff, that hurts baby,”

She then put her bikini top on, and jumped in the pool.

I looked at Kathy and said,

“Will you join us Kathy? Do you want me to do your back too?”

Kathy cleared her throat then said,

“No mickey I’m fine here,”

I came close to her then handed her the sun screen and said,

“Can you do my back please?”

Kathy took the lotion automatically from my hand and I sat in front of her.

Kathy poured the lotion on her hands and started to spread it on my bare back.

“Ooohhh grandma, your hands are so soft,”

Kathy stopped suddenly after hearing my comment, although it was a casual compliment, but she sensed something sexual around her.

I turned my face to her, looking deep in her eyes and said with my deep voice,

“Did I say something wrong Kathy?”

She cleared her throat again and said,

“No Mickey baby,”

And she continued her work.

After she finished I said,

“Thank you Kathy,”

I then leaned and kissed her on her check and said,

“James will join you after a while.”

I then jumped in the pool to join the ladies.

At the pool we were having fun, we were giggling, splashing waters and chasing, it was real fun.

I was diving under the water then I come up carrying one of the ladies on my shoulders.

The lady will scream and shout before I through her again in the water.

Kathy was looking at us, no believing how close I’m to these old ladies, and then I decided to push things further.

I dived down and then returned back with Janie bikini bottom piece in my hand.

Janie screamed and laughed, and Emma high fived me

Janie was chasing me to get her bikini string back while James, her husband, was laughing in amusement.

Kathy was looking at us speechless, looking at Janie who was wearing her bikini again after I returned it back to her.

After a while Kathy inhaled deeply when I did the same with Emma, my own grandmother.

And for her surprise Emma was laughing while chasing me to get her bikini piece.

James excused himself and left the house, that’s when Emma came close to Kathy who was still wearing all her clothes.

“Kathy, what’s wrong with you? come join us and have fun.”

Kathy paused for a moment then said,

“Thank you Emma, I’m fine right here,”

Janie interfered and said,

“I don’t want to interfere, but Kathy honey we heard a lot about you, and your easy going spirit, come on please and join us,”

Kathy, the sweetest person in the world, didn’t want to reject Janie, so she said,

“I would love that Janie, but I don’t have swim suit,”

Janie looked at her casually and said,

“And who needs a swim suit now?!”

She said that while taking off her bikini and stood naked in the pool.

Kathy looked surprised by Janie action, but Emma didn’t give her the chance and took off her bikini too and said,

“Come on Kathy, James already left, it is a private pool and no strangers here.”

Janie added casually,

“Yeah Kathy, it is only us the three ladies, and our beloved baby Mickey, and I don’t feel embarrassed with him,”

Kathy looked hesitated but Emma pushed her more when she said,

“Don’t say you will feel embarrassed from us,”

Then she paused for a moment before adding with devious smile on her face,

“And don’t tell me that it will be your first time to swim naked,”

Kathy blushed and looked at Emma saying,

“Emma, stop,”

Emma giggled and said,

“Mickey, please help your grandma, and do her back as you have done for me and Janie,”

I got out of the pool and went to Kathy after picking the lotion.

Everybody was looking at her, and finally she began to take off her clothes nervously saying,

“Close your eyes young man please,”

I came close to her and said,

“Come on grandma, don’t be a joy killer, we are all begging you to join us”

Kathy sighed and resumed taking off her clothes.

After she got naked she squeezed her legs to hide her hairy pussy, and used her both hands to hide her nipples.

I Came closer to her and said,

“Now lie down sweet lady, we gaziantep özbek escort bayan don’t want you to have sun burning.

She laid on her stomach and I began immediately spreading the lotion on her naked back and her thighs.

After a while I could feel her body shivering under my hands, and her breaths became higher, but she managed to say nothing.

I then spanked her ass, as I did with the both ladies and said,

“You are ready now sweet lady,”

Kathy looked at me but said nothing.


