Meeting Each Other

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This is the true story of my experiences with my new girl friend. She contacted me with a short email through a dating site called Emode.

We’d exchanged emails for a week, two or three each day. After almost a week we talked on the phone. I wasn’t a current member of the site at the time, but resubscribed so I could get her compatibility rating. 94%! Hmmm, this could be very interesting.

I asked to meet her, for a date. She asked if that was correct, we should meet? (She’d never done any Internet personals before.) I told her yes, in my experience I’d always meet my email correspondent at some point. She agreed to meet me for dinner Sunday, my 17 year old daughter agreed to babysit.

Our first date lasted five hours! She’s exceptional, able to carry on a good conversation, beautiful, and very desirable. So in one of the next emails my new French girl friend asked me how I felt while holding her. This is my reply, her response is at the end. I hope you enjoy it.

She’s shy, and I didn’t want to upset or offend her, but I wanted her to know that I desired her, and that I would be worth persuing. I think I suceeded!

As to how I felt when I was holding you…dare I say it – aroused. I felt very comfortable and warm. I felt a bit powerful. I felt you, soft yet firm, supple and shapely. I FELT GREAT! I’m sorry, but I have to say it’s hard to contain myself, so, power to you. 😎 (Note: This was a funny thing she’d started, who had the power in the relationship? I liked it and so continued it.)

I really like that our cheeks are so close when I hold you. Rubbing my cheek against yours is very erotic. I’m that way, I like to touch, gently; to stroke your skin, run my fingers through your hair. I liked holding your neck, I really like your neck. I liked pulling our heads back to look into your eyes, you have beautiful, deep, large eyes. I can’t say I was able to determine the color, the light was never quite good enough, but I’d venture green or hazel.

I want to trace your face with my fingers. I’ll start at a temple rubbing slowly, then glide my fingers down the side of your face, locating your elegant cheek bone. I’ll trace gently across your cheek bone to your french nose. I’ll play with your nose, running my finger up and across the bridge of your nose, taking in its shape at the tip, savoring the shape and texture of that lovely proboscis. Having satisfied myself there, I’ll move softly and slowly to your jawline, outlining your jaw, ending at your chin. I’ll fondle your chin with my thumb and forefinger. Then I’ll move up to your perfect lips. Those soft, luscious lips I’ll brush with my fingertip, perhaps pulling your lower lip out slightly with my thumb and finger. I’ll trace your face do several times perhaps, alternating sides, relaxing you at one moment, tantalizing you at another, teasing you at yet another.

Nothing else shall take place for some time while I’m doing this, I may be holding you with one arm while I do this, bringing you to a level of pleasure you may not have experienced before, I don’t really know. I want to send tingles up and down your spine, I want your hair to stand up, quivering with sensation. I do know that I’ll be extremely excited by this too. From there, we’ll see. Oh, I do like touching your face so if you like it I’ll repeat it. Especially when we are sitting quietly together in a darkened room, just the two of us…

So, that’s how I felt holding you. Thank you.

Her response:

Oh, my god!

I could not have expected such a description, it moved me, made me melt all inside…..

You are so bad, so, so, bad! But bad can be nice as to make me more curious of that aspect. I don’t know if I would be able to , you make me speechless and at the same time wanting it.

You entirely have me at this instant. How could I ever resist you, how…. your feelings are incredible….

We went to a concert at Wolf Trap Farm Park the following Friday. Peter, Paul and Mary were playing. She’d not ever really heard them perform and was pleased with their music. This is the email I sent her afterward…

I almost feel over when you said that you wanted me to stay over, but your house was a mess so… That was nice, and did sort of prepare me for ‘what about your house?’ later. Wow, you really got me there!

You started by kissing me, a real French kiss, right there on the grass with Peter singing to etimesgut escort us. How could it have gotten any better? I don’t know, I was simply in heaven then, kissing you and feeling the desire burning inside you and me. I cannot think of a more romantic setting, a more romantic way, to have our first real kiss together. Just think, a warm summer night; warm, dry, green grass underneath us; on a small hill; with live music playing in the background and just the right amount of light. And you.

Being with you was terrific, no matter what you say about not knowing what to do. I think that’s very common when two people get together for the first time in that way. So part of the fun is learning what pleasures each other, experimenting and observing the reactions. You did that, and I think can continue to do that, learning more about what pleases me.

That’s the email, here’s what happened in detail. I was being cautious since her profile had said she was turned off by erotica.

During the concert intermission we got some food and drink. We ate it on one of the hills behind the pedestrian area. We were enjoying talking and being together and Peter came on, restarting the performance. We stayed there.

She was lying on the grass, I was sitting on my legs above her, facing her, when she reached up, grabbed my neck and French kissed me. I returned the kiss and we held it for a minute or so. That started it, she was hot for me, and I was hot for her. We returned to our seats, but had to wait for the song to end. She held me from behind, pressing her body against me. I turned and kissed her, putting my arms around her. I stroked her back, working my hand down to her ass.

