Me, Jillian and Stepdad

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This past November, my stepdad had another conference in the mountains, West of Denver, where we live. I heard mom talking to him and she made it clear she was not gong to be able to go with him, as she had a commitment in town, a conference of her own. His conference ran from Wednesday-Saturday. I decided early on, once I knew mom wasn’t going, to arrive and surprise him and have some fun away from home.

The week in question arrived and I made sure mom was still unable to attend and then, since I live with them, I told her I was going to go skiing with a friend for the rest of the week, at a different resort than my stepdad was going to. She bought it, and quite frankly, so did he.

He packed up his things and left late Tuesday afternoon and would have to man a booth until late Saturday and then come home Sunday morning.

I planned on going up on Wednesday and surprising him.

Wednesday morning came and I told mom I was leaving for rest of the week and skipped out the door. Driving to the resort i was thinking about the ways I wanted to have him take me as it had been over week, since we had last been with one another. I was horny and getting more so with each mile.

I arrived and found the free parking area, close to the exhibit hall and went in and in short order found my stepdad at his booth and talking, in close proximity to this dark haired, statuesque female who had an incredible body. She was wearing nice, heals that accentuated her calves, sheer black stockings and a black skirt with a cream colored top, that was buttoned down a bit, but not enough as to look slutty. In short, she was hot. And I can’t lie, she was very attractive.

They were clearly enjoying their conversation and at least twice, she brushed his arm in a seductive manner, which made him look around to see if anyone had noticed. I admit, I got a bit jealous watching, what I saw as very subtle flirting.

I sat in the corner and watched and then when this tall woman left, I followed her back to the resort and even got on the elevator with her and, thankfully she had a room, not at the end of a hallway, so I saw what room she went into, 468.

I returned to the lobby and went to the desk to ask if they could call his room for me, and when she did, I could see the 3 digit number she called saw it was 450. I then went to the bar and grabbed a seat that was far enough back, I could see the lobby entrance. It was only noon and according to a pamphlet I had picked up, the exhibiters hall would close at 5 pm.

After about 15 minutes the hottie from the exhibit hall walks in and looks around and sees me, and asks if she can sit next to me, as I was the only other female in the bar. She orders a drink, we introduce our selves to one another, her name is Jillian and she looks a lot like one of my favorite porn stars, Aidra Fox. We made some small talk, she is occasionally watching both the entry way as well as her watch. We talked for almost an hour and she was becoming more at ease and asked what I was doing there.

I told her I was there to surprise my lover and she blushed and said she was too, which, for me confirmed what I had seen between them in the exhibit hall. We kept talking and eventually, I admitted I was also bi, to which she looked a bit uncomfortable. I asked her if that was the case.

“No, I am not uncomfortable, but I am curious how old you are, Merissa?”

“I am 26 and I am going to be honest with you. I find you extremely attractive and I have no idea when your ‘date’ will get here, or when mine will, and I would love to go to your room and get to know you even better.”

She blushed a bit, flashed her dimpled smile and then reached for and finished off her neat bourbon. She slid off her barstool and touched my forearm, leaned into my neck/ear and said, “come with me, I have some time and can’t lie, I find your lips so kissable and those tits so firm, I want to explore.”

We walked to the elevators and got in, as the doors closed, I grabbed Jillians hand, and pulled her to me and planted my lips firmly on hers, followed by my tongue.

As soon as the ding went off announcing the floor, we broke our kiss and I followed her to her room. She opened the door and we both fell into each others arms.

In short order her top was unbuttoned and off, as well as her dress. Left on her statuesque body was a lace bra holding back some solid, and I do mean solid 33c’s with nipples that were as tiny as mine. She had on a pair of panties, that have a string of pearls that run down the front and up the back and split her small lipped pussy. Her sheer black stockings, were thigh highs and encased her long lean legs, perfectly.

I slowly unbuttoned my top and was wearing a similar bra only in a nude color in opposition to her black one. I then kicked off my heals and dropped my pants, which revealed I was clean shaven and wearing nothing, after I dropped my bra.

