Meet Annie Cummings Ch. 01

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(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Years ago under another pen I tried to create an ongoing series involving a carefree character named Annie Cummings. This is the start of a much more dedicated attempt at that goal which will spawn in much more. I hope you enjoy this piece and further ones I release and that they’re unique enough to entertain you. With that said…)

The long awaited next tawdry tale of ravenous, ravishing, buxom, busty, hot and horny redhead ANNIE CUMMINGS…

“Who’s Gets To Fuck Annie?”

It was the middle of the day, but inside of Annie’s bedroom, you would think it was a hot, steamy night. She laid the center of it surround by three sexy, muscular men, each one of them trying their best to get their able and eager cocks into any hole they could. One of them was positioned directly behind her plump yet firm posterior, his snake-like member nestled deep inside the back of her pussy. Another had literally jammed his rod between her pouty lips, bucking his torso back and forth to use her throat as if it was a pussy itself. The third stood eagerly as Annie’s free hand worked its way around his shaft, stroking it smoothly. All three young men were well endowed; she had taken measurements before they found themselves in this position.

45 Minutes Earlier…

“OK, strip…” she ordered the three men as they stood in front of her. Three men, one a blonde, the other a longhaired brunette hippie-type and the third a bald, black guy…all of whom she had seen before several time around her apartment, neighbors maybe? Who knows, what she did know was that they all were cute and at one point of another, she was going to fuck them. This was the day that would happen, since she was off from work, so one by one she invited them over during the morning for lunch, and now they all found themselves in the same house standing in front of the bed of Annie Cummings, the ample bosomed, buxom redhead with one deadly sex drive. She grinned at their confusion as she had whisked away some of her naturally bright auburn, shoulder length hair from her face…slinky blue eyes, a cute little button nose and full, thick lips. Her legs, long but still full and with a slight muscular tone to them were crossed as she sat at the edge of her bed in her pink silk robe, though that was going to be an all day thing.

“Uh, come again?” said the blonde.

“You’ll be wishing you can in a short while if you pass my test…” she smiled, “but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Now hurry up and get out of your clothes! Down to the undies boys.”

The black guy didn’t need too much convincing. Annie was one hot little piece and if you have a properly functioning brain, you strip when a gorgeous little trollop like her tells you too. After a couple of minutes, the other two followed. Now they all stood their in their underwear, the blonde in briefs, the brunette in boxer briefs and the black guy in plain boxers. One thing they all had in common though was the noticeable bulge, which appeared at the front and center of each. Annie “ooohs” at the sight of them.

“You three have been checking me out for a couple of weeks, and none of you have made a move. Why is that?” she asks. “Never mind…I don’t need to know. I am a girl who doesn’t mind making the first move if I know it’s gonna be worth it, and that’s why you’re all here today. We are gonna play a little game called ‘Who Gets to Fuck Annie’! Here’s how it works, I’m gonna pull down each one of you guy’s undies and the one of you who has the biggest prick gets to give it to me!”

“Er…so what happens to the other two guys?” Said the hippie fearing the worst.

“Well, I guess you can get a consolation prize, I’ll tug you off and then send you on your way, so you’ll at least be able to bust a nut…how’s that? Okay, since you’re so worried, I’ll start with you then.” Annie hops up from her bed and lets her robe open up to reveal the matching red bra a body that she took care of as much physically as she did sexually, she was toned and tanned, but still very curvy where it counted. You could easily make out the hourglass from her form as she strutted towards the hippie. Annie grinned as she positioned herself directly in front of him, letting her perfume waft under his nostrils as she playfully slid her fingers under the waistline of his FTLs. She squatted down porno style and then to her knees and proceeded to tug down his underwear. Beneath it was an above average 8 inch cock that sagged down as the fabric pulled over it, then flopped back up to its straightforward position.

“Ooooo, this isn’t too bad here, honey…” she cooed as she started to stroke his rod with her soft, dainty digits. “I’m gonna have to make you all shoot your loads first so that you can go longer, cuz I’m gonna fuck the shit outta whoever wins this game, hee hee.” The warm touch of her hands on his rigidity shot tingles up his spine. She knew just what kind of pressure it took to make a cock Ankara bayan escort feel good in her hands, lots of practice at it does that. She was fighting the urge to put her tongue to its mushroom shaped head. The other two men looked on as she gave the man in the middle, the first contestant of ‘Who Fucks Annie’ an expertly applied hand job.