“You are curious?” she asked.

I was a bit surprised that she’d actually talk about it. “About what?” I asked, playing dumb.

“What I feel like, my behind” she replied.

I was a bit nonplussed, but decided honesty was the best policy. “Yes I am,” I said as I reached down to caress her ass, squeezing gently. What a nice ass it was too! This seemed to please her, but I didn’t want to go very far now considering that we were in a public place, and the song was ending anyway. We returned to our seats and she cuddled against me the rest of the show, with me singing to her almost every song (I know most of them by heart).

At the car we held each other close, kissing and feeling each other discretely. I wanted her badly, so as we prepared to leave, I suggested we could get a hotel room. She asked why we couldn’t go to my house. I hadn’t expected that. It was a 45-minute drive away, but it would certainly be nicer than a hotel, so I said sure. Arriving after eleven everyone in the house (my father and his girlfriend) was asleep.

We went upstairs to my bedroom, the master bedroom. Closing the door I moved her back into the room a little and we started kissing. She was wearing a simple front buttoning dress, with lots of buttons all the way down.

Let me describe her for you before I continue. She’s about five feet two inches tall, just over 100 pounds. She has fantastic legs, muscular and perfectly shaped with just enough definition in the muscle and narrow ankles. Her ass is shapely but not large. She is small chested, perhaps an A cup with a flat stomach. Her face is the loveliest face I’ve had the pleasure of viewing, well- defined bone structure with deep-set eyes, high cheek bones and a narrow nose. Her lips are thin. Her skin is smooth with a light scattering of freckles under her eyes and across the bridge of her nose.

I caressed her, feeling her really well for the first time. She is incredible! I unbutton her dress, a long slow process, while she unbuttons my shirt. Soon I’m looking at her lovely light blue chemise and I’m naked from the waist up. We embrace again; I run my hand down to the bottom of her chemise and pull it up to feel her ass.

She has a lovely soft, round, small ass. I realize we’re standing in front of my full-length mirror. I get a thrill seeing us together, seeing her gorgeous legs. She’s wearing a G-string!

Oh my, this looks better and better all the time. She really wanted this, she’s prepared! I pull back and kiss her, putting my tongue deep in her mouth. We play with our tongues and lips for a little while, all the while running our hands over each other’s bodies. I hold her head, it’s small and her neck is perfect. etimesgut escort bayan She is petite so her neck is thin, but strong and of exceptional shape. I love to hold her neck, my hand goes most of the way around it!

I pull away slightly and look into her eyes.

“I’ve had a vasectomy, but I have condoms if you want me to use one” I tell her.

“Really? You’ve had a vasectomy?”

“Yes, after my son was born my wife almost died, so we decided to both get ‘fixed’ to prevent any accidents,” I replied.

“I’m not on the pill, my husband always used a condom. I don’t want you to use a condom” she said.

I was happy with that answer, the experience would be much better. She feels comfortable with this decision because of our email conversations, but more because – as I learned from her later – because she just felt that this was right. Her and I that is.

I kissed her again, we move to the bed (she’s realized we’re in front of a mirror and chastised me). She moves onto the bed, I lie atop her and run my hand down her body while kissing her, playing with her tongue and lips. We are both very hot for each other, enjoying each other’s body.

My fingers graze her pussy, just inside the leg opening of her panties. She’s soaked! I’m very pleased and excited further by this. I run my hands over the inside of her thighs, they are exquisitely soft, yet I feel the toned muscle underneath. Her thighs are the perfect shape and size; I caress them gently, teasing her. She is so small I am becoming very excited, especially with the prospect of fucking her!

We lay down fully, me pressing my hardon against her mound. She reached down to undo my belt; I get up and take my pants off, leaving my underwear on for now. I lay against her again and grind my hard cock into her pussy mound. I reach for her tits, they’re small but lovely. I take her chemise off and pull her bra up to suck on her right tit. I suck in the nipple, then the entire breast, bringing a gasp of surprise from her lips.

I run my hand down to her crotch, feeling her pussy lips through the small front of her G-string. She reaches for my cock, finally putting it in her hand through my boxers. God her hand on me feels so good! She looks in my eyes, then down at my cock. She uses her other hand to cup my balls, kneading them lightly while stroking my covered cock.

She then reaches inside my boxers while I’m feeling her pussy inside her panties. I’m so hard her hand feels incredible on me. I back up and take the boxers off, then I come back and push her back onto the bed. She’s very wet, and very tight as I slip a finger into her wet pussy. I’m so hot I’ve just got to fuck her. But I want to eat her first, to taste her juices and feel her labia with my mouth, so I reach down and pull her panties off. She lifts her hips to help me, and then puts her les straight up in the air while I pull the panties off her legs. But she pulls me up when I start lowering my face to her pussy, pulling me on top of her.

My hard rod is at her entrance. I know it’s been a while for her, so I wait. She’s gasping for air as I work my eight-inch long cock into her. I’ve only got a couple of inches in her when I pull out. I rub my cock head over her pussy lips to coat it with her juices. Then back in, a little deeper this time.