Jillian by now had laid on the bed and I walked over to it, yalova escort and laid down on it, right next to her. I took all of her in from head to toe and was in awe that this beauty was now naked and in bed with me. My mind was racing about how her and my stepdad looked when they were getting busy. And it made me that much hornier.

I didn’t get much further into that thought, as Jillian was gently touching my tit and leaned in for a kiss, which I gladly engaged in with open, eager mouth and meeting her tongue in the middle.

Just as I was getting really hot, She slid on top of me and started kissing my neck and weirdly she found a number of spots, only my stepdad had ever hit upon. She was making her way south and was soon at my crotch and she gently spread my legs apart.

As she did, she let out a sigh, and her beautiful smile and dimples appeared, as she said, “I have never seen such large pussy lips and clit, but I have always wanted to play with some.”

She then started at the bottom of my pussy and licked first the left labia then the right, from bottom to top, somehow avoiding my clit. Then she started on the left lip and started nibbling on it from bottom to top and repeated this on the right. When she was done, she then stuck her hot tongue into my pussy and was licking the inside, and her nose hit my clit. I nearly came, but she backed off from it and I was again, on the edge.

Jillian suddenly stopped and said, “I really want to feel those full red lips on my pussy. It’s my turn, Merissa.”

She slid out from between my legs and as she laid back, she removed her lace bra letting loose her gorgeous tits with her taught nipples. She left that pearl string bikini under wear on and spread her very long legs, and I took the hint and started kissing, nibbling and biting my way from her foot to her pussy. When I got to her pussy, she had very little labia protruding outside, in stark contrast to mine. But they were equally as sensitive.

They spread apart quite easily with my tongue as I teased her in the same way she had done to me, only I added some anal tongue darts to her, by sticking my tongue up her little puckered ass hole about 5 times. In short order I had her pussy so hot and wet, and then I just stopped and slid up her torso and drug my tongue along her torso on the way to her gorgeous lips.

Once I arrived to my goal of her luscious lips we again engaged in hard open mouth and lots of hot tongue kissing and rolling around on the bed. We kept going at each other like this for at least five minutes and each minute my pussy was just getting wetter and hotter.

I finally broke the kiss and lifted my head from hers and said, “I would love to lick that beautiful pussy again, and I assume you’d love to explore me some more, how about we mutually pleasure one another, and I want to say, my ass is fair game, is yours?”

“Of course it is, after the tongue darts you gave me, I am all in, Merissa.”

I didn’t have much time to let it sink in, but I had never said tongue darts out loud and the only other person I had heard use that term for analingus was in the exhibit hall.

Jillian’s response was to push me off of her and as I fell back on to the bed, she had spun around and she slid her wet pussy from my crotch area to my face, while at same time getting her beautiful face and tongue closer to my wet hot pussy.

When we were both face to face with each others crotches, it was then I felt Jillian pull my legs back a bit and fully expose my wet pussy to her, and as she did, I felt some pussy grool exit my slit and slide towards my ass. It didn’t make it as I soon felt her tongue licking it up, stick her tongue in my ass and then drag it back up and enter my pussy to find more.

Her pussy was steaming hot and leaking juices as well that tasted delicious on my tongue. I finally got my hands out from under her and was able to use them to spread her beautiful ass and by extension her pussy just a bit further and get my tongue just that further into her, searching for more tasty pussy juice.

She was doing the same to my pussy as well as using her fingers to run around the rim of my ass, causing it to spasm and wink, as she had me quickly approaching an orgasm. Which came, as soon as she used some of my pussy juice and her saliva to lube up her finger and after circling my little ring, she timed to wink, just right and sank her finger in to the knuckle. I came hard on her face and was determined to make her cum as well, so I returned the favor and instead of my finger, my hand was positioned perfectly, to allow my thumb in a throttle twisting like motion to slide in her little pucker when her ass spasmed. Combined with my tongue buried in her box, and she was soon cuming all over my face, as well.

She tasted divine and I told her so and told her I wanted even more of her pussy nectar on my tongue. She did not disappoint, as she did not squirt, her next orgasm was a flood of pussy juice and I could yalova escort bayan not keep up, as it drained on to my chin, then to my neck and chest.