“Oh God, that feels good…” he huffs. “You sure know what you’re doing don’t you?”

“Damn right. I’m a top-class pecker pleaser, honey.” She smiles as she continues to stroke him off. “So blondie, how long have you been around here?” The blonde does a double take. Is this woman trying to small talk while she’s jerking a guy off, he thinks

“A couple of…months…actually,” he replies. “Moved here from Tulsa.”

“Tulsa, eh? A country boy trying to make it in the big city, eh?” She smiles, as meanwhile our hippie friend is practically spasming from her touch to his tool. “Wow…you still haven’t come yet? Even if you are then biggest honey, I gotta commend you for having stamina!”

His motor skills were beyond the point of response with words now.

“Excuse me a second here…” Annie hocks some spit onto the hippie’s rod then takes her other hand now and joins it with the first, now double palming the hippie’s shaft with long, even strokes. The sounds of her hands rubbing his hard and now wet dick filled her bedroom, and then she turned her attention to the black guy. “Now you I’ve seen around for a while, always coming in here with so many different ladies, I hope they aren’t whores or anything…”

“Oh naw, baby…” he smiles, “Just nightly entertainment if you know what I mean.”

“And you’ve been keeping that action away from me? I’m insulted! Hee Hee…just kidding.”

“Honestly, I thought you was one of them high class, high maintenance bitches. Every time I seen you you’re all dressed up corporate like and shit.”

“That’s all for the job baby. I’m high maintenance from 9 to 5…the rest of the day I’m a cock hungry, cum guzzling slut! Well, who am I kidding…I’m always that, tee hee. Shit! What am I gonna have to do to set your rocket off here, hippie boy!?” All the while she was conversating the lucky first contestant was thrusting himself to the rhythm of her hands, incredulous to the two other men standing only feet away on either side.

“Looks like I have no other choice, huh?” Annie smiled. It sounded like she didn’t want to go further yet…but deep down she did, so she released the hand that was at the tip of his dick and promptly replaced it with her warm, pouty lips. Taking just the head of his cock into her mouth, she flicked her tongue at the deep peehole at center. Guys just loved when she did that, but not more than she loved to do it. Annie is truly an unhinged, uninhibited trollop to say the least. Common definition would call her a slut and she wouldn’t disagree with it one bit.

“Suck that shit,” the black guy cheers on. At this point it was more like watching a porno live or something. He was thoroughly enjoying himself as meanwhile the blonde stood in awe. Eyeing her peripherals she could notice both men had eventually disrobed their underwear now and were stroking their cocks themselves, and what she noticed was that each of theirs was just as big as the hippie’s was! She released her lip grip from him and continued to stroke his even wetter cock now.

“Well, this is an unexpected surprise here boys,” she giggles. “It looks like we have ourselves a tie! I guess that means I’m gonna have to fuck all three of you today then, hee hee.”

“I ain’t never done nothing with guys around,” the black guy says, “but I’ll be damn if I pass this up!”

“Why don’t you boys come on closer so I can take care of you all at once…?” The other two contestants, whom you could call co-winners at this point inch closer as Annie wraps her lips around the hippie’s dick once more. She wraps her hands now around the other two pieces of manhood and starts to stroke them off as well, now simultaneously pleasing three peckers with her talented hands and throat. The room filled with the sounds of her throat filled with saliva and cock sloshing and slurping, her fingers stroking the other two dicks with the ubiquitous “fap” sound and random, grunts, groans and moans, her own muffled by the 8 inches of flesh between her lips. The hippie wraps his hands around the back of Annie’s head and just his hips in and out, fucking her mouth. She takes it like a champ as the other two on either side reach over and start to fondle at her generous 36E sized tits.

“Wow,” smiles the blonde, “these are the finest pair of boobs I’ve ever laid my hands on!”