“Is this what you want?” I ask quietly.

“Yes! Take me!” she whispers.

I push into her, harder. She’s very tight, almost like a virgin. But she’s a mother of two! I slowly work my 8″ tool into her hot box. She’s very, very wet and I add my own juices to the mix as I work my way into her. I push in a little, then pull back, feeling her pussy tight around my hard cock. Her juices are flowing freely and each time I get in a little further. I can’t believe how tight she is! Her pussy is like velvet, a velvet covered vise! The sensations are amazing; I can’t remember a pussy as tight since I took my ex-wife’s virginity twenty years ago!

Finally I’m all the way in her and she’s moaning. I start pumping into her, slowly at first then faster and deeper. I’m hitting her cervix! She comes fast and hard! I keep fucking her until she rolls me over on my back. We roll over my eyeglasses and they get badly bent. Who cares, I don’t discover this for a few hours! She’s on top now, riding my hard cock!

“I have to tell you, you’re big” she says, escort etimesgut her voice husky with desire.

I like hearing her tell me that, even though I know I’m bigger than most. This just fuels my lust for her. I run my hands over her body, holding her tits, squeezing her erect, eraser shaped nipples, then running my hands down her belly. What a lovely body, so tight and fit. So tan! She continues bouncing on me, grinding into me, making herself have another orgasm.

Finally she stops, her pussy burning from the unexpected activity! I’ve gotten her bra off, so she’s naked in front of me. I move between her legs, wanting to lick her pussy.

“No,” she says, putting her hand on my head trying to push me away.

“You’ll love it” I assure her. I move forward, toward her crotch.

“No, don’t. No one’s done that to me.” she says again, her voice sounding anxious.

I put my arms around her legs pulling her toward me. I don’t want to force her, but I do want to taste her.

“Yes. I want to taste your lovely pussy.” I tell her as I put my mouth on her pussy. She puts her hand over her pussy, blocking my way. I grab her wrist and hold her arms away. I lick her outer lips. I lick up to her clit. Finding it I spend a few seconds with it, flicking my tongue over it.

She comes again, violently. Her entire body is shaking and she very firmly pushes me away while moving back.

“No, no more, I can’t take it” she pleads with me. I relent and we move to the top of the bed and lay down.

I hold her from behind and she goes to sleep, naked in my arms. I’m ecstatic with our bodies pressed tight against each other. I stroke her side, feeling her hip and leg. Arm and shoulder. Tits. Flat stomach. I love the feel of her, she’s the perfect woman for me.

She awakens about 15 minutes later and rolls over to face me. She holds me but I take her free arm and put her hand on my semi-hard dick. She gets the hint and begins stroking it, using both hands. She plays with the head using just the fingertips of one hand while stroking my cock with her other hand. I get harder by the second!

She bends down and licks my cockhead. I can’t believe it. She sucks me in, only getting the first few inches in her mouth. All the while she’s jacking my cock shaft. She concentrates on the head of my cock, causing me to rise again! I’m completely hard again and I’m in need again. I want to come.

I roll her over on her side and slowly enter her from behind. I hold her body, putting one hand on the back of her neck, while I fuck her from behind while on our sides. The feeling is incredible! I fuck her faster and faster! She’s moaning now and I’m nearing orgasm. A few minutes later I come inside her, spurt after spurt of hot semen splashing into her pussy! She moans and shakes, coming with me. I stay inside her until my shrinking cock falls out. Her pussy is full of my semen, I can feel it leaking out onto her legs.

She gets up and wipes up a little with tissue. She puts on my robe and we go outside so she can smoke. We talk, and caress each other. She is so sexy standing there in my robe, naked underneath!

We go back inside and she asks for something to eat. I realize we’ve not had anything except the hotdogs and nachos at the concert! But there’s not much in the house. She finds something when I realize I should call my daughter to tell her where we are (she’s baby sitting again).

When I pick up the cell phone I see there are three voice mails. They are all from her. She’d called looking for us, but I hadn’t heard the phone. Oh boy, I’m in trouble! I call her, she’s in tears. I apologize and promise to get there as soon as we can.

A short while later we are on the road back to her place. My new girl friend, whom I’ll call Stacy, wanted to spend the night in my arms, to wake up with me. But we weren’t prepared to do that, so I have to take her home.

I’m very happy nonetheless. She caught me by surprise by taking me to bed (even if it was in my own bed!). We both enjoyed the evening a great deal. I see a great future ahead!

And, based upon the explicit emails I sent her, and her reaction to my talking during sex, I’d have to say erotica does not turn her off! 🙂

Since that date we’ve been together every chance we get, which is usually weekends with sometimes a day during the week. We are quite taken with each other and plan to move in together. The sex continues to be outstanding, more on that later.

Since this is only my second posting I’d like to hear feedback. What do you think of the story? Did it seem real (it is)? What changes should I make in my style?

I hope you enjoyed reading this story, that is the whole point, after all!

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