Jillian stopped and turned around and facing me, moved like a cat and was soon now still between my legs but soon slithering up my torso, as she got to my tits, she licked them clean of her juices, saying, “I do taste pretty good, if I do say so myself.”

“I agree and would love to hook up with you any time, Jillian.”

“You are a tasty little thing as well, Merissa and I will gladly take you up on that, anytime.”

We kissed again and then her phone went off with a text message. When she lifted it, I could see an image of my dad, she had as his identifier.

She said she had to get ready as her man was going to be there soon and, “as much as I loved making love with you, he has a tool that I am craving now more than ever to fill my pussy.”

“I know how you feel and hope my guy is ready for the evening that awaits him, as I am here to surprise him.”

“Oh that is devilish, Merissa. I take it he doesn’t know you are here?

“Not a clue and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I surprise him.”

Soon Jillian was all dressed back in her original hot styling outfit, with the exception that for the initiated she was now clearly sporting some freshly fucked hair. She took a band and in short order had it up in a bun, with just enough hair left out, to make her even hotter looking, and I said, “many a man I know love that look, with your hair up like that.”

“Funny as my man absolutely loves it this way, his favorite.”

Now that we were both dressed she went to the door and I was close behind her, before she opened the door, she tilted her head down to mine and grabbing my neck, she again kissed me with open mouth and tongue and when she broke away, said, “I hope I can see you again this week”

“I will be here most of it so, I am sure we will see one another, since neither of us seems to be a registrant for this conference.”

And with that, she opened the door and I exited away from the elevators, lest dad be getting off them, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, after all.

Jillian went the other way and as I got to place the hallway went left, I heard the elevator ding, and I stopped and looked. I could not see the elevator, but I heard a slight squeal that I recognized and then I saw Jillian and dad walk towards his room.

There is a slight curve to the hallways, and so I started walking towards his room and arrived in time to see them go into my stepdads room, with his arm around her waist and hand on her ass.

I sat down in one of the chairs and contemplated my next move. I decided on giving them about 20 minutes and then knock on the door and announce to dad that I was there. I figured by that amount of time, knowing him he’d just about be done using his tongue on her pussy and ready to fuck her. Of course since I had already made her wet, maybe she’d just jump his bones. And, unless he’d taken a viagra, and even then, he still loved to eat pussy to much to let anyone rush him.

When the 20 minutes was up, I walked to his door and listened very carefully and heard some moaning and knocked really loud, but not obnoxiously so and on last one, I said, “Dad, it’s me, I am here for some fun.” Again, I listened very closely and heard a bunch of rustling noises and at least one “oh shit.”

Finally, dad answered to door and was wearing his robe and despite the circumstances still had a bit of a chub. Jillian was not to be seen. I grabbed him and kissed him on the lips and could clearly taste her juicy pussy in his lips, and his tongue. I stepped back and said “I am glad you are in your robe, as I am hot and need you in me.”

It was at this point, the bathroom door opens and Jillian emerges, also wearing a robe, and says, “hello Merissa, fancy seeing you again.”

At that, dad has the most perplexed look on his face and so does Jillian, as she had clearly heard my statement about needing him in me.

“Just how do you two know each other and when did that happen?” Dad asked.

Jillian spoke first, “I just met her in the bar and talked to her after I left you in the exhibit hall, and told her, I was here to meet my lover and she said the same thing. I am guessing that means you, based on the ‘I need you in me’ comment.”

“I am then to guess that he is also your lover, since it seems I interrupted something just now?”

“So, when we were in my room did you know I was waiting on and with your dad?”

“Wait a fucking minute, did you just say she was in your room? and if so, what may I ask was happening?”

Thankfully dad had inserted himself then, as I clearly wasn’t prepared to answer that question and my hesitancy would have given me away.

“Yes, she was in my room. I clearly had no idea she is your stepdaughter nor lover and having said that, I would gladly and happily eat her pussy again and again.”

“I escort yalova have to say dad, I would as well, she is a delightful and amazing lover.”