“And they’re 100% silicone free too!” muses Annie in return, pulling her mouth away from the hippie’s cock to make it known her glorious globes were all natural. She goes right back to work on the prick in front of her and those flanking it, while their touching and kneading Escort bayan Ankara of her breasts were sending pulse down her spine straight to her pussy. She was getting the twitch in her twat, she could feel the juices starting to trickle from it and she yearned to give it some attention of its own, but her hands were busy right now. Soon Kitty, she thought, really soon. Sooner than she could expect for it to happen it would seem as suddenly the moans and groans from the men started to get even louder. They were gonna pop.

“Ungh…I’m gonna come baby!” The hippie seems to hold up no longer, and with that fair warning Annie released her grip from his well-polished tool, anticipating the blast of cum to come.

“You better fucking drench me in that shit!” She coos. “Beautiful cocks like this had better be able to shower me in baby batter. I want it all honey, on my face, my tits, cover me with that fucking come!”

She would get exactly what she had been clamoring for as the first jet of semen fired from his peehole like a hose. You could hear a little squish as it pushed out of him and hit her square on her chin. She giggled as if she was playing at a fire hydrant as another blast of hippie juice erupted on her, and another, and another. His sperm was hot, thick, and sticky as it plastered her face, then her chin, then her neck, dribbling down to the cleft between her tits like a baby who hates strained peas. Not too long after that, she started to get drenched from all side as the other two began to shoot their loads in unison. Cum was hitting her hair, her shoulders, basically glazing her top half and she was swinging her head side to side trying to catch as much of it in her mouth as she could, letting the mix of man goo slide down her palette. She was loving every second of this, but off course it was only seconds before the shower subsided. As the three men were gasping for air Annie looked at herself and grinned.

“Oooh…look at all this fucking jizz you guys covered me in! Oh my god, you even soaked my fucking bra…I love that shit! I so fucking love come…” she gushes, leaning in and taking turns licking off the traces of cum from their cock heads with her tongue. “If we’re gonna do anything else those, I think I’m gonna have to clean up a little here, tee hee.”

She was covered with so much cum that it dripped down onto her carpet. She giggles as she rose to her feet…she did have a cleaning lady come over every week for that very purpose after all. She made her way to the bathroom and peeled off her cum drenched underwear, tossing it to the side to turn on her shower. She was gonna have to make this quick, what with having three recuperating cocks in the other room. She grabbed her soap and quickly lathered up, then let the stream of warm water wash it and the gobs of semen down the drain. She was barely out of the bathroom, toweling off her hair when her three guests suddenly snatched her up, not even completely dry and laid her on her bed.

“Oh yeah…I like it when guys know what they want,” she giggles. “What’re you gonna do to me in return for me giving those nice cocks a warm-up?”

“That is one fine looking pussy you got there, baby…” the black guy grins. The other two nod in agree agreement and they all make their way onto the bed as well, two on either side of her legs and the black guy in the center.

“Oh I see,” Annie chuckles. “How rude of me…inviting you all to lunch and not offering you anything to eat? How about some succulent Kitty then boys?”

“Um..kitty?” the blonde asks.

“As in pussy, silly! Trust me, mines is better than fillet mignon! Go ahead and have some baby…” With the go-ahead, the black guy dives in while the other two spread her legs as wide as they could go. She was eager and limber enough to keep herself in that position to accommodate them, even moreso by hiking her legs nearly over her shoulders. Years of yoga were paying dividends, and her mid regions were pointed upward and waiting to be sampled. At this point, it was purely animalistic what was going on. She grabbed at her sheets and was groaning in ecstatic agony as she felt flurries of warm tongues lashing at her clit and pussy lips. At once, she felt one tongue fucking her while another had made it’s way down to her asshole. She didn’t know who was doing what, nor did she care. It was clear that these guys didn’t care much their tongues were only inches from each other either, or closer…just the buffet before them was all that was being focused on. It must have looked like 3 puppies feeding from their mother all at once from and outsiders eyes, and if there were outside eyes at that point, they probably would care about that either. With all this oral attention on her, it wouldn’t be long before she was the one who would be exploding…and soon she was doing just that.