It took her a while till she got used of being naked with us, and after that she was giggling and laughing with us.

I dived again and came out with naked Kathy on my shoulders.

She was kicking and screaming and I kept her for a while on my shoulders, while she was screaming,

“No Mickey don’t through me please,”

Emma and Janie were shouting,

“Through her, though her.”

Actually she was heavier than Janie and Emma, but I managed to carry her using my strong muscles.

After a minute of waiting I threw her body in the water.

She came up after a while giggling and tried to chase me to get her revenge.

During our swim I was touching her, holding her and sometimes touches her body with my semi erected dick.

At lunch time Janie pulled her body out of the pool and stood in front us saying,

“We will have our lunch her today,”

She then disappeared in the house.

After a while she called for me from the house,

“Mickey Can you come for a minute please?”

I moved inside the house naked and found her waiting for me sitting on the kitchen table spreading her legs,

“Daddy, I missed you so much, please my cunt is hungry for your dick,”

I moved without further talking and started to fuck her.


After 15 minutes we showed up again on the pool.

I was looking at Kathy while moving to the pool, my dick was swinging between my legs, Janie has woke him up, but couldn’t put him to sleep again

Janie called out,

“Lunch is ready girls”

Emma pulled herself out while Kathy used the ladder to get out.

Emma sat on a chair spreading her legs and said with high breaths,

“Ohh I missed those days when I was younger,”

Janie handed her a dish and sat on a chair beside her, when I came from behind Emma and said,

“Don’t say you were hotter than you are now,”

Then I leaned to kiss her softly on her lips.

Kathy came finally, and I put a chair near to her, and she sat down,

“Mickey baby, Can you hand me my T-shirt please,”

I went to bring her the T-shirt when Janie said,

“Don’t you dare wear it again sweet lady, we will not get through an argument again to push you take it off again,”

Emma giggled and high fived Janie and said,

“Come on young boy, don’t get her nothing,”

I sat down beside Kathy and handed her a dish that contain her lunch, then I wrapped my arms around her saying,

“Be gentle with my sweet grandma, she is not as liberal as you are,”

I then leaned more to kiss her softly on her mouth,

Kathy smiled and said,

“Thank you for standing for me Mickey,”

I placed my hand on her thigh and caressed it softly while saying,

“I’m here for you always against these devils,”

Janie and Emma giggled and high fived and then Emma said,

“Mmmm, we are the devils Janie, let’s scare these two cute couple,”

We all laughed at Emma comment and after we finished the lunch we jumped in the pool again.”


I came home at almost 11 pm that night.

I met one of my women (after getting mom approval), I was so horny and because of Kathy I couldn’t fuck mom or Emma.

I went to mom bed room first to check on her and she was waiting for me in her bed.

“Did you have fun time daddy,” she said with bitter voice,

I got under her bed sheets and hugged her then said,

“I can’t have fun away of your arms my love,”

She raised her eyes and looked at me asking,

“Do you mean you didn’t sleep with any of your other women?!”

I shook my head and said,

“No baby, I couldn’t, and to be honest, I tried, but I couldn’t”

She squeezed my body between her arms and said with cracked voice,

“Ohhhh Mickey, I love you so much, I was so jealous, but I couldn’t say no to you,”

I caressed her naked back skin softly then said,

“Now jealous lady lie down please, it is the time of getting my dose,”


After getting mom off, I went to Emma room to check on her, I opened the door without knocking and she was naked in her bed,

“Is she in my room?” I asked her after breaking our passionate kiss.

She said panting,

“Yeah, I asked her to change our rooms and she approved,”

I kissed her again and said,

“I don’t know what I would do if I don’t have you beside me!!”

She said with a sad smile on her face,

“I’m trying to help my master to fuck another woman, although my cunt and my ass are crying of hunger and lust,”

I kissed her again and said,

“Stop that drama hungry bitch, if everything went right you would get fucked all the day tomorrow, and my be tonight too”

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