An uncomfortable silent came over the room as we stood there. Finally I spoke up. “Honestly, I saw you and him interacting in the exhibit hall and found you attractive and honestly, I felt a bit jealous, as well as horny. Then in the bar, my senses piqued and I felt my juices flowing and knowing you and him have been intimate only made it worse and I had to remind myself, me and him sneak around, so who am I to judge, or to try and keep him to myself. By the same token, I did wanted you in a bad way, Jillian. As long as it is cool with both of you, I’d just as soon make this at a minimum a nite to remember, if not a couple of days to remember.”

I could see the wheels turning in both of their heads and could tell, Jillian came to the same conclusion only a fraction of a second sooner than dad did.

“If you two are ok with this, as I am pretty sure you are, I’d be a fucking fool to allow you two beautiful women to leave here, alone or together. I am definitely in.”

Jillian smiled her dimple inducing smile and said, “You’d need a crow bar to pry me away from the two of you, tonight or any nite, alone or in combination. And, maybe it is just me, but is anyone else hungry and/or thirsty? And I have some questions.”

Me and dad answered, “Yes” in unison.

“But first some ground rules before we go out,” dad interjected. “Merissa do you have some other clothes, dress say and heels and you can skip the thong?”

“Of course I do, and I will be back shortly.”

“Jillian, if you could just dress the way you were when I met you at the elevators, which is apparently your freshly fucked look, that’d be awesome.”

“Dad, that means you are wearing your kilt and going ‘regimental?'”

“Of course it does, little one.”

On that note I grabbed a pass card from the dresser and skipped out the door to grab my overnite bag and my bag of goodies.

When I got back, Jillian was dressed as I had seen her leave her room after our little session and Dad was just tucking his button down shirt into his kilt, and in so dong lifted it, and we Jillian and I both got a nice shot of his cock.

I stripped out of my shirt and bra, and that got both their attention. I slipped a bralette on then grabbed the blouse, which was same nude/neutral color and slid it on, leaving enough button undone to show of my young firm cleavage. Then I grabbed my skirt, and placed it on the bed, followed by my best “fashionable,” yet slutty heels and my black thigh high stockings, as I know dad loves them.

I took my time putting them on, the whole time I can feel both dad and Jillian staring at my pussy lips, which are a bit moist. Once that is accomplished, I slide the skirt and slid into it followed by the shoes and pronounce, “I think I am ready, what do you two think?”

Dad pronounced us ready to go, as he grabbed the pass card and held the door open for both of his ladies.

Dad decided we’d just go to the high end bar, less likely to have a bunch of drunk convention goes, yet still enough background noise to have a nice discussion and answer Jillians questions.

They sat us in the back in a corner both, with limited but not dark lighting. We all ordered a drink as well as some appetizers, of which we got three orders of oysters. I guess we were all on the same page.

Once that was out of the way, I looked at Jillian and said, “shoot, ask away lady.”

“First off, is this thing with you two incest, since you aren’t really blood related? Can I assume mom/wife does not know?”

Dad answered, “no mom/wife doesn’t know and technically, yea probably not incest. Taboo though, yes. It may seem odd but I love her mom very much and Merissa can confirm this, we still fuck like 1-3 times a week. Which is about how often me and Merissa fuck as well, on average.”

“How long have you and my dad been fucking?”

“This is the second time in three years we have been at this conference, and have not hooked up in two years, covid and all.”

The oysters came and we made some small talk while we slid them down our throats and drank.

After the waiter came back and picked up the plates, dad looked up and asked if there were any more questions. Me and Jillian looked at one another and then at him and in unison, said, “not a thing.”

“Then I am going to go settle the tab, while you two meet me at elevators and being that you have both been in both my room and Jillian’s, decide which is better suited for tonights activities. I would also suggest maybe we find a hot tub around her and relax a bit and maybe tease a bit?”

Jillian and i knew her suite was much bigger and had more furniture and options to play on an in than his, so we chose hers. We told him and we had to go back to his for his and mine swimsuits. Then we went to Jillian’s room and we all got naked at once and into swimsuits and robes and went to the one hot tub that is furthest away from busiest part of resort and least known.

When we got there we all jumped in and sat there and asked and answered some more questions for each other.

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