“Oh my god…don’t you fucking stop motherfuckers!” she screams. “It feels so good, it feels Bayan escort Ankara so fucking good…I’m gonna come all over your faces! Keep on licking me.” They happily obliged and mere moments later she was in orgasmic bliss. Her whole body felt like a box of firecrackers set off at once. She was twitching and tingling, screaming and cursing as her orgasm took over every inch of her body and it didn’t stop any of the guys from continuing to taste her horny goodness. She was still glistening from the water that never actually dried off her from the shower, but now she was glowing in a thin film of sweat from getting worked up by a trio of talented tongues in their own right. Her breath was heavy as she was finally coming down after coming hard, relaxing her body on her bed. She slinked her top half up on her elbows and looked down at her guests.

“This romantic shit is nice, but I’m gonna need to get fucked right now…”

15 Minutes Later…

It was the middle of the day, but inside of Annie’s bedroom you would think it was a hot, steamy night. She laid the center of it surround by three sexy, muscular men, each one of them trying their best to get their able and eager cocks into any hole they could. The black guy was positioned directly behind her plump yet firm posterior, his snake-like member nestled deep inside the back of her pussy. The hippie had literally jammed his rod between her pouty lips, bucking his torso back and forth to use her throat as if it was a pussy itself. The blonde stood eagerly as Annie’s free hand worked its way around his shaft, stroking it smoothly. He seemed content being right there, but Annie had other plans. Once again, she released her lips of some good hippie dick to speak up.

“I don’t think that you should just have to settle for two hand jobs, blondie…” she coos. “I do have one hole that hasn’t been filled up yet.”

“Go get it white boy…before I do!” laughs the black guy. With a simple spin around now, Annie was on top of him, his blacksnake plugged up her pussy while the hippie stood over them both as she returned her face onto his lovestick. There all nice and open was her tight, taut asshole, nearly as pink as her sweet tasting cameltoe was. He crawled up over and behind Annie, who didn’t stop bouncing up and down on the dick her vaginal walls were expertly milking as she rode it. He was just going to have to go in on his own pace, so he positioned his face right at her bouncy, bountiful ass. He placed his tongue right on the hole and Annie squealed as he did. The blonde parted her fourth point of contact open a bit with his tongue, the spit on it and worked a single finger inside. It was quite tight in there, but there wasn’t much of a struggle what with all the sweat and spit lubing her up as is.

“Holy fucking shit! That’s some good shit right there honeybuns…slide that finger up my ass!” she exclaimed. “One just isn’t enough baby, fill that shit up!” He answered by entering a second finger into her ass, while Annie’s further squeals and moans were interrupted by that cock returning to her mouth. It just a few more moments of feelings her warm insides against his fingers before the blonde figured it was time for his biggest member to get in to the action. He slid his fingers out to a swishing sound, positioned the tip of his dick right onto her ass, and felt her body tense up in anticipation. Already slick and slightly gaped from his fingers ready for corn holing, he slid his inches in quite easily and muffled by the hippie’s dick she groan in satisfaction as she was now filled, and fulfilled, in every hole. Annie was moaning around the dick in her mouth as the blonde grabbed at her ass cheeks with both hands and started to drive his shaft deeper down her ass with hard, long strokes, each one burying him deeper in, inch by inch. The hippie meanwhile once again had her head firmly in his grasp and was fucking her mouth. As her throat released from its vacuum of his cock each time he pulled back and thrusted back in you could hear the occasion cry or squeal between her shirt breaths. Meanwhile, the black guy underneath it all was just having himself a ball jutting his hips upward and pounding at Annie’s pussy.

The blonde was in her ass fully now, tight yet accommodating to his length and girth. It was almost as if Annie Cummings was created solely for the purpose of getting fucked. (Grin. -Auth.) He could literally feel the black guy’s dick on the other side of the wall of flesh between her pussy and ass. All the while, Annie couldn’t even rock herself back and forth to the offset rhythm of the pussy, ass and throat fucking she was on the receiving end of. All of their penetrations were almost synchronized and all she could do was take it, inch by glorious inch. She was just a dick receptacle right now and subconsciously she loved being in this position. Annie was known of course for being a woman who gets what she wants when she wants, but this time around and every so often she would get the men just ravage her like these three lucky, equally endowed guys were doing right now. It felt to Annie as if the blonde and hippie’s cocks were going to touch each other at the tip inside of her as deep as they were.

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